Miley Cyrus - Used To Be Young (Official Video)

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Official Video for "Used To Be Young" by Miley Cyrus
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Directed by Jacob Bixenman and Brendan Walter
Producer: Daniel Lachman
Executive Producers: Jennifer Heath, Bryan Younce
Director of Photography: Marcell Rév
1st AC: Norris Fox
2nd AC: Amanda Morgan
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Gaffer: Jeff Webster
Best Boy Electric: Kevin Perry
Lighting Programmer: Derek Hoffman
Set Lighting Technicians: Joey Alan Waring, Fernando Morales Jr., Christopher Lamb, Michael Schmidt, Peter Madrid, Dave Hagadorn, Eddie Tucker, Tony Nall
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Grip Driver: Richard Jeremias
Production Designer: Kurt Gefke
Leadman: Sean Buckley
Set Dresser: Kyle Cameron
Art Assistant: Dylan Robie
VTR: Adrien Morales
Playback: Robert Buckholz
Teleprompter Operator: Tony Finetti
Movement Director: Stephen Galloway
Stylist: Bradley Kenneth
Hair: Bob Recine
Makeup: James Kaliardos
Production Coordinator: Audrey Huey
1st AD: Michael Estrella
2nd AD: Eric De Los Prados
AD PA: Erika Espinoza
Medic: Richard Fung
Covid Compliance Officer: Korey Provencher
Craft Service: Sabino Salas Miranda
Production Assistants: Sylvia San Jose, Andres Villanueva, Tony Gutierrez, Kevin Jacaman, Cameron Humble
Stand-in: Rachel Mysior
Editor: Brendan Walter
Colorist: Tom Poole, Company3
Company3 Producer: Shannen Troup
Commissioner: Bryan Younce
Production Company: RadicalMedia
The truth is bulletproof
There’s no fooling you
I don't dress the same
Me and who you say
I was yesterday
Have gone our separate ways
Left my living fast
Somewhere in the past
Cause that's for chasing cars
Turns out open bars
Lead to broken hearts
And going way too far
I know I used to be crazy
I know I used to be fun
You say I used to be wild
I say I used to be young
You tell me time has done changed me
That's fine, I’ve had a good run
I know I used to be crazy
That’s cause I used to be young
Take one, pour it out
It’s not worth crying about
The things you can't erase
Like tattoos and regrets
Words I never meant
And ones that got away
Left my living fast
Somewhere in the past
And took another road
Turns out crowded rooms
Empty out as soon
There’s somewhere else to go ohhhhh
I know I used to be crazy
I know I used to be fun
You say I used to be wild
I say I used to be young
You tell me time has done changed me
That's fine, I’ve had a good run
I know I used to be crazy
That’s cause I used to be young
I know I used to be crazy
Messed up but god was it fun
I know I used to be wild
That’s cause I used to be young
Those wasted nights are not wasted
I remember every one
I know I used to be crazy
That's cause I used to be young
You tell me time has done changed me
That's fine I’ve had a good run
I know I used to be crazy
That’s cause I used to be young
#MileyCyrus #UsedToBeYoung #UTBY

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  • Miley is like nobody else. A true legend

    • Ikr i love u johnnieee

    • I mean I would t go that far 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • She's just the Greatest Rockstar ever and she's so Adorable ❤

    • ✨️✨️✨️

    • @JohnnieGuilbert Nah You dont get to be a Legend that Fast it takes Like 41 Years to become a True Legend. Like Michael Jackson or Freddy Mercury. or Whitney Houston.

  • I can still remember when Miley broke the internet. I hope She does it again this year!

    • She already did!!

    • TRUST ME......SHE WILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!......MUCH LUV REZI.....

    • She already did it with Flowers the biggest, best selling and streamed hit of 2023

    • Not a Miley fan, but the lyrics to this song can mean a lot to a whole bunch of people! It’s well written, and strikes a chord, for sure! Good song!

