Match the Singing Voice to the Person | Lineup | Cut

čas přidán 22. 05. 2019
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Match the Singing Voice to the Person | Lineup | Cut
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    • @Trisha Ebina 🙏🙏 what's yours

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    • @Natalie Deeble &j*

    • Where is the rest of the peoples instagrams, what kind of shit is this

    • vanbebbs Song list?

  • Match the student with the report card

  • Where can I contact Jane? Or what’s her social media 🤔

  • I'm so happy they ended this with country roads. WV baby (':

  • ♪ *You think my tractor’s sexy, It really turns me on* ♪

  • 2:39 is that one theater kid

  • Shit dude Brandon can sing so fucking well

  • please don't ever bring that vocal coach back for any video

  • 3:26 I have respect for him only because she sang Billie Eilish 😂

  • At 1:11 she was singing in cursive

  • Wtf is that voice

  • i need to follow Brandon on INSTA!

  • Yea vocal coach lady was annoying, but why is no one talking about the first girlll...she was sooo good ughh love that raspy voice

  • They're way too nice, lmao. They were all pretty bad singers tbh. The dude who sung Phantom of the Opera was okay, the Native guy was okay, the other three are fucking terrible.

  • the vocal coach is rude

  • the vocal coach needs a vocal coach


  • I hate the first girl she was so extra

  • the woman with the curly hairs voice is so hot omg

  • the half red hair person was annoying the fuck out of me

  • i feel like the purple sweater girl couldnt sing

  • Really? old town road? Wtf that crap sucks

  • 3:40 I-I have a crush on this person right here, not because he has good voice but because He mad relatable and GORGEOUS

  • The guy with the outward hair is a perv

  • Some of them weren’t that great if I’m honest

  • Yana is the most incredible person.

  • I feel like the first girl could do a really pretty cover of "Jolene" 🥰

  • "What language is that?" "Fuck if i know" -Pitt

  • The vocal coach is sooo annoying

  • Ok but like is no one going to talk about how he went out there with Phantom of the Opera...?


  • 2:07 *left*

  • couldn’t they bring in people who actually know how to sing

  • wait thats a nigga??!

  • If ur voice teacher is like this chick, run, and don’t pay for the first lesson.

  • Match the name to the person

  • Does anyone know the IG of the chick in white? For uhh...research purposes 😉

  • First girl was too breathy.

  • You should do a matching best friends video!!!

  • 4:54 Poudii Is that u??

  • Brandon is a girl

  • i’m trying not to hate on them there um voices are terrible ......

  • The vocal coach can’t sing for shit, she is also rude as hell

  • Can u do a metal scream 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ No he cant

  • tHiS pErSoN dEfiNiTeLy SmOkEs A LoT oF wEeD fuck that bitch

  • The first person with the red hair sounds like Micky mouse

  • Gotta love durranges hair

  • Jesus that woman with the red nd black hair can't fucking sing x-x

  • "Singing coach" my shit, she is so bad at singing, also rude comments to people Who are better than her.

  • Looking at people sing make me cringe so hard ffs

  • The first girl can’t sing

  • When tha black guy started singing I screamed "oh no"

  • How she finna teach singing when she cant sing?

  • 3:53 quick juul rip

  • the guy singing phantom is my mood 😂

  • I saw deranged pit and I just laughed 😂😂😂😂😂

  • when his hair said “T” i felt that

  • The vocal coach with red hair... Tsk, this'll be mean to say but- Her eyebrows...

    • At least you aren't commenting about how she's a bad singer. When everyone is and barely heard her sing. And I have an ear for music, and from what I heard she can sing.

  • No offense but the one really nervous one kinda looked like Michael Jackson HeE-hEe

    • Cutekoalas19198 NOOOOONSSNSNSNJ😭😭

  • That first girl had such a raspy voice and she kept like trying to sound good after she sang a word that was kinda wack

  • Someone pretty please tell me the instagram pr something of Brendon, he be fucking gorgeousss😍😍

  • Omg duranged pitt sounds like deranged armpits, i'm so sorry Duranged pitt BTW just for people out there you knoww who don't know what deranged means, (also I know a lot of people know what it means so don't comment me saying like "jEsUs evErYonE kNoWs whAt iT mEaNS" but deranged means mad or insane. Alsooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo don't tell me ''ThEy cAn jUsT sEaRcH iT uP fOR thEMsElvES bRo'' like they can but this is faster ;) Ex: ''tHerE'S a DeRaNgEd pHyScO oN tHe lOoSe''

  • Yana's insta damn

  • That black dude sang best 👌

  • I hate when singers don't finish the words.

  • yall ugly

  • Janes eyebrows are fucking hideous

  • Can yall stop bashing on the vocal coach, she literally didnt do anything wrong

  • heheh at 3:31 she’s singing a billie song don’t attack me

  • The "vocal coach" was such a fucking bitch! Especially since she can't sing for shit herself

  • Daaamn Brandon had me FOOLED. Like...HOO.


  • Match instrument to musician

  • They should do a lineup on guessing this persons gender 😂😂

  • The fact that the "vocal coach" thought smoking make peoples voice incredibly raspy kinda pisses me off.

  • 💕

  • Yana is pretty damn cute tbh

  • Watch comes on:I START BUSTING MY BUTT OF SINGING i know all the lyrics

  • I wish they had gotten a real opera singer : / that shit woulda been fun

  • Brandon fucking KILLED it, absolutely phenomenal voice

  • Girl: *sings in italian* Guesser: okay she must be russian if she sings in russian.

  • Another native makeup wearing alternative singer with an emo Fringe, Brandon marry me

  • Billieeeeee❤

  • What about a holistic vocal coach lmao

  • The vOcAl CoAcH needs to chill

  • The end every one sings county roads girl see what I did here

  • Omg I hated that guys hair it was bothering me so much 😤😤😤✋

  • When the goth person sAid he was a boy named Brandon I was shook #sistershook 😂😂

  • Yana!

  • match music artist to their beat/production piece

  • Oooh it's Yana! 😍

  • I have a crush on Yana 😍

  • Damn the singer with the crazy hair is a guy my boner is confused

  • Is it me or does the man guessing look like the blonde kid from Recess

  • “tHeY dEfiNintlY sMokE wEed” bitchhh she thinks she knows it allll 🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤣

  • 7:27 of secondhand embarrassment ahh

  • The first girl is so fucking annoying and it makes me annoted she thinks shes the best person ever

  • I like judging there singing cause I can’t sing

  • That’s a guy? 2019 more confusing than puff the magic dragon

  • Good