Motorised Retractable Roof Project (super villain style)

čas přidán 28. 06. 2018
I live in England so rain is the norm but I like the open air too, so I've built a Roof which covers my yard and at the flick of a toggle switch retracts back over the garage. I should have done this ages ago as its fantastic and with the addition of the rain sensor I can leave it open knowing if it rains it will shut itself.

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  • Mate, I hope that old roof wasn't made of asbestos. Always be careful. Here in the Netherlands there are still so so so many old roofs with asbestos and it's one of those things you really don't want to get into your lungs

  • Absolutely brilliant!

  • Nice. Can you build a politician-o-pult that'll fire even the most portly politicians over to places where their ideologies are better accepted please?

  • Hi what ropes did u use

  • Nice work mate. If u near me, i will hire u.

  • hey mr colin can u make a chainless bike

  • This is brilliant, what a great thing to have :) :)

  • cool coolcool coolcool coolcool coolcool coolcool coolcool coolcool cool

  • You are an Amazing Fabracator...Thanks for sharing...

  • If he ever has to move, the new owner will get a lot of surprises. You never know what happens when you press a random switch somewhere in the house.😅

  • 6:23 DMCA strike because of pesky bird?! haha

  • that is too damm bitchen!

  • Anyone asks about the Money Part? Would b a nice information how much or many Money it Takes.

  • asbestos roof

  • Whole lotta rosie bird 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I am building a tiny house in containers and you can give me some ideas. I am in the Republic of Panama, in Central America.

  • Will be nice to add some strings at the end of cord for keeping the tension 😉

  • Was a nice bit of asbestos on that roof by the looks?

  • That split was extra slimy

  • stay busy hombre

  • I do a lot of 3D printing, and Colin's reasoning on the bearings--and the alternatives of using a rail system--is literally a big part of the benefits to going with a linear rail system over standard rod and linear bearings.

  • I wonder what the HOA rules are in colins neighborhood

  • 18v battery on 12v motor working fine 9:17

  • Very cool.

  • "Rick at full speed", that's not very slow rolling.…… Wait, I'm watching at 2x speed 😂

  • 😋

  • What’s the name of this song

  • What portion of your house is built out of metal?

  • He should have gotten his hover bike and flown off after retracting the roof super villain style

  • rick and morty be like

  • The AC/DC bit was priceless

  • ¿Alguna vez has sido ABDUCIDO y VIOLADO por alienígenas cachondas y jugosas?

  • If I was his neighbor I would build a bunker and connect it to his with a massive war ship type hatch in between.

  • Knock your house down and rebuild it Colin.

  • Poggers for God..,.

  • You think the property value of the house is going up with all this, or way down?

    • definitely going up buddy hes adding value to the house by just adding features to it also watch his new video the one with the underground bunker how much value do you think that adds to the house eh lol he wont ever sell this house tho I'm pretty sure lol

  • what if you connected it to a raspberry pi/pi zero and set it up as a server, then wrote an app for your phone that could be used to control the roof through inputs to the server from the phone and through the electronics that control the roof?

  • I thouth he will install solar power roof when saw the thumbnail

  • I hear "super vilain style" Slide innn

  • By the way I love your can do attitude and humour

  • Dude- I hope that roof material you removed wasn't asbestos filled??

  • allright, about the projects, your kid is growing up, are you saving money for its house, education, car, and its own family ? you will be grandpa one day.

  • Imagine being Collin and having a Karen for a neighbor lol

  • Well, at least a hundred or so of the 5000 commenters noticed it was an asbestos roof. Maybe a bit more PPE next time...? I hope you disposed of it safely!

  • This guys the tits. ... Are u a welder/ fabricator Colin ???

  • R.I.P. window sqeegees 😭

  • .

  • 2:40 that’s why real men weld stick lmao

  • Run thy pockets you scally wag

  • Random comment for the CS-tv algorithm.