  • I don’t think people realize how deep this song is. The growth she shows as a person and as a artist is amazing. When you’re young you don’t realize how your behavior, actions, and decisions effect you but also how it can effect others. In that process of the ones unawareness its detrimental to your spirit, mental health, physical health, and faith. When you grow you have to sacrifice, and become obedient. Sometimes you have to fight demons, learn to let go, heal, and have self control over yourself and emotions. It’s a tough process but required for the good of all and for you to be blessed with something good on a good foundation. It’s the toughest walk to take as a person when you grow to your full potential and the best version of yourself. Congratulations to Miley! She deserves it and I’m proud of her!

  • as a young adult who struggled with alcoholism this song is heart wrenching. all of my friends left when I stopped drinking, I wasn’t fun anymore. I’m happier and healthier than I’ve ever been. As a kid who grew up listening to miley this is just another song she has that I love! absolutely incredible.

    • What cd is this on , it says endless summer vacation track 4 but it's not I looked I love this song

  • I'm so proud of Miley. She got nominated for 6 Grammys. She deserves all the recognition ❤

  • You can tell this means a lot to her. So much emotion in the performance.

    • it's called choreography

    • A beautiful choreography. I wonder how many retakes and computer AI were involved in creating this video? I don't know, but I love the result.

    • I especially appreciate the various ways she emotes "I say used to be young"... it obviously wasn't looped/recycled liked almost everything in modern media.

    • ​ @H2Obsession I saw somewhere she had her mom on facetime or something like that during this, it looks like one take to me so take that as you will

    • ⁠@@RanisAthrysit’s called emotion lol. Miley even interviewed about this. She was watching her mom on LIVE. Raw emotion. That’s why sometimes the lip syncing isn’t exactly syncing. Caught real authentic moment. Sweet, imperfect, authentic moment 🥰

  • Forever grateful to grow up with Miley Cyrus 😭🙏

    • Omg hi! Love your videos ❤

    • Glad to have found her at age 63

    • Omg hiiii

    • ​@@Araunah777it's never too late ❤❤❤❤

    • ​@@Araunah777glad you found her she's so good 🥰🥰

  • I love how she is reflecting on her life and how she talks about the consequences of the wild life. Every young person should hear this song

    • Yup I heard this on the radio and had to look up who sang this. She’s been through industry hell and wants to grow up and mature. No matter if you’re a rockstar the party ends at some point 😌

    • Most people have regrets about their choices made in their youth. You live and learn

  • Miley Cyrus' 'Used To Be Young' is a soulful, emotional anthem. The depth of her lyrics and the rawness of her performance in the official video are just captivating. A true artist at work! 🌟🎵


  • Miley is amazing and has come so far! She has experienced so much in life and that's called living. Not wild! Miley keep being you and don't change for anyone but you❤

  • Nádherně zpívá, výborná zpěvačka, nejlepší z USA.

  • I am not a pop fan, but this song is one of the best ones of the century. And this videoclip is great to the duality of everything, the sparkling top covering the mickey shirt, the basic makeup with the sparkling eyes, the tone of the beginning of the music with the end, and the message of everything. She was part of my life since I was a young teenager and now with almost 30 this song touch me a lot.

  • What a beautiful song! Love it. :) The Evolution of Miley has blown us all away!


    • Hello

    • Of course, Mikey and Miley rhymes. ☺️Love you two.

    • Same

    • Miley inspires me.. My parents said if i get 50K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging...

  • I’m so happy I’ve grown up with her. She is unbelievably talented. I love her growth. She deserves so much more than she’s given

  • Miley you are such a gift to us. Your life, your talent. Proud to have grown up with you ❤️

  • Love this song so much! Miley has amazing range and control of her voice.

  • Her attire was from youth to adult. I love how she kept the video simple. When she walked on stage, it was like an audition💗😘

    • This is a very unique song

    • And the lights make her look young and older

    • Yes, she managed to do/spend as little as possible to capitalize on whats left of her fan base. Spin it any way u like. The song is good, per radio, outside that this is garbage.

