Momoshiki vs Kawaki | Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

čas přidán 18. 03. 2023
Ep 292: A possessed Boruto goes toe to toe with Kawaki! Watch Boruto on Crunchyroll!
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  • Watch episode 292 here!

  • It’s crazy how Momoshiki and Boruto are learning from each other. Boruto is using the karma to learn Momo’s fighting experience, while Momo is learning from Boruto how to fight more like a shinobi

  • The Naruto/Boruto franchise never disappoints us when it comes to taijutsu.

  • Borushiki kicking Kawaki’s blade into the ground was a big brain move 🧠

  • I love how defined their fighting styles are. Momoshiki uses a lot of open-palm strikes and fancy flips, while Kawaki uses brutal, straightforward, and powerful strikes.

  • I like how Momoshiki has grown from absorbing jutsu and sending back stronger versions of them to spamming huge rasengans

  • I love that when the fights are serious there isn’t a ton of dialogue just purely fighting

  • Respect to Boruto for having that level of resolve at such a young age💪🏼🔥

  • An amazing finale, props to all those who stuck with this show until now and didn’t constantly complain about how boring it was compared to shipuuden; this series gave us some of the best animated fight sequences in recent memory; I’m confident the second half of the season will be even better

  • I love momoshiki’s fighting style . He’s slowly becoming my favorite anime character ngl. Btw I love how they manage to give the villain plot armor along w the main protagonist 😂

  • We all remember how insane the difference between Naruto and Sasuke's fights were in parts 1 and 2. Just imagine how crazy the fight between these 2 will be when they're older. Probably teleporting through different dimensions as they fight

  • Such an epic episode. I feel bad for Naruto being completely useless here, even with his sage mode. It's clear they are fighting on a whole different level, and there's nothing Naruto can do to stop it. I do think that Momoshiki is suppressing his chakra trying not to wake Boruto, but if it was all out, I think Momoshiki would have wiped the floor with kawaki, and code.

  • I love how you see kawaki gradually use more and more of isshiki's abilities, using his battle tactics along with his own to become a seasoned warrior just like code said, it's the attention to detail that matters!!!

  • I like how there was no talking in between, only straight up hand-to-hand combat and at the last Borushiki's aura rasengan and Kawaki's prosthetic arm clash made it even better.

  • Momoshiki really does that hand to hand combat😤 he’s top tier so far from what I’ve seen 🥇

  • One reason I love this fight is that it's the closest we've gotten to seeing what it would be like if 2 Otsutsuki fought.

  • I have watched this fight sequence on repeat for the past 30 minutes or so, it’s THAT good. Nothing like watching a good taijutsu fight. Props to the animation team!

  • An interesting detail I noticed when Kawaki used Sukunahikona @

  • Boroshiki kicking the blade into the ground is sasuke’s move that he observed from his fight with kinshiki. Little details like that are like a chefs kiss. Just perfect!

  • Imagine how they'll battle when they've both had a few years to get use to their abilities 🤯