Most Dangerous Animals!

čas přidán 30. 11. 2022
we find out what is the most dangerous animal in the world!


Kai Banks
• Lions vs. Crocodi...

Dawid Boths

Sherri Wasserman
• Lincolnpark Zoo l...

Nature And Heritage
• The World’s Large...

Michael Delaney
• Inside a Rattlesn...

Giant King Cobra
• The young man str...

Great Big Story
• Swim Safely with ...

BBC Earth
• The Deadly Portug...

Tyler Oliveira
• Grizzly Bear Trie...

Jukin Media - Cleared
• Black Bear Attack...


• Man Punches a Kan...

j p
• Golfer Attacked B...
• Cyclist encounter...

• Curious Kangaroo ...
• Fisherman Nearly ...
• Moose Confronts C...
• Elephant Knocks G...

• www.youtu...


Bent On Fishing
• www.youtu...

Niklas M
• man vs moose in s...

• www.youtu...

• Moose charges mou...
• Elephant ATTACKS ...

National Geographic
• Watch Moose Fight...

Hillary Rae
• Best Shark Attack...

• Breaching Great W...

Discovery Plus
• Shark Attack! Div...

• Zimbabwe Bull Ele...

• Elephant goes ber...

Nat Geo WILD
• Watch What Happen...

ABC News
• Hippos Devour Who...

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  • Chris always surprises with bits of random knowledge in these reaction videos, I love it. 😄

  • Love the fact that Chris is defending the crocodiles after Jimmy basically just insulted them

  • Is it just me or does Chris just become a pro legend with dad jokes now a days lol

  • I love how whenever jimmy chooses the options it’s funny with all the other things visualizing what’s happening

  • Chris's last statement rings so true 😂😂😂

  • I love how Chris has so many fun facts 😂❤

  • Love Chris' side comments made it funnier. Jimmy and Chris' chemistry is always awesome! 🤘

  • "The ones that bit me didnt have any poison in them." "Maybe they did- that would explain a lot." Bro really attacked Chris right there 😂

    • Fax

    • @kindlyhelpmereach499subscr4 bro I got u

    • Well Chris also attacked Jimmy so it's fair.

  • Chris is making everything funny😂😂

    • so true

    • @Mandy C cigs means spicy food and lit means very hot

    • @Muscleman8562 … what…

    • I just ate lit cigs in a vid 💪🔥🔥

  • This man is gonna have great stories to tell to his grandchildren. What a legend🏆

  • Chris' always got the most random funfacts for everything i love it so much 😂

  • I enjoy this reaction when talking and the look on their faces, I hope we are all in good health and going about our daily activities smoothly

  • Love it always with the team Chris or chandler whoever it may be! You make the most entertaining videos to watch at night when your tired or in the ,owning to make your day! Thanks for being here!

  • Chris had me dying with the three snakes in a trench coat😂

    • idk

    • When the lion jumped up the wall I thought he was gonna jump over a canyon because the shadow 😅

    • Wasn't even funny

    • I didn’t get it :/

    • @jaykersssOnTwitch

  • Chris always surprises with bits of random knowledge in these reaction videos😘😘😘

  • being charged by a moose was truly one of the scariest experiences of my entire life

  • It's a privilege to have Mr Beast reacting at one of our videos! And our's was voted most dangerous!

  • Chris and Jimmy make everything funny🤣

  • Chris has so many dad jokes today lol😂

  • I see that Chris is wearing a legends never die shirt.

  • Love the editing, storytelling, and explanation throughouts this series. So methodical and i absolutely love it. ❤️

    • I just ate lit cigs in a vid 💪🔥🔥

  • "The ones that bit me didnt have any poison in them." "Maybe they did- that would explain a lot." Bro really attacked Chris right there 😂

    • why u copying other peoples comments 💀

  • Chris' dad jokes and fun facts are just too good.

  • I love how Chris just defending the crocodiles 😂

  • Chris was on fire this episode 🤣🤣🤣

  • That explosion edit at the end was such a good edit they need to pay the editor more

  • Chris is a certified dad with all his jokes XD

  • I love it when Chris always tells amazing facts!

  • There's nothing better than a fresh friendly baked JIMMY'S videos and he always makes our day or night even better keep it up

  • Chris is hilarious but I sure do wish he knew the difference between poison and venom😂😂😂

  • I love the clip where the moose runs at the biker and the biker falls over before the moose attacks lol😂

  • Legend say that moose is still remembering and traumatized by that scream

  • Mr. Beast’s videos are always so entertaining. I can never get enough.

  • One of the best thing about dude is that he never takes credit for himself ❣️❣️keep growing bro... All the best

  • Chris went from farmer boy to absolute fab 5, its unreal

  • 1:18 Chris: "the snakes that bit me didnt have poison in them." Jimmy: "Maybe they did, which explains a lot." Anyone else notice what Chris' shrt says?

  • Chris and Jimmy are the duo we all need

  • Pretty sure that snake was just flabbergasted that his "tree" fell into the water and he was hanging on for the ride lol

  • 10. 0:08 Lion 9. 0:44 Snakes 8. 1:36 Jellyfish 7. 2:01 Bears 6. 2:59 Kangeroo 5. 4:01 Crocodile 4. 5:02 Moose 3. 5:51 Sharks 2. 6:29 Elephants 1. 7:32 Hippo's

    • thank you my savior 🙏

    • I think bears should be higher then kangaroos if polar bears are accounted for

    • Thanks

    • 6:47😂😂😂😂😂😂The elephant smacked him in the face and Chris is so funny

  • Lots of kangaroos are actually very friendly and chill. I was surprised to see them this high on the list.

