Mark Briscoe and Jay Lethal Pay Tribute to Jay Briscoe | AEW Dynamite. 1/25/23

čas přidán 24. 01. 2023
#jaybriscoe #markbriscoe #jaylethal

Mark Briscoe and Jay Lethal Pay Tribute to Jay Briscoe | AEW Dynamite. 1/25/23

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  • Seeing Mark by himself is so surreal and so heartbreaking. R.I.P. Jay Briscoe

  • This better not be a one-off. Mark Briscoe deserves to be on national TV every week. Very real, very serious, and a very smooth wrestler. R.I.P. Jay Briscoe.

    • @Nico Good news is that Mark officially got signed to AEW after his Dynamite match with Josh Woods. Hopefully that is was the first step in a good push.

    • Let him mourn his brother...

    • All they need to do is say that whatever beef that was between Lethal and The Briscoe's is now squashed. Kinda like a playground fight and a life long friend type story. And boom instant tag team. But something that smooth won't happen. Because,.... I don't know why stop asking all these questions.

    • @Orange Silver he’s also used the “Mark Out” before, which Caprice Coleman refers to as the Cut Throat Driver during this match. He’s very capable as a singles performer. He’s competed for the ROH TV title multiple times and has even challenged his brother Jay for the World title.

    • no he should be on the ROH weekly and win the ROH title

  • I'm a 42 year old and I cried like a baby watching this match. The greatest tag team in ROH history will forever be a tag team champion. I lost my older brother 15 months ago and I know how Mark is feeling and to see the emotions on his and Jay Lethal face at the end of the match was so sad. RIP to Jay Briscoe

    • I'm older brother and i love my younger brother

    • Same, 35 years old

    • Like someone take away a part of You and it aint never the same again.

  • Mark coming out with both belts, performing the Jay Driller...Yet so energetic as ever. His strength and faith are so admirable. God bless this man.

    • He did what he knows his brother would have wanted. And Mark put his heart into it. IDC what anyone says. The most real tribute show

    • Amen!

  • Props to Tony for helping make this happen. He looked like he broke down crying right after the hug and had to get off camera. Say what you will about him but he's a true wrestling fan. Jay Briscoe will remain with us forever 🙏🏻

  • Seeing Jay Lethal in tears from the start had me going, and seeing him be himself and Mark Briscoe come out holding both titles was more emotion than I was expecting to take in. These 2 men put on a clinic to the very end.

    • I'm not ashamed to say that I cried manly tears over this. There was no kayfabe here. It was all real and emotional as hell. There couldn't have been a more beautiful or classy tribute to Jay Briscoe.

    • seeing jay lethal breakdown at the end almost pushed me over. very sad

  • How this man held it together i will never know. Bless him,and his family.

    • He looked surprised at the reactions he got from the fans too.

    • I get what you're saying, but this is exactly what Jay would have wanted, Mark going out there and doing what they do best in his honor.

    • @John Hill i just about lost it myself, watched it twice that night

    • I watched it last night and no one but him held it together. Jay looked like at first he was going to lose it, then poor Jay at the end :(

    • 1 day before his birthday too

  • Lethal is such a stand up guy. He went out there and allowed Mark to shine and payed a great tribute to Jay.

  • Not being an over the top AEW fan , I must say this transcends wrestling. This was a wonderful tribute to a fallen star that brought a tear to my eye as they tore it down. Mark and Lethal did Jay proud. God bless Briscoe family and friends.

  • Lethel looked like he was holding back tears ..But him and mark held it together and give us a great match. RIP JAY

    • Seeing him cry all over Danielson really broke me

    • I couldn't hold my fucking tears. This is truly a sad day in wrestling.

    • @David Anderson there’s nothing wrong with crying and I love that two big dudes didn’t feel they had to hold back

    • He was in tears in end and I think this is a legit reason to show your sadness…

    • He was crying from the start. And that's fine.

  • It is seriously so heartbreaking that he had to pass away to finally get the recognition he's deserved for the past 10+ years in this business. My only hope now is that maybe they'll keep Mark on AEW TV and give him the credit he's also deserved

    • @Maddogg 1285 yea I seen. Good match too. I really like Mark's move set. I figured that would happen tho. Unfortunately Jay's comments were what kept them off TV. Now that its just Mark there's no real reason. It sucks, but at least it's happening. Hopefully Mark can get a better singles push than he did in ROH. Like Jays a few years ago

    • It's official. He wrestled Josh Woods on this week's Dynamite and then got signed to AEW. It should've been done over a year ago while Jay was still with us but I'll take it now.

