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Is Mydol Spying on you?
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Inside of a Chinese click farm
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  • *UPDATE* NEW CONSPIRACY VIDEO! cs-tv.org/tv/video-0hg0BY19pLs.html

    • what he do?

    • @mde he apologized! We all made mistakes ,y’all acting like he’s the worst person ever when he’s really not

    • @Patrick Bateman ok so why are you here ???

    • I LOVE YOUUUUU❤️😘😘😘😘

    • @norrismarsthank you for saying that. Like fr that was like his past. We are talking abt present day.

  • “They are taking over April 2018” Me: *laughs in may 2020*

    • Laughing even harder in March 2023

    • Maybe they already took over

    • Maybe they already did but they don’t want anyone to know yet…CONSPIRACY!!!

    • April 10 2022

    • Me who laughs in 2022

  • I feel terrible at the fact I still enjoy watching these conspiracy videos despite how problematic Shane is 😭😭

  • I'm not scared of the theories, I'm scared of the random murderers/stalkers that pop on the screen with creepy sounds

  • I've just watched the missing airplane (Malaysia Airlines MH370) on Netflix and decided to come back here. Still, there are no answers. It's almost been ten years, and the victims' families are still holding onto hope. Shane's conspiracy theories gives you chills. Who knows? There's so much we don't know about this world we're living, hence all the mysteries.

    • i want to say the pilot had something to do with it, but after watching the documentary, he seemed to have a great life and his family says he was very sweet. i feel like he had no reason to. and when the radar turned off, if he had something to do with it, it would’ve stayed off but it turned back on which completely changes everything, then it turned back off never again being found. truly a mystery

    • It seems asif it just disintegrated into thin air which could be the case but the pilot could have had something to do with that which is such a big mystery

  • Currently binge-watching. Imagine if Shane started doing these videos again, there'd be so many conspiracies about covid...

    • @Areanna Johnson he’s cancelled? Why?

    • Ngl.. I kinda miss it

    • Broo fr

    • @Areanna Johnson what happened to him.

  • i wish he did more conspiracies

    • I'm binge watching them all, they're just too good and entertaining.

    • Joe mama I agree

    • @JustBecause Gaming it fucking sucks. If he did this format promise he will get so much views

    • he literally does a conspiracy podcast

    • same

  • I’m literally binge watching Shane’s conspiracy theories in 2020

    • Currently in 2023

    • i'm binging em in 2023 LMAO

    • Me doing the same in 2023

    • What about 2022

    • try 2022😭

  • That moment when you realize that the Brittney conspiracy was basically confirmed.

    • Ppl say “the difference between a conspiracy and the truth is about 6-12 months” Granted, it was a few years. But still, you get the point.

    • @Idk Dude oh okay thanks

    • Ion understand the Brittney conspiracy i always hear about but I never know and understand the full thing can someone just simplify what happened

  • I love watching how Shane's theories evolved from the old days to even the newest ones where they're similar in style to the series videos. Hope he's ok.

    • @ruby tedeschi is he really, what evidence do you have of that?? Or are you just slandering someone?

    • yessss

    • @ruby tedeschi I mean, he isnt

  • can’t believe i was 9 when i started watching him, i’m 15 now. Shane literally raised me 💀

    • When I was 14 when I saw discovered Shane and now I’m 22

    • Wait a second… IM 9 AND I JUST STARTED WATCHING HIM?!?!

    • I was 4-5, now I’m 12. get on my level.

    • I was like 13 or so now I’m 17 😶

    • @I want that smoke 💨 -lern2rite

  • I forgot how nervous these made me, I’m currently under the blanket 💀

  • Raise your hand if you just saw Shane Dawson on the mh370 Netflix docu lmao and it made you want to re watch this lmao

  • Does anyone else watch Shane’s videos at night but oddly get scared even when there’s nothing scary 😂

  • We all know that Shane is canceled but you can’t deny that these videos are so interesting

    • @sinner all he did was make some edgy jokes years ago and now people are going back and cancelling him some dumb shit if u ask me

    • Still no explanation lmaoo 😭

    • Could somebody tell us why he was cancelled? 😭

    • @s6rrows_ what did shane do?

