Most Dеаdly Serial Кіllеr In New York’s History - The Тwіstеd World of Joel Rifkin

čas přidán 22. 01. 2022
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Hey guys!
Today we're heading to New York for the first time! I know I can't believe it either, how have we never done a case from there yet! & I seem to be making a habit recently of making extremely long videos so I hope you don't mind!
As always let me know your thoughts, theories and opinions! Thanks for watching xoxo

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Hi my name is Danielle, welcome to my True Crime and Makeup series! I’ve been interested in true crime for the longest time now, what started with me watching true crime on TV with my Nan from a young age eventually turned into studying for a degree in Law & Criminology.

When I first watched Bailey Sarian’s series I was completely hooked, I loved how she had combined two of the things I’m most passionate about and delivered it so well. She totally inspired me to take the leap and do the same thing on my channel, so all credit for the idea goes 100% to her.

I’m from the UK and will be covering cases from both the UK and internationally, let me know if there are any cases that you’d like to see from me! More cases will be coming soon so please subscribe if you enjoyed this video!


  • Hey Danielle, I wanted to let you know my patient just recently passed away unexpectedly and we loved watching your videos together. She loved your accent and thought you told stories very well. If you see this by chance could you add a butterfly to you background for her. She loved them. 🦋 She was a blessing to take care of and oddly enough she didn’t think the concept of people being interested in true crime was weird. She told me to turn up Mile Higher Podcast when I put it on. Anyway, love you Danielle keep up the videos for all the beautiful humans watching! ❤️🦋

    • 🦋

    • 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

    • Watching her reruns and stumbled across you comment. May she Rest In Peace 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

    • Awe so sad! Sorry for your loss! Rest In Peace to your patient

    • @Danielle Kirsty 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 tag Danielle🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

  • I'm an engineer with anxiety. Most of the time the 'bad feeling' is actually an architectural issue - drafts, poor lighting, even the aspect of the home can change the 'feeling' of a place. For example - when you are in a brightly lit restaurant with clear open views across the room and then the bathrooms are off down a corridor, with only artificial lighting, your line of sight it cut off by stalls - it can feel really creepy. However if the bathrooms were down a corridor with windows or even artwork, then the bathrooms are separate little rooms, with high small windows, instead of darker stalls you feel more secure. If you ever feel scared in your home then seriously consider the way it is laid out and how the light travels. For example I switched my home layout - my bedroom is in the front of the house and the livingroom is in the back. This is because my garden is more private - making my living space more private during the day. It also means I get up with the light and I get the evening light in my living room and garden. Anyhoo I hope this helps someone Xx ❤️

    • P

    • This reminds me of the study done showing that people responded to a specific frequency with feeling like a place was haunted! Turns out it’s a frequency often created by structural weakness (rocks moving etc) and thought to be an evolutionary development to make people leave caves in case of earthquakes or landslides

    • @L L I have an entryway.

    • Did you move your front door too or do people just come in through your bedroom?

    • I stay up later than everyone, so when the house is quiet I have to pass the attic door to go to the bathroom. I always imagine that it will be cracked up a couple inches as I come out and I'll see an eye staring down. I can't help running past every time I pass. Could always be Mr. Howdy too.

  • CASE SUGGESTION- my childhood friend murdered his pregnant wife and toddler child. He later went on to kill his cellmate in prison. An interesting thing about the case is it led to laws being changed regarding next of kin. At the time he was still his wife’s next of kin even though he was charged with her murder and he refused to release her body to her family- he used her as as bargaining tool. His name is Zach Melcher, from Indiana.

    • @Baby Love there are very few articles on him.

    • @Tricia Maria - True Crime & Workouts I searched everywhere for Zach Melcher and nothing. His story has not been covered as far as I can see.

    • @Angelina can you give me more info on the place? I have a twitter with the same user name, if you can DM me there. I'm interested in putting that into a vid

    • @Angelina im kinda intrigued. What country? Im curious to learn more on the mother/child/uncle story.

    • Two years ago cops arrested a woman on my street , she was completely naked with a bag.She walked like that almost 10 kilometers .When cops looked into a bag they saw a head of a little girl 12yo.Police figure out that that woman was girl’s mother, then they found a body in her home, there were 70 stabs in the body. This family was described poor, but happy, girl was always clean,had good grades,mother worked 2 jobs to provide for a living for a child and an alcoholic brother.Official version is that mother went insane and killed daughter, but a lot of people ,especially friends believe that it was girl’s uncle.He is unstable alcoholic, sometimes have beaten Tatiana. That he killed a girl Kristina with a knife and when Tatiana saw her daughter dead she lost her mind , cut a head to take a daughter with her, took off clothes cus she couldn’t see so many blood , and then went somewhere. Also another interesting case happened in January 2021 in another city of my country. A young man (29)was sitting naked and smoking on the bench with a head in his hand and intestines on his neck, like a necklace. He killed his father and father’s friend. Police said that a man was on drugs ,probably alpha pvp and was screaming that he a god ,but they refused to worship him. These two are in the same mental hospital , I hope someday they will understand what they have done .

