Minecraft 1.19 : The Wild Update

čas přidán 15. 10. 2021
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Minecraft Live took place today and we have learned that Minecraft 1.19 will be known as The Wild Update, overhauling biomes like the swamp mangrove and birch forest, as well as finally adding the deep dark cities and warden boss mob.

Minecraft 1.19 - My Thoughts On The Wild Update

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00:00 Intro
00:38 Caves & Cliffs Part 2
01:44 Java & Bedrock Parity
02:33 Minecraft Dungeons
03:00 1.19 The Wild Update
03:53 Mangrove Swamp
04:22 New Wood & Mud Bricks
05:40 Fireflies, Frogs & Tadpoles
07:07 Deep Dark Cites
08:06 Skulk Catalyst
09:19 The Warden
10:59 Boat With Chest
11:23 Mob Vote
12:09 Outro


  • My Thoughts and Feelings on the 1.19 Update! cs-tv.org/tv/video-xrQS6TEI5mc.html

    • Hello X I Soo Ma

    • @Brayden Price can bedrock players get java? also i thunk the people who prefer cross play will sure migrate


    • This is amazing

    • i would love to see a new monkey mod that swings across the roof of the jungle! or some gators swimming through the mangrove. and fishing cats trying to get some fish.

  • I love the fact that when I was a kid the scariest part of Minecraft was the cave sounds. These poor kids today are going to have nightmares over 1.19.

    • @Johnwesley111 Harrison How old are you lil kid?

    • @House King looks like a blueberry monster

    • @Joonas Einola Lmao was just about to comment this, Full adult and still be on edge from scary sounds in the game

    • 1.19 isn`t the wild update... It`s the nightmare update

    • i’m 19 and am still too scared to go in the caves LOL

  • I just realised I've been playing this game for more than 10 years on and off and I'm still looking forward to new updates

  • I like their idea of a swamp however I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t add alligators to it. They should of made alligators be as common of a spawn as polar bears are in their biomes.

    • @Lorina ok... sharks don't have territoty. They're *fish*. And it's been proven that attacks on humans are typically mistaken identidy, and the shark doesn't like our flavor. The closest you can get to 'territorial' with gators would be a momma guarding her eggs. Otherwise, they don't have territory either. One's a fish, and the other is a reptile... too simple to claim a spot of dirt and die for it.

    • @Aziara86 I'm pretty sure they WILL attack when they're hungry and defending their territory ☺️

    • @Capitaine Québec yeah but polar bears don't attack you on sight until you hit them Minecraft , and they don't drop anything so your not given a reason to harm them.

    • @cgmaster2 didn't they add polar bears tho? Those are literally the only animals that see humans as prey.

    • @cgmaster2 honestly, sharks and alligators are not usually aggressive irl, so adding them as 'defensive type' mobs (ignores the player unless hit) would be fabulous, without making them seem like vicious animals.

  • we need a jungle update next with jungle villages up in the trees called "hanging villages" and canoes and other cool stuff to add to the jungle. I think a Jungle update would be cool and should be included in the wild update

    • Poisonous frogs where you can extract venom would be cool.

    • @Melody The Mushroom Fariy I was talking like steam trains, NOT diesel or electric trains. First full-working steam locomotive was 1804, and the first one in the United States was 1831. A famous steam locomotive, Jupiter, was 1869. Like... we have rails, we have coal, but we just do not have the trains themselves. Let's just face it, minecarts are pretty stupid unless it's ONLY you who is going to a place far away. Trains can be useful for transporting multiple people or villagers. Heck, they can probably be good for villages or cities. So yeah, disappointed that 1.19 is just more animals rather than a revamp in transportation (therefore, hoping 1.20 will be the transportation update). Always considered Minecraft to be like the 19th century; the industrial revolution rather than oh... the 13th century; the middle ages. Not only that, if we don't have trains, then why the heck do we have mine carts, rails, furnaces, jukeboxes, EVERYTHING redstone-related, and others?

