Most Oddly Satisfying Video to watch before sleep

čas přidán 8. 10. 2022
Most Oddly Satisfying Video to watch before sleep! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and were satisfied! Watch the last satisfying vid • Most Oddly Satisf... Subscribe to SSSniperWolf to join the Wolf Pack
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  • thank u lia for making my day every day. ever since I started watching u, u have been slowly helping me get out of my dark times. ur amazing, take care and stay safe <3

  • watching this makes me realize even more how much u and other youtubers & influencers go through and don’t let their fans know for them not to worry. ur the most genuine person Wolf. i wish u and ur family the best always!! loved this video hands down one of my favs! thanks for being so vulnerable with us.

  • I absolutely love your videos I would watch them for hours if I could!

  • Hey Lia! Thank you for all the amazing content you've given us! There's never a dull moment when watching your videos!💞

  • I truly love your videos! You are just an overall great creator!

  • The fact that she gives quality and entertaining content every day even when she isn’t feeling well, that’s a dedicated person. Keep it up!

  • Let’s just take a moment and admire how Lia makes us laugh and smile everyday.

  • im honestly amazed at how quickly people watch lia's videos as soon as she posts, me included

  • keep doing what you do!!💕❤️

  • Your videos make my day so much better! Thank you so much Lia!!! ❤

  • Day I come on and watch SSSniperwolf and her satisfying videos after school and I like to just let my body like chillax and just feel the satisfying vibes

  • Whoever’s reading this I pray that whatever your struggling with or worrying about is going to be fine and that everyone has a fantastic day

  • Half the comments be saying “ let’s just appreciate that She uploads every day and puts a smile in my face when I’m having a bad day! Thank you Sssniperwolf💖”

  • Nothing better then being in bed at night watching this❤

  • The satisfaction in this video is making me amazed and calm 😌😌!! Yes excactly “are they the reason there is glass protecting all sweets” I love this SO SATISFIED

  • Thank you for all the amazing content from over the years

  • I feel like she makes everyone's day. Thanks for uploading daily and making us laugh!!

  • I always come for these videos, it just puts me in a good mood and helps me relax.

  • I once had this science kit. And one of the experiments you could make poppers. I tweaked the formula. Made the stuff more concentrated. So each one sounded like a gun shot. Really scared this guy who almost ran me over with his car, while I was riding my bike. He sped off fast.

  • thank you lia you always brighten up my day