Max Kellerman: Anthony Davis will eclipse LeBron James as best player in NBA | First Take | ESPN

čas přidán 9. 08. 2018
Max Kellerman predicts LeBron James won’t win MVP for the 2018-19 NBA season as Anthony Davis will take the crown as the best player in the NBA.
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  • Weren't we having the same conversation with KD last year? Smh LeBron not gonna get unseated until maybe he wins his next championship

  • I feel like I got seriously ill watching this

  • Max is a fuckin bum fr recognize greatness KD is the best player in the world

  • This guy says every year that another guy will eclipse Lebron. When was he right? 😏

  • Quamaaaaaaeeeeeee Browwwwwwwnnnnnnnn Mvp

  • The baby Lakers? Don't you mean garbage Lakers.. and ball is not going to do shit.. he was a publicity stunt..

  • Stick to boxing Max.

  • Did he just age 5 years

  • Max is so full of crap...but what would the NBA be like had Lebron never gone to Miami?

  • Both of these guys talk so far out their rear end it gives me a migrane. Steven Smith is especially one of those individuals who loves to hear himself talk. He cannot be wrong even when he is. I cant stand ego that big from such a tiny little man.

  • I don't give a fkk what NOBODY says : LEBRON WILL GET EXPOSED ON DEFENSE...and nobody wants to talk about it. In the east...he was a god. But in the west...he ain't shht.

  • Max just called Lebron a genius. Lebron is such a genius...HE PLAYED NO DEFENSE in the finals. Very smart man...right ?? LOL

  • Lol first of all I think you are WRONG!

  • I think Max has the stronger point here. Sorry Stephen A.

  • Max talking out his ass

  • 😂😂😂😂

  • I thought AD was better than Hardin last year. He is the best All around player in the league. He rebounds, plays great defense, and can score as well as anyone. Curry, Hardin, Durant, and Westbrook are no where near Davis defense. People need to count defense too. LeBron has been getting snubbed on MVP. KD, Hardin, Westbrook could not have taken Cleveland to the finals last year. LeBron should of gotten MVP last year. It was his best year other than one year in Miami.

  • This motherfucker higher then I am.

  • I think they create this show as a real debate were in everyone has a side that they are given and they have to debate that side. The only thing is they don’t tell you they are each given a side to debate as if they really believe in that side. Like debate class but they make it seem as though they really believe in whichever argument they are given to support

  • Are you forgetting about KD?!!! Come on man

  • Please tell folks to stop waking me up in the middle of the night, I have to go to work, not getting much sleep, not cool borders on harassment in ones private space!!!! Thanks!

  • im with skip on this one

  • Y’all remember when max also said that the finals would be rockets vs raptors ? LMAO BE QUIET MAX

  • Whatever Bron will take MVP or won't, he gotta get the rings

  • Bruh A.D never healthy stfu max

  • Bron>Kd>>>kawhi>>Ad He said Ad pass Bron 😂🤣🤦🏼🚮. AD got a long way till he Kd let alone Bron 😂🤦🏼🚮

  • KD>AD

  • When KD leaves to join Lebron they think they can win a chip against the Warriors when AD arrives!!!

  • adroitly

  • why is he yelling?

  • Sigh...LeBron is not going to be outshined. Lol

  • Dont trip

  • That's if he stays healthy . Lebron is so much more durable than AD. So that factors in to who's the better franchise player.

  • Max’s basketball commentary card needs to be irrevocably revoked.

  • Why is this motherfucker yelling instead of talking?

  • Max always putting Bron over Kobe and now he outs Kareem in the top 3?

  • And LeBron is gonna be playing in the western conference Now SO HELL HAVE A HARDER TImE

  • Lol dude obviously LeBron ain't the best cause if he was truly the best NOBODY would be debating it...:-Funny how nobody ever Debated if MJ as the best....

  • I grew up in the Jordan and Lebron era... sorry Lebron is better he might not get as many rings but the NBA is much different now, anybody who thinks Jordan bulls could beat G.S. Your just lying to yourself

  • Y'all said dat last year and the year before last 😂😂😂😂 LeBron hasn't won mvp since wen?? Bt each year still being talked be the best individual player in the NBA today so I laugh at ppl who hate on LeBron James

  • *Nick Wright just put 50k on Max’s head*

  • The city of Los Angeles just got even richer

  • Joel Embiid gonna win MVP

  • This ain’t it Max

  • Last 2years they got the MVP right shit the last 4years

  • Ad got nikko julius Randle and oakafor more than enough big guys

  • Max is probably right.Lebron doesn't play for MVPs he plays for championships.The MVP is just icing on the cake.

