Metal Family season 2 episode 4

čas přidán 27. 03. 2023
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  • Heavy mentioning Dee’s crush and used “Don’t cry about it” back at him. Such a sibling dynamic 😂

    • The eyebrow piercing gave him power

    • Can confirm I have 2 younger siblings

    • ​@Rebel Scum my 6 year old sister ships me with a boy that's 4 years older than me 💀

    • That's not his name

    • @MinerWarrior who's

  • The random girl being "Adopt me!" actually made me laugh harder then it should of She saw a mom being more then supportive of her child getting a piercing an wanted that kind of family

    • I it made me laugh out loud

    • It made me laugh but it's kinda sad 😭

    • I wold be that random girl tbh, I want a tongue piercing so bad lol

    • I honestly don't blame her lol

    • She’s a average brookhaven girl


    • Victoria: "you're going to be emo whether you like it or not"

    • @Divine~♡ emo? what? how?

    • @Luisito VIII some emos tend to get a lot of piercings and even when not it's clear all of heavy's family has them, I was just making a Joke about that

    • @Divine~♡ yeah, but they're metalheads not emo, piercings are common to them too

    • @Luisito VIII yeah lol

  • The way glam laughed at the piercings shop it’s giving serial killer vibes.😂❤

  • The fact that heavy got a family heirloom is amazing from his uncle to his father to the first born son to him. That's one hell of a tradition

  • The random girl yelling I’ll call you mommy made me laugh hard and also heavy trying to take dees crush away

    • She thinks we don’t all call Victoria mommy


    • Fr I wanna donate if it’s possible


    • Agreed

    • ​@Martin Guggiari unfortunately, it is impossible for foreign viewers. It is now prohibited to transfer money to and from Russia. You can only use cryptographic translation

    • Fr

  • It’s honestly so adorable to see Dee amused by his family’s antics and eating the cake

  • 5:10 dude that laugh scared the hell out of me but it was fucking sweet 😂

  • The fact that the first thing Heavy said after gaining reconsciousness was "Get away!" To his brother is hilarious 😂

  • Guys! You all call it a filler episode don't forget that this episode can also mean a lot. Some of the bad aspects of the parents have really passed on to the child, glam. I feel like Heavy is afraid to admit that he's different from his parents and not tell them about it. This tells us that Glam has not fully healed from the trauma of generations himself. A bit like a guitar episode. Also, they could try to better tie us to Viki before her own backstory is revealed much like Glam.

    • I don’t think he’s afraid. Their parents are super supportive, Glenns parents probably represented to entire strict-parents storyline.

  • 7:19 YES A SIBLING BONDING SCENE💙🧡 And Heavy was so savage and I love it🤟

  • So that means the creator is okay.?! I was worried about them this whole time lol, I freaking love this series and want to be here for more

    • The creator took a break cause they had a baby! But alls well and obviously it didn’t hinder the quality of the work!! 💖💖:D

    • They're currently facing some economic issues, but overall they're okay

    • @Adam congratulations to them

    • What I miss?? I thought it was because the creators are from Russia, and the whole war pushed things back

    • @Adam WHATTTTT WHEN?!?!! A baby is so unexpected omg. That’s a wonderful surprise

  • You know that today's Metalhead's day? This episode is probably the best gift for all of us 🤘

  • Holy cow! I was so stoked to see the PowerWolf poster on Heavy's wall and to hear "Demon's are a Girl's Best Friend" as his ringtone!! I don't know anyone around me who knows how awesome this band is!!

  • 5:10 just the best moment

  • As someone who is terrified of needles I completely understand this also so surprised how early this came out, made my night

  • 1. I’ve never related to Heavy more than when he passed out seeing a frigging needle…not actually placing the needle, but legit just prepping it. 2. Holy crap the brother annoying relationship is real and I love it, can’t wait to see how Dee retaliates lol. My brother and I used to do very similar shit to each other

  • 2:32 I love how both of the boys mirror their parent’s personalities

    • And hairstyles

    • Well it is said that the oldest child takes after the father and the second takes after the mother. Makes perfect sense since many shows and movies follow that rule.

    • 666th like 😌

    • ​@Rich Scorpion 67 Never knew that. My sister and I took after our fathers in looks and personality, our brother takes after our mother in looks, but that only stated happening when he was in his late teens.

