Match the Singing Voice to the Person | Lineup | Cut

čas přidán 22. 05. 2019
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Match the Singing Voice to the Person | Lineup | Cut
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  • Omg the one girls school she attend for two months was AMDA I was going to attend there (dance) before I tore my ACL and now on 4 knee surgeries also I love that they sang country roads at the end of the video cause as a West Virginian that’s my song 😂😂

  • The fourth girl.....just smile and scroll 🙂

  • I cried when he sang phantom😂😭

  • the first person was trying to hard

  • The girl with a raspy voice sounds like me though

  • The girl who sang opera was absolutely beautiful, Those eyes man

  • the first girl sang in cursive

  • I'm so sorry but the first guy sang and i immediately thought "biracial gay theater kid"

  • They were all awful singers lol

  • 6:59 whats her IG?

  • I think that person is emo

  • these singers were really bad. except the last one.

  • The singing in this video was very 😬 a lot of the people had a good voice but I felt like the song choices were so not good for their tone

  • "*EeEEEEeeeeeEeeEeeeeEeeeeEeeeEeeeEe*"

  • Duranged be like: 〰️👁👄👁〰️

  • the first one was annoying

  • Y’all stop bullying the first girls voice ... YOU PROBABLY SOUND WORSE 😂🤣

  • Me listening to the vocal couch “just more in your nose“ me: just shut up

  • That guy who was blind folded in the white shirt. His hair is a whole mood

  • The second persons voice sounds amazing. He can probably sing for Disney cartoons. Such a smooth voice ❤️

  • Random but I'm going to say, that the girl in the green skirt kind of reminds me of my sister. (As in looks, not personality)

  • 3:30 best singer there better them the "vocal coach"

  • I hate when singers is so extra, its so cringe 😐😐

  • Bro when the guy sang. I turned into the mad scientist in those creepy animation musicals.

  • Imma hit up the vOcAl CoAcH when I gotta volunteer as a scarer at a haunted house


  • everybody is putting off the first girl for her singing, BUT SHE WAS SO AMAZING YOU DERANGED ASSHOLES HER VOICE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AND SHE IS SO TALENTED

  • Fuckin hate that coach, sing yoself if you can do it better

  • The vocal coach is annoying

  • why is everyone talking down on the first girl??? dude shes amazing


  • You put one man its easy

  • 2:50🥺

  • first girl was cringey af

  • Did the guy hit a flat note or is that just me? I thought something was off...

  • would you consider yourself a singer? *nah, i cant sing for shit.*

  • 0:11 👈👉

  • So no ones gonna talk abt how pretty the girl in white and jeans????

  • god i love these videos, so wholesome lol🤧🧡

  • I dont understand the comments saying they cant sing. They all sing soo fucking good and have talents. I dont know if its jealousy making you saying soo much rude and mean things or lack of self confidence but you all need to chill and think before talking. And I love the first girl voice and singing style

  • Can any one tell me please what the name of that girl who wearing white dress please dose she have insta face ??

  • I felt in love with the Chinese/Belgium girl!

  • who's the emo?!! omg

  • I wanna punch the "Music Teacher"

  • For some reason I read the title as "match the siblings voice to the person", and I clicked on it because I was very confused how they would do that; only to be more confused as to why they kept asking the matchers to sing. Then I reread the title.

  • Guess who ruined old town roads

  • The first girl sucked

  • “I am Duranged Pitts”

  • They all honestly don't sound good lmao

  • The first one was making so much force all her body was tense while singing whack :-//

  • the girl in the green skirt looks like kat from euphoria

  • The girl singing in the foreign language, did she say she went to school at AMDA?

  • Lol if they did a kid version I would catch them off guard singing some intense opera lol oh yeah I’m twelve btw

  • The women who teaches vocal's can't sing.

  • of couse they will guess the boy because he is the only one

  • 4:29 damn who knew Yana could beatbox 😂

  • Bro I cringed soo hard at the first girl

  • The first girl's singing voice was annoying for some reason

  • I had to pause the video as soon as the first girl sang lmao okay I'm done commenting now time to watch the rest HAHAHAH

  • the "oh no" part sounds like what my music teacher had us do to practice our vocal chords in elementary school, I still miss her she was amazing.

  • Black dude had me crackin the whole time ...... dude funny 😭🤣

  • 1st one is trying to hard

  • brandon was hot as hell

  • 2:07 the girl behind her😂😂. 👁__👁

  • Why does the vocal coach acts like she knows everything? yOu dEfInItElY SmOkE wEed💀

  • get em 10mil

  • This vocal coach rly thing she all that but she ain’t

  • when the vocal coach was trying the pick the person who smokes weed she started of by picking the ones who look least conventional. i- chill sis

  • Dear "vocal coach" First, that's definitely not Russian, Second, I don' t think you actually need a professional training to sing in another language, one can simply like foreign music...

  • Me:Wait they can guess the boy because easy because he's the onlh guy Brandon:Im a guy and my name is Brandon

  • 🎶🎵Do you think my tractors sexy? It really turns me on. 🎵🎶

  • Anyone else laughing 😂😂😂😂

  • Ok i’m sorry but that “Vocal Coach” was u sure shes an actual Vocal Coach, like she literally thinks a RASPY voice is a person who smokes...

  • 2:02 she was so shit

  • Yana kind of looks like cote de pablo, in a good way i mean😊

  • I’m not gonna say that all vocal teachers are cocky and rude but I know a LOT of cocky and rude vocal teachers

  • the fact that he was singing watch 🥺

  • Glad I stayed till the very end

  • I love her raspy voice