  • The more I watch crime stories, the more I believe that children who were bullied severely are set up for failure. If you have children, RAISE them to STAND UP for those who are bullied! I have a younger sister who bullies kids and I tear her ass up when I hear about it! Maybe if parents do a better job and mental health was taken seriously then there would be less of these stories 🤔

    • @PhoeniX i know!! Sad part is, her father, my stepfather, actually told me that he prefers her being the bully instead of her being bullied herself!! It blew my mind. But my stepfather twin sister got involved and told him what I had been saying and I think its better now. But it breaks my heart he said that because I'm sure other parents think the same way.

    • @ME Me bless you and thanks so much for raising kind beautiful young adults❤

    • That’s what I’ve always told my children since they were very very little and now I have 2 popular teenagers that are very kind and stick up for other kids that get picked on and it makes me so proud of them. I would tell them that if the kids look a little dirty or don’t wear cool expensive clothes or are overweight that it’s not their fault and a lot of it is because of their parents or home life and maybe they don’t have a lot of money or whatever and I would let them know how sad it is for that child and they grew up very kind and big hearted. I’ve made a ton of mistakes raising my kids and I had got addicted to pain pills that doctors put me on which I really struggled with but one thing I know I did right was how I taught my children to treat others. I feel so horrible for bullied children and adults, sadly it does still happen in adulthood! 🤦‍♀️

    • Your parents should probably step in before something horrific actually happens. These days kids lose their shit and make choices that ruin their lives forever. If someone she bullies decides to take justice into their own hands it would just be such a sad outcome. The world has enough trauma already.

  • I couldn’t imagine being bullied to the point where you go on 2 dates and on both occasions the bullies showed up and ruined them

    • @Sleepzzz Of course let's try to turn it around on the women WELL here's what I think is NO MATTER WHAT he would have found a reason because LIFE HAPPENS‼️I could tell you stories that made my therapist need therapy FOR REAL & I don't kill people, so WTF 😒🙄‼️

    • Imagine if one of the girls would of married him, maybe he would of been loved and things might have been different 🤷🏻‍♀️

    • @Angela M. Stovall I thought the same thing, I would think he would’ve gone after the evil bullies who tortured him as a kid.

    • So why does he grow up to kill women🤔⁉️ Why not kill the bullies that ruin the dates, men.

    • That really hurt my heart, you know he was probably so excited and then to be humiliated…

  • I am a man who does not want to learn about make-up, I enjoy listening to you while doing my chores. But I always look at the always lovely final result :-) I truly enjoy and appreciate your great work. You make me laugh when you are cheeky and call a d**k to someone that deserves it. Greetings from Cardiff.

    • @Riot Grrrl it's in Wales in the UK

    • So fun! I like makeup but I also listen while I do chores!

    • Where is Cardiff located?

  • I think these stories are great examples of why it’s so important to be kind to people. I know kindness doesn’t always stop someone from doing something horrific, but your actions just might be the one to help save someone from themselves. I just can’t help but wonder if Joel felt like he had just ONE friend, if his life would have been totally different.

    • Also these schools that let bullying go need to be punished SEVERELY‼️ Kids also need to be taught telling on bullies IS NOT SNITCHING THAT's WHAT BULLIES SAY TO KEEP THEM QUIET‼️I MAKE SURE my kids, now grandkids, know the difference we talk about it at family meetings & I watch for the signs & HEADS WOULD ROLL IF MY FAMILY WAS BEING BULLIED but also I would roll some heads before raising bullies. Everyone get on board parents, grandparents & 🏫 it will end quit being cowards & letting CHILDREN run things‼️

    • @Samantha Parmley Probably, but the main contributing factor is his complete lack of empathy for these women. A malignant narcissist is what he is.

    • Being bullied is not an excuse to murder people later in life and yes most people who’ve been bullied would never think about doing something like that let alone actually do it but I do think it’s a contributing factor in some people who have other genetic, lifestyle and behavioural problems and it’s all combined for them to be more predisposed to becoming a serial killer

    • @Shannon you’re so right, there’s many reasons! I never understand people who are cruel to others just because...

