Metallica: 72 Seasons (Official Music Video)

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Metallica's official music video for “72 Seasons,” from the album “72 Seasons.”
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Directed by Tim Saccenti
Filmed in Los Angeles, CA, on February 12, 2023
Video Premiere Date: March 30, 2023
Feeding on the wrath of man
Shot down
Time haunted by the past
Long gone
Although the die is cast
Shot down
But what is done is done and done
Look back
No chance before this life began
Staring into black light
Dominating birthright
Wrath of man
Leaching through
Split in two
Wrath of man
Crash into
Point of view
Wrath of man
Wrath of man
Thrive upon
Feeding on
72 seasons gone
Feeding on the wrath of man
Shoot back
Mad seasons take their toll
New mask
Completely lost control
Shoot back
Wither under looming shadow cast
Slip back
Blinded by the ashes of the past
Staring into black light
Choking on the stage fright
Wrath of man
Leaching through
Split in two
Wrath of man
Crash into
Point of view
Wrath of man
Wrath of man
Thrive upon
Feeding on
72 seasons gone
Piercing through
Cut in two
Point of view
Crash into
Feeding on the wrath of man
Man down
Quick fire machine gun thoughts
Deep seed
Some have and some have not
Man down
No mercy from the ghost within
Turn back
There’s breathing out but not back in
Staring into black light
Permanently midnight
Wrath of man
Leaching through
Split in two
Wrath of man
Crash into
Point of view
Wrath of man
Wrath of man
Thrive upon
Feeding on
72 seasons gone
Feeding on the wrath of man
Written by James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich & Kirk Hammett
Director: Tim Saccenti
Producer: Aiden Magarian
Executive Producer: Jennifer Heath
Visual Art Curator: Dina Chang
VFX/Animation: Kevin Stein
Digital Art by: Kelly Richardson
Director of Photography: Joshua Zucker-Pluda
Steadicam: Chris Loh
Production Designer: Lenny Tso
Gaffer: Francis Butler
Key Grip: Charlie Lenz
1st AD: Jimmy Ramirez
1st AD: Eric de Los Prados
2nd AD: Luis Bonachea
Production Manager: Dylan Deluca
Production Coordinator: JJ Calvo
Office PA: Wilder Huega
1st AC: Matt Sumney
2nd AC: Joel Martin
DIT: James Petersmeyer
BB Electric: Morty Petersen
Electric: Dylan Mayberry
Hyphenate: Daniel Jimenez
Hyphenate: Jose Ruiz
Lighting Programmer: Noah Shain
Lighting Programmer: Aaron Paustian
BB Grip: Andy Wilson
BB Grip: Jake “Goose” Fandell
Grip: Otis Mannick
Grip: Ben Sherman
Grip: Alex Shepherd
Grip: Derick Holub
Art Coordinator: Alyssa G Lopez
Prop Master: Rachel Rossy
Scenic: Angie Navarro
Set Dresser: Benjamin Graham
Key Costumer: Joe Blana
Hair/MU: Lily Beren
VTR: Evan Johnson
Production Assistant: Mike Ruelas
Production Assistant: Jeffrey Petro
Production Assistant: Gabriel Chavez
Production Assistant: Aspen Miller
Production Assistant: Steve Hulse
Production Assistant: Josh Klassen
Production Assistant: Jordan Johnson
Production Assistant: Adam Nungseter
Production Assistant: Julian Brown
CCO: Jennifer Scelsi
Medic: Eric Robledo
Medic: Steven Outzen
Craft Service: Sabino Salas Miranda
XR System Integrator: Simon Anaya
LED Tech: Will Montoya
XR Stage Manager: Isaac Campos
XR Stage Manager: Orlando Herrera
XR Stage Manager: Carlos Avelar
VFX Producer: Matt Lathrom
Lead Editor: Matt Posey
Editor: Tyler Hurst
Editorial Executive Producer: Raná Martin
Editorial: PS260
Sound Design: Nicole Pettigrew
Colorist: Tom Poole
Color: Company 3
Co3 Producer: Shannen Troup
VFX Artist: Mark Szumski
VFX Company: Hey Beautiful Jerk
HBJ Producer: Gina Niespodziani
Online Assist: Alex Murphy
Post Producer: Nicholas McGregor
Creative Direction: Setta Studio
Production Company: RadicalMedia
Footage Company: Film Supply
Experimental Footage Artist: Roman Hill
Experimental Footage Artist: Andrew Q. Holzschuch
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  • Amazing work 🤘🤘🤘

  • This album is 77 minutes long... and I love every second of it

  • Deeply heavy and melodic. A good album. Thank you Metallica once again.