  • To me, the flashing lights symbolize passing days and passing time and honestly that's such beautiful imagery. This song hits deep

  • This song is so emotional for smilers like me who have seen her go through it all. The Hannah Days, the infamous photoshoot, the Cant be tamed MV, the Departure from Disney, the VMAs performance, the Bangerz Era, the dead pets era, the change in her music, the heartbreaks she went through and then 2023 when she took her crown back. Miley Cyrus, you are a legend who has inspired millions (including me, a kid from India who grew up watching you, started an online disney fan club & then became a youtube creator because of it). We love you to the moon & back❤ Sweet Niblets this got longer than i expected😂

    • that’s all that was running through my mind when hearing this and seeing her emotion… everything the media did to try and destroy her.. she’s been through so much. i love her and always will. she is talented beyond measure.

    • Ariana what are you doing here😅

    • Indian smilers give your attendance here!!! 🖐🖐

    • Miley inspires me.. My parents said if i get 50K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging..

    • So sweet ❤

  • This song with the visuals of her crying and smiling gave me intense chills. As I’m getting older I love this song!

  • I love this song for the fact that I am almost 50 and also lived a very fun wild life in my 20s! So I really relate to this song and she is so lyrically gifted! I’ve loved her since my daughter watched her on Hannah Montana and will continue to… Can’t wait to see what she brings! Whatever it is, it’s always fire🔥🎶🎤

  • As someone who looks back on the things I use to do and wonder why I did all i did this song resonates so much. Makes me feel understood and it’s okay to go through hard times because there will always be twist and turns in life and you just gotta learn through all of it. Miley I loved you in my childhood with your blonde wig and in my teen years when everyone was yelling at you for expressing yourself which for the life of me I didn’t understand. You have and always will be such a beautiful woman heart and soul.

    • The older I get the better those times were

  • I used to be young and had my share of crazy fun. God bless you Miley! You sing with so much passion and emotion.

  • The more you will hear the song, the more you will fall for it, this song deserves all the love and appreciation!💖💖💖

    • It made me cry for her. She's singing it directly to him and its heartbreaking.

    • Most will relate

    • @@rachaelchilds8482 She's not exactly singing directly to "him." She's singing directly to herself and coming to terms with her past and appreciating her younger/past self even more. That's what this song is truly about and a lot of people including myself can relate. It ain't about no man. ☺💞

  • proud of you miley 🫶

  • Imo, her best song to date, and a timeless song that'll stay relevant for many years too come.

  • My best friend loved your music. She died back in 2020 at the ripe age of 23. This song hits a lot harder than it should. I miss you kelc.

    • Sorry for your loss. I know it's hard. Lost friends that were too young to die more than once. Miley is a great salve.

    • ♥♥♥

    • @alexismelvin6125 sry for ur loss, she’s smiling in Heaven right now 😊

    • Sorry about your lost Alexis

    • Im sorry 4 ur loss

  • Thanks, Miley! This is perfect! I am probably your parents age. I was a wild child in my teens. I am fun but not wild now, but some people still keep me in that box. This song is exactly what I want to say to them.

  • Wow, I felt the emotions when I heard the song. However, today is my first time seeing the video with it. The pure, raw emotion this song has just hit me in my soul. We were all young once, and thankfully we are still here to tell about it. ❤❤

  • I often listen to it when I'm driving in the car and sing at the top of my voice It gets better every time ☺ Thank you for that 🥰

  • A music video that breathes life into a song and paints a new realm before your eyes, akin to an enchanting journey through a world of colors and energies.

    • Weird that you copy and planted this under both MVs

    • @@kyleemeg2171 hahahah I noticed that too and DIED

    • that's deep

    • I use to not like her music. I’m just not a fan of her voice (I don’t like country music) with that said, I like this song. It’s the words. It’s mature and real.

    • @@Kiss_lynda her music is not country it used to be country pop in her early Hannah Montana days but it’s been pop music

  • Dang, this song has all the feels. . A great addition to a NYE playlist for us folk who have settled our wild sides, and I suggest Flowers as a pick me up chaser after this jem. Thank you Miley for your beautiful gifts of music!!

  • From someone who isn't a Miley fan, this song for once, shows real soul and emotions. I love it.

  • This song is absolutely beautiful ❤

  • Absolutely love this song ❤

  • Cara, eu só queria dar um abraço nela e agradecer por essa música, tão simples e tão especial, ela sempre arrasa!