  • Anybody else just dying to see Danielle’s hair down? Also, her nails are always so pretty, I would like to see her process of doing her mani’s.

    • Im dyijg to see her do literally any other style of makeup

    • i always think the same thing used to always paint my nails but they would never come out like danielle's does .. even though i stay in line and keep the polish even they never look like hers. i would LOVE to see her hair down!

  • I first heard about Joel Rifkin in an episode of Seinfeld! That's where my interest in serial killers started. Seinfeld also referred to The Son of Sam a fair few times, as he was a postal worker (so was Newman on the show). All you young people need to watch it. It's old but gold

    • Me too !! Seinfeld is where I heard of both killers as well.

  • If your child is being bullied to this extent you as a parent should be doing something about it. How tf do you send your son to school everyday knowing hes getting beaten up? His parents take a lot of that blame

    • @Jennifer Tingelöf - TRUE CRIME heavens, I am so sorry 😞

    • @Tricia Maria - True Crime & Workouts I mean I would get beat up if I didnt go to school so sometimes I just hid in the woods with some books so I could at least have some time free from everything. My sister used to hit me too even though she was younger than me

    • @Jennifer Tingelöf - TRUE CRIME I’m so sorry that happened to you! Sending you a virtual hug.

    • My parents didnt care, and the teachers bullied me as well so yeah...

    • @Staciah Black that's a shocking story what the police told you with the kid with the umbrella! What was the teacher thinking? Why didn't they stop the class & call the police! I hope your son is ok now & nolonger getting bullied. X x

  • I remember this case ( I live on Long Island) and no I would never buy a home where a murder or murders took place. I also cannot hear Joel Rifkin’s name without thinking of Jerry Seinfeld. You’d have to be a fan to understand, (of Jerry not Joel). Kids can be relentless but as a mom I always had my children’s back and they had each other. I wonder what his biological family’s medical background was ie mental health. It feels weird to say I look forward to your videos but I do. 😉

  • Nope. I'm not moving my family - or myself - in a house where I know for a fact people have lost their lives by violence. No matter how cheap it is. Heck, even if it's a gift. NO, TAKE IT BACK, SIR ! Ps: as a parent, I cannot imagine saying to my children, on the regular, that I'm not proud of them. That must have an awful effect on the psyche.

  • Bruh, that xacto knife thing is CHILLING. Those are used almost exclusively for art, they are meant to cut paper, tape and thin foams. You can't tell in your picture, but the blade is sharp and insanely thin (so thin that they bend with relatively little pressure) and the blade is only attached by a twisting clamp on the top of the pen, which anyone who uses them regularly could tell you that the blade is CONSTANTLY coming loose. I can't imagine how he'd do that.

    • Could be like a box cutter with xacto blade🤷 still bendy but a tad bit sturdier. Shmehh

  • I literally am learning how to do my eyeshadow just by watching you and enjoying these crime videos. It's the best haha

    • i have tried eyeshadow for years and I am still so crap at it, i see her makeup and get so depressed (not really) that I cant replicate it lol

  • You’re such a great storyteller and I love when bits of your personality and sass come out. You’re brilliant, I don’t know how on Earth you memorise all the details of the story and tell them so seamlessly! Very impressive memory and god knows how much research and time goes into each case. A lot of effort I expect. THANK YOU 🙏

    • @Kimbyrleigha she does sound like she memorizes the stories wether she has or hasn’t. Which is what draws me to her videos. It’s almost like she’s made for this. I personally don’t like when I can see or sense like someone is reading it just doesn’t sound the same (at least to me) it sounds like reading a book story, I’m not into audabile. I’m so amazed by her she tops Bailey for me. Haven’t watched Bailey in months...

    • @Libra B yes, I agree and can I throw Georgia Marie, dark curiosities and Emma kenny into the mix. I love those as well

    • @Kimbyrleigha I love your videos too 😍😍 I am jst a fan of true crime CS-tvrs

    • Couldn't agree MORE with your comment

    • @Aneles Zemog Brittney Vaughn also is amazing

  • Hey Dani, I hope you're okay, my name is Bridgette, I'm 22 hrs old and I'm from south africa, there is a case I'd really love you to cover. It's a bout an English teacher who was a satanic murderer over night. I'm not too sure what her name was but if you search Devils Dorp south africa, I'm sure you'd find it. The story is insane and that lady was actually my English teacher in high school. Thank you so much and I love your content ❤️

    • Thats crazy. Im from sa. What was she like as a teacher?