    • I want to see MarK, on AEW, more! He is such a great wrestler and it would be devastating to not see him wrestle again! I loved his and Jay’s tag team matches. The Briscoes are one of a kind!

  • Anybody else noticed Jay Lethal trying hard to hold back his tears this entire match 💔

  • Mark coming out with both belts was so great The locker room spilling out like that at the end, everybody there to be there for Mark was perfect. It's still just impossible to imagine a Ring of Honor that doesn't have The Briscoes in it.

    • Agreed. The Briscoes should have been on TV along time ago. They were a great if not the best team in wrestling today. Mark needs a push to beyond the stars. He would make a great champion on any show.

    • @Redemption Games definitely, totally agree with you mate.

    • @XTheVideoGamerGirlX in that case, MASSIVE KUDOS and RESPECT to everybody involved for real!

    • @Redemption Games That's the thing, they gave up their gimmicks and whether or not they were heels or babyfaces. It's like the Eddie Guerrero tribute show or the Owen Hart tribute show, look at JBL when he was interviewed for the Eddie tribute show, he didn't show that he was playing his heel gimmick, he just became John Layfield for the entirety of the tribute show.

  • Look at the Jay Brisco story as not one of a tragic end, but of a story of redemption. A story of how a man can change, how a man can educate himself, how a man can better himself. A man who was incredibly talented and who was professional. A man who night in and night out entertained us the fans. This match was an amazing tribute between two professionals hell of a job by both men whose emotions were running high.

  • God damn, it was so heart breaking to see Mark carry both belts by himself. The Bricoe's got me back into professional wrestling, made me enjoy watching it again, I'll love and respect both of them for it too.

  • Aplausos para Mark por ser tan profesional, pronta resignación. La verdad me causo sentimientos encontrados ver solo a Mark, con el pensamiento de que en cualquier momento aparecería Jay, sin duda una de las mejores duplas de todos los tiempos, siempre se extrañara Jay y los movimientos sincronizados que nos tenían acostumbrado los hermanos Briscoe, la verdad aún me es imposible asimilar que Jay ya no está con nosotros, me siento triste, en México dejo muy buenos recuerdos e historia. QEPD Jay Briscoe...

  • That image of mark roaring while holding both belts up with his brothers image behind him…iconic. And will live on forever in wrestling history. How he had the mental and emotional will to come out and do what he did with no tears. 🫡 Mark my hat is off to you.

  • The amount of not only strength but badass and love Mark has, to be able to perform like this is unreal. Reminded me of Bret's tribute match on WCW nitro for Owen. What a beautiful send off for Jay.

    • @Rafi Hossain He wrestled himself

    • @Rafi Hossain krispin wah

    • @Rafi Hossain Chris Benoit

    • Who was Bret's opponent in that match on nitro?

  • I love this. It’s Jay Lethal. Not the character, nor the heel, but the human being who’s honouring a departed friend alongside Mark Briscoe. I love these moments in wrestling more than any story told in wrestling. Where it’s beyond the characters they play on tv

    • @Electro Duck Take your meds.

    • Yeah.🥹

    • Exactly and damn I want to see more Lethal. Class Act for Wrestling!!!

    • That's why it was called, "Ring of Honor".

    • The emotion on Lethal's face was heartbreaking. Mark hid his well but I can't imagine what he is going through. This was just amazing to watch. RIP Jay 🙏.

  • I can’t imagine losing a family member and then going out and performing, let alone performing in honestly an amazing match. Rest in Peace Jay, the mark you’ve made on pro wrestling will be etched in its history forever.

    • Its heart breaking I'm a professional wrestler been training 4 maybe 5 years now and I had a match in 2021 at one of my schools training shows the day after my grandad passed it's such a hard thing to do but like mark did for jay you just want to go out and make them proud.

  • R.I.P Jay Briscoe. *REACH FOR THE SKY, BOYYYY!* My condolences to Mark and the Pugh family. That was an awesome match and perfect tribute to Jay.

