Minecraft Live 2021 Memes (Wild Update)

čas přidán 18. 10. 2021
Jeb in a boat.
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is a game about breaking and placing blocks, developed by Mojang.
Minecraft: minecraft.net/


  • You could have let the countdown timer at the end hit '4:56' so it's perfect and stuff.

    • @Luke Maranan Probably ;)

    • are you a minecraft creator

    • @Miner Diner lol.. if only you knew

    • @Hysick- wait are they bot? Like how does it work? It thought i was the only one seeing them

    • @Rachel Che u r a bot


  • Allay=good vex

  • 3:12

  • did he really just put the blue one to copper golem and the copper coloured one to allay

  • Imagine being in a hardcore SMP and you drop a player head at the allay and ITS also in the night and everyone is sleeping

  • O

  • I care about the glare 1:22

  • Paleology

  • What

  • 1:01 You think archaeology is missing,WHERE ARE THE BUNDLES?

  • I know that disc that steve gave it to allay thats disc 13!!!

  • 0:67

  • In swamp update plz add Yoda and Baby Yoba

  • Ok myth 4:56

  • That’s sus

  • I like that the allay got this pink disk and it screemed like Yoshi(Yoshi is From mario

  • The bee armor might be getting added to minecraft dungeons

  • 3:05-3:17 We are proud to announce that the Allay is the first mob vote winner that, wait for it... Everyone DOESN'T complain about them!

  • In my opinion allay would be much better as a blue armoured giant instead of the orange one, and the same thing with copper golem 1:21

  • We don't need F3 we just gonna our eyes

  • 2:11 I like it

  • 202

  • 2:11

  • I wanted glare :(

  • Well player heads are already there so allay should be able to just take it

  • Wild update.exe

  • Noob

  • For all you bedrock players like myself, I took the liberty to google what f3 is in the 2:07 part of the video The debug screen is a feature which allows a player to view elements of the game, such as the coordinates and the biome you're in. It's accessed by pressing the F3 key, which can also be used to do certain actions, like reloading chunks or cycling Creative and Spectator modes. I literally copied a section from the mincraft wiki

  • I will never be able to like the allay. Not because it's a bad mob. It is a good mob, but the copper golem had way more potential. Whenever I see the allay I am sad, because it reminds me of what could have been.

  • 3:02

  • 1:35

  • whats that apps name for the steve clicking note block

  • im🇮🇩

  • -2:00

  • Wonder boy ye meme here 18.18: bad update 17.17: better 19:19: the updates too quick

  • Phoenix having insider information is so weird to see.

  • 3:04 Ah yes, the blueberry trio.

  • idc of glare if im bedrock fan -w-

  • They have the HIVE

  • Bedrock is better

  • Don't the anti-voters of the glare think about bedrock players?

  • Me who wanted the glare cuz he plays bedrock and is annoyed by creepers spawning even tho everything is completly lit: :=(

  • Yo what if there was a boat with a furnace in it in the game that’d be awesome, while we’re at it maybe a minecart with a furnace in it that could be like a cho cho train *nudge nudge*

  • I turn this video on to see my roblox username on a shirt. What a glorious day today.

  • yo squid game

  • lol

  • You made the squidgame with many creators

  • 2:59 It would be better if they put The Rick Roll Song

  • sus game :p

  • Archeology is 100% scrapped or else we would have at least heard that it isnt.

  • This is good

  • How come Jeb gets a boat with with a chest but not us

  • So this is literally just someone browsing through reddit posts? Man imma become a CS-tvr

  • But what about the glowsquid game?

  • I voted for copper golem

  • When a youtuber steals someone's content :)

  • We all knew the alley was gunna win it’s simply that people one forgot the redstoners still don’t have a match for the copper golem because nothing and yes I mean nothing coming in 1.19 with ANY of the skulk stuff or ANYTHING in 1.17 or 1.18 or 1.19 will introduce RANDOM into the way the copper golem would have. But also and FAR MORE THE REASON MANY MANY MANY people thought and especially said on CS-tv that the alley will duplicate items NOT TRUE it’s been confirmed that the alley will only pick up items it finds on the ground! Something that I think of what most people thought would have not had the alley win!

  • The allay. Good..... copper golem sucks

  • It's always shitty joke channels that have the most subs.

  • @Phoenix SC I don't know why they call jens instead of jeb

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  • I love the new disc

  • The moment you remember that the 'Badlands" was already updated from the Mesa......

  • The Allay Reminds Me Of Your Icon Phoenix Sc

  • 3:30 looks cool how many days did you spend doing that

  • I really wanted archeology

  • Gives Alley dragon egg Me:you know what to do

  • 50:21 pog!!!!1!!1!1!1

  • Allay doesnt just dupe any item apparently..

  • 3:42 Brooooo it's supposed to be IT when IT shouts.

  • 1:21 literally who is the idiot deciding: " ooouuuh i think the one coloured like the allay should be copper golem, and the copper golem colored guy is the allay!!!! just to have it easy to understand"

  • The copper golem can show us our friends secret bases

  • 3:33 oh my god is that the indie hit Crab Game by Dani in Minecraft?

  • They swaped the armor colors in the meme at 1:21 and I hate it

  • you should call ink game ;)

  • I saw the Squid Game map on Cubecraft.

  • Istg when the frogs come out I'm gonna get one in my world the way they walk-

  • Wow that new among us map you showed us at the end looks sick

  • I'm here just to read OwO's comments

  • Sad that I'm a bedroock player

  • 1.69M SUBS! *N I C E*

  • guys my tooth fell off, and im still shaking with fear.

  • I was team glare 🟢💚

  • “Inspired by the Netflix show” bruh

  • Is Blue mobs is cursed lucky colour in Minecraft Community? Also, is Dream, toxic?

  • glare is like f3 but for both bedrock and java ( well java doesn't need ) BUT BEDROCK NEEDS THE GLARE... lol I am a jedrock player sooo... yea

  • 1:22 it should be opposite -_- the alley is blue, copper golem is copper color (brown/bronze) breh

  • 2:26 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • We need a dessert update or more dessert biomes

  • 2:58 anyone know the name of this song? XD

  • Even the bedrock edition players didn’t want the glare

  • I voted for the Glare :/ I thought he was cool

  • I really wish the glare would’ve won tbh. I love him. Little scared little bush baby boy

  • squid game is overrated

  • Guess what I love the phantom And the glow squid Because there cool

  • I want the caper golem to win can we make a deal Mojang that both can win the allay and the caper golem : )

  • Even though the glare was the most unpopular and even I voted for the allay, it would have been the most useful. Could have been so useful with new maps and builds and to achieve different lightings for them with or without spawning mobs. Idk if in Java you can see the light level or not. Edit: F3

  • Next will be badlands Edit: My theory is that in the vote it was cliffs (or caves idk), Swamp and Badlands. They never said they wouldn’t do the others, and now that swamp is here I think the badlands is next.

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