Minecraft DUNGEONS is HERE! Full Game Let's Play (#1)

čas přidán 22. 05. 2020
Minecraft Dungeons has launched!! We're checking out everything NEW in the first 3 levels! Since the Minecraft Dungeons Beta!
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Today we're checking out everything new in Minecraft Dungeons from the first 3 levels Creeper Woods, Creeper Crypt and Pumpkin Pastures. We cover all the Unique items we know about as well as some of the ones that will be available when the game fully launches. Let's chat about all the game mechanics and weapons power-ups that we played with through this exclusive launch release gameplay.
Minecraft DUNGEONS is HERE! Full Game Let's Play (#1)
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  • I just realized that villagers and illagers are 2 different races in a war !

  • I pre ordered Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition :)

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="314">5:14</a> that corpse launch of that illager! 😂😂😂

  • does anyone know if it comes out on monday or tuesday?

  • #Jamesisold ;D

  • I'm saving up money to get this game on my nintendo switch light

  • We have to get the game on the 26 while the CS-tvrs get the full game on the 22

  • Why does he sound like logdotzip

  • Cool video bro

  • nobody: tyler: minecraft dungeons modpacks

  • This guy is weird I was just looking though youtube and this weirdo just appeared

  • Why haven't i got it? I 'was' a youtuber, but my account got deleted.

    • I think you have to have enough subscribers and apply for it.

  • i wonder if the guy in the opening cinematic gets captured and you have to free him or he's a boss that has arch-illager magic and you have to defeat him. that would be really cool

  • Lol they also added Steve to dungeons that would be cool playing as one of the classic skins.

  • I want minecraft dungonns

  • YAY tyler Xd

  • Will ever Minecraft dungeons be out in android??

  • Dis they add anything to home base,other than the traders, i would like to see villagers walking around

  • How playing it

    • That is wrong grammar. You mean "How are you playing it?".

  • What a tease... Ein (in Logdotzip voice)


  • E-Yes Pleas, minecraft dungeon

  • E-Yes Pleas, minecraft dungeon

    • You said that already

  • I hope the DLC pack includes the Ocean for Elderguardian, Nether for the Wither and End for The EnderDragon!

  • is there a mode where there is randomly generated dungeons and you keep going until you die?

  • Me:so excited to download Minecraft Dongeons Also me:oh wait my computer is broken and my laptop has been take by my big brother that means i can't play Minecraft Dongeons 😢 aw Like if this happen to you to.

  • #stillwatching like if ur still watching

  • I’m bak I didn’t watch this channel in a little bit.

  • Well I'm subed cuz I am interested of this game It's rly cool

  • i can not wait

  • I have 3 more days before I get it

  • Same I'm really exited for it


  • Where do you live

  • Why do you guys get really access in why don't we we still have to wait 4 days

  • I was tricked.... welp

  • Keep uploading ❤️❤️❤️

  • who has the launcher problem that it says "buy minecraft dungeons" even thought you already bought it? :(

    • I'm very sure you PRE-ORDERED it, it is not out yet btw. It's gonna be released on the 26th of May

  • You battle mini mob bosses? Tyler, what have you done?

  • Your gonna lose a lot of subscribers for this prank bro,I'm not one of em

    • It’s not a prank they gave him early access

  • Idk if everyone gets to keep their lv from the beta but if so then that wouldn’t be fair for the people who didn’t get the beta

  • Tyler said Minecraft dungeons is released I was so happy then he said well for the youtubers only, I so sad

  • Still cant pre order on PS4 load of bullshit

  • How come CS-tvrs always get it first? 😢 :(

    • @Fam Gaming i think you are right. it's kinda sad for peoploe that already pre ordered and now they now mojang already finished with the game

    • They got it early so they can show people the game and get people excited, but it's basically just teasing us which I don't like

    • The full game comes out for everyone next Tuesday. The CS-tvrs got it just before us.

  • i wana play on phone😓😓😓😓😓im super depresed now

  • If they did have mc dungeons on mobile it would only be playable on iPhone X or higher because of its capability of 60 FPS

  • This is a heep of horse crap. How are we not supposed to be mad? They give it to youtubers 4 days earlier??? Not exactly fair... and you get to keep your stuff? Your far ahead of the rest of the people. You got beta access bcuz ur a youtuber, then get even more early access bcuz ur a youtuber, and got to keep the stuff you got in the beta that they said you wouldnt get to keep... like wth

    • Chill out at least we now know what we are buying and if it’s worth. This is an easy way to show off the game. But it is a little unfair but just chill.

  • <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="373">6:13</a> YES YES I AM VERY VERY EXCITED WOOHOO!!!!

  • Alredy pre ordered it

  • Yay!!!! The release has happened!!! Oh wait it's only for youtubers.

  • I dont want to be that guy but gypped is actually an offensive slang against gypsy people. Just thought you might want to know

  • Hi logsapt

  • Oh so nowwww you use the nightmare’s bite ehh

  • Steve

  • It releases on Tuesday May 26 wich is also my birthday

  • Yessssss!!! Can't wait to get the game!

  • i am ive been dieing waiting

  • U can get mineceaft dungeons on xbox one if u have game pass

  • Aweeesome

  • i can 't wait

  • More levels? More gear? More content by Tyler? Heck yeah hyyyyyppe!! Also Soggy Swamp? Soggy? Alex?! Logdotzip 5ever (cuz 5 is greater than 4)

  • Why they do this? Really just give the CS-tvrs the same waiting time.

    • To make us hyped and so that we know what we are buying

  • Also I need to ask do you have any copies

  • Bruh,why do you youtuber people get early acess to these

    • Cause Mojang KNOWS that they are fans

  • Can you make a channel on Minecraft earth? (When you finish Minecraft dungeons)

    • Have you seen the updates in Minecraft earth? NATE

    • Minecraft earth isn’t really that big it’s not worth making a full channel about it

  • Also looking forward to your video were you cover all we need to know about Minecraft dungeons

  • A video in the "very near future" with ALL new items? I hope you don't leave too many items out. It would be unfortunate if you claimed you had ALL items in the game but were missing more than 5 (like last time... and all the other times)

  • I enjoyed your content, I smashed the subscribe button!

  • Yaya it is realsed

  • When it officialy release?

  • Why in the title you said they minecraft dungeons is out but it's just for the you tubers?? It's kind of a click bait... I didn't liked it so much... :(

    • I mean it kinda is just now for everyone

  • I am also looking forward to the public release

  • I was super excited... And then he said only for certain people :(

  • You’re making me more excited for Monday

  • I'm so excited for minecraft dungeons.

  • How many new things are in the game

  • It is out on switch

  • Tyler can me and the guy who is first get a shoutout

  • Also keep creating videos you always lighten up my day and make me laugh

  • The youtubers getting early access to the full game is reminding me of the "Randomly selected" beta