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  • *NEW VID* Conspiracy Theories! TAYLOR SWIFT, CELEBRITY SCAMS and CULTS! cs-tv.org/tv/video-g6jh1Jli0io.html

  • "Theyre taking over, April 18th 2018" Me in April 2019: ...

    • It's exactly 1 year!

    • @@noiwritakalita1119 omg it is 😂 and still nothing

    • They already have took over even before this video came out we sometimes just can't see through things but we alive thats what matters have good one !!

    • Natalia Roszakowska lol same


  • I'm not scared of the theories, I'm scared of the random murderers/stalkers that pop on the screen with creepy sounds

  • I feel terrible at the fact I still enjoy watching these conspiracy videos despite how problematic Shane is 😭😭

    • Lol same

    • same hahaha

    • I don’t really ever listen to all the problematic stuff and that I just enjoy watching conspiracy theories lol

    • SAMEER

    • If it makes you feel better, there's nothing wrong from separating the man from his art. Welllll there are exceptions to that obviously but this one seems to be okay lol

  • I forgot how nervous these made me, I’m currently under the blanket 💀

    • Same

    • Bruh watching this in 2022😅

    • Exactly, which is why so many "do not believe" in the "conspiracy theorists". It's too stressful and scary for them at the same time acceptance it what it takes first to do anything about it. Look where we're at today with the whole "NWO" trying to be created which they said they would do and "would be successful".

    • Don't. Get. Up.

    • fr ☠️

  • As a 8 year old watching his videos. I thought the conspiracies were scary. But now I’m 15 and I realize it’s not the conspiracies. It’s the editing and the way he talks. He helped me over come my fears of things and I definitely hope he’s doing okay these days.

  • “The world is going to end on April 18 2018” Me in 2020: *laughs in Coronavirus*

  • Man, these stories aren't scary, his edits and the way he talks is.

    • FR

    • Yes I'm setting here like summa beach why am I getting freaked out

    • 100% dude got that Biden whisper complex.... Annoying as hell. 19mill morons worship this lame 😂

  • That moment when you realize that the Brittney conspiracy was basically confirmed.

    • I was looking for this comment!

    • Its always like that with conspiracies, most of them are dumb but every now and then you hit the jackpot.

    • It was!??

    • @@joanamundo3262 i think her dad was forcing her to sing like that

    • makes u think how many more conspiracies are real

  • As someone who has severe ADHD, being able to connect with the content I’m viewing is pretty important. I miss seeing you flourish as the sole host of the Conspiracy Theory video(s.) The visuals, suspenseful music/build up, and dark humor is something that I found intriguing and deserve it’s own spooky spotlight. 🥺🖤

  • can’t believe i was 9 when i started watching him, i’m 15 now. Shane literally raised me 💀

    • Sorry to hear that.

    • Wait, so you were alone in a room with nothing but his videos? Were there no other people around, parents, teachers, grandparents, postmen, siblings, neighbours? If not, then sure; otherwise, you're imagining things.

    • @@SnorrioK it's called a joke...

    • @@OoiYunKai - No, it isn't.

    • @@SnorrioK of course

  • Watching shane dawson theories in 2023 as there’s loud thunder outside, under my bed sheets is a whole other vibe 😩

  • no one: my idiot self: *still believes all this*

  • For anyone wondering, the morse code at 2:34 translates to "The message you received is well related to Stephen Hawking's death. You are not ready to face them." I taught myself morse code a couple months ago. I thought this was interesting

    • wait what the hell, the voicemail was posted on march 13th 2018, THE LEGIT NEXT DAY STEPHEN HAWKING DIES. WTF?

    • @@MrSwaggyHD WAIT BRO I DIDNT EVEN REALIZE THAT????? How would some random person know that he would die the next day???????




  • Honestly, Britney's real (deeper) voice is much, much better. I love that girl and wish she could've just been herself within the industry. If you watch her (older) interviews she was completely her original, goofy 🤪 self, uninhibited. That's what needs to come back - that real, dorky, silly, down to earth Britney 💗

    • 27:11 someone help me find this song. 💘

    • I just love her deeper voice, it sounds so much better compared to the higher voiced one.

    • thi8s happen ti my byddy eric

  • i wish he did more conspiracies

    • same

    • he literally does a conspiracy podcast

    • @@JBG-AjaxzeMedia it fucking sucks. If he did this format promise he will get so much views

    • Joe mama I agree

    • I'm binge watching them all, they're just too good and entertaining.