  • Colin what was with the spit on your finger hitting the switch? Eww

  • This type of roll-off roof is a pretty popular way among amateur astronomers to convert a shed to an observatory! You can pier mount your telescope(s), have them weather protected, and ready to go in no time. As a bonus, the walls also function as windbreaks!

  • Bonsoir grand messieurs!

  • How big is your electricity bill!

  • *Sun comes out* Brits: OPUN THE FOOKIN ROOTH

  • I cannot fathom how much his property value skyrockets every time he makes modifications to his house

  • Looks like an asbestos roof you took of.

  • Give Colin enough materials and time, and he'll construct an airplane that can cook hamburgers. Edit: Yay my first 1k likes comment

    • Did you just copy a comment, cringe

  • **After 3 years** Still a banger!

  • "Today's project: Going outside."

  • What strikes me is that in Britain you dont seem to need any building permit for putting Up stuff like that or build a tunnel and bunker or do they?

  • How have the stop switches held up?

  • doesn't the thumbnail looks like it has solar panels?

  • does it lead to a pool filled with sharks with laser beams on their heads?

  • Colin makes the biggest horizontal shower door!

  • Now we know he only built this so the neighbours can’t see him moving all that dirt out from his tunnel job😅

    • Lol he's pulling the ultimate heist off on his own place

    • @Suzume StJohn Sheesh

    • @Nixton He started the tunnel back in 2018!

    • Planing 3 years in advance, sophisticated.

  • That's super amazingly cool!

  • Impressive bastard.

  • Did.. i just see a toaster up there?

  • We have a blackbird in the garden that sings the 1st few bars of Waterloo sunset

  • I would want a 100 box

  • Thank you so much, this is genius! Ive been thinking for a few yrs about building a trailer (2m inc. drawbar) to go behind my 4wd (Suzuki Sierra) but i want solar panels and a roof top tent (too short for a hard tent so need a soft one), this'll let me move solar panels out of the way for a soft shell tent and simultaneously put a roof over the kitchen. I cant believe i hadnt thought something as simple as this!

  • Imagine him buying this house. Around 100k….. Now… Bunker and this and all the other stuff he had into the house….. House if he was gonna sell it I bet it would go around 500k. He said he’ll sell bunker with the house that’s what they said. Now he’s building underground tunnel it’s probably gonna go up even more. But he’ll never sell his house.

    • "But he’ll never sell his house" - never know!

  • cool, so when do i pick it up

  • looks like my dishwasher runners :)

  • asbestos roof?

    • yup. The fact they accidently brecciated it worries me.

  • Question does it leak through the edges

  • 5:08 why you should put windows that can open on your shed

  • 0:03 top right corner of the shed. it now makes sense why he has so many bunkers and secret tunnels under his house... what else are you hiding mister furze?

  • Wow.. almost doubled his subs since this video

  • I'm all for overdoing things, but they do have garage door track and rollers.

    • Garage door track is genus, but also galvanized, making it dangerous to weld on!

  • Is there any drain holes for rain water ?

  • 11:50 you can't convince me that this isn't spit

  • How long do you plan to live in this house?

  • dude what does the local counsel say about everything you do at your house???

  • 11:33 I almost missed it

  • I wonder how much that raised the value of the house lol

    • I believe you mean "raised the value of the bunker with house attached"

    • Let me show you it's features

  • “I seem to have started a fire.” - A calm British man

    • Should have added a cooling system

    • - said Colin calmly

    • you mean bloke

    • "Guys it is no longer a pan fire. It's a van fire" -Jeremy Clarkson

    • 1:31

  • That roof had literally decades of neglect. Lol

  • Mazing

  • You and all your villainy.

  • I thought the thumbnail was a ping pong table 😂😂😂

  • Bet neighbours love him

  • ANYONE NITICE his satellite dish was painted to look like the window lol

  • I wonder if it would work as a pool cover. Anyone tried it?

  • Your garage roof is aspestos

  • Why dont you use wood

  • The complex digger undoubtedly cheat because spear briefly boast underneath a daffy yak. pricey, pathetic racing

  • Super villain on a budget 🤣✌️

  • I hate this kind of videos.