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Stunning 2019, Most watched vids some of them really in the limits.

Here you will find a variety of videos showing the coolest boats hitting rough waves through the infamous Haulover Inlet, one of the most dangerous inlets in the US.

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  • Where are you watching from? Smash the Like botton twice was a JOKE, ONE time is enough if you liked the Vid. Thanks

    • Halifax, NS

    • I smashed it 3 times bro

    • Southwest Florida

    • Texas Baby.

    • Exactly.

  • Its hard to know what its going to be like i like the ones who hit the firs wave and turn right around like yup not today

  • Not many life jackets to be seen... anywhere!

  • What the hell is a HUVE wave?

  • Spellbound's skipper almost got caught for not carrying enough headway.

  • At 9:48 dude lost his jetski??! It’s under a cover, and on the outgoing video at 5:09 it didn’t look too secure.

  • That guy lost his tender an didn't even know

  • The Perfect Storm, in the Bay!

  • I hit the like button 'twice' as suggested! (It cancelled my vote)! did you folks support the drumpf guy?

  • Boats caught in a "knitted cap" wave !? Okay, it did get my attention, but I don't have to like it, beside these fools are nuts running out in those toy boats, in those 'Yuge" waves few seem to know how to handle.

  • The big yachts make it look so easy. Until i saw this video and realized to think that theory over again. It's the captain not so much the boat...(g)

  • Damn, living in the great Northwest where we are lucky to get a solid 3 months a year of swimsuit/beach weather, Ive obviously been missing out on the thong bikinis making a strong comeback. 20 years ago when I was at the beach nearly every day during those 3 awesome months if we saw even one thong per year it was awesome. Back then it was those really tall bottoms where the side strap things went up and over the hips. The current style I still see around here is the super low rider ones where anytime the girl even moves a little bit they have to check thier drawers to make sure that too much of the butt crack isnt hanging out. The thongs make it so much low maintenance. They dont have to constantly adjust and pull the back side out over the cheeks every 5 minutes, or having the low riders ride too low and end up with the crack saying hi to everyone behind them, but best of all they never have to deal with getting wedgies all the time as they are intentionally wearing a permanent wedgie all day long. Awesome!

  • It said smash the like button twice!!! If you do it twice it takes the 1st one off!!!!!!! So I hit it 3 tumes👍

    • @Boat Zone NP, got rid of the duuuu 👍

    • Much appreciated 👍🏻

  • Stuff it huve!

  • The next time someone asks me why I am scared of the sea, I'll show them this of the boats and people getting battered.

  • How come nobody is saying anything about the loose tender at 9:48?

  • Not all charter boat captians are created equal.

  • This has to be the worst water condition I’ve seen at haulover

  • do you not need a license to pilot a watercraft ???

  • The Florida pool pump motor bearing repair guy approved ! that was good info

  • To the idiot that lost his tender, never take a boat like that, out in shit like that, on your own. It amazes me how some of these twats become wealthy.

  • Those Midnight Express boats seem designed to submarine with that down sloped bow :P Edit: and Nor-Tech

  • Looks like it's Blowing E/NE 15 to 20. Time to stay in the ICW

  • I guess you never seen huve waves.or huge ones too........

  • I’m from California so I’m not familiar with this inlet. Why is it so hard to get out?

  • Damn that was tight chop

    • Check new video Midnight Express boats vs Haulover: Worst Fails

  • Those Boston whalers seem to handle rough water pretty good.

    • Check new video Midnight Express boats vs Haulover: Worst Fails

  • Watching from Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.

    • Check new video Midnight Express boats vs Haulover: Worst Fails

  • Epic flybridge stuffing at 1:19.

  • One would think that in these conditions a life jacket might be a reasonable option.

  • For a land lubber like myself with motion sickness this would quickly become a nightmare 🤣

  • Tow Boat Skipper says “Fu*k this! You’re on your own.”

  • At what stage do you say nar F that

  • The so-called Captain of the Spellbound needs to turn in his license... getting caught by a following sea like that. What the hell was he doing, looking at a girl on the beach in a thong bent over???

  • I'll keep my *** on dry land, thankyou very much!😄

  • Why are many of your boats built with low bows?.

  • Definitely need to get more cheeky shots into your vids.

  • The Midnight Express type is my favorite

  • Smash the like button twice? So like it then unlike it???? Over and over????

  • LOL - posted in Jan 2020 and still nobody has caught and/or corrected "HUVE" - Fun videos though... Thank You.

  • I wouldn't take my boat in waves that huve.

  • The little blue centre console at 6:00 crushes thos waves

  • 6:45 FLAWLESS !!

  • Dude loses his safety boat at @9:45 , look behind the boat in the waves, see a covered boat in the waves.

  • This is both relaxing and terrifying at the same time. Yet I can't look away.

  • Holy cow "Spellbound" is a good name for that boat @4:31..... He was reading those waves like a children's book!!!!

