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Apparently, Gabbie and I love to chat all things health. So much so that we ended up getting two great videos from our ask doctor mike recording session. This is 27 minutes long but I felt wrong to cut anything out of it as it all seemed relevant and important.
This video is almost a completely unedited conversation we had when we first sat down to record the original Ask Doctor Mike video you saw a few weeks ago. We discuss the rise of anxiety and depression as well as some of the inaccurate portrayal of mental health currently in media. If you have comments or questions based on this video please do drop them down below so that I can address them.
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If you or a loved one is in immediate danger calling 911 and talking with police may be necessary. It is important to notify the operator that it is a psychiatric emergency and ask for an officer trained in crisis intervention or trained to assist people experiencing a psychiatric emergency.
National Suicide Hotline (please call if you need to 24/7): 1-800-273-8255
National Alliance on Mental Illness Helpline: 1-800-950-6264
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  • Hey Dr. Mike and Gabbie. I actually have been a follower of Mike for awhile now. And a recent follower of you Gabbie. To Dr. Mike: This video is extremely eye opening for me and you are such an inspiration and great doctor. It gave me the push I needed to go to my doctor to get a psychiatrist referral, for possible depression and anxiety. I already went to detox (and currently going to AA meetings) for my drinking. So far so good. Just wanted to say thank you so much! I will always support your channel and you, and you have done so much for me personally. Love always from Ward.💞 To Gabbie: I'm still pretty new to your channel, but ever since I started watching, you have shown me that I'm not alone out there. Someone else actually gets me! Someone else knows what I have been going through in life! Just wanted to say thank you so much, and I'll post this on one of your videos as well. Thank you thank you!!! Much love from Ward!💞 Thank you so much again to both of you!!💞💞

  • Ironically before this video I got an ad about depression. That’s weird.

  • 💜Please please talk about fibromylgia 💜 your opinion/ research in America, I have it and there's still a lot I don't know about it, I've heard it is often misdiagnosed and I saw on one of your videos that the lines on your nails could be a sign out an auto immune disorder should I get retested, I got diagnosed in 2016 and my old doctors didn't do a lot of testing just went by symptoms but I've had these pains since I was 3, only in my legs then I got older they spread and the symptoms got worse

  • Okay so I absolutely ADORE Dr. Mike's channel and the great topics he discussed. However, the statement regarding incurable foot fungus does not seem to be valed. My friend who had is walking proof that toenail fungus is curable and his podiatrist wife says: "Foot fungus is just athletes foot. Fungus in toenails is very difficult to cure but fungus in the skin is usually curable." If anyone has more information on this I'm curious to learn more.

  • "I don't know shit so I must be a genius" is such a mood tbh

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  • Is the one arm shoulder overall back in style?


  • I don't know if is good or not but I always call myself crazy or cry baby. 😭😭😭

  • Wow... this video was AMAZING!!! So inspiring & just a great discussion overall.. thank you for this! ❤️❤️

  • Wait Dr Mike is a psychologist now..?? Lmao 😭😂 loved this so much!! 👏🏽👏🏽

  • Give these two a podcast.

  • Doctor Mike: *says that our mind represses things by giving us pain* Me: is this why I have constant headaches??

  • My doctor called it “symptom jumping”. When my body recognizes that my nausea is caused by my anxiety, then it will switch to stomach pain

  • Generalized anxiety disorder is what I have. I have GERD, constant nausea, stomach tension etc. ALL caused by anxiety

  • Uhh it's so hard you know. People just make things so much harder. I'm just tired. Anxiety and depression is something that affects me everyday and I'm so sick of everyone romantizising mental illness and being attention seeking and making assumptions about you. I try to keep everything private from everyone except my mum and a couple friends, because of society and it makes everything so hard I have no hobbies or extra curriculars I have no outlet. I'm just done with all the sheets of information that's useless and this crippling fear and loneliness that I can't shake away, having to listen to people talking casually about how they attempted suicide, sounding like they're almost boasting, people showing off their self harm scars. Everything is so fake no one really cares, they'll just deal with me and send me away so I'm not there problem anymore. I just want to be happy again.

  • Do you think there will be a point that EVERYBODY has a mental disorder/illness. With the rise of social media, a lot of people now have social anxiety, depression because it is so accessible nowadays. Younger kids are being exposed to this. I would like your opinion on how social media has really aided to mental illness recently.

  • I'm pretty sure I have bipolar, but doctors are to expensive and all the medications are to spendy also

  • I feel like people should understand that these illnesses aren't THEM. That's why people get angry and think they are being labeled. You HAVE an illness you are not the illness. That's why there is a significant difference in the success stories of depressed people. In general if you say "I am depressed" you'll have a harder time healing from depression and crawling out of it, while instead if you say "I have depression" is a lot better for the mental state, at least from what I know about the topic. (which is completely independently researched with barely any real education in the field btw)

  • 24:38 my most 'out there' quality is my creativity. i want to be a veteranarian when im older, how do those two relate?

  • Dr. Mike did you just include marijuana in a list with adrenal and cocaine? As if they are even close to the same level. Why not throw in sugar while you are at it, lets be honest doc eating sugar alters mood and behavior. Why choose marijuana in that list? I fully understand that marijuana is not magic beans but it’s an extremely helpful substance. to put it in a list as if it’s the same as cocaine is extremely bothersome to me as a medical marijuana patient. I am confident you do not actually view cocaine the same as marijuana but perpetuating the idea that marijuana is the same as schedule one and two narcodics which have no medical benefits is extremely damaging to a people like me and millions of others who whole heartedly benefit from the medical effects of marijuana. Stop being part of the problem. I am not asking you to praise the glories of it but please refrain from assosiated marijuana with some of the most life destroying narcodics as if they are some how the same.

