Minecraft Daycare - RYAN HATES TINA !? (Minecraft Roleplay)

čas přidán 10. 11. 2017
Minecraft Daycare - RYAN HATES TINA !? (Minecraft Roleplay)
(Minecraft Roleplay)
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In Today's Episode Ryan goes to a school which is also a daycare. He then traps the director and escapes! What will happen next!? Find out in this episode!
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Komentáře: 3 042

  • Happy to see Ryan and Tina back together

  • Old Goldy: sassy and all over Ryan like "No, Ryan's mine!" New Goldy: laughs all the time

  • Does anyone else ever wonder when the daycare roleplay will actually return to roleplaying?

  • Me: rewatching old daycare videos Also me: realizes he said “I’ll avenge you baby!” Me again: how did I not notice this the first 4 times I watched this

    • I miss this content SO MUCH. Just the plot line makes me laugh for no reason. The content they make now makes it feel like a chore to watch....

    • Lizzy Green I still like their content it’s just the old daycare videos got me good but bc of coppa they had to change a lot

    • Yeah, I know 😞😞. The strict rules changed the videos so much

    • Gacha_lemon Alex he said maybe

    • Omg I saw that to!

  • Most of the episodes now are bout Tina and Ryan fighting but at least it gives the daycare series more drama:)

    • Sam Sam he has been using her name ever since she talk now this is getting annoying

  • I love to just watch the old versions if daycare.

  • Yay so happy ryan posted 😊😊😊 i jope everybody has an amazing day! ☺

  • Poor UnicornMann_ got so surprised when he thought Tina got him a gift. All he wanted was a small present! 😂

  • I think Tina is the reason Ryan is so shy and not able to stay mad for that long

  • 11:54 "ive got a bone to pick with you!" who else saw that coming a mile away

  • I love it how they are meant to Be kids but COMPLETELY act like adults

  • "Hahaha, it made a big BOOM!" -Ryan 2017 3:45

  • more daycare :D

  • I love the way Ryan screams

  • I love when Tina gets to talk🐯

  • i love your videos!!!

  • Love your content keep it up.

  • I love your videos !!!!!

  • More daycare

    • Ethan Williams do you really want to watch this waist of time

  • I think it is funny how enthusiastic Ryan is in his vids then in proper life he is so quiet

  • Ryan is too sympathetic towards Tina and I’m glad that he was mad at her.. she deserved it

  • i love you guys and your videos

  • LMAO. That ending was hilarious. I wonder who made the room... That really is the best mystery I've seen in a while on this channel. Anyone think they know?

  • More daycare 😀

  • So I was just rewatching the series because I love it, keep up the good work, until I heard Ryan say "I'll avenge you baby" when Tina died on 9:53. And I just gotta say, once again, I am shipping this so hard right now. Love you guys, I'm gonna try and finish this over summer!❤❤❤

    • DDevil 15 dude he said I’ll avenge you mabye put you eat up to the speaker

    • Oh sorry. I still ship them though. #Rina💙💚

    • DDevil 15 hey

    • DDevil 15 have a good day

  • I still love the fact that the end screen has empty spaces for links to other videos and Ryan's channel XD

  • Ryan is like my friend Whyatt at my middle school. Once Whyatt sneezes, he keeps sneezing until he's done and sometimes it's hilarious 😆.

    • Its a disorder you feel real good now

  • I love how Ryan kinda destroys the world

  • Goldy + Ryan- Tina makes people happy

  • tina the tiger spreading christmas cheer all day and night through out the year

  • 2:27 just focus on derp with his present😂😂😂

  • I feel so bad for Tina when Ryan said "were done" I was like "dude too harsh man"

  • "everyone get over here before tina murders us in our sleep" smart ryan, smart

  • you make good videos!!! nice!!!

  • "And that's how I met Santa clause" Good job tina

  • I love your vids they make me happy

  • Happy early Christmas!