    • Mal wieder nen Fetten Song rausgebracht! Danke! Metallica😯

  • I take back all the bad things I said about this album.. I've listened to it now 10 times and I can't put it away. This album absolutely kicks ass

    • Only listed to it 3 times and think it's their best since Black Album. Possibly better! Just a bit long. But hey, that's Metallica... questing for EPIC, while retaining their thrash roots.

    • I hated and still hate the black album. 72 is awesome!!

    • @just me Yes mate it's a return to the glory of Kill, Ride, Master and AJFA. Back to the roots and in better sound. Loving this album!

    • @Tom Owen (Piano Channel) death magnetic was dope black isn’t even close to their best kill’em all AJFA lol slow and sluggish black is meh

  • This whole album has some of the best guitar sounds I've heard in years. And James' vocals, wow! Superior production. Really amazing.

    • Metallica has always had great guitar on pretty much every song... 🔫 and 🌹(Guns and Roses) was another bad with religously good guitar on every track...

    • @Battle Rap Assassin I will assume he's referring to the shit production on the last 2 albums even when the performance was great. Any good riff can be ruined by a bad engineer.

    • Quite interesting that James sounds better here than on previous records. Not sure if it's production or what but I'm not complaining!

    • James his vocals are awesome

    • @DoggoSwift 68The production itself is awesome, and it should be. But James does sound great, judging from those live vids, even the ones made by "ordinary" fans, not the post-produced ones. They do tune every song half step down for live shows, but still, it's amazing.

  • It really seems like they're enjoying the music again and it's shining through in these amazing songs.

  • this is going to sound even more amazing live omg

  • These guys are on top of their game ! Also, I've never seen them so excited to perform live

  • Hetfield voice still sounds amazing! Of course it's not the 80s drive anymore, but he sounds way better to me than everything recorded since 1999 S&M❤

  • This and Sleepwalk, the intro baseline, it’s a privilege to still be here for a new album from Metallica and having been there for the first one. 🤘🤘🤘🎸🎸.

    • Hello, how are you doing today? Nice meeting you here.

    • Yep I'm 47 listening to them since 1985 ❤❤❤

    • @Brendan Daly Thank you for being a great fan and I hope you never stop listening to my music.

  • This song blows me away. Definitely one of my all-time favorite Metallica riffs. Wow!

  • it's amazing how Metallica can come up with new riffs that work these days...they've done everything what human can do with a guitar so far... great job guys🤘🤘

  • The visuals in this one are 💪😎🔥

  • The more I hear the album, the more I appreciate all its it!

  • This track hits me on many levels. First listened to Metallica when I was 15. 72 seasons has great riffs, James sounds amazing and is full of energy - takes me back to my school years (and more). Now I am 47 with 2 kids (8 and 5). It is their time now, their 72 seasons evolving. How will it turn out for them? Repeat mode: ON (great album overall BTW)

    • Totally agree, think this is their best for decades. Maybe it's their last album. But if it is, it's better than everything since BLACK. Like Judas Priest FIREPOWER, this is like a rebirth/final statement at the same time. Think it's a classic.

  • Отличная группа и отличный альбом. Не стареют душой ветераны

  • I've only listened to the two singles (this one and "Lux Æterna") and I have to say that, so far, the guys seem really on fire. To me, Lars did a really great job on these two tracks, which is a really nice surprise! If this is the trend of the record, well, it promises to be some of the best work they'done in the last 15 years!

    • If you haven't heard the full album already, I recommend Screaming Suicide and Room of Mirrors if you liked this and Lux Æterna.

    • Not bad for an old man!!

