Mary J. Blige - Good Morning Gorgeous [Official Video]

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The official video for Mary J. Blige's "Good Morning Gorgeous" - Out Now!
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Director: Eif Rivera
Producer: Omar Reynoso
DP: Joe Labisi
1st AD: Marc Kelly
Art Director: Richard Han
Production Company: ERG Designs x Fatking Films
Commissioner: Lucas Prevost
Styling for MJB: Jason Rembert
Hair for MJB: Tym Wallace
Make up for MJB: Porsche Cooper

Ooh, ooh, ohh, ah
Ooh, ooh

It's so hard just holding on
And even picking up my phone
It's hard enough to be, hard enough to sleep
Hard enough to be alone
I'm just tryna to move along
Some times I do and then I don't
You tell me what I'm doing wrong
Tell myself that it ain't healthy
Second guessing, it don't help me
I'm so tired of feeling empty
Dry my eyes, it's time to fight
It seems like I'm always against me
Seems like this is never ending
And I refuse to let it end me
Mentally (Mhm), spiritually (Oh), physically
I need my peace, yeah, oh
I need my pеace, oh, oh, oh-oh

I wake up evеry morning and tell myself
"Good morning gorgeous"
Some times you gotta look in the mirror and say
"Good morning gorgeous"
No one else can make me feel this way
Good morning gorgeous
Good morning gorgeous
Good morning gorgeous

All the times that I hated myself (Yeah)
All the times that I wanted to be someone else (Yeah)
All the times that I should've been gentle with me
All the times that I should've been careful with me
Why did I hate myself? (Why did I hate me?)
So intensely
Lord, help me

I wake up every morning and tell myself
"Good morning gorgeous"
Some times you gotta look in the mirror and say (Yeah)
"Good morning gorgeous"
No one else (Oh, yeah) can make me feel this way
Good morning gorgeous (Oh, good morning)
Good morning gorgeous (Good morning, good morning, good morning)
Good morning gorgeous
Oh-oh, oh-oh

I ain't talkin' 'bout getting no hair and make up (No, no, no)
I'm talkin' about soon as I wake up (Oh, oh) I say "Good morning" (Say good morning)
Good morning (Good morning)
Good morning (Good morning)
Good morning gorgeous (Yeah)

Yeah, yeah, yeah (Yeah, yeah)
Ay, oh (Oh)
Oh (Oh)
Oh, oh, oh


  • Such an honor to work with the LEGEND!!!!!!!! So surreal. Thank you, Mary J. Blige! 🙏🏽

    • This anthem has truly saved my life! Thanks Mary you have always been the real MVP

    • @Eddie Robinson S/F

    • Dd

    • Trust and believe your star is on the rise also! I’ve followed Mary from the beginning and she has grown as an artist and as a Gorgeous woman! A true song of reflection and growth. “Go on Gorgeous”!


  • For every woman that has suffered from depression and/or domestic violence. May this song lift you up! "Good Morning Gorgeous!"

    • Powerful song!!!!! Thank you and blessings ❤

    • Most Definitely, this song is Medicine. Thank You Mary J Blige, "Another Great Hit"

    • This is a very uplifting song that all women,both young and older women can relate to.

    • 🥰🥰🥰 good morning gorgeous

    • Thank you Monika! God bless

  • I played this song for my daughters - ages 14, 12 and 10. Just to remind them that no man can validate them, no relationship can fill them. They have purpose and destiny and the best cheerleader they have is themselves. And most importantly -they are whole and complete in God. To my daughters and my wife - Good morning Gorgeous.

    • Wow! How bless your ladies are to have you❤️thank you for being a great man father and husband

    • Yesssss!!! Thank you, for pouring positively into the women in your life!! Real men understand the assignment!!

    • ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

    • Man u better say it. Yesssssssss!!!!!!!

    • Snapps

  • This song speaks to my spirit as a female who has been through so much mentally, emotionally, and physically. So I wake up every morning and tell myself, Good Morning Gorgeous 😍.

    • @Olanda A. I love THIS song it all about me

    • Nicely Said✔️✔️✔️

  • Mary your songs help me battle depression, broken heart, low self esteem, suicide, self destruction and others since 1994.You're truly heaven sent!🥰😊

    • Blessings and Peace Dear Sister. I wish you all the best. The greatest love is the one you give yourself, never ever let anyone take that one from. Blessings and Peace on your journey.

    • Jesus Loves you.

    • Yes I feel this song w every fiber of my being

    • Me too . I've suffered from depression every since I was a young teenager now I'm a grown woman . I always felt ugly and worthless. Praying for us!