  • The jellyfish you see in the beginning are from Jellyfish Lake here in Palau 🇵🇼 . They've lost their ability to sting due to seclusion and lack of predators. Its a beautiful experience and almost other worldly and there are thousands of them.

  • 00:07 Lion 00:44 Snakes 1:36 Jelly Fish 2:00 Bears 2:59 Kangaroos 4:01 Crocodiles 5:01 Moose 5:51 Sharks 6:29 Elephants 7:33 Hippos

  • 3:49 Chris “Imagine you saw a foreign thing just float from the heavens. Would your first instinct be to go and immediately attack it?” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Love it 🍻 Thanks Beast 💯

  • I grew up in a place called " Kangaroo valley" in Australia and at anytime they be on your lawn just chilling. Beautiful creatures

  • 5:15 ohh boy i lost it there. Chris is hilarious and the editor is absolutely amazing 😂😂

  • Chris makes everything funny😂😂

  • "Do you know what's more dangerous than a jellyfish?" A Jimmy-fish.

  • i love how chris wears a legends never die dress, right when its juice's birthday, ur a W for that chris

  • Chris' jokes are dope🤣

  • I would've never thought a kangaroo was more dangerous than a lion 😐

  • Fun fact Much of normal shark behavior is similar to that of a dog

  • You make the most entertaining videos to watch at night when your tired or in the ,owning to make your day! Thanks for being here!

  • When you realize a 'small snake' is about 2 feet long

  • Chris spoke nothing but facts with that ending

  • Fact: Hippos are cute and intelligent, but they can be really dangerous for anyone wandering in their territory when one of them is pregnant.

  • 5:02 MOOOOOOOSE! Lol Jimmy always cracks me up.

  • ngl this is honestly one of the best reaction videos this had me dying.

  • jimmy and chris, u guys really fit in all the videos

  • I’m surprised that Jimmy didn’t put the giant otter, because it can kill tigers, lions, alligators, etc. Love the content btw!

  • “My bun of power” had me rolling on the floor 😂

  • Nothing is more dangerous than the belt or sandal from an angry parent.

  • Chris’s last joke was actually funny.😂😂

  • how much knowledge can a person have!!! Chris is so smart

  • How dose Chris just know all these facts 🤔

  • I always learn a lot from Chris ❤😊

  • I once went to Australia and went to see wild kangaroos. The funny thing is is that I never saw a baby in a pouch. And all they did was sit there and scratch their balls, and I could get super close without them caring.

  • 3:20 I laughed so hard at Chris

  • Chris some how makes this 20x funnier that what it actually is

  • Chris and Jimy make everything funny

  • If you all haven't scene a moose first-hand they are absolutely massive.

  • I love the fact that chris said "alligator" to a ceocidile

  • I love how Chris has a different hairdo every few months

  • You might think im a bot for saying this but Jimmy never fails to disappoint

  • Lol Chris was Killin' it in this episode. Good ep.

  • As an Alaskan moose are HUGE and are able to jump average height fences, tear down trees, and one shattered one of my windows with its antlers on accident.

  • Chris is really funny he's the best person to do the reacts with

  • the kangaroo being punched in the face has me dying

  • u always put a smile on my face keep it up

  • I'm from Australia, once upon a time while driving on a remote outback highway. I've hit a kangaroo going at least 100km/h with a bulbar. Pulled over and jumped out to check on it, could see him jumping off perfectly fine.

    • im also from australia and wombats are actually so damn fast

  • I could watch Chris do this all day

  • 4:15 resident Florida man here, Most of the clips are alligators but still pretty dangerous

  • Love the videos. Sit around with my newborn all day and stay entertained watching these. GG Mr beast

  • honestly i'm suprised emus wern't on this list because as a true Aussie they are large scary and insane

  • 8:47 joke of the day😂😂😂

  • Wow!!! Really Interesting, I didn't know a lot of those things. Thanks guys 🤔 Blessings

  • I got a great story about moose. There was this guy who came into the ER after he jumped of his porch onto a moose. He was okay to a point but the guy did it cause he had been feeding it and thought it would be tame. Also all of my pumpkins got eaten by moose.

  • Laying with my cat thinking “I knew you were a lion”

  • I loved the clip where the man just strait up punched that kangaroo😂

  • Chris saying all these smart facts and Jimmy thinking I knew that

  • love the clips and chris's reactions 😂😂

  • I hope this channel never ends and Keeps spreading happiness ❤️

  • I love jimmy thinks ball pythons are poisonous and can tell the difference between a rattle snake and a python😂😂

  • I was on a field trip and said goodbye to my dad who was far away (he came with me) and it was emotional i cried, when i saw your videos i felt better.

  • Chris wife: Maybe he's thinking about other women Chris: *Crocodiles*

  • Another jaw dropper by the man Mr B!!!

  • I saw a moose while backpacking in my home state of Utah. It was around 7 feet tall and was an amazing sight to see.

  • As an Aussie, kangaroos can be scary

  • Respect to chris for rockin a 999 shirt ✊🏿

  • Chris wearing juice's merch is cool af