    • @Mike Ponzio Are you referring to Lars? If so, well, keep in mind he's just 59. Sure, he ain't a kid, but he's not 'old' either.

    • @Youreallygotmenow ! He's a matter of months older than me. Yeah he has great strength and stamina I was just saying.' They've got about a decade left and why not. KISS had a great run well at least 2 members are original. Metallica and Iron Maiden are about the same. I guess Maidens rock stars are 3 or 4 years older than Metallica metal gods.

    • @Mike Ponzio i, as a younger fan was scared that i propably wouldnt be able to see metallica live before they retire. After seeing how hard they are playing i dont need to worry anymore.

  • From the first time I listened to Metallica in 1991 at the age of 15, I fell in love with their music, it is lifelong love and they never disappointed me, they are fascinating...🤘🤘🤘

  • Loved the chorus!

  • Metallica is UNTOUCHABLE 🤘

  • I am very impressed with the new album. For me it has Justice For All vibes, and I love it. Bought the record last week and can’t get enough of it.

  • This song says everything that is metallica today, in 8 minutes... a metal that brings back memories of kill em all, the first album I heard when I was 11 years old, simple but forceful riff, they transmit a lot of energy, the voice, She's a rocker, and it reminds me that Hetfield has an incredible and unique melodic voice, added to those melodies that are her own, ending the words in eah,,, yeah... or nah!! and kirk's solos... they're his, no one will ever do them like him... and ulrich... well... without him, metallica wouldn't be what it is today. thank you metallica for being metallica

    • I traded my TNT Seven Seas album for Metallica Kill Em All when after moving from where all my friends lived with my parents to seem like what was the other side of the world..... which was only about 45 minutes from the only world I knew existed growing up before moving and leaving all my friends behind.... I was 13 and it was the second day of 8th grade in 1983 and I was at school on the other side of the world from where I just came friend who I just met in my third period Class and only new for 30 minutes... at a new school that was on the other side of the world that I did not know existed 2 days before this moment..... Thank You , to my NEW FRIEND.... WHAT A SUCKER !!!!! Cuz I still have Whip FU$KING Lash in my neck , from listening to the Kill Em All record he traded me that day in 1983. .. I still got that Megaforce Beauty of an album, to this day.... thank you Metallica , cuz you still have not disappointed me from that day to where life has taken us now 40 years later in 2023.. there is still no band in the last 40 years who sounds like them....and from the first note I heard in 1983 from the Kill em All record I traded for in 8th grade that day ...... THEY HAVE MY ATTENTION and It Takes Me Away from the world and everything around me at the moment you hear the first note of a Metallica song

  • I love this title track song and this whole new album "72 Seasons". The last three Metallica albums, "Death Magnetic", "Hardwired To Self Destruct" and "72 Seasons" have brought them back for me. I have always been a hardcore fan of everything from "Kill Em All" through the Black album, and saw Metallica live twice on the "And Justice For All Tour" and twice on the black album in 1991. I then really let go during the following era of "Load", "Reload", and "St.Anger". I still look back and there was a few ok songs in the nineties(it was a rough on metal bands. People were trying to find new directions to fit in with the alternative scene back then) but as a whole I let go on those albums. I just wasn't into that commercialized Metallica sound during that time in the nineties and focused on other bands. I never stopped listening to the old stuff. Then right after when "Death Magnetic" came out. I was so blown away and excited and loved it. With "Hardwired To Self Destruct" I loved it even more too and now this album, I totally love. I am happy Metallica is back to kicking serious ass.

  • Parabéns!!! Com esse álbum irão resgatar os fãs mais antigos. Álbum bem anos 90.

  • There's a special feeling I get when Metallica releases a new album. I don't get this feeling with any other band, it's hard to describe.

    • Of course, it's fucking METALLICA

    • I only look forward to Metallica, Opeth, and In Flames

    • I did get hyped for a bit but after trying the 3 singles I was kinda disappointed and all hype was gone

    • See, there are a lot of metal bands that we love, but they'll never be MetallicA, period !

    • @Henry Lozano Very similar taste!

  • I love this. Good metal needs to be heavy but still have a fire melody. Perfection

  • UNBELIEVABLE! Super tight and delivered with total conviction! Also, this is Robert's coming out party!