    • @Garrison Plays Miitopia trains feel a bit modern for Minecraft.

    • I think we need a transportation update by adding trains and larger boats. Trains can house multiple villagers (and can be operated by them), and large boats can house several villagers. Like, we do have rails, we do have the ocean, we just need better vehicles. I can see minecarts being useful if ONLY one person is going to use it, but what if you wanna transport multiple mobs, including villagers? Then a train would do. I hoped we get it in 1.18, but it was nothing more than a sequel to 1.17, and then I hoped we get it in 1.19, but it turns out we are getting MORE animals instead. Now I hope we get the transportation update in 1.20..... unless they don't actually do that.

    • Village generation is broken on the ground already, imagine how busted it would be on the treetops.

  • I'm so glad the deep dark is actually going to have a reason to risk exploring it. I was worried the entire biome/dimension was going to be a place you make one suicide run for the skulk and then never go back to

    • @Xtana Gaming least we got Sunbro.

    • @Herrezzi hey, sometimes I wanna play Legos: the video game, and sometimes I wanna play Stepping on legos: the video game

    • Dark Souls and Minecraft, a man of culture indeed

  • "The more skulk you see, the more mobs that have died there" oh god the city....

    • @S8 the Ninja Warrior That’s good. Gave me chills

    • A bit of theoretical lore: The former residents of the deep city found a single sample of this skulk senser, they found it usefull, capable of activating redstone from a distance. When they realised it could be multiplied by killing monsters near it, they started making more and more... but they didn't know what it called upon... and when they did, it was already too late. Their screams echoed in the deep caves, and made their doom even more certain...

    • @Z Carp since mobs already were alive (or reanimated if undead) the sculk could not infect or corrupt them due to a semblance of a soul; however since the golems lacked a true form they were able to corrupt them, perhaps?

    • @Beepy or the skulk is the result of both them and the mobs dead bodies, and maybe the warden is like a corrupted golem of sorts

    • @Beepy Matpat: LORE!!!!!!!1!!!!1!!!??11?1!111!!11!

  • 22 years old and I'm still excited for these updates. I'm glad Minecraft still gets love today.

    • @Marie Lafferty its real marie

    • @GreedyTheGoon absolutely bro may this game never die 🤝

    • @Ultra Light Cam I don't think it ever will yo, I think Minecraft is here to stay :)

    • Same fam im 22 i prolly been playin since i was 10 i hope this game never die

    • Is this real or just a skit

  • I love this direction mojang is going with. It's so new but it isn't too unique like it's a mod- I can't explain it but what ever it is I'm here for it. Plus+ the deep dark cities are just the cave noises but 10x scarier

    • cave noises given form.

  • the deep dark cities are absolutely terrifying,especially in hardcore

    • He was moving slow when the warden was chasing him it's like a bad dream

    • Let's hope bedrock get hardcore.....

    • @TheOceanist Blu Just spam end crystals on the warden. Or lava, devs confirmed warden burns in daylight.

    • So many more streamers are going to die in hardcore due to the warden 🤣

    • @Shed drip or tnt

  • Y'know it's a bit concerning that huge patches of a block that grows when things die is in an abandoned city...

  • Everytime I see the caves & cliffs update, it gives me chills! I mean finally, we are getting a whole new place to explore, which is below bedrock! I just find it simply amazing.

  • The mud bricks have a pretty interesting look onto it. Realistically, mud bricks are made not only by mud, but it is a mixture of sand, mud and straw. I hope they kept it that way. Deep dark cities will be a heck of a ride for lore enthusiasts.

    • I can hear Matpat breathing heavily

  • I hope 1.20 Mojang will consider doing an “End” update the “End” needs a slight upgrade or few mobs or structures added into it, to make it more lively.

    • Nah, what we need in 1.20 is a transportation update.

