Miley Cyrus - Jaded (Backyard Sessions)

čas přidán 26. 03. 2023
Official Backyard Sessions Performance of “Jaded” by Miley Cyrus
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Miley Cyrus - Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions), now available on #DisneyPlus. Miley Cyrus takes the stage performing songs from her new album and reflecting on who she is today.
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  • A child star A country singer A rebellious teenager A controversial artist A pop star A hippie singer A reformed artist A rock star Now this, what a queen.

  • I can hear the pain in her voice… Miley sings with such conviction! She is one of the greatest of our generation!

  • all of her backyard performances are a masterpiece. Miley never disappoints, perfect!!!

    • @Miley Cyrus Fans Page PLEASE 😭

  • I hope this song gets nominated for a Grammy. It’s such a heartbreaking yes beautiful song

  • I absolutely love the camera shots, the look, and the hour it was filmed. Miley looks so beautiful, I can feel my soul dance as she sings.

    • 🌤️🎶😍

    • Your comment gives me goosebumps and I decided to honor you, how long have you been a fan of mine?❤

    • @Miley Cyrus Fans Page lol since a kid

  • If i had her voice i would never stop to singing, all her backyards sessions are a masterpiece. Miley never disappoints

    • You'd lose your voice if u never stopped singing

    • Taylor Swift is much better.

    • @tayliana♡ we ain't here to compare dear

    • Yes, Miley has the voice of an angle and a Rockstar like Chester Bennington ❤

    • Spilled

  • Miley has pulled me out of a-lot of depression with her heart and soul in her songs. God Bless !!!❤❤❤❤❤

  • This has to be my favorite song from Miley, this rendition made me tear up. So much raw emotion!

  • Her voice is so amazing! It's highly recognizable out of thousands... ❤

    • Your comment gives me goosebumps and I decided to honor you, how long have you been a fan of mine?❤

  • This rendition of "Jaded" clearly showcases Miley Cyrus' impressive vocal range and technical ability, making the song a compelling listen. Her powerful vocals combined with the stripped-back instrumental accompaniment create a haunting atmosphere, making it a strong contender for one of her best performances to date.

  • This is the Miley Cyrus I fell in love with back in high school when she sang, it's the climb. You go girl! You are a rock star❤️

  • I can’t ignore this woman’s talent and beauty. She’s gone through her wild phases but has risen to the moment throughout her career. She’s a powerhouse of a artist. Put some respect on her name.

    • Agreed she is a true masterpiece

    • she really is, all that

    • Got that rite!!! 👏👏👏💯


  • Fantastic voice , the performance is great , my favorite voice of all time ......👌👍 Good luck conquering the world with your voice ! ! And Miley : There is always room for a stage in my backyard ......😉😊❤

  • Honestly I could listen to this great song and Flowers constantly and never get bored they will never get old to me.

  • Безумно шикарное исполнение живьём, Молодец

  • I never took real notice of Miley Cyrus's voice until I heard her sing "The Climb" on the Tonight Show a while back. This release has got me extremely impressed. I believe as she ages, her vocals get stronger and her range might even be expanding. From the light falsetto to the raspy lower tones she belts out are mighty impressive. This girl has got some real talent and yes that glance back over the top of her shades is pretty damn nice too. Great job Miley...

  • I can't believe this new generation is forcing us to call pure talent underrated because she's iconic in everything

  • The voice, The guitar, The background singer, The outfit, The house, The Legs, The emotion. Perfection!

    • Definitely the Legs 😅

    • yess!! this girl is amazing 🔥

    • Maybe not the outfit.

    • Insulating tape on the microphone. Unforgivable of production

    • its the legs for me

  • Miley has come into her prime!! I never paid attention in her early years, but now I absolutely love her voice and this song is beautiful!!!❤❤ ❤❤

  • She’s been my favorite female vocalist for so many years! Her voice gives off so much soul, I could listen to her on repeat all day! On a side note, I need that dress. 😂

  • Probably one of the greatest artists around now , absolutely amazing

  • When a live performance takes more views than the audio, you are doing something good. Thats Miley ❤️

  • I'm a Grandma with age on me but WOW she is so 🔥🔥🔥 and her voice as always stunning!!!

  • I feel like this woman doesn't get the attention she deserved, she's one of the best voice in the game.

    • Hell yes!!

    • She's one of the biggest global superstars on the planet. No worries. She's gets the respect she is due.

    • Miley = Star..

    • lol what

    • she really doesn't get enough attention for.her voice and amazing talent

  • I love this song. Everything about it is perfect. Her background singers are as phenomenal as she is imo.

  • Absolutely gorgeous. She has really come far with her professional career. So proud. Great artist. The new lyrics and sound wow.

  • Never been in a relationship but the lyrics and the power in her voice. Goshhh it hitss me and lifts me up.

  • She has it all; a voice ❤, a body that won’t quit and the attitude and confidence that englobes the whole gorgeous package; God Bless😊

  • I love her. I love her artistry. Her voice. ❤🔥 I love her back then, even more now.