  • On my way home from work recently, heard this for the first time on the radio. Didn't even realize it was Metallica for a while. But due to the fact I was loving it, I'm a unbiased Metallica fan. I just can't escape them. Iconic!

  • caralho, mano Metallica é igual vinho cada vez melhor com o tempo, muito massa👏

  • If the rest of the album sounds this good it will be the first one I liked since the black album. This really sounds good and rocks out!

  • 40 years later and we get hit with an 8 minute song and the energy of a band just breaking in!!! UNREAL!!!!

    • Energy 40 years later lmao

    • 40 years later and Lars is still playing the same way

    • @Relixiv67 wouldn’t expect it any other way 😆

    • And Lars is still the drummer for the most powerful band in the world. No other drummer can lay claim to that. Great job Lars!!

    • @Johnny Cardwell amen to that

  • Деды отжигают!!! С 1984 вместе с Metallica!!! Мощнейший саунд... Ни с чем не спутать!!! Дали в рот всем!!!

    • даже отсылки слышны к старому звуку. это кайф

  • So happy to be here this many years later listening to these guys crank out new stuff. What a treat. Welcome to metal, those new to the game. This is what it's all about.

  • Всегда, всегда любил их. Мечтаю попасть на их концерт. Очень рад новому альбому. we're love you guys

    • В воскресенье они дают концерт в Гамбурге....я там буду 🤘😊

  • damn this album is straight fire! metallica still got it! 🔥🔥🔥

  • How lucky are we to be alive when this band exists? Still killing it after all these years.

    • Exactement ma reflexion 😎🥹

    • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    • How lucky are they that we're all alive at the same time to buy their record

  • you're guys are amazing! I'm going through the toughest time in my life and everything feels like soon as I put on 72 seasons I'm starting to feel like life has a lot to offer which gives me the strengh to carry on! Thank you for everything guys!

  • Pqp os caras são muito foda!! Tinha tempo que não assistia um videoclipe de 8 minutos com tanto gosto.

  • Its amazing to listen how papa’s Het vocals are changing through years and now it’s freaking awesome as always ❤

  • Metallica is THE Band of my teenage youth. Such joy they're still bringing it!! Great song & video. Gonna buy the cd & all the new merch I can get to support them.

  • Simply magnificent! Metallica is forever! 💙

  • Eu sempre vou apreciar um álbum novo do Metallica, esse está perfeito, tomara q tenha shows no Brasil❤, mas show fora de festival

  • Esse clipe ficou maneiro demais o Metallica sempre fez álbum bom com esses riffs de guitar rápido

    • Pra new metal e as coisas que eles tem gravado ultimamente não fugiram do padrão.

    • Com certeza

  • 32 years later... a really good album 🎸🎼🤟

    • What you're trying to say, that nothing after black album is good or what? ..Metallica's all albums are insanely good, everything except St.Anger..I just don't know what they were thinking when they were making it..

    • @carpe diem Well they didn't. They where surviving. Because of that lower tier album we can enjoy new albums now.

    • No, Death Magnetic is definitely a great album too!

    • ?

    • @carpe diem st anger has at least 5 good songs

  • I could listen to the melody from 6:04 to 6:30 on repeat forever.🤟🤘Keep rocking Metallica❤‍🔥

  • Another great album and no signs of slowing down!! I’m obsessed ! The more you learn it the better it gets!! Love it!!🎸😝🤘🤘😝🎸❤️

  • I'm 41 and been listening to them since I was 15. I can just hope to have 10% of their energy and badassery when I'm 60!

    • We will mate!!!

    • Dude I’m about to be 41 brother and I feel the same way. This is sick af!

    • preach my friend!

    • im 52 & been a Fan since i was 16 - 1987. im really Glad the last 2 Albums Hrad wired & this one are more Rocking then the 97 - 04 albums will be doing a Review for this when it comes out

    • Yeah I'm 47 & started playing guitar a year ago, of course all I play is Metallica songs. The first 8 months I'd wake up at night hands cramping up painfully. I'm finally almost in shape to play a fast song all the way through. It's given me a completely new perspective and respect for my music heroes...