    • @sp00ky d4Ddy Exactly! Thats why they should be careful what they add when they remake the end because is such a delicate dimension that decorating it with more than just a few biomes or smth will just rip apart the sense of danger like they did with the nether.i personally thought of a biome called"The Enderman Cemintery"and as the name says, enderman that are about to die in a 100-200 block radius are going to teleport there and die lol

    • The end isnt really supposed to be a lively place

  • This game has evolved so much it’s crazy. Not in a bad way, but kids will grow up loving a completely different version of minecraft then I did

    • Minecraft used to be so much fun then the adventure update came along..........

    • @Phookt yeah I I've played minecraft for six years it's changed alot since those days but for the better I remember when villager were dumber then cows good times but I like the new villagers way better

    • @Johnny Mermaid I remember searching up how to break out of the Tutorial ahh the good old days and also making a new world during a party with 4 players split screen and then the next party you went to you would continue the world ahhhh miss those days

    • yeah, i still havent played anything besides 1.8

    • Than*

  • This update looks incredible! The deep dark cities look both beautiful and terrifying! One small question... Updated Nether Fortresses and End Cities when? :)

  • The deep dark city reminds me a lot of one of those lost Lovecraftian cities which held the tombs of The Old Ones. And the warden along with the shulk blocks remind me alot of The Upside Down from Stranger Things

    • My first thought was the same. If 1.19 doesn't have that soundtrack, then Quake 1 soundtrack will be wonderful with the dark cities.

  • Damn, that looks astonishing, can’t wait for this stuff to come out. Also, looking forward to new dimensions, imagine having “heaven” dimension or sth, would be amazing.

  • I love how when Microsoft bought MC everybody thought it would be a disaster but they were still able to keep the community interested and bring good ideas to the table. Hopefully they do this with Activision/Blizzard (as well as their workplaces) and make their current games even better.

  • I love that the deep dark cities basically turns Minecraft into a survival horror game

    • @Ice Its Doom with extra steps lol

    • So true. Horror is 2 elements: the absence of information and absence of action. In this case, both apply. You don`t know exactly when enemies will appear (because it`s dark) and against the warden even netherite is useless. A true nightmare. I`m curious though, how would max netherite gear stand against the warden?

    • Yeh tho it looks interesting to explore probably a ton of notch apples there hehe

    • @Tzer the deep dark cities are a new thing Mojang is trying out, an area that is more adventurous and survival horror than other areas of the game. The Warden is unbeatable because it's meant to be the guardian of this area, beating it would make it pointless. All the rest of the game is your oyster. Get over it.

    • @Mark Andrew Nazarene Mariposque Relatively, it is. For a block world, that is. Minecraft will never be scary in the truest sense.

  • I'm so happy that they are actually adding the swamp update. I thought they wouldn't anymore after people wanted the cliffs

  • I find it funny how Mojang went all realistic with the frog growth cycle with tadpoles, and yet there are baby bees... The "baby" form of a bee is a larva, they hatch as adults.

    • I mean the larvae stays in the hive anyways so it's not like they'd be visible.

  • Idea for fire flys: when you get a glass bottle or maybe a new jar item and go up to them and right click you will pick all of them up you can place them or walk with them slightly glowing the Area around you and use them to feed frogs

  • Modders are going to take the frog code and apply it to all other mobs so diffrent variants grow based on biomes. :D Modders are also going to use the code from the warden spawning mechanic for zombies when nightfall hits. :D

  • Considering they're adding mud and mud bricks, as well as a postponed archeological mod with pots/ceramics I think it's proper for them to add a new "potter villager" since the stonemason already seems overloaded with trades. Perhaps they can also add a new job site block like "potter's wheel" that can add shape/color/design variety to mud bricks and pots, a bit like what they did with the shepherd villagers and the loom block.

    • there should be a beekeeper villager too

    • New bricks and renewable clay is likely for the Archeology update (It will prob be the main thing about the next update) However if The Wild Update upgraded Swamps, Caves and Cliffs upgraded Mountains aswell. So Archeology could upgrade the desert

    • oh yea

    • Theres no mod

    • great idea

  • The concept art was absolutey beautiful, especially for the swamp and birch forest.

