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try to guess which tiktoks have more views
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  • watching Chris and Jimmy will always change my mood to good instantly.

  • It in insane how many videos Jimmy is working on at once. The dedication is on another Level. Messive respect for you.

  • Chris coming in with the dad jokes😂 TRUE LEGEND

  • I was feeling anxiety, but watching them is always my medicine. Thank you Jimmy and Chris

  • I love the energy both Jimmy and Chris bring to this channel, thank you for making my day everytime you upload ^^

  • I love these guys! They get me through the stress of my exams and studies. Massive respect to you, Beast Crew.

  • Chris is such a legend with his dad jokes 😂😂😂

  • This is really funny! Seeing Jimmy and Chris do these reactions is really fun!

  • It’s so much fun watching Jimmy and Chris react to things!

  • When Jimmy posts my day become blissful!Thank you for uploading such amazing videos every time,Jimmy!We love you

  • watching chris and jimmy together do some crazy stuff made my day

  • I love when Jimmy and Chris do reacting videos and challenges too it's comedy and fun to watch

  • thank you Jimmy, Chris, Chandler and others for making my life more enjoyable.

  • Chris going through the whole gothic phase huh 😂

  • Imagine how funny it would be for them to react to animated story’s from msa 😂❤️

  • always happy to see Jimmy and the boys express themselves makes my day

  • This man is gonna have great stories to tell to his grandchildren. What a legend🏆

  • Love watching the videos I’m happy to play any of your challenges lol. Keep ‘em coming🤙🏾

  • Jimmy is such a comedic man sometimes.

  • Jimmy and Chris have the perfect reactions 😂

  • Jimmy and Chris are literally the greatest reactions duo we have!

  • The way Chris changed his look fits him well! This sh*t is so funny! Just waiting till you make a reacts with Chandler and Karl together as a team

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  • Jimmy loves to make contents with funny videos i love it😂

  • Chris and jimmy comes with an eggcelent type of content 😂😂

  • 6:03 Jimmy's face was funny😂

  • Jimmy and Chris doing forfeits is always hilarious

  • You know it’s a good day when jimmy posts

  • You guys make a great duo, and I Love your videos they are really funny 😂😅

  • Jimmy and Chris always make reacts entertaining 😂

  • Chris and Jimmy make a great duo

  • Chris just is the king of literally watching TikTok’s 24/7

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  • Chris has the best dad jokes😂😂😂❤

  • i love Chris no matter what I'm thinking he will change my mood

  • Chris and jimmy are just so entertaining it’s just so fun to watch😂

  • Jimmy always loses in his own challenges lol

  • I love watching Chris and Jimmy because they always make me smile🙂

  • Jimmy and Chris are the funniest man’s in the world

  • Jimmy and Chris are always funny when people react.

  • I love how every time they do a gross challenge they wear white shirts

  • 3:03 Chris “brightnens” our days (literally) 😂

  • I was having a terrible day but Mr.Beast Videos always fix that. So thank you Mr.Beast and Chris!!

  • Thanks guys, this was fun!

  • Jimmy and the gang never fail to impress.

  • Chris loving his life then Jimmy questioning his career

  • jimmy just got back to normal but chris looks more and more homeless

  • watching Chris and Jimmy will always change my mood to good instantly. i love you mr beast

  • I love seeing jimmy and Chris having a ball reacting to clips

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  • Every comment: Jimmy and Chris is a great duo! 💀

  • Chris definitely had to shower after all the eggs being cracked onto his head

    • i mean… wouldnt you?

    • @Me GGG BBB

  • Its funny when Jimmy Got it wrong it landed on Chris😂

  • Jimmy always gets the most views so it's hard for him to pick when the videos aren't his 🤣

  • Imagine all the views Jimmy wld get if he knew what the internet liked. Must have been luck so far.

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  • Can we just appreciate how’s much effort they put into their videos?❤️😭

    • no bot

    • bro has this copy n pasted

  • Jimmy o solteiro mais cobiçado do momento 😅😊

  • I love these videos and their energy/good vibes with each other it always makes my day!

  • i and my whole family loves youre content!

  • Chris’s dad jokes are from another dimension 😂😂😂😂

  • Honestly Jimmy does good but the fact throat Chris did better than him this time is crazy

  • can we just appreciate how much how much effort they put in ther videos?

  • Chris with the best dad jokes Life if you agree 👇

  • Chris's mullet is the most cursed thing to ever happen.

  • 4:44 Jimmy: "you gotta be kidding, if this stupid crap gets more views..." Me: You are absolutely right

  • 6:03 that was so funny and realistic love to see it.

  • Chris is such A legend with his dad jokes 😂😂😂 Mr beast 😍😂

  • I am loving Chris getting the upper hand for once.

  • Amo ver a jimmy sufrir XD

  • Has Chris become afraid of the barber lately? 😂

  • 7:33 They actually weren’t playing chess here because that is smaller than a regular chess board, and because there wasn’t enough chess pieces for the normal game. I have no idea what they were playing though. 😂

  • Chris being very good at these, impressive!

  • your videos always make my day! 😄

  • People always praise Jimmy and Chris but the unsung heroes are the editors.

  • This just shows how unpredictable videos can be

  • chris has great dad jokes

  • You have reached 20M congrats dude

  • Yaaaaas!!! Chris what called “dad jokes” are back 😂

  • Chris commin with a W even though he usually takes L‘s

  • Jimmy just got back to normal but chris looks more and more homeless

  • The filters the editors use are amazing

  • Mi parte favorita cuando le tiran el pastel a jimmy en la cara

  • these reacts videos are honestly my favourite- chris + jimmy = best duo 🔥

  • Shouldn’t Jimmy had been twice when he guessed one wrong because he did that to Chris?

  • 🤣🤣always love to watch u guys entertaining the world.

  • congratulations on 20M 🎉

  • I just love his reaction videos very hilarious 😅

  • I hope this channel never ends and keep spreading happiness

  • With how much Jimmy got wrong I think its Chris's channel now lol

  • Who else agrees that Chris is such a LEGEND?

  • It's good to see Jimmy doing makeup😂😂

  • I love how Chris always wears wide shirts

  • *This Deserves More Views They Embarrassed Themselves 😂*

  • These two people never fail to make my day


  • Man's a legend to keep his content going

    • I just ate 3 pounds of applesauce in a vid 💪🏻🔥

    • @Muscleman8562 lol

  • Chris and Jimmy are the most beautiful iconic duo ever in the history of the world

  • I love that this channel is just jimmy and Chris. Their friendship is everything

  • 4:54 Jimmy just loss 10 braincells while Chris gained 10 braincells

  • The videos themselves were kinda funny, but Chris and Jimmy made it more funnier 😭

  • I always giggle when I watch these videos!

  • Jimmy: “Is this what career has come to” 😂

  • Yes, Chris "Dad Jokes" is back!