Minecraft Daycare - TINA VS RYGUYROCKY !?

čas přidán 2. 12. 2016
Minecraft Daycare - TINA VS RYGUYROCKY !? w/ Ryguyrocky

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In Today's Episode Ryan goes to a school which is also a daycare. He then traps the director and escapes! What will happen next!? Find out in this episode!


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  • Who else laugh when they saw matt's face 😂

  • Keep up the good work these Roleplays are AMAZING!!

  • I love how Ryan came up with his own snake rhyme. The actual rhyme is: Red on yellow, kill a fellow; Red on black, friend of Jack.

  • Love your videos keep up the great work


  • Your my favorite CS-tvr ❤️❤️l love your videos ❤️❤️

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    • #savage ryan

    • Ryguyrocky I have waited 2 hours for your next video and sometimes when they are "late" I cry (not now but at other times)

    • Ryguyrocky your my favorite CS-tvr every single day I always get on my tablet and search your ryguyrocky chanel and I wait till you make a new video.

  • Good old days 😌

  • Make more videos with director please I like when he’s in videos it makes the videos special

  • love your videos

  • I’m so happy shark and Sabre are back because last time was quiet

  • Daycare is turning into mini games now XD

    • Just wait until you get to the new daycares it's only mini games. I took a sneek peek.

    • nooooooooooo

    • MiniTygamer 29 yep XD

    • Nelson Ting lol I think their doing that because their out of ideas XD

    • Nelson Ting Last 2 Episodes We're Mini games So You Are Right

  • I love your videos 😍😍😍

  • I Love ur videos Ryguyrocky! Keep the great job up :)

  • It's always funnier with saber and shark

  • i love the daycare vids

  • “It doesn’t matter who actually won because I’m the real winner” Ryan 2016

  • I subscribed :) I love you vids

  • yaaay shark used his old skin I love that YAAAAY

  • Derp's face is better than the director's xD

  • Ryan you always cheer me up when I'm sad

  • omg I love the part where Matt failed to make a skull and it got blown up

  • love it

  • do a episodes when Tina the best talks for the rest of daycare videos please :D

  • Gesundheit literally means "health" in German. So by saying "gesundheit", you're basically wishing someone good health.

  • Ryan builds a bike. His reaction: amazing My reaction: what is THAT 😂

  • awesome video

  • It was so funny, because as I was watching Ryan build a skull, my lil brother was playing with a Minecraft skeleton 😂😂😂

  • Ryan my daughter loves your videos and I subscribed for her!

  • Your the best CS-tvr ever!!!!

  • You build good Ryan!

  • I am determined to watch every Minecraft daycare video there is

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  • WE HAVE SUBSCRIBED AND HAVE NOTIFCATIONS ON!!!!! hey sylveon am i really a curse? om? no?

  • your snake was amazing Ryan good job

  • More nostalgia from sharks old shirt and stuff and things.

  • l love you

  • Ryan made a normal episode look like a roleplay

  • I love ur vids so much

  • ryan how wold you feel about 900000000000000000000 subs?

  • Ryan, make this a role play not a mini game channel!

  • good job on the last round dude

  • I subscribedgreat vid keep up the good work

  • Half of the video it just became build battle....YAY!!!🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉🍉😂

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  • Ryan how do you feel about getting 1 mil subs.

  • The best way to make a skull is to place one skull head LOL 😂

  • when he started building the snake it looked like a hotdog XD

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  • The rhyme is, "Red touch black is a friend of Jack red touch yellow can kill a fellow."

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    • In a land far far away...

  • Ryan's Skull looked kind of like a mushroom

  • you should call it the "RockSquad" instead of the "RockArmy"

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  • Next time you build a snake in build battle make it look similar to that one but have it spit out dark green poison put something that lets you know that's poison so that you know this snake is poisonous

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  • if you think he should like

  • Ironstonemine would build a awesome bike

  • red on black friend of jack, red on yellow kill a fellow, and there is a difference between something being poisonous, and something being venomous, if it is poisonous, the bite is on it, if it is venomous, the bite is on you :D (poison needs to be eaten or inhaled, and venom needs to be injected :D)

    • and coral snakes go (from head to tail) black, yellow black yellow red yellow black yellow red yellow black yellow red yellow on and on until you get to the tail then it's black and yellow :D

    • no one probably cares either way, but eh, there you go XD

  • I Love your Video

  • I would have built arbok for the snake theme idek why xD

  • I hope u get 1 mil 😀

  • Someone sneezes Shark: Bless you Pablo 😂😂😂😂

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    • ItzYaBoi Donnie has the potential of the new world in a more stable world and the new year in a new world he can not do much for his career as the first

    • Correctamondo my friendo

  • This is decently super smash bros because it's about fighting

  • I would've done the trollge face for skull

  • do more! with your friends

  • I surprised it didn’t go like this Ryan:saber like didn’t sneeze Saber: I really don’t Shark: bla bla bla I think shark said something Saber: ya I’m allergic to sneezing Ryan:what happens when you sneeze? Saber:I sneeze Everyone starts laughing because watching other videos (unspeakable shark moosecraft ryan and a lot of others) I feel like it’s something they’d say

  • Amazing video


    • No one should

    • U shouldn’t be happy about taking an innocent animals life

    • @Salty ruf if i may. Life*

    • Jasmain Hunt how is that good what did the deer do to you you just took the deers life from it for no reason

    • Ummmmm nice.....

  • It's red touch black safe for Jack. Red touch yellow kill a fellow

  • I hope you can make more daycare vids and I subscribed

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  • First Comment plz reply Ryguy

    • 😂😂😂😲

    • Kristen Bansfield then this would turn into a adult program

    • Kristen Bansfield ? Why would you even say that. Would the viewers want to watch that?

    • hi and ryguyrocky red and yellow on a snake means poison and red and black means hospital from saliva has bacteria that make you really sick

    • Ryan can you PLZ add a new character??!?

  • Ryan I love your channel

  • I know this is daycare but in recess just ask out Katie already and make Justin ask out Tina and go on a double date

    • NO RINA RYAN+TINA not Justin and Tina RYAN AND TINA 😊 sorry I had to clear my mind on this comment ok I’ll go now

    • l think that you should do a video about marking tina

    • Harvey Day I agree they should hw does she know alot of what ryguy likes and tina doesnt in recess makes no sense

    • +Harvey Day I think so

    • If you think so like and comment

  • you're the best

  • Your video are so cool and I have watch all of your video 😊

  • Ryguy you said the rhyme it can NOT be black-red-yellow !!!!!!!!I will only forgive you if you kiss Tina in front of the whole daycare. (Even Thomas and the Director) like if you agree

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