Match the Singing Voice to the Person | Lineup | Cut

čas přidán 22. 05. 2019
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Match the Singing Voice to the Person | Lineup | Cut
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    • BrandonLentzMusic beautiful job 👏🏼👏🏼

    • Also the singer with the raspy voice didn't answer the coach's question, so even though she claims to have always sounded this way... everyday she lit.

    • @Natalie Deeble thats a really good idea!

  • ⚡The last girl that sung opera is my crush now🥰

  • *Miranda Sings has entered the chat*

  • person at 3:24 gives me Tokio Hotel vibes

  • The. Third person was awsome!!!!! I love that song tooooo

  • That first girl is trying too hard.. like seriously Beyoncé 2.0


  • Omg Bill Kaulitz!

  • Okay that vocal coach is annoying af

  • what’s goin on with that “vocal teacher”, she’s rude as hell???

  • Duranges Haircut though



  • Billie Eilish. That's all I've got to say.

  • 0:26 same.


  • Wait that bitch said “I’m a dude, my name’s Brandon.” Yeah ok.

    • I mean, that’s what he identifies as, wether he’s biologically male or not

  • not gonna lie freaked out when I heard YOOOUU GOT WHAT I NEEDDDD after literally just listening to it

  • I love that guy for singing Billie Eilish

  • I really hope cut never has the vocal coach on their channel ever again.

  • red head: i teach vocal classes *starts singing* sis what kind of singing is that also she’s kinda rude

  • the vocal coach is the rudest thing ever

  • Brando was my favorite

  • That girl in the back be like... 👀 2:07

  • wv in the house!! hell yea!

  • The first woman😍😍😍

  • Does anyone know who the first girl is? I LOVE her voice!

  • “I can’t sing for shit”-MEEE😂😭

  • She sang "watch".

  • They all suck

  • "What language is that?" "Fuck if I know bro"

  • 2:08 lady behind loll😂😂🤧

  • Oh yeah just a friend

  • "Definitely trained cuz she sings in a different language" .....non-americans exist??

  • They need to do this, and secretly bring in a celebrity like Ariana, or a CS-tvr like Jon Cozart (everyone check him out btw, he bomb)

  • Fourth girl is flashback Mary

  • Yasss phantom of the opera

  • I feel bad for the vocal coach girl cause everyone is roasting her in the comments

  • red head vocal coach has the same energy as retena bliss the freestyle dance teacher

  • When he started singing billie eilish 😍😍

  • I fucking haaaate voices like the first girls 😩 vocal fry while you sing is so gross. QUIT. She has lovely tone but ugh 😖 sounds like “I’ve got bananees and avocadees”


  • Does anyone know if the first singer has a yt/insta?

  • 0:28

  • eee the first girls voice wasn't that good in my opinion... to many runs and.. no.

  • “No TrAining In that Department” bitch stfu😭

  • When the "vocal coach" asked them to sing something like 'wraaaachaaamooore' it was so annoying

  • The first singer needs at least a little bit better diction

  • match the talent to the person p l e a s e

  • I know everybody is talking about the vocal coach but can we appreciate the beautiful voices we've heard, specially Brandon, I thought he was a girl because he was singing so naturally high :0

  • The vocal coach gave off bad vibes

  • just for singing phantom of the opera i love him

  • Ohh the tall dude is a guy, that probably why I found him so attractive, I knew I wasn't gay. 😆

  • West v gang here

  • "I'm actually a guy" Hottest dude ever wtf

  • I hate the vocal coach.

  • Idk why but I really like the way that girl with the raspy voice sounds.

  • the vocal coach needs to go back to her cave ASAP.

  • cringe cringe cringe cringe the whole thing is cringe i'm cringing

  • Brendan is stunning like 😮 wow

  • I don't know but when jane was about to say her profession I immediatly said outloud a HoLiStIc VoCaL cOuCH. LOOL


  • The sweet girl in purple was my favorite 😘

  • 5:14

  • Y’all see that Brandon looks like a younger Nicki Minaj omg💀😭

  • the first girl said consonants who??

  • When I heard the second guy i was like oh noooo

  • The first girl nearly falls over constantly while singing.

  • Duranged always showing up looking kinda like a pokemon🤣jp

  • “I teach music!” Me: these kids better get a refund!

  • ay I’m glad to see the jehovah witness back :)

  • Old town road girl sounded like Madonna plus a fifty year old man

  • I’m SpEeChLeSs

  • The young lady with Raspy voice 1:23.... I LOVE HER VOICE!!!!!

  • That voice coach is a literal rat. Like gEt OuTtA hErE yOu CrUsTy RoDeNt

  • OMG i spotted someone singing BILLIE EILISH!!!!!!!

  • “I teach singing” 2 secs later “YeOOOOOSLOOOOS”

  • The 3rd persons style is beautiful 😍

  • First girl reminds me of the vine: ‘wAycome to mY kitchen.’

  • Literally everybody sings better than the “vOcAl cOaCh”