  • Saw them live in Hamburg this weekend and my god...they just can't stop being awesome

  • Love this! Also, bonus points go to whoever mixed this - it's sounds HUGE!

  • My first 5 assessments of 72 could not have been more wrong. I CANNOT put this album away. I'm Burning a hole through the CD. What an incredible album. It is slowly but surely reaching masterpiece status. Different from Hardwired. I compared this album to Dave's latest. And granted, Dave's is far more aggressive......but........I can't listen to over and over. It's more like a once in a while album. 72 I can listen to again and again and again........ it's far more musical than Dave's

    • Couldnt agree more, something special about this one

  • i have never been disappointed by a Metallica song. and this album definitely wont change my mind!...still awesome as always!!

    • 🔥🤘🤘

    • serious???? st anger is better than this album

    • @Yavuz Opinions are opinions, man. They're living legends, and their music will outlive every one of us. 😌

    • @SevenfoldKidd bro if lars leave its a good band the best maybe, but lars makes everything worse. his only contribution to the band and us is that he wrote One.

    • @Yavuz They wouldn't be Metallica without Metallica. Things would change dramatically if even One of them leaves. If not for James, and Lars, one of the best acts in music history wouldn't have been formed. 🤘🤘

  • I hope this will be the opener at their concerts. The main riff is killer!

  • I don't know about all my companion Metallica fans in the World, but, for me, there is a deep sense of joy and contentment in my soul whenever Metallica release new music. This song Rocks! Thank You Metallica.

    • I'm right along with ya brother

    • Same man

    • Im definitely going to kiss a man with tongue because of this. Brotherhood is about deep love. Gay and black here.

    • I hear ya Jason Floyd! It puts a smile on my face for sure

    • Me too, friend, we're together in this long live Rock 👍👍🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🎸🎸🇧🇷

  • 42 years and still rocking

  • Absolutely EPIC ❤

    • Hello, how are you doing today? Nice meeting you here.

  • This will be a classic album in the future!

  • Simple,a masterpiece.Rock on.🤘🤘🤘

  • This album sounds wonderful and powerful, it reminds me the old school albums. Everyone will love 72 Seasons and I can't wait to see you again in Mexico city. Long live and prosper for Metallica!. 🤘😎

  • This album is epic, took me a few days but I am stoked how good this is! I can die in peace now

  • 8 minutes of pure Metal bliss. 🤘🤘🤘

  • Going back to long form, like the first four albums. The riffs punishing and memorable, the vox, guitars, bass, and drums sound fantastic, the arrangement tight and logical. You can't ever say "They are back"...they never left. Long Live Metallica!

  • Metallica and a Positive Mental Heath state of mind narrative across the entire album...72 Seasons is a masterpiece. As a mental health advocate and highly-functioning patient myself, I respect and appreciate the effort and thought put into 72 Seasons. Holy Sh*t, I finally get to see Metallica live in concert!!! (gonna post this on anything new here I smile at until '24 🤘 )

  • My lord ! the beginning of the song is sublime.

  • 40 yrs of Metallica...The universe has truly given us a gift.❤❤❤

  • 42 years. 168 seasons these guys have been tearing sh!t up. Amazing. Shout out to Jason Newsted. RIP Cliff Burton.

    • what about dave mustain?

    • @Hunter Gamblin He's doing just fine. What about poor Ron :(

    • @SerpentStar please

    • @SerpentStar poor ol ron mcgovney

  • Robert T…your bass sound doesn’t go unnoticed…that grinder behind the riff..hardcore Lemmy..double picking.. Outstanding 🤘🏽

  • To be a part of the generation that didn't get to see kill em all live at its birth, this right here soothes that lose. I'm more than grateful that I get to exist in a time when Metallica is still blessing us with music as kickass as this. These guys continue to inspire the absolute shit outta me. Thank you, James, Kirk, Sam, and Lars.

  • No se puede pedir más, esto es amor por el metal y por sus fans!! 🤟🏾Gracias infinitas from Venezuela

  • My god, what a bad ass song, production ❤

  • Still rocking hard, thank you for all your amazing work through the years!