  • 36:20 I used to Uber at the Philadelphia airport full time. There are so many areas around the airport that someone could dump a body and nobody see or find them. I also took rides to the Newark, NJ airport and JFK… same thing as Philly… the outskirts are overgrown marshy areas that are uninhabited. I drove with my license to carry, a taser, mace, and 2 knives and was still always on high alert in those areas💯💯💯

  • NO WAY would I knowing live in a house where even one person was murdered~ You said it Danielle; the energy would have had to be AWFUL!

  • hi Danielle, i was doing some research for A level criminology and found a case about Silje Redergard, its a case from Norway, and i think its so interesting because of the similarities between this case and James Bulger, but the different treatment of the killers- i think it would be an interesting case to cover

  • I would live in a house where a murder took place. in my current house someone died in a somewhat gruesome way and the body wasn't found for a few days. (in the middle of summer) the wood floor in that section of the house was replaced for obvious reasons. I love my home and there's nothing wrong with it, it's history is just a bit different.

  • this probably sounds crazy, but i have extremely bad anxiety induced insomnia. listening to your story-telling calms me and helps me sleep. it keeps me perfectly engaged, stimulated, yet relaxed. thank you so much. 🧡

  • My husband caught me watching you Channel the other day…lol-he was thoroughly disturbed with the pretty makeup/serial killer vibe

  • “That’s not a bloody nap. That’s a whole night’s sleep” The delivery of this was PERFECT 👏🏼👏🏼

  • Yes, kids are really the worst when it comes to bullying. Even worse are all the adults who are around and pretend to never have noticed the real extent of the bullying. "Yeah, they are just joking....that's how kids are....he's such a whimp..." . I could go on an on...🤮

    • @Marnie It does many times seem that to be the case.

    • @Danielle Willis That seems hard to believe.

    • @Christina Pugh I'm sure many people feel the same way!

    • Yeah, I remember a kid got bullied so bad in school I told my mum because shit was just THAT bad, and when my mum took the concerns to our teacher the teacher went "well, it is kind of his fault for being so different, he doesn't want to fit in." Excuse me WHAT? That teacher was seriously one of the worst bullies, the kids were just copying her.

    • @Danielle Willis yeah, they don't have developed empathy, but they do at some point understand and follow rules, they mimic behaviour they see .. that's probably what kate meant. You don't really need to feel sorry for people in order to avoid hurting/using them. I know empathy and moral behaviour are related, but they can be present alone, as in not accompanied by the other.

  • I never knowingly lived in a house or apartment where there was murder, and yet there has been a few places I lived in New Orleans where i could feel like some bad shit had gone down in the past. I'm sensitive to auras and the history of some spaces. It's eerie and not a good feeling. Sometimes i will wonder if I'm not just making it up in my head , but then I'll see little clues that confirm my suspicions. Gives me chills. Mostly I can just feel it deep in my bones...Felt this way too about a motel room I stayed at in a dangerous little town called Barstow in California( seriously bad vibes) THAT is a shady ass town worth researching. In relation to this video, serial killers can talk about cutting up people with no emotion cause they are sociopaths, killing machines, bad robots wired incorrectly...flawed and indifferent to's something you and I just can't comprehend and for that I am forever grateful.

  • Absolutely love the fact that you really deep dive into these people's lives and their childhood's because you're right you do need to know everything about them leading up to what they've done because you need to know what happened in their lives for them to do what they've done other people their victims and I love that you go back into the childhood and try figure it out not a lot of people do that they just get straight into the case and last but you really tired and I really appreciate that because I absolutely love watching your videos religiously you're pretty much all my top 5 favourite true crime CS-tvrs xxxx

  • FYI: X-Acto knife‘s are extremely sharp, basically they are a straight razor blade built into a knife! P.S. Who knew golf could be such a dangerous/scary sport? I was always under the impression that it was one of the safest, I was wrong.

    • I get what you mean, I consider golf to be more of a hobby than a sport.

  • I just wanna say, I spent my entire childhood in a state of fear and panic. I was bullied to a point of never having patches of unbruised skin. I had cried and begged my parents to let me stay home, because as a child, i felt like they were sending me to school because they did not love me, because no one loved me. Kids would beat me with rocks or sticks, and would rip my clothing off or kick me in the chest or ribs regularly, steal my things, break my things. I was terrified of every other human being. I haven't murdered anyone. I also have no intention OF murdering anyone. It might be a factor, but it isnt the be all and end all.

    • Shit. Im very sorry people treated you so horribly. No child or adult or animal deserves that life. I hope some day your bullies apologize to you.

