Migos - Bad and Boujee ft Lil Uzi Vert [Official Video]

čas přidán 31. 10. 2016
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  • This beat still knocks in 2019

  • BIGOS 😍

  • song is fire

  • Here before the bigggg 1 bilion

  • Rain drop Drop top I still can’t believe the Seahawks didn’t run the ball to get on top

  • 3:41 this where Snoop Dogg make vato video clip

  • We don’t smoke weed(!)

  • 1md soon wow


  • Rain drip, dip tip

  • thank god we got joyner

  • Des

  • Skr Skr good shit rap

  • the baddes ever

  • QuavO Not Coming Slow...

  • Travis got more screen time than Takeoff 💀💀

  • These guys are molesting Hip Hop and getting famous out of it... A big DICK in the pussy motherfuckers

  • Liryc?Translation🇧🇷?

  • BR🇧🇷

  • 1:46

  • A very powerful recommendation : Play this in 1.25 speed while wearing earphones😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • Paindi aa dhak champion!! Fer

  • Offset ft lil uzi vert

  • What is this song about?

  • Did anybody notice Takeoff in the background ?

  • Good gangsta rap song blud

  • I get that bitch from company I swear this nigga wanna come to me Cooking up in the park argh argh

  • OMG 😭😭

  • They are ducks 🐦

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  • 3:13 3:13 3:13 When the pussy so good , make you uh !

  • Rain drop Drop top Eating chipotle in my crocks

  • 🇲🇽🥀🍸🤓💉

  • ยังโอม มาเต๋อ ฟักเก้ออ

  • travis scott best part of the vid

  • 🔓100M 🔓200M 🔓300M 🔓400M 🔓500M 🔓600M 🔓700M 🔓800M 🔒900M 🔒1B

  • what is 'rain drop droptop' meaning?

  • You came for 3:46

  • Hi I love it 😍😍♥️

  • Abi senin şarkının ritmini falan çalmışlar haberin olsun

  • Ben Fero Jenga ya benzetip de geldim

  • Paralar üst üste jenga

  • Alguém em 1999?

  • Ok wow

  • Nobody: Absolutely Nobody: Lightening McQueen: 1:00

  • 2019?

  • Uzi went in

  • For the people that see this comment in 20 years

  • Rain drop. Drop top. My grades always drop Drop.

  • Rain Drop Drop Top I’m still waiting for Sponge Bob pop

  • Uzi's verse caused global warming.

  • Wtf happened to rap music these nigas lame as fuc blud on moms NO TALENT TRASH MUSIC. YAL WANT SUM REAL SHIT BUMP "WOODIE" "JACKA" "KILLA TAY"

  • after 3 year rn i realized that Travis Scott was is this shit. 4:33

  • You kill xxx!

  • lil uzi looks like pogba

  • 2019????

  • One day this will have 1 billion views. How sad.

  • it goes OFFSET (best) Quavo Takeoff

  • What were they thinking when they put uzi’s part like what is thaaaat

  • Why he lookin like a junkie in the beginning?

  • 👏👏👏👏🤘🤘🤘👍👍✌️✌️

  • In The 2019

  • We still rocking this song in June 2019

  • "uhsaeywaslefofbanboosi?" -Takeoff

  • 50%:2k19? 50%:Rain Drop Drop top

    • Is this in The soundtrack never heard it

  • seems like eminem not alike inspire from this song

  • Yeeaa boi

  • I'm 17, after 2 years of smoking, I decided to quit yesterday, and I m HAPPY , ESKETIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT

  • Rain drop Drop top I forgot my homework

  • Wow... Fvck haha

  • producer how much autotune migos yes (over used joke )

  • we dont smoke*

  • Love High Alliance! Reader forever!! Great mag great artist. Never seen this guy in an issue......

  • Who\'s that?

  • High Alliance Rocks. He is NOT in that magazine. I know I\'m a constant reader!!

  • When\'s the next issue??

  • I wanna be in there ...

  • super fire

  • Super fan of High Alliance! Love it breathe it. The BEST!

  • That guy is not in this magazine!

  • New reader here! And love it passionate content and empowered women.

  • I\'m so in!!!

  • ហាយ បង សាប់ មួយ 😂

  • Where is takeoff

  • but where is Take off

  • don't click 👇 μαλακά πυτανα 👇like

  • When You Proof Your Parents Were Wrong 0:15

  • This will be my ringtone forever and ever my best song of migos

  • 3:32 takeoff 😢, somebody give him some verses

  • Douuu

  • Like aki Gyóntatófülkétől jött XD

  • Nigas are best rappers so same me im niga

  • 2:21 is that huncho in a poncho?


  • Really talented people. I just wish they sang things more appropriate for children and the young. 🤔

  • 2k19?!

  • ummmmmm......no nevermind

  • They try and act gangsta but again they ain’t even the scary ones cartels are. And they ain’t showing off

  • Brain dead Eye drops Pain meds Cyclops Daybed iPod May-Back Maybach Trainwrecks Sidewalks Payless High-tops K-Fed Icebox

    • WillNotSay WillNotSay That’s how much we have in common, I don’t do Jordan’s and automours, i do explosions and Molotov’s y’all blowin smoke as if y’all ain’t watched I blow the smoke from the car exhaust

    • Em will always by a GOAT

    • SCRVT | That’s how much we have in common, That’s how much we have in common, up on this mic when we’re on it,

    • Oof

  • Raindrop droptop my mom hits me in the face with her fat cock