  • Legitimately brought a tear to my eye. So much more than a wrestling match going on here. RIP Jay

  • Notice how Samoa Joe was wanting to hug Mark too, but when he turned back he just smiled and applauded. There's a lot of love and respect among all them. I hope this is a signal for everyone. Even Punk and The Elite.

    • Marks so good even on the way out he turned at the perfect moment to pose for the cameras on fade out. Only natural the King Of Television would understand ;)

  • I was crying when I saw Lethal barely holding it together but then Mark coming out with both Titels made me lose it. I cried the whole match. What an amazing tribute to Jay. I'm sure he's so proud. RIP Jay. And thank Mark and Jay lethal

  • Best night in AEW history not a dry eye in the House and Mark really delivered. RIP Jay

    • @The greatest show On earth Was mighty fine of Tony Khan to help make this happen on national television.

    • RIP Jay Briscoe

    • @Austin Hall Cm junk lol 🤣🤣

    • @Austin Hall no it wasn't

    • @Oliver Smit Saunders Ignore them, comments like those don't deserve our attention on a special show like yesterday.

  • Very emotional match, this was needed. Mark made his brother smile. The wrestling world needed to see Mark perform for his brother and I honor that. R.I.P Jay Briscoe

  • What strength and character shown by Mark to get into that ring so soon after losing his brother. Props to Jay Lethal as well. Both of those guys are such great wrestlers and they put on a fantastic show. RIP Jay Briscoe.

  • I loved the pride in Coleman and Riccaboni's voices, that they were finally able to share the Briscoes on such a stage after so long. If Mark gets the ROH World title at the end of this long road, I'm gonna lose it.

  • It’s been a long time a match made me tear up. I can’t be the only one.

  • I don't even have the words to express how this made me feel. I'm a bigger fan of Marks' after this, and I didn't think that could've been possible. I was in awe of the Briscoes. R.I.P. Jamin

  • I love the fact how instead of Mark saying “I miss you” he just said “I love you.” I think maybe he did that because he knows his brother will ALWAYS be with him.

    • @Ethan Wells think you need hearing aids

    • @Maddogg 1285 kayfabe died in the 80s. Stop it

    • Broke my heart man, this is an amazing tribute

    • Especially with the 2 tag team belts and not just his own but his brothers

    • They threw kayfabe out the door here. This was all real.

  • I’m not much of an AEW fan but this was amazing for them to do this. Much respect to Tony Khan and everybody else involved. RIP Jay

  • 6:38 Watching it last night and seeing it on here this morning got me choked up. RIP Jay Briscoe and condolences to his family. Also wishing a speedy recovery to his 2 little girls. Reach for the sky Boy!!!!

  • Let's absolutely appreciate the heart, courage and passion of Mark Briscoe in this extremely sad time for his family. 🕯

  • This was sooo awesome...thank you AEW for doing this.. R.I.P Jay

  • Seeing Mark Briscoe on AEW is such a feel good moment. Him and his brother are real men and Dem Boys are no joke!

  • R.I.P. Jay Briscoe. Mark and Lethal killed it out there

    • @Ace Trainer Lupi Want a cookie or something?

    • @Adrian j Porter I feel sorrier for his daughters who were in the car with him. Shitty way to lose your dad.

    • And the sad part is some woman came the wrong way in his lane. Completely blind sided, it's not fair man , damn just sucks. My heart hurts when I heard that 💔

    • This is so heartbreaking🥺💔 jay briscoe passed away 1 week before his birthday thank you for showed your great splendid wrestling matches

    • @Chandhu Trolls Car crash.

  • As wrestling fans, we're all so connected to the stories and the people, watching weekly makes you feel like you know the performers. So losing someone like this hurts all of us, Thank you AEW, Thank you TK, for everything you did for Brodie and now for Jay. This is pro wrestling. The outpouring of support here is amazing. God Bless pro wrestling, and the fans. Love ya'll.

  • How can something be so heartbreaking yet so inspirational at the same time. Thank you Mark for being so strong and an inspiration to me to be a better person.