    • @Alecto Anarchy with twins I think the traits of the parent based on when you where born. Meaning if you had an older brother who was born first ( who would take after the father ) then the twins would both take after the mother

  • Glen's laugh is terrifying 😰💀

  • Дорогие англоязычные фанаты. Кто не знал - авторы МФ выложили эпизод в принципе раньше из-за пользователей на Bosty, которые слили серию в сеть. изменено: ещё у авторов МФ родился ребёнок, так что не парьтесь из-за маленького эпизода :)

    • Ты серьёзно думаешь, что им не в падлу переводить твой коммент?

    • @Мира Вроде у них есть автопереводчик,как допустим у нас в снг, ютуб дает возможность сразу перевести испанские комментария

    • Thanks for the update

    • Oh well it’s still longer than the very first ones

    • sorry I'm just confused so they are still going to be making more episodes?

  • Aww! You can clearly tell Heavy is very close with Vicky 💖 such a sweet momma's boy 😍

  • I was beyond ticked when it ended, I LOVE IT TO MUCH!

  • I’m so happy! It was so cute what Heavy did to Dee, I was like holy crap he went there! I can’t wait to see the dynamic that develops between Dee,Lif and Heavy 😂❤

  • So fast with the English dub! I was expecting to wait like 2-3 weeks for it! Nothing better than a unexpected surprise, especially a great one like this. Keep up the great work MF Crew!

    • I believe since episode 4 took so long to come out they gradually animated the English and got it dubbed as they worked on the Russian too

    • The last one was 6 months ago

    • @crybaby_the_cl0wn•^• The original dub was a couple of days ago.

    • @Eberss makes sense. If they can keep up that model that’d be awesome

  • I just accidentally came across this and binge watched the whole thing. Didn’t think another episode would come out so quick. I made dinner and there it was.

  • 5:10 этот смех еще лучше чем в русской версии

  • It was so nice seeing an actual genuine happy expression and tone from Dee

  • 4:45 behind the scenes of the English dub, you can definitely hear the quiet, but original Russian voice acting

  • I’m so glad that despite everything, not only are they still able to make this show, but y’all are still able to dub it! ❤❤❤

  • I love how Heavy was clearly terrified of getting pierced but once he did he was satisfied with the results. I was beginning to think it was going to be one of those "He doesn't want to get a piercing but he can't admit that to his family because it would upset them" stories and he doesn't go through with it. I'm glad it wasn't, because I thought there are obvious solutions to having piercings and him passing out was clearly one of them. I can't say that I know what having a piercing for an accessory is like, but I have had enough visits to the dentist to know how painless an operation can be. Not to mention I've had shots.

    • Depending on what you are having done, most piercings are not bad at all. I have several, and only a few of them actually hurt much. Most of the time it is over so fast you don't have lots of time to feel pain.

    • I wonder how long it took them to realize Heavy was also staling to get out of a quiz

    • ​@Ray D GreenwaldGlam and Dee totally knew the whole time

    • @Proudfoots exactly, and I know from experience that even ones that might seem like they would be super painful might not even hurt that much. I got a PA as my first, and currently only piercing, and that was barely any pain, just a weird pinching sensation and that was all.

    • I was totally panicking when I got my first piercing, the left side of my nose. Now I look forward to new piercings, I use them as a form of stress relief when it gets too bad and with my high pain tolerance I love it. So far I have both sides of my nose done and snake bites, getting an industrial next.

  • I swear this is 5:10 the best moment ever!

  • Какая же круть! Меня прёт и оригинал и эта озвучка! Хочу сказать спасибо всем кто к этому причастен!

  • I’m sorry but 2:00 is getting saved into my gallery. That is too precious


  • 1:29 man i got scared for a sec, I thought he was actually in trouble 😂😂😂

  • Did Victoria’s English VA change or does she just sound more happy in this episode?

    • it 100% changed, I hate it.

    • Yep

    • Yes, it's different voice actress

    • @Synicål I thought I was the only one, I hate it to

    • That's not really nice towards the new VA. I can understand that people are used to a different VA already but this is still a real person working hard for this. Having a opinion is ok but not when it's harmful towards someone, being sad/a bit disappointed about the voice changing is normal but hating on it isn't.

  • I can’t wait for the next episode. Just binged all them and I’m hooked.

  • I love how much the animation has progressed so much

  • Thank for this series. It warms my heart

  • I’m so happy this came out! Fantastic work like always! 🤘🏻🖤

  • "Eye or an ear" in the scene with the cake in the beginning, is foreshadowing of the choice Heavy has to make with piercing. Well done Metal Family, well done.