    • I can only imagine what a living nightmare it was for you. Kid's can be such assholes! Sometimes, adults aren't much better.

  • I am SO GLAD you brought up the effects of bullying. People really do tend to underestimate it. And YES there is levels to severity of bullying. Of course being called names is bad enough but when it enters the realm of consistent physical violence, the effects on the victim are significant and shouldn't be ignored.

    • Yes. Getting beaten up in school isn't "bullying" it's assault! I'm so sick of people calling literal assault bullying, and instead of bullies getting charged for assault, they either get no repercussions whatsoever or a stern talk with a teacher and/or principal if you get lucky.

    • @Marnie That's disgusting. I'm so sorry you had to experience that. I hope you're doing well now!❤🤗

    • @Marnie 😒that's why I hate teachers tbh I use to work in the school system and ik it's not easy for teachers to have there eyes on the kids, but some teachers suck at stopping bullying. Or even intervening, I witness them talk to the bully and the kid whose getting bullying at the same time and on the bus the kid was bullied even more. It made me soo mad seeing that. Anytime I see that I always tell the kids to stand up for themselves don't be scared of nobody and if they hit you just hit them back, and anytime they say they'll get in trouble I'll tell them no your not cause I won't report them for doing that. You know anytime I went back on those buses and work with them kids again and I see them kids I talked to, they always say what I told them worked I just smile because ik I just helped a kid from ending up with some serious issues as they get older. I feel like schools amd parents should teach there kids those same things then bullying would be less of a issue. Btw I was a school bus attendant for about 3 years and then a teacher assistant for only a few months because I found a new job.

    • @EmilyJay Beauty yeah your right the severity of bullying affects people in so many ways like some have a very insecure/low self esteem issues due to it, some have this thing where they isolate themselves, no backbone, and others may go to extremes like that of being a killer because they turn to things that stimulate anger due to them getting bullied. I do think over the years there had been a lot more attention towards bulling but it still happens way too much.

    • I can't tell you how many times I was jumped by other teens, it sucked. I hated high school so much. It was the worst time of my life. Literally made me depressed enough to attempt suicide. And then one of the teachers leaked it to the students and they bullied me for trying to kill myself.

  • Michael Alig & the murder of Andre "Angel" Melendez. They were both part of the Club Kid scene in the late 80s- early 90s that became prominent in New York. It's a tragic & fascinating case. Michael died recently of an overdose (this is honestly interesting to me considering the events) & I recommend looking into this story/case. It's wild & I'd lovvve to hear your thoughts on it. I haven't seen anyone cover this one yet 💖

    • @Riot Grrrl Nope. I haven't seen anyone, at least out of the channels I watch, cover that case. Do you want to suggest a channel or video that has done deep dive case coverage of it or do you just want to leave an unproductive & passive aggressive comment?

    • Really... You haven't seen anyone cover it?? Its soo over played.

  • Rip to all of the victims. I honestly never heard this case before. Thank you

  • I think the “little things” are the most interesting about these stories. Keep up the rabbit holes ❤️

  • You are one of the best true crime storytellers on CS-tv, I don’t know of any specific cases to request but could you find some in other countries in Europe? I think that would be interesting. I have recommended your channel to all my friends & family, because you are awesome! 😊

  • Danielle talking about states- “are they a virgo?” Me a Virgo- “they are definitely a Virgo.”

  • I found you about a week ago and now I am addicted to your style of storytelling. Epic work 🤟

  • It's so weird you saying that kind of bullying is that extreme, because I went through that myself. I guess that shows how true something I've heard is: when you experience trauma, you either becomes really empathic to others or the opposite. I am so empathic, sometimes to much actually... and I guess Joel went the opposite way, where he didn't have that.

  • I've seen quite a few killers talk very matter of factly about their crimes as if it were completely normal. The one that sticks out is Richard Kuklinski. Fascinating interviews to watch.

  • It’s kind of sad to think that everybody thought he was such a loser they wouldn’t even identify him as a murderer… Surely the neighbors saw him bringing women home? Seems like the mom was pretty disconnected into whatever was going on with her adult son… What a bizzarre and terribly tragic story.

    • I truly think that people did notice but weren't empowered to do anything with what they saw. You'd be surprised how wrapped up in your life you can be and suddenly something that you didn't expect hits you like a ton of bricks...something like a murderer. This is precisely why in my little true crime videos on my petite channel, I encourage whoever is watching to say something if they see something.