  • This made me literally tear up and cry. I had only seen the Briscoe Brothers in the last few years. However the last two I've been able to find many of their matches and EVERYONE OF THEM were amazing. I am so sorry I hadn't heard about them earlier. I would have so loved to see them live at a RoH event. When I saw this in my news feed I wasn't sure, and I HOPED it wasn't real. But when I looked it up my jaw dropped. My heart sank, and I was devastated. When Owen Hart passed away I had that same sadness. Devoted Dad's, wonderful husband's, and great men, as well as being incredibly talented. This hurt. Since then I've been watching some classic matches, some tributes, and older things. But AEW & Tony Khan really got my respect and admiration. When he bought RoH some people weren't too thrilled, BUT I hoped that finally the Briscoes would now get their shot at the AEW Tag-Team Titles. This tribute was done so well, and with so much heart. AEW has become MORE than just a wrestling company, they really do care and treat their wrestlers with respect and dignity, like a family. Jay Briscoe will be missed more than I can put into words. He was a potent and tough as nails competitor. His wrestling abilities are second to none. But again where his most incredible accomplishment and pride, they are in his children and his family. 🙏🕊RIP🕊🙏Jay Briscoe🙏 Your family are in our prayers. A 10 bell salute in only a small part of how much we'll miss you. Thank you for your dedication, hard work, and for being a great man. God Bless you and your family and fans. 🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔🔔

  • I was there live for this. My God, what a truly special moment.

  • I was surprised at how well Mark kept himself together during this! Lethal was a mess, Sanjay was a mess, many of the others were a mess! I don't know how Mark did it but I hope he can do amazing things in the future!!!

  • My heart breaks for Mark but that man went out there and kept his game face on for his brother and the fans. Thank you, Mark and thank you, Jay. Rest easy

  • There are few things on this earth like the bond between wrestlers, the fans and everyone in the locker room. The heart in this one you can sense within a moment.

  • The shot of him at the end with both belts on the ramp will be one of AEW’s most iconic images in their history

  • To Tony and AEW, thank you for not giving up and working so hard to pay tribute to Jay Briscoe. Reach for the sky Jay, may you be missed

  • Man I can't keep the tears from my eyes RIP jay and long live mark briscoe

  • Gotta give Mark the upmost respect. I didn't expect to see him wrestle again, especially this quickly. RIP to Jay Briscoe, still hands down my FAVOURITE promo's ever.

  • Rest In Peace, Jay. This was special. Thank you Mark, Jay, Tony and AEW.

    • I genuinely feel it would have been too soon for Mark to go right back to work. Warner were dickheads still because a tribute was in order, the match waiting a week made sense. You can send Mark out there when his head isn't in it.

    • @Realdeal628 Where did I thank Warner Media? I didn't. Leave it alone. This isn't about grudges anymore.

    • They deserve the Thanks, but Warner media doesn't, because they only allowed this a week late only because ppl was upset n called them out

  • I searched for this moment after listening to Jim Cornette. This hits close to home because I lost my older brother far too young in life. I feel for you Mark Briscoe. Honor your brother.

  • No better two to honor Jay than Mark and Lethal. I remember all the Masterpieces The Briscoe's and Jay Lethal put over the years. R.I.P Jay Briscoe

  • I never heard of the briscoes until their matches with FTR. I heard they were really good. It's so sad what happened to jay briscoe. RIP to happen him and I hope his kids get better.


  • Never followed them boys but this had me in my feelings. Much love to the family

  • I know a lot of people give aew flack for a lot of things but the one thing they do really amazing is their tribute shows. This and the Brodie Lee show had me tearing up like a baby. What a way to honor the amazing life of someone who gave pro wrestling his absolute all. DEM BOYS forever.

    • Shows have been good for awhile, People that give them flack are upset they exist.

    • All flipping facts.

    • FACTS this match made me CRY.

  • Jay Briscoe will never be forgotten.. He was a Great Dad,Friend,Wrestler.. Even though I didn't met him in person.. I'm sure going to miss him.. Prayers go out to His Family, His Two children.. ..

  • Moments like these are what make wrestling truly special.

  • ❤️ The pro wrestling community can be a special cool place to go sometimes. It can get toxic a lot with the "sports entertainment" tribalism shenanigans. But it can provide great moments like this, where pro wrestling fans can share a moment. Give thanks to the men and women pro wrestlers who literally gives the body, blood, sweat and tears to entertain us.... and let us go on this pro wrestling journey with them.