  • They've been saying this for the last 3 years

  • I like max but he's tweakin, No one basketball player in basketball is going to take Lebron's crown within the next couple years. Bron is at his peak physically and mentally so you know

  • Stephen A Smith probably reads the dictionary every night using new words like adroitly, just to look smart. Lmao

  • I don’t think that man will ever lead the nba IMO

  • I swear they said this last year

  • Lol..Max has been smoking something that is throwing off the way he thinks..Davis is good..Real good..But he isn't even close to the level of a L... James..We never got the best of KD . until he went to the Golden State warriors.. You Give James what you gave KD .. and you will see another Side of James that is waiting to come out... Davis is a monster on a team... I do not see him as some one who can take over a game...

  • Max Kellerman must be a Trump supporter. The timing of this is uncanny.

  • Lol shit locks and shit face

  • The media trying to promote new players because LeBron is the last of the greatest era ever.

  • Max is wrong about the MVP all the time. On this topic I don't ever listen to him

  • another dumb ass bold prediction by Max kellerman😧😞🙃😂😂

  • AD up now fuck next

  • Fr. How long have we been predicting the usurper for LJs throne? Too long. I’ll believe in LJs downfall when we see it. LJ is literally balling the greatest of the next generation: KD, Steph, Westbrook, the Beard, all of them. And now?, he’s literally the go to man on a team filled with young millennials. He ain’t resting. LeBron will leave a huge vacuum as soon as he starts descending. But you know what’s really sad?, his ripple effect might be minimized bc of punk super teams.

  • You can't predict the best player in the NBA.

  • Lebron is too genetically talented for anyone else to compete. Remember how old he is and still improving...

  • The NBA would kinda be boring without LeBron, curry etc

  • LeBron is very busy in LA. Hope he won’t get a serious injury while he is distracted with other businesses.

  • What the f is pernicious?! Stop trying to act all smart!

  • He needs to stay healthy

  • 🔥🔥💸

  • Hahaha

  • ESPN would be better without max and skip old ugly stupid hating bitch ass

  • Both are speaking faxx

  • Sounds like espn know exactly how much lebron nuts way the way they always hugging them

  • No he wont

  • Kd is best in NBA

  • I think max doesn't watch the NBA

  • Stephen is the biggest LeBron jock rider in the game. He was against Lakers last season because of lonzo ball and now he's all in because of LeBron. His words are as valuable as a politician.

  • I hope so. Fuck Bron Bron.

  • Is Max high?

  • Max is an absolute idiot

  • This guy...

  • Not in N.O he won’t! He lost a lot of key players and LBJ legacy is set in stone. There’s not such thing as a GOAT just the best player or players of that era

  • Anthony mvp! 🙄 naw ! Haha 😂...get out of here?!

  • Best statement in whole segment was how they never get mvp right anyway.. Lmfao its a joke.. They pass that shit around like a whore at a party...

  • Idk.. I don't get it.. Don't see how Anthony Davis is even in same hemispheres as LeBron kd Kawhi harden an Steph,,, David best at position but that's it.. Best in league tho, not even close man!

  • Sorry Max, KD holds that crown

  • Fuck no

  • Harden is the obvious MVP.

  • What are you yahoos talking about? LeBron hasn’t even passed Michael Jordan.

  • Always gets injured doe

  • I mean it will happen eventually.

  • Yeah but he is injured easily

  • AD Will be The best player In the world,Watch my words.

  • Dumbest shit I’ve heard all day

  • Bahahajaha

  • 😂😂😂

  • I think he means who they gonna rig the league for next

  • Bruh look at an AD highlight vid.. dude is boring. That's like saying dwight howard on the magic is better than Lebron. Not a chance

  • Davis doesnt have the work ethic

  • If LeBron gets eclipsed, the only player that could do it is KD.

  • Same dude that said Bron and the Cavs would get sweeped by the Raptors

  • Stats dont lie dummy