    • Perhaps people did notice? Of course this is a condensed version so who knows how many people they actually spoke too etc

    • 😔😢😔

    • My thoughts exactly! His mom may have been out of town once, but did she not see or hear anything at all during the course of the other murders?? It seems impossible.

  • I just found your channel, and I love your narration. I am surprised I haven't heard about this guy before. What a sick, twisted murderer. This case reminded me of Dennis Nilsen. He was also pretty nonchalant. You should look into it!

  • Out of all of the true crime youtubers I’ve watched, you are by far the most compassionate and respectful towards the victims. I feel like too many people talk about these despicable crimes as if they couldn’t care less about the people who suffered through them. Making jokes and being so flippant comes off as so disrespectful and that’s why you’re my new fave!

  • Danielle: "a lot of these bad people were bullied" Me: *was excessively bullied at school and has bad intrusive thoughts* ... Oh no

  • Girl I love you you’re so pretty and do an amazing job I have a blast listening to your stories and watching you it’s so relaxing to do it while I work but what I wanted to tell you was I just cannot believe these people enjoy murdering when I think about murdering someone it sounds like the most scary stressed out situation of my life and I cannot believe people are actually out here getting enjoyment out of doing something so fucked up!

  • Bullying is something schools can do something about. They just never have & you are correct most serial killers were indeed bullied, especially the type that shoots up schools. Parents may not know their child is a bully but the schools definitely know.

    • Depends what you mean by bullying. Kids poke fun at each other because of their differences and always will. I was "bullied" in the loosest sense of the word but it toughened me up and made me more resilient. I had big ears so kids called me Dumbo. Eventually I played into it and went along with the joke. Like Tyrion Lannister says, if you wear it like armour it can never be used to harm you. That's what I teach my kid. So when I make fun of him for being ginger he knows I'm just playing and he gives as good as he gets.

    • @Art Diaries a lot of people like to picture shooters as the emo isolated kid and paint that image of the specially the Columbine shooters. They had a social life, they had friends. They were the bulliesy not the bullied. Yes we should do stuff about bullying but that narrative is so widespread citing false evidence. I’m glad you brought this up! You said it in a way I don’t think I could

    • Bullying has. Nothing to do with this guy . He is just a bad seed

    • The part about school shooters being bullied isn't true. If that was the case, a lot more sccool shootings would've been perpetrated by queer kids, overweight kids, disabled kids or black kids. These are the most likely to be bullied, but we see that they're not the school shooters. It's about entitlement. It's brats who are throwing tantrums that cost lives. While school shooters may believe that they experience social ostracization and bullying in school, it is wrong to blame bullying for their heinous crimes. There are many victims of bullying in schools and very rarely do they kill their peers. In fact, LGBTQ+ kids, kids of color, kids with physical and learning disabilities, and class-disadvantaged kids are most vulnerable to bullying. Yet, they aren’t the majority of school shooters - around 90% of high school or elementary school shooters are white, male and upper middle class. Stop perpetuating a wrong narrative.

  • That was an intense video to watch! It’s so unfortunate that this crazy dude got away with this so many times! You are right, you don’t look or listen to him and think wow! He’s a serial killer! Then he opens his mouth and talks about it like it’s nothing. Your eyeshadow is so stunning in this video!

  • I love watching your videos Danielle! Your hallarious and my favorite story teller!!!

  • I’m the same way when it come to going down rabbit holes. I find it interesting and appreciate it because it adds to the story. Love your videos!

  • I just discovered your channel a few days ago and I love it. I like how you tell the stories and I feel your anger and disgust towards the murderers. Thank you for doing such a good job. PS: Oh my goodness, your makeup is fantastic, you're absolutely gorgeous! Cheers!

  • I think bullying is one part in a very complicated series of things/events that contribute to the becoming of a serial killer.

    • Not . Bullying is not the cause . He is just a bad seed

    • Studying criminology it's like a recipe or perfect mix of events and personality traits that build a serial killer. Usually beginning with abandonment or failure to form connections with the parents, abuse in the home, bullying and a abuse outside the home, struggling with adversity or poverty, sexual identity and stigmatization, and mental health issues.

    • @summer kate llllllloolllllll

    • Idk... Like who doesn't get bullied?

    • Generally they have complicated and toxic relationships with their mother.

