MIC'D UP || High school Football Edition

čas přidán 21. 08. 2019
Hey Guys, we are changing up this game days and making them a little more spicy for you guys. WEBS IS MIC'D UP!! Be sure to leave a like and subscribe:)
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  • Full Game Highlights HERE ↙️↙️↙️↙️ cs-tv.org/tv/video-A9LTj14gW7A.html

  • Anddddd why can’t they get a key leader to be mic’d up lol seems annoying to me😂

  • Why can’t young kids wear the uniform right???? Played for a 6A football team and won state. Not ONE guy on my squad pulled that shit. Trashy

  • Video fyeeee 🤟🏾 were you get the mic from ????

  • This my 1000002728990 time watching this but,do you have any offers?

  • Bruh wth what school uniforms is this these hoes clean😍

  • You staying let go 12

  • What mic is that

  • What #20 position????

  • Panthers up there

  • 3:02 man really did the minecraft death sound

  • Game starts at 6:10

  • 9:07 when he said “damn..” I felt that

  • This kid is ass he isn’t athletic he jogs when he’s on the field if u played real high school ball you know not to walk on field

    • Kevin Evans yeah that’s why that kid has 2 division one offers and has started as a freshman... but I’m ass LOL

  • 2ENI0R season this nigga class of ‘22

  • Webs is mad ashy

  • Imagine being mic d up

  • Bruh I swear I get like a safety vibe from u I feel like u could play safety

  • Honestly, I am curious. Do fb players always grunt like that? I am genuinely curious

  • 29 look like he blend in w his uniform 😂

  • I hated how teammates wore their pads like that. Shit is ineffective and dangerous lol

  • 8:20 good shit my nigga keep workin💪🐐🏈

  • “Western wildcats zero.... fuck” 😂

  • he said call me 12 cs i lock shit up 😂😂.

  • Beyond Reality aye bro wat kinda mic u using?

  • I thought this was gonna be a varsity game

  • If u say lets go one more time umma die

  • Who he think he is

  • 23-0😭 why post it

  • Can we get a let’s go count next video lmao

  • I wish lovelady had those pads

  • It's my first year of highschoolfootball and football in general and I feel like I'm lacking despite all the stuff I'm doing to get better any tips?

    • Keep working ❗️❗️🥶

    • @Jacory Beauvais wide receiver on offense and defensive I play defensive back

    • vanny gaming just keep working man ull get there wat position u play

  • This shit is trash asf

  • He said call me 12 cause i lock shit up😂

  • That fact that those jerseys are so clean, after the football game is a big reason that the team put no points on the board.

  • And they got shut out!!! I thought the way he talked he was good. But keep grinding kid

  • That game was so dead

  • I’m thinkin they was winnin

  • First 5 minutes of this was fucking pointless

  • Are you varsity or jv

  • Them uniforms go hard.🔥🔥🔥💯

  • "Call me 12 for now on cus I lock shit up" who else thought that line was hard

  • Call yu 12 bc yu a opp

  • trash ass team

  • He's gonna be 1st round draft to Minnesota Vikings

  • Where was the mic ? 😂

  • bro cali ball wayy better there is no crowd watching y’all like wthhh

    • These fools kappin 🤣🤣nigga it ain’t the state dawg it’s yo town straight up 💀I know 3a skools who pull more in the stands then some 5-6a skools it’s jus depending on how many people actually wanna watch u play. Especially if ur team actually good then people even not from yo skool go out to watch yo team play

    • Texas homie, a different breed of athletes!

    • Marcos Godinez *texas, that’s where it’s at

  • we lost our first game 44-14

  • did they win?

  • What mic did you use and how did you set it up??

  • 🤣 damn got baked

  • Webs done came a long way no cap

  • Just subscribed and your gonna blow up you just popped up in my recommended

  • Don’t let Syracuse hear you cussing it’s not a good look bro

  • Let’s go let’s go

  • This is so lit to see hs players mic'd up

  • 23-0

  • We want all the smoke

  • That’s smove 😭”call me 12 cuz I lock shit up”

  • This fire 🤘🏾