  • Would honestly love to see rivers and lakes get a revamp.

  • Is it just me, or does it feel like the updates for minecraft are becoming more and more ambitious? Also, i cant wait to see what they will dow ith the end. I think it iwll need a complete overhaul, since its supposed to be the endgame goal, they would probably have to make it deadlier than the warden. Or on par with it

  • Deep dark cities looks so cool! I can't wait for making my base in there😍

  • I feel like the mangrove wood should be green! We need more colored wood.

    • @a person who may or may not exist If you don’t care, then why have you defended yourself against some Schmuck on the internet like, 7 times?

    • @Backntheday I totally agree. Also I don’t understand why we’re fighting over a color of wood in a fictional game, just because you worship the tree irl

    • @a person who may or may not exist I hate to disagree with you, but this is Minecraft- what parts of Minecraft have ever followed real life? I personally think that colored wood is a fantastic idea. I guess you could also just add a mechanic where you dye any wood plank to get a specific color wood…

    • if mojang doesn't make it green someone can make a resource pack for it instead (there should be a 32x version for compatability with faithful)

    • We also need more Nether biomes and End biomes.

  • I cant believe I'm saying this, but minecraft now has some of the best environmental storytelling I can remember in a game. Those cities are soo cool, and quite unsettling

  • I love the new world generation, I haven’t played in years so combining it with all the new blocks and mechanics makes it feel like Minecraft 2, or an EXPANSION PACK from those pre-dlc days. 40:30, precious clay, NEAR INFINITE precious clay?!?!

  • This honestly looks amazing. Definitely gonna have to start playing survival again

    • i was thinking the same thing, this looks so cool

    • I’ve been playing survival recently, and the new caves plus this will make Survival a much better experience.

  • Im so glad were finally getting a wildlife update! 🤩

  • Mojang are not messing around. They really are making Minecraft turn more and more beautiful.

    • It's just art it's not gonna look like that lol

    • @Marcello Gonzalez fr tho

    • @Chidiebere Nwadike dude, he's literally complementing the game, and yet you still insult him?

    • @Qobble how what?

    • They are messing around. Because they should have been updating this game a long time ago.

  • love this bedrock and java parity! can't wait to see where this goes.

  • Seeing this game still alive and receiving updates makes me smile

  • I like the mangrove swamp, it's a really good idea. Especially the chest boats.

  • That darkness effects with the sound design is so sick! This is going to be every player and new players nightmare. Lol.

  • I never would have thought Mojang would add stuff like this. Looks more like a mod than Minecraft

    • The closer Minecraft is to Terraria the better imo

    • I think it's because of Hypixel's upcoming game, Hytale. It will become a huge competitor to Minecraft I believe.

    • Yeah Mojang has been absolutey knocking it out of the park in the past few updates. They all have felt like big incredibly polished mods in the best was possible. Playing vanilla with just shaders in 1.18 is genuinely so fun.

    • @Gaster Grows Cry more

    • @Preußen i was just being annoying with the fake fan thing i didnt actually mean theyre a fake fan lol. Their gripes make no sense, and if they actually paid attention to the progression of the game, theyd see that 90% of additions were mods just added to the game. So why are they complaining that the new update feels like mods, when every update beforehand has LITERALLY been mods implemented into the game. I just said fake fan cause its funny, but i did mean it in the sense that if you actually paid attention to the game, youd see this is nothing new.

  • the deep dark city has so much lore behind it! i think its because the animals/peopel there couldn't see any sunlight so they evolved hear sound instead of see, many years later their civilization ended and what left were the plants, and the warden that probably was the cause of the civilization's downfall, or he was just sleeping adn you woke him up

  • I’m genuinely excited for caves and cliffs part 2.