  • I love listening to you tell these stories. You do a wonderful job. Why is this man not dead. I am sorry but capitol punishment should not be up for discussion. For people like this man who act like he is equivalent to God when it comes to choosing who dies. May God have mercy on his soul because I know he will rest in the deepest pits of hell

  • Bullying can affect someone but it doesn’t have to be bad. That’s what Joel chose. My science teacher was teased and shoved into lockers, etc. for years in middle/high school and she has become the best teacher ever. She sacrifices everything and makes all her students feel safe. Ly Danielle ❤️

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  • I just wanted to point this out cuz It’s so crazy to me that SOMEHOW a golfer discovered the paint can in the woods (only a day later i think u said) decided to open it and found the head of the victim. Also, someone some how spotted a box floating down the river and decided to get it and open it to find another body just hours after he put it there but this guy leaves a trunk with a body in it at a rest stop and that’s the one that goes unnoticed for a month. Thats so Mind blowing to me.

  • We have mountains of evidence that there is a correlation between insecure attachment (often observed in adopted children) and poor socioemotional development. I have no doubt that even a person born with certain tendencies, if adequately nurtured, would never act on them. I think people like the idea of "evil" being this thing that exists in a vacuum, or murder being something random like a tornado or an earthquake, because it absolves them of social responsibility. Which is not to say that those who do harm are not responsible for their own actions. They are. I just wish people were more willing to acknowledge the fact that mistreating people causes them emotional trauma and contributes to negative outcomes. No one is born a serial killer. They might be born with certain tendencies. But some percentage of their fate is in the hands of their caregivers and peers.

    • @Rayne Trying to understand someone is not an endorsement of their behavior. Our focus should be on determining what developmental factors contribute to criminal behavior in adults and taking preventative measures to improve the outcomes for future children. Maladaptive behavior does not exist in a vacuum. People like the idea of punishing criminals because it absolves them of any social responsibility. But the notion that people are inherently good or bad, or that we should punish as opposed to rehabilitate is antiquated. We now know better. Therefore, we must do better.

    • @Rayne Everyone reacts to trauma in different ways

    • this comment disgusts me. sure it’s sad but you can’t use childhood as an excuse for someone being a disgusting murderer. i was subjected to most of these things serial killers have gone through, i’ve never ever thought about murdering someone

    • Recent research on the brain (specifically the infant brain) shows that a lot of our “personality” is molded by early life events and how our primary caretakers interact with us. Scientists think that certain genes are present, but might be triggered by traumatic events. The brain goes through a “pruning” process in infancy where the neural connections that aren’t used can become weak or wither away. So if your primary caregivers in infancy are distant and don’t react to your cries, or react angrily, babies will most likely not learn to self-regulate their emotions. A lot of adults with “anger issues” were infants with parents who never taught them how to sooth themselves. Joel seems to be a product of super poor parenting.

    • I was thinking at the beginning, indirectly the children who bullied him, his teacher who sounded asleep on the job (I know it was a different era, my Mum said the children in care were bullied and given the strap by the teachers in her school, 1940s) and his parents have some blood on their hands. Maybe if he saw his parents even try and address the situation it could have helped his psyche. Maybe he went deep into his own world to survive? The sex workers were the only people who wouldn't reject or bully him so I can see why he wanted to spend lots of time with them, yet they were the people who got killed not those who abused him.

  • When I was growing up, there were 2 murders in my town that always bothered me. There did not seem to be a reason for either of them. I was just a kid, but I always wanted to know more about the victims and their killers and WHY they killed these young ladies… On May 14, 1983, 17 yo Connie Smith was murdered in her home, in Tioga Louisiana, USA, by Bryan Brown, whom I has always heard, was waiting for her in her closet on prom night. On May 12, 1884, A 16 year old named Sophia Aragon was killed by 20 yo Kenneth Prestridge in Pineville, Louisiana, USA while on a date. I was born in 1973 so I was still a child when these murders occurred. I knew the younger siblings of the murder victims but never could bring myself to ask them questions because it would, more than likely, bring back painful memories for them. I know you get a lot of case requests, but these are 2 that are not ever talked about and I would just like to know more…if there is more to even know. I can’t find a lot, but I also am NOT as good at research as you! I have not ever requested cases to any of the true trime channels that I follow, but these have both been heavy on my mind lately. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and thank you for doing this type of content!

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    • @Anne Brit Raaen Yes. Especially with all the tourism.

    • They also provide more potential victims, and arenas to hunt at.

    • @Igmu Gleska True. A lot of the really famous ones bounced back and forth between these areas. Alaska would probably be included if it weren't so remote.

    • And the Northwest. Lots of rivers and forests.

