Mason Rudolph initiated the fight vs. Myles Garrett - Max Kellerman | First Take

čas přidán 15. 11. 2019
Max Kellerman reacts to Cleveland Browns DE Myles Garrett’s brawl with Steelers QB Mason Rudolph and says Rudolph is the one who initiated the fight and Garrett should not be penalized for the rest of the season.
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  • I respect Max, but he's misrepresenting the situation - he's claiming anything Rudolph did constituted a "fight". Did he try to take of Garrett's helmet? Looks like it. Did he kick Garrett in the crotch? Seems like it, but he could also have been trying to get the defensive lineman driving him to the ground off of him and that just happened to be where he made contact. Max has also claimed Rudolph "charged" Garrett - how many times do we see offensive players getting in defensive players' faces to give them a piece of their mind when they think there's been a dirty hit? Nothing Rudolph did constituted "initiating a fight" - stupid and in violation of league rules in the case of the first, but not fighting actions. Garrett did that when he beat Rudolph over the head with a helmet.

  • Max spoke nothing but straight facts‼️

  • Garrett struck him with a hard object on the head. Anything could have happened! Brain haemorrhage, cracked skull. That's assault. And people here in the comments act like it was a light slap on the cheek!

  • Myles Garrett was trying to put his helmet back on

  • Aikman said Rudolph equipment got stuck refs and media hateing on Brown's again smh

  • i hate u

  • If you watch the play Rudolph gets the pass off before Garrett can tackle him and he holds on to Rudolph and takes him to the ground well after the play had moved down the field..

  • Every time I go to look for something that’s at least a half decent point on an issue Stephen A Smith pops out of nowhere and just says, “ACTUALLY!”

  • Max is right for the first time ever 😂

  • Hitting a dude with a helmet is assault with a weapon. It very well could have came with criminal charges.

  • No dumb the helmet of beisball its very different from a NFL helmet. Common.

  • Max won this one Steve. It doesn’t matter how loud you speak.

  • Stephen A is so contradicting on this topic lol. You said he won the game, correct? Yes, the game was clearly over but why are the steelers still running a play? The QB sucked all game, so why not just kneel and run the clock out? That not only protects you as the QB but shows respect to the opposition. Defence is one of those positions where you have to play with 100% effort until you hear the whistle. I dont blame Garret at all in this situation apart from hitting the guy with the helmet and even then, the other player tried to take off his helmet and came off unsuccessful.

  • Max wants to be black.

  • Love Max man !!! 💯 Should be his show

  • Max, ya know your brother started a fight by pushing someone and he got Murdered.Seeing that your brother started the fight, I guess it’s okay butler murdered him.Garrett was out of line. Grabbing/shoving matches always happen on the field and that’s no green light to commit assault with a deadly weapon.That idiot should of been arrested and charged.Max is up there “but he started it”, that’s how 5 year olds act.

  • It is NO surprise that KELLERMAN would take this side. He wants to destroy a whole culture. The media and Kellerman of course step in step. Look into the media of Germany from 1870 to 1930 and you will see the same thing going on. History repeats it's self. Why let this happen over and over again?

  • Mason Rudolph did call Myles Garrett The N Word and in the end there will evidence because it's written. And God will gave the evidence soon not later trust me.

    • @I Be That I Am Who are you to call me names? I have my opinion and you have yours if you don't like mines too bad. Oh I forgot you worship other gods, and I worship the God in Heaven.

  • Stephen A sounds dumb af

  • I had to go back to this, and see Stephen A. was okay with 6 games. Now, he's upset Myles is back. I guess Big Ben is going to get the pay back LEGALLY.

  • I had to replay this 100 times for my dad to finally see Mason Rudolph started this

  • Yep that about covers it.

  • Mason Rudolph IS the focus, he got frustrated cause he was obviously gonna lose.

  • Kellerman should be suspended....hes dumb

  • Savages like Garrett should not be allowed to get reinstated.

  • Stfu Stephen A

  • Stephan A is a joke and uncreditable

  • Wrong

  • The Patriots are praised for taking the game seriously until the very end during a run-up score game, and yet Myles Garrett is being chastised for taking his final tackle seriously? "It's eight seconds left. You won the game." We all know if Cleveland would've quit playing that play and the Steelers scored in the final eight seconds, Stephen A would've talked trash about them being 'typical Browns' and not having the capability to play a successful game start to finish. Late hits happen across the board in football. Penalty for his millisecond delay on a hit? Fine. But this: "and then legally Myles Garrett beating up Mason Rudolph all night long." A Defensive End was tackling a Quarter Back the whole game?! You mean he took his job seriously and performed as well as he had during every game? In Stephen A's statement of concern, he used the word legally. It's football. You just described what every DE does in every game. Super terrible approach to achieve a point he could've made without whining that Rudolph's slow scanning got him beat up by the big bad bully. That point being, while Rudolph started the fight, that should not be the way he gets TBI on a football field. Thankfully, he didn't. Plus One to Max Kellerman for reminding everyone that while there is a lot of uproar around helmet safety and concussions, THERE IS ALREADY AN ESTABLISHED RULE AND PUNISHMENT IN THE NFL RULEBOOK.