  • Não há nome melhor para descrevê-la do que rainha. Eu simplesmente a amo de todo meu coração, fez parte da minha infância,adolescência e agora minha fase adulta,sigo a admirando na mesma intensidade e vibe❤❤.

  • The depth of emotion in her voice is unmistakable... Miley's powerful vocals resonate with such raw authenticity! She possesses an unwavering commitment to her craft and stands as a true icon of our time, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. When Miley sings, you can feel every ounce of pain, every triumph, and every vulnerability conveyed through her voice. Her ability to connect with listeners on such a profound level is a testament to her artistry and skill. With each note, she pours her heart and soul into her music, leaving us captivated and moved. Miley's conviction shines through in every performance, leaving no doubt about her exceptional talent. Her voice possesses a rare combination of power, control, and vulnerability, allowing her to effortlessly navigate through a wide range of emotions. She has the ability to captivate and command attention, holding audiences in the palm of her hand. Her impact extends beyond her vocal abilities. Miley's fearless approach to pushing boundaries and reinventing herself has solidified her status as one of the greatest artists of our generation. She fearlessly embraces change, exploring different genres and styles, while remaining true to her authentic self. In addition to her musical prowess, Miley's philanthropic endeavors and advocacy for important causes have further cemented her legacy. Her dedication to using her platform for positive change has inspired millions and showcases her commitment to making a difference in the world. Miley's talent, conviction, and relentless pursuit of excellence have rightfully earned her a place among the greatest artists of our time. Her music speaks to the depths of our souls and transcends generations, leaving an enduring impact on all who have the privilege of experiencing her artistry. As we bear witness to her extraordinary journey, we can only anticipate the greatness that lies ahead. Miley's unwavering passion and dedication continue to push the boundaries of music, inspiring and influencing countless artists and fans alike. She is a true luminary, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of our musical landscape.

    • when miley sings i want to cry

  • She is a icon. Never disappointed with her music. ❤

  • a miley está numa fase maravilhosa. essas novas canções são perfeitas

  • Oh Miley, your last two albums make me ready for another.. Such pure talent coming from such a beautiful artist and person!

  • She literally looks like she’s living her best life, and that dress??Gorgeous. You go girl!

    • she is living her best life!

    • Ya basic.

    • I love her dress❤

    • that dress is 🔥❤️‍🔥🔥❤️‍🔥🔥

    • I am 63 and now want to get my 20's body back! Miley in this dress may have just convinced me to do so! Anything is possible? Her vocals are totally mesmerizing, and I love her attitude! ❤

  • This should have been released before Flowers, this is gonna be the #1 song of the summer!

  • Isn’t it a shame that it ended like that? Miley always have the best way to turn a breakup into a full piece of art 🖼️

  • I've always adored her. She stands up straight to her world again and again. Hasn't been easy I'm sure.

  • Her live voice is easily in the TOP 10 right now. Insane

  • My favorite are her backyard sessions ❤her band is just so awesome!

  • I keep forgetting how powerful and insane her vocals are. Always a blast to hear her singing live. especially this song, my favorite off the album

    • Your comment gives me goosebumps and I decided to honor you, how long have you been a fan of mine?❤

    • This song os One of the best of her ever

    • Она обалденная❤ Слушаю на повторе месяц без остановки, не надоедает! Именно это выступление вживую

  • Actually my favorite song of hers, voice is raw and amazing and the jam that goes with… ❤

  • Heard this song a few days ago and keep it on repeat. Lots of memories in those chords. Especially driving the streets of my city.

  • love these backyard sessions on these last few album cycles, Miley ❤

  • Truly just incredible. She’s so gorgeous and so talented. A legend

  • So much talent.....she is a power house......voice just gets better and better. Love her.

  • Let the new Miley Cyrus era begin, she never disappoints us. She knows how to reivent herself every time. Her vocals and performance are always amazing

  • Loved it to the core. She is a brilliant singer.

  • Great song with video performance and presentation that portray incredible elegance, musical maturity, confidence, and above all emergence of Miley Cyrus as undisputed diva.

  • She’s the best vocalist of her generation.

  • It's one of Miley's best ballads without a doubt and one of the best I've ever heard and it can become a great hit in a loop with this work of art and I hope it comes out now as ESV's third single! 💘💘

  • Any time she sings I’m on the verge of tears but yet nothing happens. She is a whole masterpiece

  • miley's voice is one of the most powerful of her generation. what a song. what an artist. still can't believe Plastic Hearts wasn't nominated for AOTY, hope she does a rock album again soon!

  • I love everything about this song and Miley looks amazing. Probably her best! ❤

  • her vocals are just...amazing....this is her sound.

  • Me encanta 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❤❤❤❤

  • The emotion in this song give me chills .

  • Miley is one of few modern artists ( like Gaga is another one ) who actually sounds better live than on the recording. She sounds amazing here 👏🏽

    • It's true 🙂

    • You can tell she's put a lot of time (and money) into vocal lessons. She's naturally talented of course, but natural talent doesn't provide the mastery over vocal chords that she has, that takes some serious hard work and dedication. Very inspiring!