  • Also another makers punch tip, put the bow in your other hand slot it saves a slot for power ups and lets u be able to use ur bow at all times, u can also repair the elytra with another elytra u found

  • I like to see in a future video ryan's mum or dad coming to the darecare nd ryan trying soo hard to not blow it trying to make them think that this is just a nice normal daycare lol

  • 3 years later I’m still here :)

  • Ryan ur the best love u keep ur good work up

  • 4:21 I burst into laughter

  • 3:51 “IT MADE A BIG BOOM” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ryan your sneezes are so cute!

  • aww little ryan letting tina win in makers punch hehe how cute XD

  • Tina is the one who actually wants the Christmas kiss

  • Can we just make a compilation of Ryan saying “bye goldy” because I feel like he said it like a million times.

  • 22:19 " gtg I think my moms locked out " HAD ME DYING

  • Happy Veterans Day!

  • I love it!

  • This was so cute!! I wanna soon play with y'all in a game soon(I don't has to be on a video)I just wanna hang out! Replay on how I will be able to play with y'all? I Love y'all!!

  • 4:24-4:32 haha I like his sneeze it's funny

  • So good keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love you your the best you should play more games like this

  • Tina should have a CS-tv channel


  • When Tina is extremely angry it's called the very salty or teapot/teakettle stage

  • Don't be sad you are still amazing and wonderful

  • Your so funnny i just love it 😂😂🤤🔥

  • Who herd Ryan Call Tina Baby 💜 9:55

  • Dear rocky Back in the first series you went on crazy adventures and now you just play mini games i will stay subscribed but i would like it if you would go on more adventures.

  • I know how Tina feels when I play minigames

  • Also for any Makers game besides makers party, to get special weapons like the bone, u can unlock it by going to the advancements screen and completing the advancements

  • I love the outro

  • I loved his shows

  • I miss season 1 daycare episodes tbh

  • for me i think derps channel is more than a roleplay than goldy and ryan's channel

  • Tina's weakness ( ryan rejected her , ryan hated Tina )

  • It was nice that Goldy shared her preasent with Unicornmann you know what Unicornmann is right she is a true Christmas Pal...

  • I love Tina she is sooo cuteee

  • It's another day for daycare!!!!!! ◥(ฅº👅ºฅ)◤

  • Never end your daycare series

  • 15:36 oh heart break on the field

  • I love when Tina and Ryan figths

  • 15:11 I enjoyed it more when she was in a corner and ryan was just beating her with a stick

  • cool

  • Ryan is getting even closer to being Tina's boyfriend.....HE EVEN CALLED HER BABY! SHE KISSED HIM LAST TIME! THE PUZZLE IS FITTING PERFECTLY

  • You are the best :)

  • "I just got a bone" ~ Ryan ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • so great!!!

  • First game Ryan hasn't dominated. I actually like the change lol


  • Bless you ryan😷

  • subed and liked!!!

  • Ahhh Ryan call Tina Baby!😁

    • April And Rory I'm sorry to tell you this but he said "Maybe"

    • Girl's CAN Game he said maybe

    • April And Rory I wish it was baby but it was maybe 😢

    • April And Rory. I know

    • Maybe not baby

  • Goldy is the only person that gets UnicornMann feelings unlike Ryan and Tina

  • Tina is so funny

  • I love your end music brew.

  • Good vid

  • 24:08 Cookie : Yay! Cookie : I gtg I think my moms locked out XDDD

  • At 8:45 Ryan:She had the wings to live! Me not paying attention: Oh I had hot wings yesterday! XD

    • On second thoughts he never said that!

  • This is suppose to be daycare.Not being in creative mode and killing goldy.


  • Ryan is so gibill and forgiving


  • #earlysquad!

  • hold on tina dose not like it when ryan tells her that she was bad but yet when its her she rubs it in his face

  • Even tho this was 5 years ago I still watch them and poor unicorn he just wanted a giftt🤣

  • you the man derp

  • Tina is like that really popular girl in highschool but she gets pissed if she loses but she's even worse change up the script sometimes Ryan Tina practically runs the daycare you don't