  • I can imagine the chaotic exploring with friends

  • seeing the mangrove swamp is so so exciting, i thought wed never get frogs in minecraft, but now itll happen. gives me hope for the moobloom to be given a second chance

  • they are adding a variety of awesome stuff.

    • Agree

    • Which Notch himself said he would never add. Basically Minecraft is becoming a Modded Vanilla.

    • cs-tv.org/tv/video-Nw6iwoVNh_o.html

    • yea l can't wait to have fun with frogs and wood

    • @thatnoctutnal lizard at least it serves 1 purpose

  • At this rate we'll know what the updates will be five iterations in advance of what's currently implemented!

  • ❤️ I’m so excited for the frogs!!!

  • Can't wait for the 1.19 update this is so exciting

  • Definitely hyped for the warden in a way despite it looking pretty horror

  • Me: "I don't get what everyone sees in you." Frog: *backflips* Me: "OOOOOOHHH!!"

    • Personally, I was internally screaming when I saw that.

    • @“Original” Gamer God I really laughed at your stupidity.After making the statement he’s left speechless because he was actually impressed which is why he didn’t say me

    • @cryamist ellimek I’m in love with your insults 😂 Mango, wet muppet 😂

    • @“Original” Gamer lol.

    • @“Original” Gamer almost as immature as your comments yes

  • These Minecraft updates are adding a lot of flare to the game which is really good, thought I'm still waiting for the Grizzly Bear Mojang

  • Awesome video! Thanks for all the new info. Very well done.

  • Did they ever make it so that when you take out a tree trunk the rest comes with / falls? Always hated getting wood and having tons of leaves in the air

  • I really hope we get undead that rise from dirt, clay, and mud when it turns night

  • The skulk block will make a really cool ceiling. I imagine it'll look like stars

  • Ok the fact that the warden comes from underground afternoon the skulk signals it is both amazing and terrifying at the same time because it really gives minecraft that horror game vibe where there's a jump scare when the monster the just breaks out of the wall or the ground.

  • they should add 3 new cave biomes along with the deep dark ice, volcanic, and arid

  • Minecraft just gets more beautiful and more interesting after each update

  • This is terrible time to start new worlds, so many huge amazing updates back to back!

  • I really enjoy the new updates and it truly makes me happy to see such ambitious devs working on my favourite childhood game. I just hope they'll slow a bit down after this update or update 1.20

  • It could be awesome if they added a way to build larger merchant ship, where there would be a space for chests, cabbins and prisoner cells.

  • Does anyone else get the vibe that the deep dark cities could be a replacement for string holds and the warden a guardian of the portal?

  • You know with the dark city’s and archeology later on it looks like the developers are working on the lore again which is really good

    • @Chris Cross that’s what The Game Theorists is all about, finding lore where there is hidden lore. Scott Cauthon never revealed any lore in fnaf yet we see that there is and so we try and find it.

    • @RealMuserAno But makes all the effort they go to entirely pointless. What is the point of making lore, which they clearly do, if they don't reveal any of it. If they want us to make our own they could just throw whatever the hell they want in there and say "do it yourself", and not waste their time coming up with lore.

    • @Chris Cross which adds to the hype and mystery

    • Not that they'll ever tell us any of it.

    • The Game Theorists are pulling out their lore search again, I can smell it

  • Will be my 10th year playing Minecraft, crazy to see how far it has come.

  • I wonder if they will use the mud bricks in desert villages, since it would be more accurate to how desert cities were actually built.

  • Deep Dark Cities is actually terrifying, dark, and dope at the same time.