  • I took pilot lessons and I think it’s more scary when he wasn’t stumbling his words. Pilots ALWAYS use umms and urrs in their radio communications. It’s more scary when he wasn’t lol

  • idc if hes cancelled. i started watching this man when i was 9. im 13 now. this man's content RAISED me. the old videos about life hacks, eating killers last meals, and conspiracy theories.. all of it. i wish he wasnt bad so i could watch him without shame like i used to. i remember at my old stepmoms house (not in my life anymore) i had a computer and always used to stay the night there every weekend, i had my own room. toy box, computer, bed, and closet. i always watched shane on the computer. i miss the friends from there and the weekends i used to spend there...man if i was to tell the whole story this comment would be 5 pages long. but anyway my point is, he may be cancelled now, but his content still entertains me, and ill continue watching it.

    • I relate to you!

    • He’s not bad. Look at any old time humor and you’ll see a lot of things that are considered inappropriate now.

    • @@helpyourcattodrive literally and he stopped making those jokes

    • real

    • wait can u fill me in. i just started watching shane this week cause i have covid n bored n started with his chuck e cheese video n now 4 vids later here i am... shanes dope why would he get cancelled?

  • 2018: aliens are creepy 2019: LeTs RaId ArEa 51 AnD KeEp ArE oWn AlIeNs!

  • the worst part about people pretending to be kpop idols to be close to fans, is that it actually happens. alot of creepy shit happens because people believe that they are in some kind of wattpad fanfiction. its very sad to think that it happens but also the thought itself is very scary. note: i just got a warning (for language or false information) on yt while i was typing this and i was connected to a korean server via vpn. its probably nothing but 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

    • Istggg you're ust spitting facts and this is the most disgusted and disturbing thing that they read watt pad and imagine any thing else I hope this shit will end soon asap ♥️

  • I remember when this first came out. I was deathly terrified of the Malaysian flight theory. I was pregnant with my daughter and ended up losing so much sleep!🤣

  • sometimes i like to go back and watch his old vids, to reminisce n remember the good times

  • Britney’s deep, NATURAL voice gives me chills…so gorgeous

  • I grew up watching Shane, it makes me so sad how problematic his past is😭

    • Same its levels to it 😢

    • Fr ngl I still watch these vids💀

    • never heard about it.. anyone can explain?

    • @@skills.everythingno. it doesn’t matter. people have pasts and that’s how they change and grow. keep enjoying the vids 👍🏽.

    • Lol oh all y’all need to stop acting all high and mighty

  • Shane- “Ok this where it starts to get disturbing” Me- bItCH iT AlReaDy wAs DisTuRbinG

    • Such language from Pam.


    • **tapes front and back camera**

    • Scrablse omfg I just did that 😂

    • just the intro was disturbing lmao

  • I live in Indonesia. For the missing plane theory, the location that was sent was in Sumatra one of the main islands of Indonesia but I live in Java, the island next to Sumatra. One other thing I want to point out is that the dms in Indonesian were very... polite... Very unusual being that most Indonesians when speaking to people would use "Kamu" instead of "Anda" unless you're speaking the someone in a higher position than you, like a senior. My Indonesian isn't the best and I use translate sometimes and it always uses Anda instead of Kamu. That might mean that it those texts were directly translated.

  • Shane please make more videos like this! im missing these so much!!

  • watching this again in 2023 still love these videos shane

  • I remember being scared shitless for the entirety of april

    • Me too bro, when the day came i was like welp this is it💀

    • I legit tried to convince myself the code actually meant 3018, not 2018 to feel better lol

  • these videos are my fav to watch on a rainy, dark day

  • 2018: Everyone is low-key scared of Aliens 2019: LETS RAID AREA 51 AND FREE DEM ALIENS

  • I miss these videos! I’m rewatching a bunch! So glad Shane is back!

  • I swear Shane’s videos always scare me more than horror movies

  • I wish Netflix would give Shane his own conspiracy theory show

    • Yes! That would be hilarious to watch.

    • @@lesleyd9969 omg i know

    • Remember when Netflix made that mini-series called ‘don’t f#ck with cats’

    • @@staffyktvPretty sure that was for a serial killer

    • @@staffyktv luka Magnotta who killed jun lin i feel like luka needs put to death bc he killed kittens an he killed a human who was nice

  • The best part about Shane's conspiracy videos is how he can almost debunk it and then make us believe it all over again with the very next sentence 👽🤖👁️🤳🤯

  • I just saw the documentary on Netflix about plane MH370 and Shane’a face popped up for a second! Was very shocked but happy!

  • no 👏one 👏cares 👏if 👏you 👏watched 👏this👏after 👏the 👏james 👏drama 👏. PERIODTTT

  • yall i don’t care that he is cancelled the vids are entertaining 😩

    • Why did he get canceled?

    • @@fireks racism and pedophilla but it happened years ago and now he’s a better person so

  • I honestly think these “9/11” predictions in American pop culture were the inspiration behind the attack idea. I don’t see how these shows could’ve so accurately predicted such a tragedy so lightly

    • Exactly what I was saying to myself while watching them.....maybe the attackers, or really whoever planned the attacks got them from watching these same cartoons. Whose to say they don't have them in different languages. Of course they do.

