Matteo Lane-Ordering Food In France

čas přidán 18. 03. 2023
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  • French is

  • Nicest interaction between a tourist and a French person

  • Can confirm, we Italians are delighted when you try speaking a couple words in our language, it's the spirit that counts.

  • She understood you and did not ask you to repeat or speak english, you can be proud

  • I ordered food in French at a restaurant in Paris once, and the waiter responded by saying “Don’t bother, I speak better English than you do French.”

  • Italian are the best, they are forgiving and appreciate when you try. Love Italy.

  • A French person who actually spoke English. I am impressed.

  • I love France and took 5 years of French in school, so I speak basic conversational French.

  • I had a really positive experience in France. I didn't speak French at all but the people were very nice. We were at a French restaurant in Paris with the family and the waiter was very pleasant, speaking to us in English. He noticed we spoke Chinese amongst ourselves and since it was late and the restaurant wasn't crazy busy, he took the time to explain a little bit of history of French food while we shared some interesting stories about traditional Chinese cuisine.

  • He's not wrong - three words in Italian and they practically adopt you.

  • I tried to order in a small shop in Paris. My French was terrible. The woman asked if I was American, I said yes, and a younger woman came from the back with a big grin on her face. "Uncle. Sugar." "Apple." Everyone in the shop started sharing every English word they knew with me.

  • My experience is that if you speak English to a waiter in Paris they’ll just ignore you. My dad has gone to Paris on work trips and he and his colleagues once sat at a table for like 1 hour being ignored. They left when they finally caught a waiter that said “no French, no service. Sorry”.

  • Since he speaks Italian fluently he should have gone off on the French cashier in italian for assuming he was American and never admitted to speaking english lol

  • We spent 2 hours in a little restaurant speaking to the owners in half spanish (because there's overlap with a lot of words) and half google translated italian. They were so kind and even shared their private stash of alcohol that they had brought in to celebrate one of their birthdays that evening.

  • If you even attempt to learn and speak another language, for whatever reasons, that’s commendable

  • From my experience this is actually a compliment. If you go into a place expecting them to speak English they can get annoyed, but if you try to speak French and they see an effort (but can tell from your accent you aren’t a native speaker), they will normally automatically speak English back to be polite and try to help accommodate you. It’s not them mocking you.

  • I had an amazing experience speaking french to a restaurant owner who was a very happy and proud man, and he had no troubles conversing with me in my broken French and encouraged me to keep learning ❤

  • the french I'VE met legit refused to communicate in anything other than french. it was a tourist city. we were trying so hard, but this lady would not give us a single inch of consideration.

  • Italian and Japanese are so ecstatic and practically adopt you if you use a single broken word in their language

  • Matteo Lane is AMAZING live. He does crowd work so effortlessly, it’s like catching up with the fun coworker on a slow day