    • @s6rrows_ 2 weeks later

  • I grew up watching Shane, it makes me so sad how problematic his past is😭

  • idc if hes cancelled. i started watching this man when i was 9. im 13 now. this man's content RAISED me. the old videos about life hacks, eating killers last meals, and conspiracy theories.. all of it. i wish he wasnt bad so i could watch him without shame like i used to. i remember at my old stepmoms house (not in my life anymore) i had a computer and always used to stay the night there every weekend, i had my own room. toy box, computer, bed, and closet. i always watched shane on the computer. i miss the friends from there and the weekends i used to spend there...man if i was to tell the whole story this comment would be 5 pages long. but anyway my point is, he may be cancelled now, but his content still entertains me, and ill continue watching it.

    • @bellasame thing every girl you talk to says to you at school

    • wait can u fill me in. i just started watching shane this week cause i have covid n bored n started with his chuck e cheese video n now 4 vids later here i am... shanes dope why would he get cancelled?

  • For anyone wondering, the morse code at 2:34 translates to "The message you received is well related to Stephen Hawking's death. You are not ready to face them." I taught myself morse code a couple months ago. I thought this was interesting

    • @Ojas i- WHAT THE FUCK

    • @harrystyleswhore Damn righr

    • @Tree Vibes Hey, The voice message was sent to him on March 13, But the morse code was actually a dm on his twitter; so could it not be after 14 March!? The time at 2:35 is 5:58. Could be March 15 when he received the dm right??

    • @J Masters yall makin me question everything

  • Watching shane dawson theories in 2023 as there’s loud thunder outside, under my bed sheets is a whole other vibe 😩

  • Can you just make your own Netflix series about conspiracy theories

    • I’d get Netflix again if that was the case tbh lol

    • The government would probably be on to him if he did lmaoo

    • Think that’s up to Netflix… Don’t cha think?

    • Yes please!

  • i wish Shane's videos goes on without any problems, cos I definitely know he will find some truths about the pandemic

  • I honestly think these “9/11” predictions in American pop culture were the inspiration behind the attack idea. I don’t see how these shows could’ve so accurately predicted such a tragedy so lightly

    • @Ashley Tiara was waiting for someone to mention this, the cartoon at 18:39 as he said is from 1994, literally ONE YEAR after the 1993 bombing, wow Shane really did repackage these Alex Jones level conspiracies for kids

    • People tend to also forget the towers were blown up in the early 90’s so it wasn’t as far fetched

    • @Персик my dear if the villains u r talking about who got blamed for this didn't hav televisions or proper electric supply to watch those cartoons back then ( assuming they've seen them when they were kids )

    • And then target Islam because they hate the fact that our peaceful teachings go against their corrupt agenda.

    • @Ginger Benson Yup. That’s what most of it being out in the open is all about.

  • I don’t care how other people feel about Shane, I absolutely love him still, and I thoroughly enjoy re-watching these conspiracy theories years later 😁🥰

  • Honestly, Britney's real (deeper) voice is much, much better. I love that girl and wish she could've just been herself within the industry. If you watch her (older) interviews she was completely her original, goofy 🤪 self, uninhibited. That's what needs to come back - that real, dorky, silly, down to earth Britney 💗

  • I remember when this first came out. I was deathly terrified of the Malaysian flight theory. I was pregnant with my daughter and ended up losing so much sleep!🤣

    • Me too but I wasn’t pregnant but I did lose a bunch of sleep thinking that the things were real and capture me or something 😫😂

  • 2018:Everyone scared of Aliens 2019: *we're gonna raid Area 51 to save the aliens*

  • Man, these stories aren't scary, his edits and the way he talks is.

    • Yes I'm setting here like summa beach why am I getting freaked out

    • FR

  • As someone who has severe ADHD, being able to connect with the content I’m viewing is pretty important. I miss seeing you flourish as the sole host of the Conspiracy Theory video(s.) The visuals, suspenseful music/build up, and dark humor is something that I found intriguing and deserve it’s own spooky spotlight. 🥺🖤

  • As a 8 year old watching his videos. I thought the conspiracies were scary. But now I’m 15 and I realize it’s not the conspiracies. It’s the editing and the way he talks. He helped me over come my fears of things and I definitely hope he’s doing okay these days.

  • i’ve literally probably seen all of his conspiracy videos 10 times i wish shane would make more content like this:( he was my safe place

  • i'm guessing quite a few of us are back after the MH370 documentary and shane's cameo?

