Minecraft's most Humane Prison: ELEOS CITADEL [By Kenadian and Corealis]

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Thank you for watching! Seriously!! I've never spent more time on a video. I've been editing for 18 hours lol.
Here's all the wonderful people who helped this recording happen!
Jensencheah [The cooler Ken]:



Music (in video order)
Flight Hymn

LEMMiNO - Cypher

Strad Remix

SilentCrafter - Stranger

Elevator Music

Pigstep Orchestral

Able Sisters (New Horizons)

Mice on Venus [Dramatic]

0:00 - How and why
2:20 - Entrance
8:19 - Prison Aspects
11:02 - Security
14:20 - Conclusion

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  • Finally an actual humane prison instead of just a friccin box


  • yeah either he's canadian or swedish

  • Humane prison... But what about the psychological damage? Bring trapped, no way out, and everything seems too perfect.

  • I would love it if someone brang like their subs onto a server with the download of this prison and had like 1 or 4 pros try to break them out

  • I love how the prison is relative to your username

  • Guess this is a norweigan prison

  • The literal opposite of Pandora's Vault

  • Literally solved every problem in American prisons.

  • In greek Eleos (Έλεος) means Mercy

  • Can someone explain this whole super advanced server thing? Do they really have advanced civilizations like this in Minecraft?

  • Did you know there is a country that values freedom so much that escaping from their prison is ok?

  • pretty much killing for the most humane prison

  • So I got this SMP, and there is a dude there that's charged with 5 severe crimes, and I am building a prison for him, but I never thought of an option to make it humane like this, if anything, I was thinking of a void platform. Of course there would be some entertainment for the prisoner, but nothing that includes them leaving their platform

  • Kenadian: blahblahblah My brain: The Escape Plan...

  • this isn't right just about Minecraft...

  • How do you corral players into the prison in the first place? You can't really move them without their consent, and you can't use violence because death would just mean escape. The best I can think of is having a bunch of guards that can circle them and punch them in one direction, while splashig them with healing pots... seems a bit much, though.

  • Bruh ngl this is simultaneously amazing, beautiful, and absolutely hilarious at the same time. “Rehabilitate” lmao

  • "the most humane prison" Still has solitary confinement ..... (Though I mean technically the prisoners can still chat with each other so that might make it slightly less blatant torture?)

  • Just chunkban the guards every 14 blocks to stop pearls

  • You could just put lava on the nether roof to prevent pearling through

  • just like norway prisons

  • swedish prison but in minecraft

  • “I built the PERFECT prison.” *The United States has entered the chat* “It’s humane and serves to rehabilitate it’s prisoners. 💕” *The United States has left the chat*

  • I hate how there is more sound one one ear here

  • Prison builders when the go big brain time: why dont we make them want to stay in prison

  • So the best way to contain a prisoner in your prison is to make them want to stay there.

  • Is this inspired by that one Norwegian prison?

  • kill people with uno reverse card or draw 25

  • This is the best.

  • step 1. befriend mailman step 2. profit

  • finally, a prison with human rights


  • Around 5:30 sure they could set the spawn but then break the bed unless there is mining fatigue

  • no like realy, try patching the respawn thing, oh wait you dont know when the gards will get you, they will destroy your house after you go to prizon, but then wait what if I die AGAIN, i will just respawn at the world respawn >:) but then they would make the pison at world spawn, but like realy, then how would new players or normal good players who die and dont have a bed get OUT. I got you CHECKMATE!

  • 14:47, your wrong, let me tell you how to escape is 2 seconds, step 1, make sure your house has a bed in it and you set your spawn there, step 2, run to the gards as they go to you house, step 3, make the gards kill you, step 4, respawn at your far away house and make a run for it, step 5, thats it theres no step 5, just run farther away, get good armor, kill the gards, BLOW THE PRZION UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! realize that the uno reverse card only works and real life and you can just, igore it and then do it taht way lol,

  • why

  • those "trinkets" are the new age chunkbans

  • Patience is the key to success

  • Hey im building a prison and it was gonna be like all the other prisons, but now I want to make it humane to, the cell is in the end so it should not be that hard but maybe couild you help me make it humane

  • Now build: the most unhumane prison.