    • Genius 🤔

    • omg thats smart


    • He chose eye too, which is where he got the piercing

  • Ugh I can’t wait for the next episode! 🤩 I love Metal Family so much 🥰🥰

  • I love the series soooo much :D Please, never stop.

  • I actually like Victoria’s new VA. It’s raspier and can be powerful when she chooses.

  • Always such amazing episodes! ❤ Super cool

  • The Glams laughter is perfect

    • You can almost heard his mind scream "not that one"😂😂

    • He either didn't want that to happen OR HE HAS ONE XD

    • ​@MayaWukong01 maybe he got it

    • ​@Ririi Morales but I thought he doesn't have anything down there

  • This episode is so cute! I like that they're all expressing themselves while still just being a normal family. Victoria and glam remind me of my parents cause My parents get judged alot cause they have tattoos and piercings and they have no problems with me or my sisters having piercings or getting tattoos when were older.and I feel like thats just like Vicky and glam with heavy and dee

  • Glams laugh always makes me laugh 😂

  • I love this series. The relationship between Dee and Heavy reminds me of me and my little brother

  • I've binge watched the whole thing last term (in school) and now after the second one is over I casually remembered to check if something new is out.

  • I just adore the sketches of Dee Heavy and Lif at the credits. I’ve been drawing pretty much my whole life but damn I wish I could sketch like that.

  • WHEN THEY WERE BEING MEAN TO HEAVY I WAS ABOUT TO CRY SO GLAD THEY WERE JUST PLAYING IT UP 😭😂 Ps: I have no idea what people are talking about with Victoria’s new va, I liked her voice before and I like it now ❤

    • Ngl I’m not a big fan of her new voice actor but it’ll probably grow on everyone over time

    • I honestly prefer the new voice. Gives her a different kind of energy that I just enjoy more.

  • I love how despite Vicky being loud and agressive her kids are never scared that she'll get violent.

  • Just discovered this today, I've watched every episode and the music video, so excited for more,.keep up the good work!

  • So glad to see more episodes! Love your work!

  • When I saw this I literally screamed I love this series so much and it came out on my birthday😂❤

  • Definitely worth the wait. Their so lucky that their parents do this. I had to get my cousin to take me and when I got home with both my ears pierced I was the joke of the house. My father loved the phrase two eared queer because he thinks if a “guy” gets both their ears pierced it means their gay.

    • ...that's not even the right stereotype...

    • That's generally offensive and stereotypical. My mom (and probably my dad) thinks if I have piercings similar to the ones that is shown by the tattoo artist/professional piercer in this video, she said that it's either rebellious or anti-Christ or non-conservative. I wanted to pierce my brows, the sides of my ears and my lower lip but... They said no.

    • @Kinetic Cosmeticgotta love conservative religious parents. I got lucky with mine though! Had my clashes with them in high school for sure, but we get on great now!

    • Your dad didn't even get the stereotype right. It's only the left ear. But that's still wrong. :( Sorry you went through that

  • I'm so happy you continue the series please don't ever it's an amazing series and I hope one day it's going to be a full-blown show

  • I remember when I used to hate needles. Then I joined the military and that fear went away real quick. Now I got 5 tattoos and 2 piercings and looking to getting more ink done in the future. Oh and yea going to the doc for blood work doesn't faze me any more. Rock on Heavy and love those sick piercings. Love seeing the family and also just love the art work and voice acting. I always watch all the episodes in both languages.

  • Amazing as always!!!! So happy to see that there was a new addition! ❤

  • Yay, I glad the English version came out so quick! Great job. Also, glad you guys are ok.

  • Absolutely in love with the series. Waiting for the next episode to come out

  • Okay okay I know Victoria's voice change but everyone needs to chill about it. I personally don't mind about the change, I love this series and I think this voice actor also suits Victoria very well. Both voice actors are amazing.

    • Personally I like the change, fits the character better

    • Yed but that is also just as you said - YOUR opinion. I myself do not like the new voice actor. But I think the point of people mentioning it is because they want answers like myself. Is the original V.A. okay? Was she dropped or did she leave? She was good at the voice! Nothing wrong with people asking.