    • @juno it should be on netflix but i don’t know if it’s region exclusive

    • Where can I watch the documentary

  • Shane- “Ok this where it starts to get disturbing” Me- bItCH iT AlReaDy wAs DisTuRbinG

    • Alastor you will, try it.

    • Haha nice one , listen here if you want something hard , go to this site named " joy of satan" for real stuff about reptilians

    • Pam Halpert. Exactly

    • Im so scared

  • I swear Shane’s videos always scare me more than horror movies

  • The best part about Shane's conspiracy videos is how he can almost debunk it and then make us believe it all over again with the very next sentence 👽🤖👁️🤳🤯

  • Shane please make more videos like this! im missing these so much!!

  • the worst part about people pretending to be kpop idols to be close to fans, is that it actually happens. alot of creepy shit happens because people believe that they are in some kind of wattpad fanfiction. its very sad to think that it happens but also the thought itself is very scary. note: i just got a warning (for language or false information) on yt while i was typing this and i was connected to a korean server via vpn. its probably nothing but 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

    • Istggg you're ust spitting facts and this is the most disgusted and disturbing thing that they read watt pad and imagine any thing else I hope this shit will end soon asap ♥️

  • I just saw the documentary on Netflix about plane MH370 and Shane’a face popped up for a second! Was very shocked but happy!

  • in 2018 everyone was literally terrified of aliens. in 2019 everyone has raided area 51, to save the aliens. in 2020 we are the aliens.

    • @Jameson probably tbh

    • Now in 2023 they are bringing back the whole alien trend to distract you from what’s really going on.

    • @aristotle 🤓

    • @your local weirdo omg i forgot i commented that. me too!

  • i’ve never watched shane, but this video has me stuck in my own mind . this is crazy . he knows more than any of this society is even supposed to know and for that reason i feel he had to be kept from saying anything else . this is ALOT to take in …

    • @m3ng0u I believe I finally ended up doing that months ago. Already forgot the reason though lol I think him saying bad things about people on his vids

    • @Angie Alvarez if u want to know, u can watch d'angelo wallace's deleted but reuploaded video about him

    • ive never heard of this dude. this was the first video ive watched of his. now i HAVE TO KNOW why he got cancelled! please tell me...

    • This is my first time watching this guy's video....I actually came from a different persons video I was watching.....seems pretty interesting and ligit.. 😆

  • I miss these videos! I’m rewatching a bunch! So glad Shane is back!

  • The years after 2018 had been so fast like the time skips way quickly Or is it only me who thinks that

  • i honestly dont care if he’s canceled i literally been watching him since i was like 7 literally i love him sm he basically raised me

  • I took pilot lessons and I think it’s more scary when he wasn’t stumbling his words. Pilots ALWAYS use umms and urrs in their radio communications. It’s more scary when he wasn’t lol

  • POV: you’re binge watching old Shane videos because Corona has everything closed

  • We are all human, that mean we are all capable of making dumb decisions or mistakes. With that being said, come on back Shane, as long as a lesson was learned, I am good with it, just like I am sure alot of another people are as well. Reguardless of what happened, you still put out some great content. Especially Conspiracy theories. This is 🔥🔥🔥

  • Just found Shane, and his content is beyond words! This guy was cancelled for a reason, we need more of him😩

  • Bro I haven’t watched Shane’s videos in years and I wanted to see some old stuff that I watched in the past. I sorta remembered this video from the thumbnail so I clicked it and I’m at the part of the first theory when he says “okay, this is when it gets disturbing” I immediately paused it cause like damn bro it gets scarier? Bruv I’m already scared asf lol. How tf does he make these so creepy?!😭

    • It’s 100% the soundtrack in the background

    • FRRRR

  • idc if he's cancelled, his content is good & he raised me

  • I wish shane still did videos like this too😄 although I LIVE for his podcast

  • Shane could make me believe a shrimp can strangle me while I'm sleeping

  • I live in Indonesia. For the missing plane theory, the location that was sent was in Sumatra one of the main islands of Indonesia but I live in Java, the island next to Sumatra. One other thing I want to point out is that the dms in Indonesian were very... polite... Very unusual being that most Indonesians when speaking to people would use "Kamu" instead of "Anda" unless you're speaking the someone in a higher position than you, like a senior. My Indonesian isn't the best and I use translate sometimes and it always uses Anda instead of Kamu. That might mean that it those texts were directly translated.