  • Amazing, even I can't fathom human rights

  • after i saw this a few weeks ago, i am still trying to find a rp prison server like this ;-; if someone knows about a server like this pls tell me

  • Kenadian 4 months ago "Alright, I said it before and I'll say it again for real this time. This is the last inescapable prison I'm designing. I want to move on to better things."

  • Theres actually a prison like this in real life

  • ngl this prison is far more humane than irl prisons

  • You used the cipher song from lemmino Cicada 3301 video

  • i dont see how this stops chamber pearls and a thered party activateing them

    • PaperMC stops unloaded stasis chambers

  • Guard: you have tried to escape Me: I can again Guard: ... *we're sending you to Gaia Vault*

  • i just realized how crazy of prisons you can build with mods Like a one way glass mod, where you release the prisoner into a natural area with trees, stone, like an actual mc world. The thing is, they're in a box. You can see through the one way glass into this box. You can easily make sure that they cant get anything good enough to escape, but you can also have them be able to do whatever they want in the cell.

  • How to break out of the prison: Step 1: /gamemode creative Step 2: Success

  • What is the server ip for this

  • wait, what is that bl- *unexists*

  • why is the audio only on one ear bro

  • gotta add this is my planning prison

  • Idea: what if theres a special cookie or cake day and everybody gets a half stack of cookies or 1 cake and during there days respectivly the mii theme playd or thr able sister

  • This prison…it’s where I want to go if I ever did a crime.

  • This shit is boring af.

  • Can we get a world download?

  • I had a stroke when you said “Kenadian” and thought you said/meant Canadian. I was super confused why you said it until I realized it was your user lmao

  • rehabilitation is proven to be so much better than just locking them away so it's refreshing to see something like this!

  • Nice!

  • I love to go to this prison because is so unique.

  • Cicada 3301 theme pog

  • Holy, this is just amazing!

  • I've thought about that too! like... if you really have no way to escape, then why even log on? to stare at the wall of your cell?

  • There is one downsied person they could just break one of the boats

  • They’ll be let put eventually and wouldn’t even want to escape anyway.

  • If i get sent To this prison, i wouldn't care how long my sentence would be this prison actually seems nice

  • Man, the constant rotating cameras gets annoying fast.

  • Finally rehabilitation

  • Incredible build!

  • Prison that’s been made = therapy

  • Thats what prisons were actually made for

  • How to make people wanna stay in prison: 1. Make sure the prison is humane 2. The prison must be not that strict 3. Let the prisoners taste the outside once in a while 4. Make the prison nice all together The best way to make prisoners not break out is to make them not want to Also make sure that they can leave after a while so they don't get bored and leave forever

  • The rest of the prisons are the American prison system.

  • Well it is escapable, but who would want to

  • The only based minecraft prison

  • i found 3 ways to get the fuck out 2 need help

  • Minecrafters have prisons more figured out than the American justice system

  • This Guy just said: hmm, swedens prison look Kinda THICC

  • OOH prisoners get stampy style boots :D

  • Most of these prisons people build are mega builds, they excpect that the people on the server cre so much about playing on the server that they will litterally hack the matrix just to escape, if they wanted to punish someone just ban them or something

  • Oh, so you’re using the Papyrus approach?

  • Make the most inhumane prison

  • 14:30

  • Ah yes, one CS-tvr managed to do something that even the American government couldn't do.

  • In other words, all the other prisons were flawed because they were based off of the American prison system

  • This guy should also make the prison in real life

  • just make the prison so nice that nobody wants to get out

  • This should have been the prison of the DreamSMP.

  • *I need this for my realm.*

  • You know maybe make an inescapable prison, but the twist is that the world is the prison! A player isnt likely to travel thousands of blocks so if the person doesnt know he is in a prison, he wont try to escape, the prison would have actors which are the guards, like the truman show

  • PLEASE tell me there is a map download

  • i kinda want to be on a server with this prison 🤔

  • I have formulated a plan to escape.

  • This is actually so cool, videos like this make me want to make content and even work in general. Also God bless you for linking the songs in the description lol

  • What About Pandora's Vault?

  • the point of prisons should be to rehabilitate people and not to have revenge

    • immideatly after this comment he said the same thing lol