    • @chillcheese oh for sure. I mean if you are going to stick with something and actually care about the quality of your work like this, then you would definitely invest in it. And clearly she has and it’s paid off.

    • You think they took the audio from this "live" performance and used it as the audio track for the video?

    • Lip synched dude. Not live.

  • Only getting better and better because you're always at your best in time Miley. Not many people can do that!!!!

  • I love her backyard sessions she has such a great voice and so beautiful

  • She sounds just like the album which i think is so smart. A lot of artists use too much of the studio fixes to produce songs and then they can’t even sing them live properly. Amazing talent Miley 😍😌

  • Just gets better and better - writing, vocals, styling, confidence... Good job gurl.

  • Voice, attitude, body ... Miley is a phenomenal artist!

  • I love her all music. But her new stuff is soo good. The older she gets the nicer is the music.. She never dissapoints

    • She's more down to earth... not all that crazy stuff.

    • *Love Miley Cyrus?!.... Check out SOLAR KAMA SUTRA - her favorite underground band!*

  • A breath of fresh AIR! can't wait for more.

  • Miley singing gives me shivers but I wanna say, the guitar is perfect, too.

  • jaded is going to be miley's next smash hit. This song is pure perfection🤍

  • The whole album is perfect, but I swear to God, this song carries the whole album

  • The live performance is amazing!

  • I love this song because Miley shows off so much of her range, and that raspy tone that comes and goes is beautiful. Miley never stop these backyard sessions because shows what a diamond you are! ❤❤❤

  • Piękny głos 🎉❤❤❤❤

  • Love her ❤ sing it girl I love how her music is so real . You feel it.

  • LOVE her! She’s turned out to be the most amazing artist from a child star. I love her music. Ever since Wrecking Ball was released, I’ve been hooked! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Is this live? If it is, she nailed it!!!!

  • Essa música é como ela liiiinda, à acompanho a tempos, se transformou em uma linda MULHER, que voz gostosa de se ouvir. Parabéns

  • Miley is giving off this new aura that I can’t resist! She seems very much at peace. My vibe for the summer. ❤

  • There's vocally no difference between the studio version and her performing live. The fact that Miley Cyrus isn't a multiple Grammy award winning artist is the greatest tragedy of our lifetime (musically, of course). Love you Miley💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  • Loved her voice ever since I’m young and still young at 40 listening to her songs and voice

  • I have to admit that I never listened to Miley songs but since Flowers I feel in love ❤ with her music what an awesome voice ❤❤❤❤❤ you go MC

  • pqp a Miley é tudo o que eu queria ser nessa vida, que mulher

  • I'm beyond impressed and blown away by how such a powerful transformation age can do. I remember buying CD's for my daughter growing up now I am buying this one for myself! Some young singers fade away but Miley has definitely proven otherwise and then some! 👏

  • Does anyone else find it absolutely adorable when Miley looks over the top of her sunglasses?

  • The day this video was released was the day my daughter was born. I’ll never forget it. Now we sing to it! This song and “Clover Cage - Learning To Love Myself” are the two songs that helped get rid of my depression. I just want to send love to everyone and I want everyone to know things will get better. We are in this together..I love you

  • Love this song! Miley your voice is stunning. When going through a painful process, some of the most beautiful music is created. Thank you for sharing yours. 🙏♥️

  • Love the song 🎵 Love the lyrics “Jaded”. Love the dress & heels. Lookin great as ever 💋

  • This is my favorite from whole album. This song got some kinda vibes from the climb in the feeling of this song.

  • Essa canção me leva para tão distante. 😌 🎶 Obrigado, rainha Miley. 👏🏻🤩

  • Hands down the best song on the album , it’s been on repeat mama ❤️💯

  • Her VOICE is amazing. Love her evolution.

  • So damn good. You probably wouldn't do it, but a cover of Aerosmith's jaded would probably be so beautiful performed by you, Miley.

  • Anybody going through heartbreak hold your head . And focus on yourself heal and grow Miley you sound amazing

  • This song has been on repeat all day, and I’m not even going through it but love it

  • miley sempre fodona. tem gente dizendo que os anos 'rebeldes' se foram, mas ela segue sendo selvagem, fiel a si mesma o tempo inteiro e é por isso que ela é o que é! super autêntica, porque sabe que agradar os outros não tem valor nenhum diante de agradar a si mesma, desde hanna montanna adoro o trabalho dela, ela é ser humano igual a gente. a diferença é q a bonita ai tem coragem de mostrar o quão humana ela é, enquanto os críticos fingem e se enganam achando que são donos da régua do que é bom e ruim.

    • Your comment gives me goosebumps and I decided to honor you, how long have you been a fan of mine?❤

  • La voz de Miley es de otro mundo

  • Can we give her background singers & musicians some credit? She picks those who compliment her songs & voice so well.

  • Never disappoints. 🖤

  • Melhor álbum,voz incrível, Letras melhores aínda.

  • Her voice is so soothing.

  • She is a thunder of creativity. ❤🎉Her voice comes of a deepest soul.