  • sometimes i like to go back and watch his old vids, to reminisce n remember the good times

  • My father passed yesterday and I'm so damn sad. I cry and feel guilty for the things I did wrong. I needed a pick me up and immediately knew i needed some Shane to make me feel better. Thank you Shane for being awesome

  • I love these conspiracy theories that you do!! Keep it up Shane!!

  • The sound shane uses for edits is more terrifying than the actual conspiracy

    • Heyy so I see we have the same minds to come back years later

  • Shane can even make the word “popcorn” scary

    • @lilly.issabella now i am scared for life about popcorns, i am never eating them again 😭

    • Omg it's way too late at night here, stop scaring meeeeeee

    • @Kenma Kozume it’s a chemical in the popcorn (I forgot what it’s called) but it’s okay when ate, just let the bag cool off and then open it

    • I’m dead ass eating popcorn RIGHT NOW

    • @Bailey Scholpp I was just about to put that lol 🙂

  • Totally had this happen at work. Someone sent one of the nurses at the the nurses station a pop up that she needed to update her MSN page that she was using to search the web. So she clicked on it and then her phone rang (work phone) and when she answered it, it was a male voice that started talking to her and asked her about the guy sitting next to her by exact description. She quickly hung up, not because she snapped that they were hacking into our system, but because it was too creepy. Yeah, I know she was a dumbass.

  • I can’t waitttt for the new conspiracy. 💫 Been watching you since 2009, met you in 2015, and no matter what- love you to death & I’m not leaving. ❤️

    • @Booster Hikes ? 💀

    • ***posts comment, puts phone in purse and proceeds to leave***

  • It never fails, you're watching creepy videos and you're really getting into it then all of a sudden you start hearing strange noises 🤔 you pause the video and nothing, so you unpause and the noises start up again, that in itself is creepy 😳

  • I couldn't sleep at night after watching this video. It was really spooky, considering the fact that I SLEEP ALONE!!!😰😰😱

  • who else is coming back to this after the new netflix series about the Malaysian flight?

  • shane: * says the most terrifying thing in the world * shane: “OK now heres where it gets REALLY scary” me: 😦😦😦

    • That’s 100% of the time

    • Me: something more scary is my report card(like come on)

    • Lmaooo saammmee!


    • 🤣

  • I fucking love this series I love mysteries like this Shane always comming with the best and interesting content I can’t stop watching 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Shane is back, and very entertaining. Cancel, cancel culture. People make mistakes and EVERYONE deserves to have an apology accepted.

  • I wish Shane would make more conspiracy theory videos and scary videos like urban legends and such. Those were the best.

  • I started watching u A WHILE AGO, thank you for being a big part of my life, it’s really nice revisiting your videos, have an amazing day!😄😄

  • these videos are my fav to watch on a rainy, dark day

  • What if, Shane’s a time traveller who works for the government and has came back to warn us.....

    • If he is, he just died. So he either went home or they didn't like him

    • 😳

    • ;oo

    • Editsbyhailie ooooooooft dont say shit like that

    • What if he’s actually an alien in disguise that’s why he knows everything

  • Speaking of mydol, after watching this video like years ago when it first came out me and my little sister were so curious about it and wanted to see if it was true. When we downloaded the app we kept asking it what we were doing and it LITERALLY SAID "sitting next to your small sister"

  • Shane’s videos bring a sense of normalcy and humor and comfort in these times with everything going on in the world right now. it’s nice to watch his videos and forget the issues with the world. thank you Shane!!!

  • Okay but a Brittany album with her deep voice would be iconic

  • we really need more conspiracy vids. no one does it like shane ):

  • No because the fact that Shane had to put another disclaimer for a k-pop conspiracy because he knew that the toxic fans are gonna jump all over him literally makes me sad like, because of fans like those, people no longer believe that there are any genuine fans left

  • Me: *watches this video* Also me: *Looks around room and questions every single thing including my sanity*

  • Ok yes i understand he was canceled but i dont care this man raised me im now 16 iv been watching his videos since i was 11 he helped me throught so much and got me through so many sleepless night with his conspiracys and stupid food videos

  • Britney’s deep, NATURAL voice gives me chills…so gorgeous

  • I’m so happy we’re all watching these old og conspiracy shane vids 💁🏽‍♀️

    • right! He’s a bad person but I still comeback sometimes because he quit literally raised me and I’m not even gonna lie this vid got me scared shitless

  • Shane, I know you messed up.. BUT PLEASE MAKE MORE OF THESE VIDEOS!