    • Keep looking to the Hills from which cometh your help!🙌🏽🙌🏽💪🏾💪🏾

  • MJB is the gift that keeps on giving.

    • Indeed!!

    • Boom!!!! Omg....yes!!

    • I mean that's the whole truth and nothing but the truth🥂🍾

    • Yes She is I have been riding with her since the beginning still riding 2021 on into 22

    • Amen. Amen. Amen.

  • I think you have everyone in tears with this one. I was not prepared for this beautiful song. But it was right on time. Thank you Mary J.

  • Mary J Blige really doesn’t age cause damn, she looks phenomenal & those vocals are still intact & powerful, wow!

  • I literally LOVE this woman. She's truly a gift to the WORLD and to the CULTURE

  • This song is everything to me. I lost my son August 2020 I was feeling just as the song says. But good morning gorgeous. Is what my son would say to me. This songs kept me going. I was ready to just keep being sad unhappy but I need my peace. Mary THANK you so much. All your music has got me threw relationship issues. But this one hits different. THANK you gorgeous for helping me grief with peace Mary I love you THANK you again and may god continue to bless you

    • God bless U and my deepest condolences. God got U, don’t worry, stay in your peace.

    • 🤗

    • You are ❤🖤💚...gorgeous!

    • Hang in there, prayerfully, Gorgeous 💞

    • I’m so sorry for your lost, may your son fly high 🎈🕊❤️

  • This is fantastic. Mary ain’t singing about heartbreak, feeling lonely… she’s giving herself that validation!!! Yes Ma’am 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • I’ve been a fan of Mary’s since What’s the 411. I have every cd. She never disappoints. Always brings the fire🔥🔥👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • This is my theme song!! It gets me SO deep in my feelings in a good way!! I haven't heard a feel good record this beautiful in SUCH a long time!! Wow incredible!! Thanks MJB!! 😭💙🙏🏿

    • I swear I’m in my feelings but the feeling is soooo beautiful.. like I’m in Church!!

  • This is bringing tears to my eyes because I know exactly 💯 what she's talking about what she's feeling inside and out. Love this song 🎵 ❤ I feel the same way, I play this every morning 🌄 ❤

  • YES I love the direction Mary is going in 🧡 She looks amazing! Skin, body, smile everything is on point and she seems to be loving herself 💛

  • Still beautiful as ever and that voice yessss Mary thank you for this song

    • Facts. Look at that body. Mary is the GOAT


  • Staying alone with my best friend (myself) Christmas holidays and Mary’s helping me to love my life no matter what. Thanks Mary xoxo

  • I just hearing this song for the first time… and tears are running…. Needed this reminder today and everyday going forward. You are pure love Mary J! Thank you for blessing us! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • Once again, the one and only Ms. Mary J. Blige put one out to remind women to love themselves first. Love it!!! KEEP THE HITS COMING.....

  • Yet one more brilliant, insanely beautiful and powerful song by the one and only. But the 2:55 length kills me. It’s just too damn good to be so short. Praying for an extended version when she drops the album in Feb 🙏🙏🙏.

  • This song is beautiful! We need to tell ourselves this. Especially when we went through trials and tribulations, this song speaks. Thank you queen and Happy birthday on yesterday! 🥳🎉🎊❤🙏🏼🥰🎂🔥

  • No one sings about self love like Mary J with so much passion. She brings us back to reality threw her music. 💘 gotta love this woman.

  • Such an inspirational song, the message this song delivers is outstanding and now this is my power song for all time. Thank you Mary J for the love & inspiration.

  • When I tell you I FELT THIS!!!! It was spiritual!! MJB comes thru JUST IN TIME!! I play this each morning...I remind myself I AM BEAUTIFUL. I had to share this with my circle they too NEEDED to be reminded🙏🏽 THANK YOU❤

  • This woman never ceases to amaze me! She looks and sounds just as amazing as she did from the jump! Forever one of my favorites!

  • This song is everything!! Bring tears to me, But such a needed song for me and others! My new morning song! Thank you Mary!

  • I listen to this song EVERY MORNING faithfully. I just turn 50 this past December. I been diagnosed with anxiety and depression; Lupus among other things. I have this song to remind me that I am a Queen and I am Gorgeous!!! Thank you Queen Mary J. Blige.

  • The soul and power this woman brings to everything she makes is amazing! the vocals and lyrics on this track are🔥

  • I will always love that woman! She's so exciting and I love the way she dress. Her voice is amazing! Mary has a story to tell. Her songs are ❤ felt. Goodmorning gorgeous people!

  • I will never stop loving Mary. Loved her music since the beginning of my life.