  • Mark and Jay Lethal really did perform their HEARTS out not just for the fans but for Jay Briscoe and his family I just happy for both guys for this was therapeutic R.I.P Jamin Pugh aka Jay Briscoe this is equally heartbreaking as Jon Huber aka Mr. Brodie Lee 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿💔💔💔💔💔

  • I'm really happy that Warner decided to let them do this tribute show for Jay. He definitely deserves to be remembered and it's great that they allowed AEW to let Mark wrestle.

  • Not even joking I cried so damn hard through this WHOLE match! I’ve followed the Briscoes since the very beginning. God bless Briscoe’s family! And Tony Kahn is a class act letting the whole roster come out for a tribute after! REACH FOR THE SKY BOY RIP Jay, you will be missed!

    • I couldn’t stop crying and watching Jay cry all the way down to the ring made me cry even harder!

    • I couldn’t stop crying

    • Tony had to fight to get this on tv...I . glad he pushed for it. Classy way to pay tribute to Jay

    • Me too

  • Great, clean, ROH style match. I really hope we see Mark more in AEW and I hope that at some point he gets a shot at the ROH title. Seeing this guy wrestle and put on a show when the wound of losing his brother is so fresh just proves how much the Briscoes truly love and respect wrestling. Respect.

  • This really brought a tear to me... Having 2 lil bros, I could only imagine his pain. And to wrestle while he's going through what he is, nothing but respect 🙏🏿

  • Seeing Jay come out about to break down had me tearing up and then seeing a mark come out holding both his and Jay’s titles did me in completely.

  • I am sitting here crying like a child. Thank You Mark Briscoe and Jay Lethal. Way to honor Jay !! Two guys that can tear it up. Thank you Tony Khan. Thanks to the AEW roster. Thanks again to the Two men in that ring !! Fantastic !!

  • This made a lump so big in my throat that it's almost as big as the void left in the wrestling world Rest in peace Jay😢

  • Rest in Peace Jay Briscoe! You will be missed!

    • @Jos Gor Tony IS the OWNER of AEW AND RoH. He OWNS BOTH OF THEM! I'm sure he had plans of a Briscoe Brothers run in AEW in 2023. Go back to that other place with your misery and hate.

    • @Nick Well said.

    • @Jos Gor Why say that? How exactly do you figure this? For one I can't imagine Tony Khan wouldn't bring the Briscoe Brothers into the AEW Tag-Team division. For one reason Tony Khan LOVES Tag-Team Wrestling. The Briscoes in the Tag-Team Division would be a incredible opportunity and it would have drawn a LOT OF FANS IN!

    • @Jos Gor woke up on the wrong side of bed?

    • @Jos Gor hard to do when Warner Executives would not allow them on TBS or TNT Tony's hands were tied

  • This was heartwarming. Strong match, strong words, much love. Rest in power, Jay Briscoe.

  • This had me emotional. During these hard times they both went out there and put on a show and overcome. That's love. For Jay and their craft.

  • Rest Easy Jay Briscoe, Gone But Not Forgotten ❤

  • This was so awesome and Mark did such a great job in his match. He made Jay so proud as he always has done. Heart breaking but so inspiring. Love to the Pugh family

  • I just recently discovered the Briscoe's through their matches with FTR. They we're incredible! Corporate Network BS that these guys were not a regular on AEW. The emotion on Lethal's face was heartbreaking here. Mark hid his well but I can't imagine what he is going through. I hope we see more of him. This was just amazing to watch, thank you AEW. RIP Jay 🙏.

  • Thank you AEW and Tony K for this. The whole match was emotional. The ending scene with the roster awaiting Mark at the top of the ramp was heart-wrenching......but what a tribute indeed.

    • @Edster III Thank you for your admirable comment. I wish I could like it more than once. Like you, I also began watching wrestling decades ago. I actually started watching EMLL Mexico (now CMLL) when I was a kid prior to the US Territory days of the early 80s. Yes, Tony Khan has my ultimate respect for not only giving me back pro wrestling, but for his unwavering support for his talent and for being a true fan like all of us. Ive been with AEW since Day 1 in 2019 and am loud and proud to be here.