    • @iheartShaneandJeffree what did he do

    • He’s currently filming a new one! I’m very excited!

    • How ..? i am new to him..

  • I saw a 911 documentary that showed and talked about that picture. What's even crazier is the plane that's in that picture is in the exact spot/floors that were hit first that day.

  • Shane’s video: they can see u with your camera me: *looks at camera disgustingly and wonders how bad I look*

    • i put a tape on it, since i saw black mirror, i got scared lmao

    • Oh I lick the camera :)

    • Everyday problems for me.

    • true 😂

    • This is serious tho... I have a phone oppo and the camera is hiding on inside the phone and whenever I open it the camera pops out from my phone.... When I relize it I delete it right away.....

  • Imagine watching shane dawson conspiracy theories and not be hated by the rest of society 😀

  • I could never forgive Shane Dawson or forget what he did or even support him but boy do I miss coming home excited to watch these videos

  • Im rewatching these videos and i got chills! Love these shaneee

  • I like it how he puts an effort to every videos he made esp. about conspiracy theory.

  • Nicely put together!. Made me think. Especially the predictive programming. Images repeated over decades to make us accept an outcome.etc. the headless woman, thats sooo correct, ive grown up with that and thanks to this vid im seeing it in all differently, do more of these!!!. Nicely done

  • 2018: Everyone is low-key scared of Aliens 2019: LETS RAID AREA 51 AND FREE DEM ALIENS

  • CS-tv has been boring without shane- this is sad... I missed his videos. I missed the old Shane 😪 *I'm definitely not crying under my blanket*

  • god i miss these videos, i hope when he comes back he goes back to conspiracy theories because i binge watch them EVERYDAY

  • This guy is very brilliant... We need more of his kind

  • I remember being scared shitless for the entirety of april

    • I legit tried to convince myself the code actually meant 3018, not 2018 to feel better lol

    • Me too bro, when the day came i was like welp this is it💀

  • I wish Netflix would give Shane his own conspiracy theory show

    • Yes! That would be hilarious to watch.

  • 2018: aliens are creepy 2019: LeTs RaId ArEa 51 AnD KeEp ArE oWn AlIeNs!

    • @Darte wot

    • @The wth

    • Lmao

    • "are own" ok

    • Well we will own them, but not like a dog, more like a sex slave.

  • So a few years ago after watching this video my friend and I downloaded Mydol and we were texting Suga I believe when we asked him "what am I doing?" or something like that and he responded with "Sitting on the couch with your friend." It was terrifying

    • I- that app needs to removed from everywhere...like..umm..what heck is happening..

  • The voicemail conspiracy, was so interesting to me, I thought maybe it was just a hoax or someone just randomly called Ty figuring they would just get scared. But after he got those messages and the person taking the pictures, I honestly think someone just had a messed up conspiracy theory plan, and just randomly picked Ty, somehow got his phone number and was just messing with him, and get people scared, cause we are 4 years into his and obviously nothing happened.

  • The Britney conspiracy is 100% true, think about it. Her father has been controlling her for ever now and could have made her voice more “baby like” voice. She also may use auto tune and a lot of studio work for that type of high baby voice.

  • It sucks that he’s canceled I’m disgusted the things he did I’m just disappointed he’s a good CS-tvr 🥺

  • I hope i'll see these kind of conspiracy theories more not just a version of reality-show with a hint of conspiracy that is mocked like 2022 was from this channel

  • The message: 'they are taking over April 18th' Me: *laughs in January 2020*

    • Me laughs in 2023

    • @Baddie 👍

    • @Carlos Garza dgaf

    • *laughs in january 2023*

    • Me: laughs in January 2023

  • I know what you guys are gonna say about this. But I've always loved shane and his videos, and I cant just completely forget about him over a past mistake.

    • @NoLongerThePotatoKing what has he done

    • Same :D this man legit raised me, I don't really care that he's cancelled

  • What’s odd to me is that this tragedy has been somewhat covered up. Granted, there have been shows about it, but something doesn’t add up.