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    • I think all she studies/studied was law and criminology

  • Much needed true crime therapy. You always do an amazing job! My heart hurts for the victims and the families. I can never understand what goes through the mind of a killer. I love how in-depth you get and I would love for you to do a video about my great uncle, Raymond Douglas (Doug) Myers. He and another man named Johnny Lee Lewis were convicted of murdering my great uncles girlfriend Dianne Watts and in the process also killed her 10 year old daughter and her daughters friend who was 13 years old in 1999. They made a documentary about it not long ago (Murder in the Heartland, mother of it all) and it was the loved ones of the victims talking and the sheriff and the first responders at the scene. I was only 5 when this took place and over the years I’ve done my research on it. I never got much into until my great grandfather died and family issues was coming up and there was a lawsuit involved in which Doug would be apart of. I was probably a preteen then and I remember someone had to go visit him and I remember my granny telling how he always said he was innocent and of course the whole family knew better. Apparently there wasn’t a lot the family did know. Because there were things in the documentary that didn’t add up or that didn’t make sense. Whether or not he actually did it or not I don’t think we will ever really know. People say they are innocent all the time that’s locked up but I do know one thing that is for certain he knew what was going to happen if he didn’t actually do it. I know they had more evidence against his friend then they did him but yet he got life and the other man did not. This tragic event that cost the life’s of three souls will always haunt my mind. I never had anything to do with him but I am still connected by blood. This whole thing was allegedly set up by Doug’s mother, Clementine Myers. Apparently she paid Johnny Lewis to have the job done because Dianne knew something and they were into illegal things. Regardless of how or why It is so sad and so terrible. In such a small town it is still talked about. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next one!

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  • I completely agree with you. It freaks me out when a criminal, specially serial killers, look and talk so normal. It makes me question so many things... it can literally be anyone. It is so unfortunate how bullying can lead to people becoming serial killers. sad.

    • It's because they have learned to not show any kind of reaction to keep themselves from being bullied even further. If your bullies get no reaction from you, at some point they will stop because they do it for the reaction. So - you show no emotion, the thing causing you fear and anxiety stops. Turns into utterly horrible sociopathy, but that is how it begins.

    • @rebma slmbr shows u how good they are at manipulation... And how they are able to get ppl to call for their sad story or whaterver they tell ppl so scary... Hope u have a wonderful weekend 🌞!!

    • Almost all serial killers talk like that they are psychopaths they feel no empathy or remorse.

    • It is really scary. I've watched a few videos of serial killers being interviewed and it scares me because just through a simple video like that I sometimes feel some remorse for them. I know that's disgusting and they definitely don't deserve it but it makes me realise just how easily I and definitely many others can be manipulated into feeling bad for terrible people

    • I work as a nurse in a correctional facility, I can tell you the nicest and most normal end up having some of the most serious charges

  • it makes me so happy that you brought up the affects that bullying has on young people. as an adult I’m still going to therapy to get over my bullying that happened in grade school. bullying causes so much lasting harm that some people just can’t understand.

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  • I know someone who lived in a house where a murder-suicide took place. There were still bleach stains on the carpets! I asked if they were ever creeped out by the houses history and their response was, "I figure they've gone wherever they're gonna go." Personally, I don't know if I could live there...

    • @Almost there very true! Personally I'd say it's even easier to ignore stuff that happened on the grounds though, unless you start digging stuff up. I really doubt there are many houses/grounds that don't have a few deaths in their history, except all the new builds. Even those could easily be on land with a dark past. I think unless it's murder, people really don't consider how much death does actually happen literally everywhere day to day. There's a solid chance we've all used a public toilet that someone has died in at some point 😂

    • @KittyCat260 Or on the grounds. Even battles or burial grounds.

    • @Round Swan So true; over the last six years I inherited a house and 40 acres of farmland. Three years ago, an elderly gentleman of 90 (one of the three tenants) died in the house, and four years ago a friend of my cousin's gained access to the (locked and gated) land, drove around drunk and then killed himself with a handgun. I couldn't bear to keep the land any longer so I sold it. I kept the house, though. It just doesn't bother me I guess because he died of "natural causes"; I have been over there lots of times since that happened, and I don't get a creepy feeling at all. Pretty sure that if it was a murder, though....I would feel differently about it.

    • my brother is an estate agent and knows i like looking at the properties and they often have these gorgeous seafront flats and houses people pull out of because the people passed, always natural causes. it freaks me out a little, especially as my first experiences were staying in my grandmothers house after she passed. i think for some, like me, it just gives them the heebie-jeebies

    • I lived in a unit once where the previous tenant had been viciously murdered. I didn’t find out til I had already been there a couple of months 😅 by that stage at least I felt fairly confident there were no spirits hanging around thankfully, so I was fine to keep living there. It’s strange to think what may have happened in any place that we go any day to be honest!

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