  • By FAR the best song on this album so far... so happy it's the title track

  • Amazing album, can't stop listening to it!

  • Awesome jam guys. This reminds me of the old days of Metallica. Keep rocking guys. Love it. 😎👽♥️

  • Сильно!

  • Great sound, back to the roots. Just love it !

  • FANTASTIC♥️⚡🤘♥️🇧🇷

  • Whenever a new Metallica album is coming, there is a special vibe in the air. I don't know what it is, but I love it.

    • I agree

    • Fuck yeah there is

    • But the feeling on concert day, before show, vibe is amazing…. Like it the most, so much energy.

    • I know what you mean, the feeling of something important happening.

    • It’s because it happens so rarely that there’s plenty of years in between each album to get prepared.

  • I haven't sent Metallica a message on You Tube for ages...So I thought I had better send them one, so they know I still love them and am still very super proud of them, their hard work and their awesome achievements...Have a fabulous NEW DAY today Metallica...Love from Mel from Australia...✌️❤️😁

  • The twist at 04:46 and the following moments with that pacey riff caught me off guard! \m/

  • Welcome back boys! Been listening since my older sister left for college in the 80's and left me her cassette collection. You were my first and shall be the last. Good stuff!

  • All time fav songs by the band. Don’t care if people think only the early stuff is good. This is fire

  • Long life to our legends 🤘🏼

  • Definitely the best single out of the 4 released for the new record.

    • Something tells me this album will be 60% filler.

    • @RDB think so as well.. I miss Slayer 😮

    • ​@RDB most albums in general by Any artist is

    • @RDB Yeah. Metallica has many filler songs on their album. Mostly from DM to HTSD...Maybe this one is this worse.

    • Narr they were released in order.. Lux was the best, Suicide 2nd best, and so on.


  • Really like the guitar playing in this song keep on rocking metallica

  • Awesome work, mature, really one one of the best!!!!!

    • Hello, how are you doing today? Nice meeting you here.

  • Metallica are back with a BANGER! Great new album. 👌🏼

  • Long live the mighty METALLICA!!

  • This song is definitely one of the best on the album.

  • The fact that they're like 60 and I'm like 40 and they made this, makes me want to remember I'm still young dammit!!! MetallicA rules!! 🤘

    • It's kind of a trip. 60 is more like 40 now!

    • @Colin Sherritt I totally get what you're saying and I love that, but I turned 40 this past year and I feel exactly 40. I led a reckless youth and had tons of adventures (good and bad) and learned most things the hard way or thru experience. I wasted some of my youth, had a family for part of my 30s, and now at 40 I feel exactly 40. The one consistent factor..... MetallicA. 🤘

    • X2

  • Now this sounds like the Metallica to me , I used to know . We‘re all older now , but we still rock . Thanks for an outstanding album . ✌️

  • Excellent album, keep producing on this path ❤ Congrats and hope to see you soon live guys

  • Thank you Metallica for another great and timeless creation. Love ya ❤

  • Greetings from Russia.Guys, guys, about the "72 session" - Welcome to 1988! and 1983!!(it's impossible to choose the best album, but "justice" is the best of the first for me, I grew up with it) THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! The Symphony is here again!!!(every song is a masterpiece!!!). God grant you good health, boys!!!!!!! The Metallica family will never die!!! P S : special thanks to Lars and James for doing it back in 1982 (I can certainly be wrong))))) . HUGGED YOU TIGHT

  • Been a fan since Kill ‘em All… I was a kid back then. I turn 53 this year… their music still makes me step on the gas a little more every time. 🤘🏼

    • oh yeah

    • 🪨😛

    • Just don't do that in stop and go traffic jams

    • Same

    • Me too. I had tickets to Monsters of Rock at the Coloseum, Los Angeles 1988. But then I got drafted to the Dodgers. Fuck.

  • 72 Season albumwas amazing I've been jamming to this since it came out well done boys ❤❤❤❤


  • Metallica has kept it rolling even now more albums 😈

  • This is great! I'm feeling that taste of the early Metallica era, keep it up and never stop play metal music.

  • They sound great. The Gods of Metal are still going strong!!!