  • Boat got me oogleing girls that the sox I'm wearing are older than they are! About the ages of my grand daughters!

  • Thx for those shoreline shots.

  • Whoever did the video king outstanding job an A+ across-the-board guaranteed job well done

  • What's really interesting is watching the ones who know how to navigate their way through. They read the waves adjust power, know when to ride a wave to the crest of the next wave, reduce power and then coast with the flow. Those open bow boats are truly at a disadvantage, they can get into that snowball effects and boom!

  • Its strange when hitting those big waves and the boat slams down, it feels like hitting concrete

  • Kookfest... Faster is always doesn't mean smart....

  • Such HUVE waves!!!

  • ma in questo porto mettere un frangiflutti davanti nooooo!!!!!! che amarezza

  • How is this compared to a storm?

  • If I hit the like button twice it cancel out O-O

    • It was a joke. One time is fine. Much appreciated


  • 9:45 lost something.

  • Gimme my Blackfin 29 Combi over some of these ultra-expensive center consoles in seas like this. Smoothest-riding boat I've ever owned.

  • Oh, god! My eyes!!

  • Some of these boats HAVE to be full of stress cracks I would think. I don't own a big water boat I run a 20ft bass boat but seems it would work the same. Some of those impacts halfway the hull look rough as hell on the boat

  • Seems like some kind of Campbell getting out of there...

  • Huve wages!

  • Notice...... None of the boats in this video, has a EVENRUDE or JOHNSON. LMAO

  • Deep ocean, shallow people.

  • Trim up and nail it!

  • I want to see that grey Freeman 47 flying out on a day like this???

  • 3:00 - so THAT'S why they pot those umbrella thingies on boars now.

  • Thanks for the Bikini shots..👍

  • Why oh why do pleasure boaters go out on such rough days?!?

  • Are these guys FKN for real? Howling onshore winds, White caps all the way to the horizon and a combined runout tide!! These guys arent true skippers they are just FKN stupids Twats with no brains or regards for the people onboard whatsoever! People onboard think they are safe and are oblivious to the danger these clowns are putting them in!!!

  • If I had to do this to go boating...... I would take up golf.

  • @ 10:40 now that boat means business... AND it's looking rather mean in the water ..

  • All that money to but a huge boat but still don't have enough common sense to tie down your dingy so you don't lose it on the way in.

  • That boat @ 4:34 min is a classic , the whole canapy got torn off 😃😃😃😃😃

  • Looks like the majority don’t understand using the speed that suits the conditions - more damage to the boats.

  • Dude these people are stupid just destroying there boats 🚢 😒 😄

  • I have to ask. Why in the HELL would anyone want to go out into conditions like that? Getting the living SHIT beat out of you, not to mention the damage your boat could sustain just seems to me isn't worth it.

  • Is all the turbulence in the water here, due to the ocean waves sort of psuedo-breaking over the water coming out of the inlet? The inlet where I live connecting to Lake Michigan is a no wake zone. If you gun it through the inlet, you’re prolly going to jail.

  • Do these boaters even check the inlet conditions before going full bore stupid in chop like that? Never see PFD’s on anyone, even children.

  • Just stupid going out in this water. Comment. im a pro and i have no limit but no customer wil be satisfied with this waves on a fishing trip

  • Are we not entertained!!!???

  • smashing through the waves would harm the hulls would it??

    • so much success in water-proofing

    • It can and everything else in the boat can be affected in some way. And anything that survives has its life effectively shortened.

  • 9:45 did that guy ever recover the annex boat?

    • Crazy to see it just floating away out there!

  • 12:08 WARNING! Beautiful sirens luring seamen onto the rocks!

  • Is the white over the windows a type of "sun-screen"?

  • Now way I can skip when you tell me to

  • Boats and Butts..

  • This place is awesome. Love the drone shots at the end. I’m packing my bags let’s gooo!

  • Grand Rapids MI, great job!!

  • I just paused @11:40...thank you so much!!!

  • Whats the point? Smash the like button twice, you ask. But this adds the like, and then when smashing the second time: remóves the like.

  • @9:45 That guy lost his dingy and those things aren't cheap.

    • He's gonna be pissed about that. Cover was on it too.

  • That gold intrepid at 7:10 actually did it right.

  • You can always pick the weather going out but these dills don't.

  • I dont normaly watch to the end, BUTT then i do..

  • Looks like loads of fun! 🍺😎👍

  • If there was ever a good argument for a 'break water' this place is it .. it may ruin our entertainment , but it would save a lot of heartache for boaters .. and theres plenty of Azz entertainment , btw you know you're getting older when Any Azz looks good ... lol

  • Man those Midnight Express boats are amazing

    • Designed for running drugs 😆 5- 600 horse outboards on the back. Imagine the fuel it burns

  • Me in a aluminium flat bottom thinks what would happen if i take that wave’s😂