Mario Speedrun, but every 5 minutes the HUD gets worse

čas přidán 19. 01. 2022
Can you beat Mario Odyssey if the HUD constantly gets worse?

This was streamed live on Twitch!
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  • "You got armor now"

  • Chat: "Check the minimap"

  • Imagine if Doug had accidentally gotten the world record this way

  • I love how the thumbnail is almost anti clickbait. This run never reaches hour 5 yet it is infinitley more cluttered

  • "Get on the Payload!"

  • As a game dev this has given me inspiration for my own hud designs. Players don’t need to see the game anyway

  • "We should proceed with caution, Donald Duck is low on HP" best thing i've heard today, best video i've seen in a while. you're amazing doug lmao

  • 7:12

  • He took that long on easy mode? Jeez, this game seems difficult!

  • The last 34 seconds is just DougDoug accidentally activating every nations sleeper agents all at once

  • I legitimately jumped when you showed the non-HUD to show what bowser needs to do at

  • Seeing Doug yell out "TAKE THE SHOT SIR" while looking at Banjo and Kazooie's happy faces is fucking murdering me oh my god

  • "now, i dont know where Mario is, but i do know that it's,,,, Monday" is probably the best line said in a speedrun

  • Runescape HUD is so big that you could fit an entire game inside it.

  • I had this randomly in my recommended. It's the first time I've watched any of your content, but it's all I need to know that I need to subscribe. This was incredibly funny to watch, well done beating it with such a challenge.

  • I Paused it at the first screenshot to quickly browse for runescape HUD and just assumed you wouldn't be using it and it was a nice suprise to rs be the first and biggest contribution to this chaos XD

  • It made me so happy that Risk of Rain 2 got chosen so early on, so people were able to scream at him throughout the whole run to charge the damn teleporter already. Also, I can't believe he would lie to us by saying he's pushing the payload when clearly, he's playing scout, and the HUD would say 2x if he was actually pushing it.

  • When it cut to the normal Odyssey HUD in the final room, it was like seeing Odyssey for the first time again

  • Seeing twitch chat spamming “DOUG YOU NEED TO CHARGE THE TELEPORTER” was the funniest part of the stream for me

  • Chat : "You've got ARMOR now"