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  • Am I the only one that will give someone my whole life story if they ask even tho I don’t know them?

  • Well Ig now I know why I randomly have back pain or anxiety cuz I keep pretty much all of my emotions to myself whoops

  • Gabbie: most narcissists were raised that way not born that way Mike: well yes but actually no

  • Also talking about social anxiety and how it develops and the physical pain hit so hard. These are all so accurate omg

  • This is so educational omg. I love how you’re educating people on the real differences between tendencies vs disorders!!! A lot of people are quick to diagnose others. This video is amazing

  • Thank you for this video my 12 year old has schizoaffective disorder, bipolar 1 typer

  • Doc I will start sharing this video so I don’t have to explain all this anymore myself when I hear so many misconceptions that make me shake my head sometimes even from professionals within my own field 🙂 Thanks!

  • I have anxiety and depression Not joking I take medications

  • coming from someone who has bi polar disorder i’m sooooo happy you said it needs to be carefully diagnosed. it took 5 years for my doctors to realize what it was. i didnt get help until a year ago, but also the stigma around bi polar and other mental health conditions need to end. thank you both for talking about this ❤️

    • isabella colangelo I'm sorry you went through that. Hope you're better now. Stay healthy and happy ❤❤

  • Truly inspiring conversation. And information

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  • I love How he needed to explain what Not Being a doctor means lol 5:09

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  • Can you collab with Jeffree Star, Manny Mua, or Shane Dawson!!???! Yesssss!!

  • I’ve binged sooo many videos and this one is by far my favorite !

  • I love this video!! I believe that we have developed a culture of diagnosing people and not teaching coping mechanisms. It’s a great thing to own your mental health, but we need to also know how to function without feeling the need to self medicate. I love this video.

  • As a psych major, out of all of the videos i've seen this is my favorite, all the descriptions about the diagnosis were so easily to understand to everyone and make clear all the tiny differences from one to another and how wide is the number of mental illneses, the talk about the labeling was soooo good and amazing,at the end a diagnosis is a label and as health professionals we have the responsability to care for our patients well being and that can only be done if we add context of our patients. stunning video! 💖

  • My Aussie GP did a general check up and caught positive test results for hypothyroidism... And vitamin D deficiency. Went through holistic checks. Asked me to go see a psychologist too. Turns out it was "burn out" from work/family stuff and it was turning into physical things. Other Dr had taken out a script for thyroid, vit D, zoloft, sleeping pills. Rest, sun, walking, diet. Good GP says they don't know.

  • My Mom is pretty sure that I have ASD (formerly known as Asperger's Syndrome.) I've gone to a psychologist to see how I can get a proper diagnosis but he told me it could cost up to $3000 to be professionally tested. Maybe for now, anger management will have to do. If I could just ask the general population one favor. There are better ways to get people to smile other than simply telling them to smile or embarrassing them for their lack of smiley-ness. You can compliment a person. You can present people with a big smile of your own and ask them how they are doing. Or you can simply smile and say Hi to the non-smiler. Don't be a smile Nazi. Don't pester people about their facial expression just because they walked past you with a neutral or somber expression. This actually can be extremely annoying and can make one's mental state worse.

  • Hey Dr. Mike! Could you maybe make a video talking about eating disorders and OCD (whether they are related and so on). It would be great to hear your intake

  • Therapist in training here. I love the fact that you mention labels. It can sometimes be detrimental to a client's therapy or path of wellness to introduce them to labels. Reasons vary from premature foreclosure, preconceived ideas or stereotypes. In short you do not want your client to get 'hung up' on a label or diagnosis that they lose sight of the therapy. I value your mention of somatic symptoms and how the body and mind share a connection. Even if the client does not have a medical origin for the symptoms does not mean their symptoms are invalid or not experienced (or real).Another thing that is important when dealing with origins of behaviour a multipath holistic approach with ecosystemic considerations is necessary to make a proper determination. Another key aspect (as you mentioned) is establishing a good rapport with the client over a period of time. Psychological diagnosis usually takes quite some time to establish, much longer than a trip to the GP. Thank you for this video. I thoroughly enjoyed it and your willingness to learn about psychology and integrate it with physiology is admirable.

  • I understand how busy you may be, but I woke up to make breakfast today and wasn’t able to watch the video but just listen. Got me thinking...ever thought about creating a podcast? Super entertaining and chalk full of information

  • I have repressed emotions!!!! I've dealt with so much stomach pain. Thanks Dr. Mike

  • Man I repress so much, I was in counselling and didn’t cry once. I rarely cry ever for myself, I don’t like the self pity feeling.

  • I wonder if Gabbie was talking about dr Ramani Durvasula

  • My favorite thing is when you get the courage to say you have anxiety and your friends act like its dumb and irrelevant

    • Raegann Pokornik I‘m sorry to hear that your friends don‘t take your feelings seriously.. maybe try talking to them or look for new friends or try talking to someone else that you trust.. mental health issues are definitely not dumb or irrelevant..

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  • Do a video with SHANE! Pleaseeeee