    • Yooooooooooooooooooooolkkkk❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • Vi tú mismo comentario en el vídeo de Selena y Ariana jajajaj

    • ❤❤❤❤❤

    • Somos

    • God bless from Melbourne Australia 🙏 🌏 💙

  • I love the song and how she sings with eyes in tears, I feel those tears are real! Lovely lady ❤ She is a Diva

  • Man, I’ve loved Miley since I was 9 when Hannah Montana first came out. I’m 26 now and remember when she cut her hair and didn’t understood why she got so much hate for expressing herself. I always rooted for her and her music always spoke to my soul like many of us. In my early 20s I did a lot of wild, crazy, messed up things and this song really sums up what I feel right now that I’m older. We don’t have to feel shame for what we did when we were young, having fun but didn’t know any better and that’s okay! We’re older and wiser now and that is beautiful ❤ thank you Miley

  • Love this song.... so true, the things we did when we were young. 😊

  • I was just listening to "We can't stop" and "Wrecking ball". And now I find this one "A True Masterpiece". She never disappoints 😊

  • This song is amazing, we saw her evolution, now she bloomed into this new phase of her life, more beautiful than ever. Her past made her stronger

  • All of us who grew up with Miley can relate to this song. We are all figuring out life together, in totally different paths.

    • Miley inspires me.. My parents said if i get 60K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging..

    • Exactly I used to be really wild and rocking it everywhere now learning about religion and became really calm and serious

    • Thanks for this :)

    • So true ..

    • She grew up in a mansion surrounded by guards. U have nothing in common with her.

  • 🥺❤️Consegui sentir toda a emoção e intensidade dessa musica e todos os sentidos que ela quis mostrar. Linda canção e mais lindo ainda a mensagem.🥰

  • I love Miley....she's a real trooper.... great voice

  • Miley sings so awesomely, her songs are beautiful and each one so different from the last. What an incredible talent! Thankyou Miley for adding to my life each time

  • Amazingly deep and touching.resonates on another level. I appreciate this song so much

  • I remember being this young. It was wild and crazy, and sometimes tragic. ‘Those wasted nights were not wasted. I remember every one’ is so true for me. In my seventies, I find myself wishing I was young again. What a beautiful song. It speaks my heart. Thank you Miley.

  • It feels like this song is the downhill of the climb! Used to love that song but now I'm relating more to used to be young 😢😢

    • I thought the same!!! Has the climb vibe 🥹🩷

    • Same thought.

    • That's exactly what I was thinking. The climb

    • very accurate observation it’s a bit sad tbh didnt really “keep the faith” but we all can relate to our past more hopeful selves

    • Miley inspires me.. My parents said if i get 50K followers They'd buy me a professional camera for recording..begging u guys , literally Begging...

  • She looked us in our eyes and sang to us yall ! 👏🏻👏🏻 love Miley ❣️❣️

  • El sentimiento que transmite esta canción es tan grande 😢

  • I love the song and personal journey for Miley! Song hits home probably for many of us.

  • 5+ years ago when one of your songs came on the radio I used to change the channel. But now when I hear a song of yours I turn the volume up 😊

  • Que voz maravilhosa!

  • It feels like such a privilege to be able to grow up with Miley as a kid and see her go through different stages of life while I am simultaneously. She has truly blossomed into such an amazing artist who just gets better and better. So glad to be listening to her in my adult years as well 🤍

  • I love how her expression changes throughout the video. She from sad, to resigned/accepting, and finally to happy. It's a great, but subtle, transformation.

  • I love Miley. This song is so personal for her. Brings me to tears every time I hear it.

  • this song made me start ballin my eyes out driving to work at 6 am haha! i realized Miley was with me throughout my childhood, teen & now adult life .. we dont know eachother but we grew up together. both faced hard times & happy times .. this song pulled some strings

  • I must admit I wasnt big fan of Miley music in her "young" years but recently it really is impressive how much her music matured, her voice became more rock alike. I enjoy listening to her now a lot and hope she will continue to grow in this direction.

  • I adore the behind the senses, I feel like we can relate more to her emotions and writing when you view it, miles I love you. Forever I had you in my life and your impact and healing has helped so much! ❤

    • Do you mean scenes? You wrote senses.