    • @Bimb Winehouseexactly 💯

    • @Bimb Winehouse Yes, Me Too

    • She is The Undisputed Queen of Hip Hop Soul....

    • @Bimb Winehouse yesssss 💪🏾♥️🙌🏾

    • I was here since .... Father MC.. "I'll do for you" ❗

  • I just heard this song on the radio and can’t stop crying! She left it all on this track! My 2022 anthem! Thanks MJB!

  • Thanks Mary for expressing your self love through your music. Showing your authentic self. It's spiritual deep mature and sexy as a woman of your age its important our voices are heard our wealth of life experiences our own unique perspective on life is out there.

  • Seen a lot of females commented but as a male this song reminds me of music that spoke to your spirit....Mary J. Blige is a Queen of her craft and a true living legend

  • All things Mary J Blige been through she always come back strong telling her true stories . I definitely can relate to this.. You're GORGEOUS no matter what Tribes and Tribulations we've been through 💪🏾❤🙏🏾

  • This song solidifies that Mary J Blige UNDERSTANDS THE ASSIGNMENT!!!!🙌🏾 The key is loving yourself FIRST! Our words are powerful. For the past 20 years of my life I have been speaking positive affirmations to myself each day in the mirror. Doing this changed my life!! Last year I even started a business called “See Thryou” where I make positive affirmation mirrors. This song literally brought me to tears! It is confirmation and motivation for me! I love it! PLAYING ON REPEAT! THANK YOU MARY!!!!!!!

    • Hit🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    • Say that again The Assignment ndeed yes 😌🕊️🤍💕

    • Amen

    • That's what's up I'm currently doing the same

    • Love it! 💕🙏🙌

  • Ive always loved Mary J, her voice is everything! This video is dope, all her outfits fly, I play this song everyday ❤️

  • Lifetime Anthem for women of all walks of life. “Good Morning Gorgeous” Thank u Queen 👑 Mary. You are so legendary. This is one we will be listening to for years to come.

  • Mary’s songs always hit deep down in your soul! Forever my favorite artist, peace and love🙏🏽❤️

  • As a Trans Female. This song touches my soul. I literally have tears in my eyes because sometimes it’s not easy to wake up and look in the mirror and say “Good morning Gorgeous.” I know I’m not alone and I know that this song will help a lot of women. Men too. Because it’s not always easy for them either.

  • Mary has been and still is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so excited to hear her new music ☺️

    • Yes, she is a great lady, i hope you will be gorgeous and be a great friend to me?

    • She so sexy

    • Yes 👍 love her ❤️

    • Yes and she still has it at 50 damn love her

    • Exactly

  • Good job Mary J! I SO needed this! God bless you, keep making music like this for us women and keep on shining!!! ❤️🙏🏾🙌🏾✝️😍😘🎁🌟✨

  • This is officially my favorite Mary J song to date. The message is for everyone, the energy is addictive and the effort behind this offering is undeniable. This is truly that cup of coffee we all need in our lives, a simple reminder to love thyself and to thyself be true. Thank you Miss Blige, I needed this, you are appreciated & loved unconditionally by me💯.

  • Love this song need it at this point of my life.. this song is exactly how I been feeling its on repeat until I feel Gorgeous thank you Mary love you sis😘😘

  • She's simply such amazing Artist. I wouldn't know what to do without such amazing music.🏆

  • What a wonderful inspiring song for all women and especially our young people. Thank you for that message, Mary.

    • Trust me men feel like this too we just dont open up about it. Heartbreak will always be a hard struggle

    • @Regina yassss age does not mean you lose insecurities or that you still don't need to support yourself or be gentle and positive with yourself. If the older isn't doing it they cannot be there to support, help and encourage the young.. I'm with you, all age group needs this.. much love 💘 ❤

    • She’s beautiful.

    • Old AND Young!!!!!! Let's be clear.

    • Yes, I needed to hear this! ❤ ❤❤

  • This song is GORGEOUS!! I love it. It's everything I didn't know I needed. 🙏🏽

  • I've been on Mary since I was 17. Singing her songs at a time when i wasn't even going thru anything. Now 25 years later it's like all her music prepared me for what was soon to come which was "LIFE". Now at 42 i can say "Good Morning Gorgeous" and be okay. I dont know if Mary ever reads comments, but if you do Thank You, for all your musical therapy.