    • That’s what I think, too. And people all over the world consume American culture, so would it really be that surprising to find out the idea was sparked in part by, for example, more or less accidental contact with some silly, innocuous cartoon? Inspiration can come from almost anything, or anywhere. Plus, the towers were a worldwide symbol of the U.S., as additionally evidenced, you might as well say, by those cartoons using them as their own symbol of a catastrophe.

    • no, it was a planned event and they were laughing at us by throwing it straight in our faces years prior.

    • I think in those cartoons towers get destroyed by villains because it is something a villain would do - target something big and important with a lot of people inside. I do think you are right and that it's not a prediction, but rather an idea a lot of people had like "oh it would be bad if that happened" and, since the idea was everywhere and this trading centre was clearly really important to Americans, attackers decided to target those towers that were important not only politically and economically, but also culturally.

    • Because the world is a stage, everything is planned. They didn’t predict anything they’re just revealing their agenda as a predictive programming

  • My father passed yesterday and I'm so damn sad. I cry and feel guilty for the things I did wrong. I needed a pick me up and immediately knew i needed some Shane to make me feel better. Thank you Shane for being awesome

  • I’m so happy we’re all watching these old og conspiracy shane vids 💁🏽‍♀️

    • right! He’s a bad person but I still comeback sometimes because he quit literally raised me and I’m not even gonna lie this vid got me scared shitless

  • Bro I haven’t watched Shane’s videos in years and I wanted to see some old stuff that I watched in the past. I sorta remembered this video from the thumbnail so I clicked it and I’m at the part of the first theory when he says “okay, this is when it gets disturbing” I immediately paused it cause like damn bro it gets scarier? Bruv I’m already scared asf lol. How tf does he make these so creepy?!😭

  • "The worlds gonna end on April 18th 2018" Me:*watching in July 2019*

    • Xin _ 0ut ikr me to sis

    • Maybe they contained whatever was gonna end the world or take over. Maybe that’s what’s contained at Area 51 as well. If we raid it the outcome probably won’t be good.

    • Me to

    • Mee

    • SAME

  • Shane’s videos bring a sense of normalcy and humor and comfort in these times with everything going on in the world right now. it’s nice to watch his videos and forget the issues with the world. thank you Shane!!!

  • I started watching u A WHILE AGO, thank you for being a big part of my life, it’s really nice revisiting your videos, have an amazing day!😄😄

  • I don’t care how other people feel about Shane, I absolutely love him still, and I thoroughly enjoy re-watching these conspiracy theories years later 😁🥰

  • Im rewatching these videos and i got chills! Love these shaneee

  • I wish Shane would make more conspiracy theory videos and scary videos like urban legends and such. Those were the best.

  • "Something on that plane was non-human..." *HOWARD THE ALIEN*

  • CS-tv has been boring without shane- this is sad... I missed his videos. I missed the old Shane 😪 *I'm definitely not crying under my blanket*

  • i wish Shane's videos goes on without any problems, cos I definitely know he will find some truths about the pandemic

  • i honestly think i’m more scared of the edits and music shane put into the conspiracy vids than the actual conspiracies😂😰

  • i’ve never watched shane, but this video has me stuck in my own mind . this is crazy . he knows more than any of this society is even supposed to know and for that reason i feel he had to be kept from saying anything else . this is ALOT to take in …

    • This is my first time watching this guy's video....I actually came from a different persons video I was watching.....seems pretty interesting and ligit.. 😆

    • ive never heard of this dude. this was the first video ive watched of his. now i HAVE TO KNOW why he got cancelled! please tell me...

    • @@angiealvarez7285 if u want to know, u can watch d'angelo wallace's deleted but reuploaded video about him

    • @@m3ngo833 I believe I finally ended up doing that months ago. Already forgot the reason though lol I think him saying bad things about people on his vids

  • It never fails, you're watching creepy videos and you're really getting into it then all of a sudden you start hearing strange noises 🤔 you pause the video and nothing, so you unpause and the noises start up again, that in itself is creepy 😳


  • Nicely put together!. Made me think. Especially the predictive programming. Images repeated over decades to make us accept an outcome.etc. the headless woman, thats sooo correct, ive grown up with that and thanks to this vid im seeing it in all differently, do more of these!!!. Nicely done

  • Speaking of mydol, after watching this video like years ago when it first came out me and my little sister were so curious about it and wanted to see if it was true. When we downloaded the app we kept asking it what we were doing and it LITERALLY SAID "sitting next to your small sister"

  • The years after 2018 had been so fast like the time skips way quickly Or is it only me who thinks that

  • when shanes editing is scarier than the thieories

  • im literally rebinge watching Shane’s conspiracy theories right now in 2023😂

  • Shane: “something human took over the plane!” Me: “PepPA what are you doing on this plane!”