  • She wasn’t just young - she was young in the spotlight. She learned and healed and this song shows that progress 💗 loved her then and now!

    • 😭😭😭😭

    • Yes even when she was "crazy and wild" I loved and love her I always felt she was always harshly criticized, but I love how she just used it to fuel her music. Loved her when I first watched her on HM and will still support her ❤.

    • She’s learned to deal with all the crazy! She’s a very talented young woman! God bless her soul!

    • Yes

    • Yes!! Love this comment and this song! 🙌🏾👏🏾

  • Miley you killed it with this and Flowers 👍🏾

  • Love this song❤

  • this song makes me cry almost every time. well done Miley

  • I think Miley is absolutely outstanding. Her voice is truly amazing and she is so full of passion. Agree with her "just being Miley" or not, she is tops in my book!

  • Love this song, helps me forgive my younger self when i didn't know better! Thank you Miley ❤❤❤❤

  • I'm so proud for Miley for writing songs that come from the heart and not what other people want you to write

    • she doesn't write her songs.

    • @@MaverickDMD I was wondering about that. I watched a CS-tv series with her talking about her career, and she talks like she wrote all of her biggest songs. But like, the ones she mentioned don’t credit her as a writer.

    • @@MaverickDMD she is listed as a writer on quite a lot of them. this one, flowers and prisoner being the best known of late.

    • This is why Mylie is unique

  • Love it!!! 👏 👏🕊️

  • Miley, you are just getting better and better. Great song.

  • I love you so so much Miley ❤ I wouldn’t have had a childhood without you

  • AMAZING. One of my favorites of ALL of your songs . Vocals are insane. Raw but beautiful. Incredibly moving. Amazing job ❤❤❤❤❤

  • That is a beautiful song. It really hits home for me. Thank you.

  • I am 64 years old and I got so emotional watching this. Thinking back to my wild days and the fun I had in my 20's. Now I am nursing my bad back and basically watching myself grow old. I wouldn't change anything and even this stage of my life is okay even though things are different. Thank you Miley for writing a beautiful song that even a 64 year old can relate to.

    • ❤❤❤❤💙💙💙💙🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

    • Yes!!! I'm 44 and this video makes me so emotional, too 😢

    • ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    • ❤❤❤😢

    • 61 here(in germany) and YES!!!best wishes!

  • Miley song is made her way. Nobody can replace her. That's y I'm lop with her music. Her music is TIMELESS FOREVER. 💓

  • Always been a fan. It's like we grew up together. This song is so amazing ❤

  • A voice this amazing only comes along once in a generation. We are fortunate to have her, unlike many others who left us too early. Amy Winehouse, rest in peace angel.

  • I love this song. I was a wild child too and miss those days.

  • Miley Cyrus is One of the Best Artist I have ever Listened to.. her tracks Inspire me to be Like her... ❤❤❤

  • I grew up with Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana and through her wild era, and now seeing her find herself has been so beautiful! I don’t think people realize the emotional and mental strength it must have taken to overcome the extreme public hatred towards her! She is finally getting the recognition she deserves ❤

    • 🥺🙌💕

    • Have u got the DS game then

    • Exactly. Growing up a star in Hollywood and the fickle music world is never easy. She had an identity crisis and broke free from her Disney beginning but went a bit too wild. Now she’s matured out and knows who she is more. I also think Dolly Parton has been a good mother figure to her and helped straighten her out. This video touched me. ❤️

    • Factssss I grew up with Mikey Cyrus too I love her since I was I think ten when Hannah Montana came out in 2009

  • I don't follow Miley Cyrus but you know how there are songs that feel like the singer has tore out a piece of their heart and then presented it to you. This song feels like that. I just feel so much when I hear it.

  • One of her best songs. Hits right in the feels.

  • Yo no tuve una vida loca de joven, pero me encanta la canción, se me hace nostálgica y con mucho sentimiento. En una palabra "Divina"

    • Thank you for always being my fan

  • The best vocals and songwriter in the universe. Miley Cyrus is a legend. A true queen. ❤

  • Beautiful song, brilliant video. Well done. Great lyrics and melody. Special.

