Minecraft Dungeons | Gameplay Part 2 - My First Rare Unique Weapon Drop!

čas přidán 22. 05. 2020
Continuing with the Minecraft Dungeons playthrough with gameplay part 2. My first unique rare weapon drop!
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  • I like it so much that I want part 3

  • You killed small slimes

  • Will this have local co-op at launch?

  • Arekkz, date me. That it all😄

  • Heard their is very little loot in this game.

  • Thought this doesn't come out till the 26th?

  • Love your content keep it up keep safe and that goes for all the AREKKZ crew

  • Those jellies in wind waker are called Chu-Chus :) one of my favorite Zelda enemies

  • Minecraft Dungeons : You can hit an Enderman with arrows Minecraft : Wait that's illegal

  • More plz!!!

  • My hope is they multiply and strengthen enemies based off having a 4 man group. If not this is gonna be super slow at the start.

    • Schlarb237 they do

  • So diablo for kids?

  • This looks like a mix of Gauntlet and Diablo with a Minecraft skin. Not as much loot as a Diablo clone but some.

  • Is this game based on completing set levels or are each of the dungeons randomly generated?

    • TheBulletKin from watching. They have set dungeons based on lvls and they have random spawns for enemy’s n other things

  • part 3 pls

  • So the games kind of like build your own class right?

    • Yeah it seems so! No fixed classes, instead it all builds on your gear.

  • It looks interesting but seems to have no difficulty to it? What setting were you playing on?

    • Yeah it's pretty easy right now, but I'm on the default difficulty. You can turn it up, and revisit areas once your gear is better to farm for more stuff.

    • He was playing at Default 1. So normal difficulty.

  • I enjoyed your content, I smashed the subscribe button!

  • Will this be on phones?

  • I hope this game gets a ton of support.(and hopefully gauntlets)

  • The lack of exploration triggered me beyond belief. Anyone else?

    • Haha, normally in these games I would explore every corner - I do it in Diablo and other games like these, but in the interest of keeping these episodes shorter, I opted to golden line. Apologies!

  • How did you get early

    • @Arekkz Gaming damn you so lucky 🤩

    • Xbox gave me a code :)

  • You need the Enderdragon to make me play.

  • Is there s demo?

    • I don't think it'll have a demo, but it is going to be on the game pass on both Xbox and PC.

  • Another youtuber posted a video about minecraft dungeons almost the same time as you nani

  • Part 2 ... what is going on :S 2020 is mad

  • Nice vidéo wanna be friends!?

  • Good vid when does this actually come out

  • Nice

  • Nice boiiiii love you vids🥰🥰🥰🤩🤩

  • Nice