Most HAUNTED 3am Challenges Ever (TOP 5)

čas přidán 21. 09. 2019
Sam Golbach explains the top 5 most haunted 3am challenges you can possibly do. Rituals like the midnight man such as the 11 miles ritual, the bath game etc. Get this to 50,000 likes if you want me to do one!
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  • What spooky videos should I do next??? also thanks for the support on the 3am merch!!! Make sure you get it before it sells out! (on the XPLR app)

  • It's been 3 weeks. Where's the follow up please. I need my haunted Halloween videos lol

  • sam, please don't sell your soul :( do 11 miles or the bath game but please take precautions and be as safe as possible no matter which one you do :):

  • Wheres all my OK people at

  • So I hope we could all collectively agree that we are not going to let Sam sell his soul to the devil.

  • try the sara sarita game (or sister sister game) my friend and i just tried it and it worked. you're talking to two girls, sara and sarita. and you can ask them questions, and they will answer with a coin. its creepy cus when my friend and i tried, we talked to them for about a hour and they always kept to the same story. fx we asked them 3 times if we were talking to sara, and 3 times if we were talking to sarita. it said no to sara and yes to sarita all the times. (sorry for my bad english)

  • ur like in a movie.

  • I heard before (I’m catholic) that the devil is an angle I think that was not holy so he or she created hell and was the devil or something like that so I never really amigined the devil being a red duder with horns or something like that and that’s of corse why you can’t bring a cross for the last one

  • Try going to Tennessee! There’s a hotel located in Chattanooga Tennessee called The Read Hotel! It’s by far the scariest thing I’ve ever seen but room 311 is one of the haunted rooms!

  • So, Daruma-san is basically a game of tag. For more than 24 hours. Well, I'm gonna dieee

  • to say damare properly it's pronounced duh-muh-reh

  • Little kids don't do this at all.

  • Don't tell kods to do this they will burn down there house. 10 year olds r watching u

  • Ritual 👏🏻 Review 👏🏻

  • My opinion is either Oklahoma darkness or dark reflection

  • mirror

  • Oklahoma

  • we all know damn well that we ARE NOT going to let Samuel sell his soul period. But other than that i think the one about the mirrors sounds good. Either that or 11 miles


  • You should do the mirror one

  • hey Sam, I think you should do the bath tub game!

  • could you do the 11 miles ritual ?? I’m pretty sure you did it already but it would be cool to see you do it and succeed,you got 70k + likes

  • do the broken mirror ritual. and sam you have already don’t the 11 miles ritual

  • The oklahoma game thingy Love you sam!!!

  • I personally think the safest ritual ( in these options) would be the dark mirror ritual.

  • I know this is random but I love your wallart

  • Do the mirror one. That one sounds quite interesting and you deserve to have some luck.

  • Sam I swear if you sell your soul to the Devil then I swear I will kill you.

  • i find it hilaropus that sam considers 200,000 likes enough to sell his soul lmfao

  • Do deal of the devil I wanna see if it works and no I’m not going to do that

  • The add i got was the adams family

  • I personally want to see the Oklahoma darkness because that’s where I’m from

  • so far 72k likes a lot more too go

  • i think you should do any you want but do the mirror thing after because then you get good shi init 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Do the Answer man challenge

  • I would like to see any of the other rituals but do not sell your soul it isn't worth it one bit please dont do it

  • Dark Reflection!!! But please be safe, Sam!!

  • I Surely Hope No One Asks Him To Sell His Soul. That’s Just To Far ! DONT DO IT

  • ☻/ /▌ This is Bob, he loves Sam Golbach's Adventures. / \ Copy and paste him on Sam Golbach's vids. So he can enjoy it.

  • Pause at 2:12

  • Yo 11

  • As someone who is sensitive to spirits and auras, do not sell your soul. It’s not worth it to get something that is not a necessity in your life then spend your afterlife being tortured. No matter how many likes you get do not do the last ritual, not for your fans but for your self

  • The Oklahoma darkness game

  • Please do the Oklahoma thingy. Please DO NOT sell your soul ):

  • I vote for the Dark Reflection Ritual. Also, I do want to say that no amount of likes on anything should determine whether or not you sell ur soul, Sam. Its one great life in turn for eternal pain, pretty much. That's just not worth it. Don't do it bc we all know yo ass be getting 200, 000 likes or more lmao.

  • either do the oklahoma one or sell your soul

  • The dark reflection ritual sounds interesting and I mean it also has a reward to it and you can do it with the others so you won’t go mentally crazy And it would be something new that’s nice aswell

  • I want you to do the bath one 😁

  • How can I get a Hoodie?🤔

  • Oklahoma for sure

  • You should do number five......

  • the 11 miles ritual

  • The reflection one

  • 11 mile ritual people? l l l l V

  • The dark reflection ritual

  • Do the Oklahoma darkness game or the dark mirror reflection one please

  • #3 u should do Sam or #1

  • You should do the bathtub one or the mirror one Also please come to vidcon 2020

  • 11 miles ritual

  • Dear Sam, The pentagram isn't just statanic. It corosponds back to the neopagan ages. It is to summon gods for protection but the Christians and other religeons associate it with the Devil. Neopagan//Wiccan religeon do not have a "devil" its all based on karma. That is where it comes from. In the past, the pentagram was commonly seen as a symbol for good and for protection against evil. In Taoism, a pentagram shows how the five classical oriental elements (earth, water, wood, fire, and metal) are related. Today, the pentagram is the most commonly used symbol of Wicca. Christians use the pentagram to represent the five wounds of Jesus.