    • This was such a tragedy. Tony Khan and AEW made a tribute for Jay Briscoe that I know he was watching. I'm sitting here watching this and when Mark won, and everyone came out, Jay Lethal hugged Mark Briscoe, I was in tears. I have loved Pro Wrestling for decades, since the days of the AWA's All-Star Wrestling show in the 70's. But only AEW has shown the level of respect and admiration that Men like Jay Briscoe and Brody Lee deserved. Tony Khan has my respect and I know how much he truly cares about his team, his business, his family. This was a Beautiful Tribute to a Great Dad, a Wonderful Husband, a Brother who was ALSO his best friend, and a fierce competitor who had more talent and determination than 99.9999% of the wrestlers around today. This was a tragedy that took a Dad from his kids, a husband from his wife, and a brother and best friend who was devoted to all of them! Jay Briscoe and Mark Briscoe are easily Hall of Famers. They worked harder than again most of the "popular" and "well known" Tag-Teams who ever wrestled. Not taking anything away from any of them. I've loved the Tag-Team Division since the days of the High Flyers back in the 70's with the AWA. But Mark & Jay Briscoe had a drive and were more dedicated than most. Whether the crowd was a Gymnasium with 50-250 people or a arena with 1,000 - 2,500+ or more, they ALWAYS GAVE 1,000% EVERY SINGLE TIME OUT. They always made sure that fans ALWAYS GOT a 1,000 % BRISCOE BROTHERS WRESTLING MATCH! They are/were so talented and exciting to watch. God Bless Jay Briscoe, his family, especially his daughters and his wife, Mark, and the rest of his family. You will be missed but your LIFE, AND LOVE FOR YOUR FAMILY IS ETERNAL. So is the love for Jay and Mark's work inside the ring. It will never be forgotten. 🙏🕊RIP🙏🕊Jay🙏🕊🙏🙏 WE LOVE YOU!

  • everybody coming out to help Mark keep it together, but it was Mark keeping everyone together man is a goddamn hero in this main event

  • That final shot with Mark holding up the Belts with his Brothers name over him. Powerful.

  • Thank you Jay Briscoe! Way to go Mark! Loved the fact he came out with both belts, and the post match message he has. Prayers to the family! This was a celebration!

  • You have to be from lower Delaware to understand how much to this means to all of us here. I was unaware of this match taking place until I seen people post it while I was working. Man this hurt. Jay! Yo I still remember meeting him at random once and dude.. Man that man made me feel like a human being man. We laughed and my sister took a pic of us. I've always cherished that moment because this was the guy I just looked up due to my cousin talking about how he knew them so much. That day was the day I became a fan and wanted to pursue my dream of professionals wrestling. It hurts because I was thinking if I seen Mark again on my way home. I would ask them to train me because I had some crazy scenarios and wanted to know how Jay was and them boom. JAY. I MAY NOT BE ABLE TO COMPETE AGAINST YOU ONE DAY. BUT THE DAY I GET MY BREAK, IS THE DAY I WILL HONOR AFTER EVERY MATCH. This right here mad me do exactly what my sister did. Cry but I'm proud Mark came to AEW and showed them how DEMBOYS do! Thank you Jay. You helped me and so many others. Lower Delaware had y'all back last night

  • Its so sad about Jay. Even more sad that it took the passing of a Briscoe brother for one to appear on AEW. RIP Jay, you definitely will not be forgotten and always loved and missed ❤

  • I haven't cried this much since Brodie Lee's passing... reach for the sky Jay 🕊


    • @Luis Perez hola

    • @Rich mis huevos son tus ojos.

    • @Jeswin Thomas that’s cute

  • This was amazing and heartbreaking at the same time. Much love for you Mark and R.I.P much respect and love for you brother. Mark is trucking on and great match with Lethal. True friends paying tribute to a fallen brother the best way they can.❤️

  • Representing his brother proudly..RIP Jay👑.. .a legendary team and one of my all-time favorites DEM BOYZ....

  • AEW is truly amazing with their beautiful tributes. This is emotional for me, I met both of them on the first Jericho Cruise and got to party with them and I'll never forget that experience. Seeing them face off against each other in the Sea of Honor tournament was just phenomenal. Two guys who laid it on the line and always gave a performance and attitude to be remembered. Reach for the sky Jay, love them boys

  • One half of one of the greatest tag teams ever has now gone. Such a big loss, RIP Jay Briscoe 🕊

  • Thank you AEW for posting the entire match so nobody can be deprived from this great moment

  • A match make you cry for sadness that Jay Briscoe is no longer here, but cry in joy knowing that he was loved by many.