  • Mary came back with another tight track like "Be happy" "Everything" "I never wanna live without you" etc we love you Mary and you have always been gorgeous to us fans. :-)

  • Absolutely inspiring 🙌🏾 this tune give me goosebumps falling up go up Blige 💯🔥🔥

  • Man, this song hit me right where I live. Listening to the lyrics, I cried and I mean, REALLY cried. How many of us have made bad choices because we didn't think more of ourselves? Don't look for anyone else to validate you, YOU are all that you need. Look in the mirror every morning and tell yourself this... thanks Mary ❤️

  • The 1and only queen of R&B Mary has and always will have a song for anything that a person could be goin through I love mary❤

  • Mary's legacy is unmatched!! A true Queen of our era. Loving MJB always❤❤

  • Você é uma cantora tão excelente, das melhores cantoras ultimamente…. Por favor não há necessidade de exibir teu corpo… gostamos da tua voz

  • This song is beautiful. Made me shed a tear of joy.

  • " Mentally, spiritually and physically I need my peace. " Yesssssss Queen 👑! I felt and needed to hear every word of that. Love MJB from day one and I'm 43. Her music is the soundtrack to my life. #SelfLoveAnthem #GoodMorningGorgeous

    • @Gray Wofel Hello there. How are you doing? It's interesting how you are listening to the song here.

    • Nice song, you have a beautiful heart ❤️, which country are you from?

    • Yes her music is to me also

    • Me too

    • Oh yes I felt that within my soul! Such powerful vocals, messages and lyrics within the song and she absolutely gorgeous her damn! You go and do the damn thing MJ! Make yourself happy and be proud of who you are as a human being, as a woman!! Go on ahead girl! Do your thang!! 🥰🥰🤩😍😘😘💜💜🙂💞💞🙏🏾✌🏾💗

  • I love this song. I’m a man and wanted to cry while listening to it. It has an aura all its own, so meaningful, so powerful. As long as U know God loves U, and U can love yourself no matter what life throws at you, you can overcome anything. Thank U Queen Mary for this song.

  • I've been a Mary Fan since What's the 411? Seen the Documentary on Amazon Prime And lemme tell you she is the Epitome of a strong black woman. You can see it physically and you can hear it through her music. Long Live the Queen of Hip Hop/R&B Soul!!!!

  • Mary always pulls it off this is definitely speaking to me! Thanks Mary keep blessing us with hits

  • My amazing friend sent me this song after our conversation. I really felt I was feeling this way by myself, until I realized I'm not. Reading these comments and listening to this song, I know I'm not the only one going thru this. But I tell you what it ends today! I'm now waking up every morning saying "Good Morning Gorgeous" and making 2022 my year to be a better me. Thank you Mary for being brave and not afraid 🙏 ❤

  • This woman never gets old, her genes are strong, body everything like a 25 year old. Her music never disappoints

  • Love Mary J Blige!! Her voice and music speaks to your soul!!

  • This song really encourages me. I really appreciate this reminder to tell myself that I am gorgeous and to encourage myself and be own best friend.

  • I Love this song Mary you have been my favorite female artist since my younger days This song is fire and truly spoke to me 🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Will add this to my morning routine, saying "Good Morning Gorgeous!" 💖MJB

  • Another Hit From " The Queen" Thank You For Blessing Us with your Angelic Voice

  • MJB the QUEEN! Your music continues to transcend generations! Every woman young or old can identify with this song! #GoodmorningGorgeous

  • Such a beautiful, inspirational song in true MJB fashion. She keeps us lifted even thru her own pain...the realest!!!!!

  • What a motivating and beautiful song! Happy birthday gorgeous!!❤️

  • This song made me cry. Mary has a way of casting aside the BS and touching your soul. I'm thankful for another Mary song that keeps me healing.

    • Yes it really did make me cry as well..she so beautiful and so are you Princess 👑👑👑

  • This song is my morning meditation in the mist of me getting up preparing myself for the day!! GOOD MORNING GORGEOUS PEOPLE!!!!! Love yourself find peace within yourself end the war in your head be at peace with self & life!! P.U.S.H ….. This song just isnt long enough for me should of left the beat playing a little longer at the end or sum 😂 ☮️

  • Continue to bring the 🔥 Queen! Love me some Mary! Your songs are about real life situations and brings such inspiration!

  • I love that Mary J. Blige always sing from her soul this is definitely another hit. I love this song 🤩 she is a legend man she earned her crown 👑

  • Everyone has a story! Some don't know how to verbalize: MJB nevertheless sung this eloquently!! This resonates mind, body, and spirit 🥰 sometimes you have to be the one who says Good morning Gorgeous 💝💝💝

  • This song brought me to tears. God Bless you, Mary. Still healing hearts out here.

    • The fact that Mary is Literally GORGEOUS

    • @C Turner facts. I noticed myself shed a tear involuntary during that part

    • When she said Lord help me.I broke down.You have to be in a great place to listen to this Because song will break you down.