  • I hate Stephen A Smith

  • Stephen A looking like the food critic from ratatouille 😂😂

  • If this had his on show he wouldn't be putting on a show for his bosses

  • That QB started everything. The hit wasn't that late or that hard. The QB tried the "hold me back" and got caught. I guarentee that if it was a white player who swung on a black one....ppl would call it self defense.

  • Couldn't protect the QB for the pass and the beating 😂 give that man a raise

  • In rugby stuff like this is the norm

  • kellerman should stick to boxing and steven should not be on tv

  • is that white guy a jew? He really looks like one.

  • What was his dumbass watch? Garrett pulled Rudolph down on top of him. Stephen A is a clown as usual


  • Stephanie A. Smith ...Wow!!

  • If myles garret gets suspended 14 games it just shows the NFL's hypocrisy.

  • Stephen didnt believe what he was saying the point of view was given to him to avoid racial kick back you can tell because he refuses to look into the camera

  • Maxx 💯💯💪🏾💪🏾!! SAS, the reason I always change the channel!! 😏

  • I don’t know what happened to Stephen A. Smith, but he’s turned into the absolute voice of reason on ESPN. I find myself agreeing with him 100% on every issue.

  • Steven a sell out

  • I think it's pathetic. Madon Rudolph showed malicious intent first. Then Myles clearly sgowed he was in control and willing to defend himself in a malicious way perhaps and Pouncey kicking Myles in the head at the end was clearly malicious. If we're being totally honest here, they should all get similar fines and suspensions. It was a fight. Just because you win or lose a fight doesn't mean you should or should not be suspended. You fought and should be suspended. Bar none. All 3 of them should have been suspended 2 weeks and all should be fined $42k per game they're suspended. Sorry but have you heard Myles speak? He's not a killer. He's an athlete and a professional. He shouldn't be looked down on any more then Mason Rudolph. Frankly, Mason shouldn't be a starting QB with his temperament. He has clearly proven that he can't handle the pressure of losing. Markice Pouncey isn't a dirty player either really. He's kind of an old school guy and he really is tough as nails but he took his retaliation too far as well. But that's just my opinion.

  • I got penislized last night

  • Max Kellerman for president

  • The two guys on each end of the table look like they want to hit Stephen with a helmet lol

  • My dog just left a steaming pile of rudolph in the end zone.

  • So Stephen A is backing Mason rudolph

  • Max invited to the cookout, the barbeque and the pool party

  • Mason Rudolph was trying to take off Myles Garret helmet if you watch the clip and he tried to fight first so that’s what mason Rudolph gets

  • I’ve seen Mason liking those Tomi Lauren tweets... Something don’t smell right with him either😒

  • I'm surprised nobody saw Rudolph's spikes to the groin! Mason should have been BANNED!

  • Thumbnail looks like Matt damond

  • The real victim is the helmet


  • I hate wen sports casters never plyaed any sports.

  • Rudolph said he wanted his helmet back and Garrett gave it to him.🤷‍♂️

    • Dog-from-Tom-and-Jerry style

  • I'm surprised it hasn't gone racial yet..

  • Max is right PERIOD!

  • Max is an absolute pawn. What a piece of sh**. He hit him with the helmet. How are you defending him. Oh yea ESPN is owned by Disney. They have to support anyone who isn't white.max is the worst analyst on the channel so he has to try and make controversy

  • Can someone just shut stephen a the f up .🤣. Hes litterally the problem

  • U are what you.answer too..he should of just called him white trash or reported him..idk

  • Football is for Men..Go Referee a Women's soccer game..

  • Stephen A never defends black players

  • Mason tudolf sucks any way

  • Mason Rudolph Not so innocent. 🤓

  • How many Browns bots does Max Liarman and Garrett Smollett have commenting here?

  • SAS , JW, MW, and everyone alike needs to be on the same airliner and then 💣🔥💀wouldn’t feel no type of way‼️

  • Thanks Max for keeping it real..Rudolph should have been suspended as well..Miles was wrong for swinging helmet.. Rudolph u couldn't get his helmet off..he took yours off even with 2 o lineman trying to stop him..not a bright idea to rush him after that

  • I actually agree with Max on this one 100%...WOW - Max is getting smarter...Stephen A is WAY OFF by trying to smooth over Mason Rudolph as the INSTIGATOR !!

  • Stephen you might not see this but .. just look at the brother sitting across from you.. his face says it all.. ✊🏾

  • I went back and watched the fight after hearing Max say that Rudolph tried to take Garrett's helmet off and Msc is full of it. And Max, there is a difference between a baseball player getting hit in the head with a baseball while wearing a helmet and a football player getting hit in the head with a helmet. And Max saying that people are over reacting and not saying that Garrett over reacted is just dumb. The

  • Rudolph also called him a racial slur in all probability.

    • how is that probable. what evidence do you have of that when his helmet is off and you can read his lips

    • Not a shred of evidence was found to that effect, but yeah, keep acting like that would warrant assault with a weapon you race card worshipping fa9.

  • 5:26 what’s a peanulize?

  • Steven A is an idot

  • Myles Garret still started in all by sacking him so aggressively when he already threw the ball away and there was only 8 secs left on the clock. If you ask me Mason Rudolph wasn’t completely in the wrong with that. Garret was just pissed they lost and he wanted to take out his anger on Rudolph.

  • Garret was trying to do Rudolph a favour! Stephen A is coming off as such a snowflake 🤦🏻‍♂️