    • Really cry ? How dumb ! Hell no people die everyday its nothing new and ive become numb to death lol !

    • @Foodie For Life yea true, I lost a gf last year and had to over come that, I had to feed her through a tube because she lost her nose to carcinoma, I still dont like talking about it, I have a gf now though and I love her allot and I had to change and changing isny easy and going through shit isnt easy either but I dont feel like slapping anyone's teeth out about it, that was the old me hes dead and gone

    • That BS, easy for us but ask someone who lost a dear one…. Will slap your teeth out maan

    • @Brian Wabwire that's good thanks man

    • @David Bristow last I heard,they both were out of danger and recovering

  • I was there last night, great match that built to an awesome crescendo and worthy tribute! Wonderful to witness, RIP Jay Briscoe.🙏🏻

  • Jay Briscoe is smiling down, the strength it took for Mark Briscoe to even do that match props to him and Jay Lethal (I cried also Jay its okay) Reach for the sky, Boy 🙏

  • R.I.P Jay... I really would like to say more but I don't think there are more words to express the sadness this leaves in pro wrestling, a legend indeed will forever be remembered

  • I never watched them wrestle, as I'm still getting back into watching wrestling, but I can tell they are both highly respected.

  • The courage from mark here. I don’t think I could have done this so soon after losing somebody I loved. Great on AEW and especially Jay Lethal for doing this. Mark represented dem boys tonight with amazing strength and respect.

  • I NEVER tear up at a wrestling match, but dadgummit, THIS did it to me!! Well done, fellas!!!

    • @Explosive_Shart Big time. I was a little more familiar with Brodie, so his got me a little worse, but they were both incredibly tragic. Two bearded, manly, family men, by all accounts amazing fathers, taken far too soon after a dog collar match.

    • Brodie Lee's passing had me tearing up for a while watching AEW.

  • "Hero's get remembered, legends never die"

  • Damn man, I couldn't stop my tears watching this! Its crazy how I was there watching them vs FTR live not even a few months ago 😥 Jay was a father, brother, husband and man of God. Lots of love to the Briscoe family!

  • Man Gosebumps ....RIP Jay Briscoe

  • So emotional in this main event, Thank You, Jay Briscoe for your life and legacy in Ring Of Honor! Reach for the sky, boy! ❤

  • Been a fan of the Briscoes for more than 15 years. This had me crying the whole time. Thank you, Jay.

  • It’s a shame that we couldn’t get both Briscoes in AEW because of a tweet Jay Briscoe put out over 10 years ago and Warner Bros still crying over it. But it’s cool to see Mark Briscoe in AEW giving a tribute to his brother. RIP Jay Briscoe 🙏❤️

    • @TwiztedPhoenixGaming your opinion is that a massive corporation held a 10 year grudge against an individual that it's likely the directors have never heard of. That's not an opinion, it's a fantasy

    • @TwiztedPhoenixGaming mate it's seriously not personal. They didn't "hold it against him". They just didn't think he was worth the risk of loss of revenue in case others did. There's a big difference

    • @TwiztedPhoenixGaming that's an immature way of thinking about it. Companies don't hold "grudges" they don't care personally. They just do what they think will earn them more money. Obviously someone at WB took the decision that having the Briscoes on wouldn't earn the money that could potentially be lost by bad publicity. They did the same with Johnny Depp. It's really not personal. Then the other way around, they continued working with jk Rowling despite the stuff she said because they thought the money was worth it. With how badly Fantastic beasts 3 did, there's currently no plans to work with her going forward. But if the og Harry Potter cast come back for a sequel then suddenly she'll be worth it again

    • @justin alley you can be a criminal but how dare you say something insensitive in this day and age as people will never let you forget it.

    • sad they couldnt get over that tweet yet they a criminal in nick gage on the roster who done much worse

  • They finally allowed him to complete and run that needed tribute. Fantastic emotional match. The regrets of not allowing these brothers to compete where they weren’t welcome will haunt every one for ever.

  • ~It will always be real to me goddamn it! Thank you TK for finally giving Jay the tribute he deserves. Always a warrior and as loyal as it gets. And thank you Mark Briscoe, may your legacy keep on building

  • "Get him down Mark." "Oh, I'll bring him down." 💥 😂 Please bring Mark back, need more real people like him every week. Miss you Jamin, all our love to the Pugh family.