    • Namesake 🥰 You hit it out the ballpark!!!

    • This is a big fact right here!💯🙏🏼

  • I listen to this song every morning addictive or what but with such inspirational words . Thank you Mary j blige . For the beautiful music that always makes sense

  • This song pull me thru every day when I’m tired feeling down I put this on and seems like everything goes perfect

  • I'll be 40 soon, and I'm a capricorn woman....and i feel so connected to u music. Its so real....yet motivational. I love u Mary!!!!!

  • This song has helped me help me through a lot of my rough days I just turned it on And it builds my spirit thank you Mary

  • Girl you made me cry in two minutes 🤣..on a real note, what a motivating song to replay on days when I feel wiped out. Love you Mary, and that's on forever..periodt.❤️

    • WYS

    • To add to it, your truly right. I'm a man, disabled veteran at that. When I heard this song instantly got teary-eyed, thought about my mom, sent the link to her.. listened to it 6 more times and told my self. Nit good morning. But good life. Be thankful.. shit hurts, life hurts. But we continue to strive. This is my new years song.

    • Same here, same... ❤

    • 😂 sorry this hit is banging

    • You aint Neva lied😭 but like an uuuugh get it out quick cus I got get back to my day💪 no red eyes or nose. Love it and needed it..MaryJ❤️❤️

  • Mary you never disappoint! You brought the fire and left the smoke!💯🙏🏾💜🥰 From my heart yours THANK YOU!

  • Mary J, you are the MVP💯 When I think about it, you are the only Artist that I can think of and if I'm wrong so be it, but every single album you have created, has been relatable. 20+ yrs later since "What's the 411?" You still doing damage. You have been an inspiration to a lot of us. No matter what emotion we may be carrying at the moment, you can find a MJB song that speaks to your heart. Be blessed Mary J. God isn't finished with you yet! 🙏💯💞💞💞

  • Gives me chills I love it

  • Such a powerful, beautiful and inspirational song. Queen all of your music is 🔥but this song here is 1 of a kind special!!

  • It's simple. I read Mary J. Blige, I click. No questions asked. Luv u Queen!❤ The song is short but powerful. All the outfits, her beauty, the message paired with what she's been through. Her songs directed me through my 25 years of life, as they resonated a lot with my past and present issues. She is my favorite female artist. Period.

  • I love this song it really lifted me with up with confidence thank you Mary for this song sooooooo much

  • Needed this!!!!…Love you Mary can’t wait to hear this album!

  • I needed to hear this I felt like this for yrs trying to save a marriage that I knew was over I LOVE THIS SONG U NEVER FAIL ME MARY🙌🏻😘💃🏽💪🏼

  • Yes, Mary ! I am going down one of my favorites. I was a kid listing to your music. This one here hit home.

  • This is why i never stopped listening to Mary J. Blige since the debut of 'What's the 411' back in 1992, I was 12 and now 41, a ton of classics tearful songs that make up my story of life. Congratulations Mary J. Blige keep blessing us with the magic of your voice, God Bless you eternally 🥰 🙌🏼🔥

    • She makes me laugh and cry threw her songs that's why I really love her. Sometimes we really have to take a step back and listen to the lyrics. Her songs relates to men too.

  • I so can relate to this I say positive affirmation all the time, Self L🌹VE is the best love that's out their, Thank You MJB The Queen of Soul 🌹🤍

  • My anthem for all of 2022 and beyond! Thank you to the Queen Mary J Blige for making this masterpiece.👑❤️

  • I just sent this song to my oldest daughter..hoping it will uplift her. I want her to know she's GORGEOUS!!!

  • I would like to say thank you to Mary for this song. Missed that passion in your singing. Stay blessed you truly are! This is my morning affirmation for 2022 💕💕💕💕💕💕

  • I’ve been a fan of Mary since “real love”. This song touched my soul and confirmed that I am on the right journey of loving myself and healing myself. Everyday I look in the mirror and say “I love you Yasmine and love you more than I did yesterday.” I make myself feel the love within. I even high five myself in the mirror when I get over an obstacle or accomplish a goal. It’s a beautiful thing to love yourself. I love this song Mary!!! Congratulations on becoming the new Mary J Blige.

  • Beautiful song; it touches the heart and soul!

  • Love it

  • I feel this whole song from the bottom of my heart word from word 🔥🔥🔥🔥😍😍😍😍😍♥️♥️💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜definitely my favorite 😍


  • I'm going thru the same thing....and this song is right on time...and I DECLARE VICTORY...IN JESUS NAME...LET THE CHURCH SAY...AMEN!