    • she sounds like Marge from Simpsons

    • I agree one hundred precent

    • She sounds better

  • omg, I’m actually surprised that the episode came out today, I really really really in joy the series. I hope that it keeps continuing as far as it can. Btw, damn heavy, you are a savage for saying that in the end. 7:43 😂

  • When you’re russian, watched russian version, and now rewatching eng one cause ITS FCKING PERFECT

  • Oh my Lord I love how heavy grown to start having some sass back to his older brother😂


  • The fact Dee got all mad when Heavy said Lif is going to his party is the best part

  • Какая у Хэви ВЕЛИКОЛЕПНАЯ озвучка в конце, умираю

    • О русский

    • Уууу е

    • Stop writing in Russian on English channel

    • @Kirbox257 why do people think that if you speak Russian, then you are 100% from Russia? How does it work?

  • I just binge watched this series and I absolutely love everything about it. Keep up the great work! But also take breaks when you need. You should never push yourself to hard just because people are impatient. I feel like creators aren't told this enough. While yes they can be constantly told about how great their work is they are never told that they can its ok for them to take their time and stuff. So ya. Keep up the great work but also make sure you still take care kf yourself! 🖤

  • Honestly love this series, wholeheartedly. Still want to get a few piercings myself but with me working basically 12 hour shifts for 5 days a week on a nightshift makes it a nightmare to schedule one. Wish I had a friend that could do it for me Lol. Also, killer choice in music at the end of each video!

  • I just rewatched the whole series and damn, the animation really improoved a lot

  • I missed this show. Thank god its back!

  • omg this show never ceases to put a smile on my face! the subtle character acting is do damn impressive for the style of the show!

  • I was kinda expecting this to end with Heavy finding the courage to tell his family that he doesn't want any piercing, thinking that they will be disappointed in him, but in reality they'll understand his concern and respect his choice. However, seeing him getting excited afterwards and immediately taking selfies tells that he wasn't against the idea, he was just afraid of needles. Which is very understandable. All in all, nice episode, even though a short one. Loved it!)

  • The way Glam laughed has me dying

  • *glam letting out the most terrifying laugh* "My bad 😊!"

  • Took you guys long enough! Just Kidding. This was worth the wait thank you for your hard work on this project


  • As a fellow lite brother am so proud of Heavy right now.

  • Bruh Heavy was a savage at the end i could hear Dee's blood boil out of anger hilareius😂

  • I love this so much. Thank you Metal Family English!!!!! love you all!!!


  • Perfection, the animation is better, I love it, I liked the old VA but this new one is working hard and doing a excellent job

  • Fun fact: Heavy's ring tone is the Powerwolf song, "Demons are a girl's best friend." This is also my favorite song from Powerwolf!

  • This show is flipping fanomonal i love watching it

  • this feels quite eerie I feel like either that's to show how heavy's scared or he's having a weird ass dream edit: lmao that was amazing

    • I think this is the first time I've seen a tmc pfp in the comment section of a metal family video! I agree, though! It felt weird to see Heavy genuinely frightened!

    • @SCPA eyyy i love the series (and this one too)

    • This whole episode reminded me of coraline lmao

    • I'm having the dream vibe to

    • ​@lancerslittlespace same!

  • Thank you for this series creator. I absolutely love it. It close to home and absolutely is a vibe. Please continue. If you could ship life and dee together that would be nice otherwise fantastic job

  • Я настолько в своём сознании преисполнилась, что понимаю на английском благодаря Метал Фемели.

  • This show heals my depression episodes I’ve watched every single one at least 4 times. Please continue this amazing work🫶🏼🥹

  • Oooh, I can’t wait for the next episode! I love this show ❤

  • I've been pretty excited to have a heavy centric episode, and it was amazing! I can feel heavies fear through the screen, im glad he was happy with the result, dee & heavies dynamic is always a joy to watch 💖

  • Auf Russisch verstehe ich nur den Kontext, aber selbst so sind die Folgen großartig! Wenn ich sie dann auf Englisch nochmal schaue, ist es wie Liebe! Ich freue mich so, dass wieder eine Folge kam. Danke sehr!

    • Auf Russisch gibt's kein who's bad😢

  • I love Dee and Heavys dynamic so much it's so funny

  • I love this episode! Reminds me when I started getting piercings my mama was totally cool about them she even went with me when I get my tongue pierced

  • I love this CS-tv show I'm always looking forward to more!

  • Glam's laughter sounds like a bird like a partridge.😂

  • Victoria for sure has a new voice actor a big change from what I’m used to but I’m sure I’ll get used to it. Great work as always guys

  • I love Glam's voice in this localisation.