  • It’s sad that I have to wait another year to make my adventure map. I need that deep dark biome

  • "Minecraft is a casual, friendly game" The Nether, The End, Cave sounds, Endermen, Deep Dark Cities:

    • Put "Blazes" over "Enderman" lol

    • Minecraft is starting to look more and more like something out of a Lovecraft story

    • Minecraft is evolving to horror game xD

    • Anyone who has played Minecraft knows it’s a horror game

    • Mineshafts are my weakness

  • I honestly believe the ocean needs a huge a update so mining and the danger and exploring can be added as well to the ocean

  • The mangrove seems to be taking alot of inspiration from terraria and I'm all for it

  • To be honest I wanted the copper golem to win,but I'm sure we'll get it in a future update as Mojang doesn't tend to forget about mobs they want to add

  • Warden being the new scariest mob on minecraft cant wait to play it with friends and have some trolly fun 😂

  • This would be a really good time for them to actually start adding to atmospheric lighting by finally introducing different colours of light. Mobs will now spawn in absolute darkness only, so a lot more can already be done with light levels. They're also adding way more life to the game with better terrain and new mobs full of personality. Even their concept art shows how amazing Minecraft would look with different colours of light. With fireflies and sculk blocks coming in 1.19, touching up lighting could enhance their effect so much more (imagine if the blue accents on sculk blocks glowed blue in the dark, or the lights of fireflies casting a warm green tint)

    • @Shenra Dantes I only seem to be spouting nonsense to you because you clearly just faceplanted yourself into this argument without thinking twice. It's quite evident with your poor pointing structure. 1: You seem to be confusing Storage with RAM here. Storage is cheap, and easy to increase. You can just get a pen drive or a portable hard disc. Or CD's too. RAM, on the other hand, is not so simply. Good RAM is usually accompanied by good processors, storage etc. And the same for bad RAM's. Otherwise you just have pointless excess RAM. This is why you will usually see people say "My computer is an 8 gig" when having quick conversations. 2: And even if you were talking about RAM, my point still stands. To use 1. Singular. Shader. You need to have atleast 10 Gigs of RAM with a 3GB video card. And the most this setup can handle is the 2nd lowest performance, with your render distance and other RAM killing options toned down. 16 Gigs is considered high-end. I've seen 16 gig setups crash at high graphics level with shaders, not even being able use the Maximum option on shaders. 2: On your point about "You can't run Minecraft on anything" you barely provide any context, information, or specific details. All of it is completely vague. And from what little I can understand from this, you still are wrong. Minecraft can be easily run on a 4 gig setup. I've even seen people with 2 gigs play Minecraft with the help of alternative launchers like optifine. 3: Your final point is also vague. You say the game should keep up with the current definition of low-end computers. But then you don't specify what is the current definition of low-end computer. And how do you suggest Minecraft will 'keep up'? By pulling the ultimate card of killing off the low-end gaming community?

    • @The Phantom Even minecraft with 100 mods, resource packs, and shaders doesn't require 8-12 gigs. Your spouting nonsense. Only the heftiest modpacks get up to 8 gigs. We're also already at the point where you can't run minecraft on anything, the game should keep up with the times and use the current definition of low end computer.

    • @MoonMan that's why we say F-ps... I'll show myself out

    • My FPS would beg for mercy

    • @OrigamiMarie ah i thought you meant the stack limit going above 64

  • I think the Warden should be able to move larger distances by going underground again and moving through the sculk and then re-emerge out of another sculk covered block.

  • I hope Mangrove swamps replace regular swamps. Regular swamps seem like they would look lame in comparison tbh

  • I wonder if they'll ever implement something like RF from Thermal Foundation as power and industrial stuff like that, ofc there are mods for that but I wonder what it would look like imagined by the actualy devs.

  • I can feel the fear at 10:04 when he accidentally trips the sensor😂

  • Imagine people repopulating the deep dark cities with overworks entities… that would be an insane project… May attempt that.

  • I hope the frogs have a function like dropping slime!

  • Wouldve been nice to have more underwater hostile mobs

  • I don't expect any rush, but I hope they do similar changes to the savannah biome and add elephants to add a passive mob with a similar size to the ravagers, as well as the mesa biome to add more arches

  • What caught my attention the most was that she said, “with a new tree you need a new wood type.” Yet azaleas are still using oak wood.