    • PepPAaa what are you doing calling me this hour?

    • Peppaaaa, why are you doing thrasher merch?

    • it's dead :(((

    • stOLmAIReeee what are you doing still using this dead meme?

    • shïbu eh if it still makes me chuckle it ain’t dead

  • Dude, your videos give me literal chills.

  • Your theory on 911 is interesting with predictive programming ,there’s a book out about the great reset you might want to check out …great video and topic,can’t wait to see what you bring us next…

  • These videos will forever be his best. The style of these videos >>> the best of CS-tv of the 2010s

  • We are all human, that mean we are all capable of making dumb decisions or mistakes. With that being said, come on back Shane, as long as a lesson was learned, I am good with it, just like I am sure alot of another people are as well. Reguardless of what happened, you still put out some great content. Especially Conspiracy theories. This is 🔥🔥🔥

  • I think you are one of the best new channels here. New for me anyway. Takes a lot to impress or inspire me so thanks. Look forward to more.

  • He said, "someone or something was not human on that plane." I immediately thought of a dog....

  • I like it how he puts an effort to every videos he made esp. about conspiracy theory.

  • dude im sitting in my bed rewatching the scary videos to relive my childhood and im getting so paranoid😭😭

  • Im bacccckk . . . I have literally watched these longer conspiracy videos about 10x. ❤ em

  • I'm not saying I Believe these but this is pretty damn convincing.

  • Shane should bring back this old intro, it was hella cool but creepy at the same time.

  • I like watching these but my anxiety takes over and now I'm stressing

  • that first theory with ty has been stuck in my head ever since this video came out.

  • The sound shane uses for edits is more terrifying than the actual conspiracy

  • I’m glad I’m seeing this years later or id have severe anxiety over the April 2018 world ending

  • i honestly dont care if he’s canceled i literally been watching him since i was like 7 literally i love him sm he basically raised me

    • Wait what did he get canceled for I’m hardly on Twitter and stuff

    • @@hyroskata2268 old vids where he did blackface and old jokes about pedophilia

    • @@hyroskata2268 and also he is accused of having sexual encounters with his animals, there are videos of him hinting at this. But also he has a video of showing an 11 year old sexual things and all that. I would recommend watching DeAngelo wallace for more information because he goes into all of that

    • @@layciepittman5689 yeah… don’t trust everything cancel culture is trying to promote to you…

    • @@bubblypink9 lol not surprising never mention the Asian racism Guess it's still normalized in the good old US

  • going back to feel nostalgic times were so good when these came out

  • Wait why is “Ty” actually so sweet

  • Editing is next level 🔥

  • Omg, just found your channel. Love it! Thanks for the thought provoking topice!

  • I remember watching this YEARS ago and I was young I was cryingggg bc I was feared for my life and future LMAO

  • I can’t waitttt for the new conspiracy. 💫 Been watching you since 2009, met you in 2015, and no matter what- love you to death & I’m not leaving. ❤️

  • I did a tarot reading on the flight and this kinda adds up cuz the people seem to still be alive

  • “They’re taking over, April 18th 2018” It’s July 2019 and I’m still waiting btw.

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣” Why the F would you tell me that” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Shane’s voice over is amazing

  • Rewatching now in 2022 Shane please do more of these .

  • hope you guys made an extended version of the fake social media followers, that was suspenseful lol. it makes sense too, I been seeing a lotta Lady Gaga lately and it made me wonder why. and somebody like Taylor is a true authentic icon so that’s makes a lotta sense too

  • Shane, I know you messed up.. BUT PLEASE MAKE MORE OF THESE VIDEOS!

  • The Britney conspiracy is 100% true, think about it. Her father has been controlling her for ever now and could have made her voice more “baby like” voice. She also may use auto tune and a lot of studio work for that type of high baby voice.

  • Who else was so scared of April 18, 2018? But now it’s a year later lol 😂

  • I wish Shane never stopped making those videos! I loved conspiracy videos!

  • This is the creepiest video I have seen in my entire life. Its been 10 mins since I finished watching this video and the chills is still on me

  • who else is coming back to this after the new netflix series about the Malaysian flight?

  • The way Shane whispers the last word of the sentences he says is intimidating 😂

  • Shane you would THRIVE if you returned to this exact formula, I noticed that’s recently you kind of did this, but it would be so nostalgic if you returned to this format

  • Shane : " now this is where it gets really disturbing " Me: So that WASN'T DISTURBING???

  • ive only recently come across these videos from him, im really liking his format and casual approach

  • We need more of these videos Sending love ❤

  • I wish shane still did videos like this too😄 although I LIVE for his podcast