  • I am 46 year old woman and I have never seen an artist who is so authentically able to resonate emotions so well with an audience that ranges from teenagers to people my age and older.

    • ❤❤❤❤

    • I've got ten years on you, and I feel it too. How lucky we are to age when I bet you too can name people who did not get past "young." May they RIP.

    • She's kinda like a modern day Joni Mitchell, but with her own style of course. Love her. I'm 69 years old...she connects with seniors too.

    • I am 46 too and I agree!

    • I'm 68 totally agree with you...

  • Listen to this when you're 70, 80, or 90, it strikes a chord.❤

  • To grow up and cease to be young is sometimes a heavy burden. I hope life brings you much lightness, with many achievements along the way. As a woman considerably older than you, it was good to see that moment when you were already a true adult and became a fantastic woman, full of strength, talent, and emotional intelligence. I'm a fan of your rock covers 🖤

  • I was never wild but this aong still hits me like a brick wall. So different then I used to be!!!

  • I do not listen to miley, but I absolutely love the story and message from this. Such a beautiful soul.

  • Una voz potente ,me encanta un ejemplo de fortaleza .Ojala vuelvas a chile 🇨🇱 ❤

  • As someone who grew up watching her since she was in Hannah Montana this actually hits hard, she was hated only because of trying to live her young self as any other teenager/ young adult. I'm so proud of her for everything she'd accomplished despite all the hate❤

    • That wall can't be beaten

    • I lived my young life to the fullest, and did crazy things, but did not run around naked and certainly would not display sexual activities after getting divorced.

    • found me a post wall oldie with bagage. cope harder

    • my 2 favourite singers over the past 3 years have been miley cyrus & 25yo opera singer, patricia janeckova!! sadly, however, patricia died yesterday at the young age of 25 with breast cancer!! she was destined to become the world's greatest opera soprano as well as being a fine actress!! both she & miley are unique in that their voices are not conventional but both brilliant! patricia is well worth checking out, not just for her opera songs but also music from film & theatre!! outside of opera she liked listening to the doors, the beatles & american west coast music!!

    • the hate? she oversexualised herself in front of kids. she deserves every ounce of it. the wall and decades of loneliness will be the reminder and *reparations* for all the damage she has caused to those poor children who had to witness that.

  • The fact that she has her mom standing in front of her so they can see each other while she sings this and she resembles her mom so much so she said it brought up so much emotion😭💖

  • I'm 53 , this song just hits hard. I'm still " young" healthy and happy. But I can feel it in my body " I used to be young" .

  • I grew up with miley cyrus like so many and there's something i liked about her that was always organic to me as the years went by i would always be curious about her work if she put out a new song I would always come around to check it out on my own time she's always been like a role model to me watching her grow up and face challenges and still keep pushing forward has always been inspiring to me and seeing where she's at now makes me proud to always have grown up with her and still try to grow and learn how to be a better version of myself as a person for the people we care about like she's trying to be for herself and others ♥️

  • This is a great song ❤ Good for her 👏👏 Thank you, Miley 🙏

  • Don't know what it is about this song but I love it. It hits me in that special way. The words match my life ❤

  • Massive respect for her. Frankly, she didn’t do anything that crazy! She didn’t become an addict. She wasn’t a home wrecker. She didn’t become a sex sleaze. She didn’t spend insane amounts of money. She worked hard! She didn’t do anything that unusual. And I’m sure she had a blast.

    • 1000%

    • She was a little sleazy there for a while but that's a lot of us 🤷🏾‍♀️

    • Having fun isn't the most important thing 🤦‍♀️. I'm sure she made that quite clear in her song.

    • I mean she’s was getting on stage half naked promoting weed and stuff she’s definitely a better person now 😂

    • @@christianwest6635 How do you know she is, honestly? Not trying to be rude or anything, but you don't know her, you know what her public persona is shown to you by her PR people. That isn't "her". Very different things.

  • First flowers and now used to be young 🙌 both songs are amazing ❤❤

  • I love her from when she was crazy and young till now. I will always love her music. Love this song.

  • To me Miley’s sad songs have always been my favorite songs from her. This and The Climb helps me go through hard times.