    • They should have like pinkish wood or something.

    • @Beastly FAILS 👍❤️

    • @Just some games late November or early December

    • @Just some games they will release 1.18 in November or December

    • @CHILLy hey I had a question will mojang release the uptade in December 2022 ?

  • Great stuff, but i think that copper golem looked soooo much cooler

  • I can't wait to explore the underground city and find the warden

  • That animations of walking of frogs are so adorable.

  • I’m so Excited FOR the frogs 🐸

  • I’m excited for the further developed Deep Dark! I’m glad they are expanding it to be much more than a creepy splotchy biome.

    • @Terra yep, obviously It isnt an exact replica but i get your point.

    • @Andrea N Ah, yeah, that is actually pretty similar on a couple of these. I wouldn’t really call that plagiarism because monsters crawling from the earth is a pretty old trope. The underground ruins thing isn’t exactly a new concept either. The pitstone layer thing I get but that’s also a thing irl so like…

    • @Terra i am referring to the dreadful mummy, to the underground submerged by water (pitstone layer), to the cave moss, to the ruins in pitstone layer. Anyway, if in vanilla are able to achieve just the half of the atmosphere of the betweenlands, It would be great.

    • @Andrea N what about it is plagiarism? Last I checked the Betweenlands doesn’t have any sort of underground city, nor does it have anything like the skulk. I know there’s the whole “everything got corrupted” thing but that doesn’t really have much to do with this

    • It honestly feels like an entirety new dimension without being one, and I love it!

  • The evolution of this game is incredible!!!!

  • wow. The clay renewable is actually such a big thing for me

  • I hope they add or updated more of the biomes in the future

  • The mangrove wood looks like a mix of jungle and acacia

  • The frog and the warden animations are so well done to the point that they seem to outshine most mobs animations, I wish they updated the animations of other mobs as well

    • All mobs should be updated to be better, the more nostalgic ones shouldn’t change shape completely

    • They already kinda have, just not in looks

    • Yea. Like they added foxes with sleeping animations, pandas with personalitys and eating animations, and now these! Other animals should have these.

    • @John Dexter Zarate It doesn't have to be such an elaborate thing either, just adapting some old mobs to how they've been doing the game lately. just like when they update a block's texture occasionally, I mean, even steve got his new swimming animation, and with the new mud block they could make an animation of the pig wallowing. I'm not saying they have to change them, just update them just a bit

    • And the textures, compare the pig to the hoglin and you can see how far the games art direction has come

  • I hope they do a farming update we’re they add trees that grow food and new animals

  • I’m excited for the new update… but I’m also sad that Minecraft no longer feels like Minecraft…

  • When archeology gets added in I'm going to guess that the update will be called Discovery&Dungeons Where hopefully because archeology you dig for ancient artifacts and perhaps new dungeons?

  • The sky should change according to the biome you're currently in. something like they do in terraria with the background and music changes

  • I really like what they've done with the Warden and the deep dark cities. It's unfortunate they've had to push it back but they're rewriting the base code atm with the biomes update - which I suspect is the real problem rather than the warden development.

    • @Eddie M they said, that they want all hostile mobs to be fictional creatures

    • @Iska Mag the devs are lazy and stupid they add crappy monsters instead of creatures

    • @Eddie M The devs can take as much time as they want with their content. Also sharks in minecraft sounds like a really bad idea, the ocean is already dangerous enough without them and I don't know what good purpose will they have.

    • @Iska Mag do you you eat water or what a mod can take like a week or a map mojang cant even just an update a year and they dont add a lot of new creatures because they are dumb like "we cant add sharks because they get killed" is a faking game wo cares

    • @Audi. You can't make a baby in 1 month with 9 women

  • For the next update they should do a desert overhaul

  • the mangrove swamp looks better in the Biomes o Plenty version that's been out for a while :)

  • Cant wait till 1.19 It seems really cool