Mount St. Helens is about to Blow Up

čas přidán 18. 09. 2018

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  • *The volcano is a deadly laser*

  • so this is what our language oral exams sound like

  • Big Finals Energy

  • "Everything is green and gold so I'm not in hell yet" has got to be one of the best things I've ever heard

  • *Typhon joined the lobby*

  • Blinky

  • 0:11 nope not true , there is a white text

  • I live in Portland Oregon

  • i smell sarcasm...

  • 2:56 *level completed*

  • 2:38 i started dying

  • "Mount st halens is crazy and adventurous" What drug are you taking?

  • There’s a museum next to the mountain and they have a large drawing of the forest burning away with animals desperately trying to run from the blast. Also an older man lived close to the mountain and he refused to leave his home and he was subsequently killed during the explosion, I can see the influence in the lyrics lol. The museum also had a display of white mannequins dressed in hiking clothing that have projected talking faces on them and they used to scare the ever loving shit out of me when I was little lol.

  • Everythings green and gold, sO I'M Not iN hElL yeT

  • Is this Radiohead?

  • Are you....drunk

  • Friend: AM I ON DRUGS me: no it’s just bill Friend: MY FUGIN WALLS ARE MELT Me: eh it’ll pass

  • Who doesn’t want mount saint helens to blow up?

  • This just gave me Michael Jackson fibes, and like it's real weird but I'm like living for it tho.

  • My eyes kinda hurt now but other than that this is great

  • I think that this is supposed to be an ad for drugs... if not then I don’t know what it is

  • “Everything is green gold, so I’m not in hell yet~ “

  • Yes?


  • 3:15 someone figure out what that says

  • lmao it erupted on my birthday

  • Ure nuts

  • My dad was a kid in Portland OR and ash got to his home

  • I live close to Mt. St Helens and now I feel an existential crisis coming on

  • 2:57 Better than my band class

  • This gave me anxiety. But gr8 song

  • That solo in the end. So beautiful!

  • After 3 months this song is still in my mind

  • Meth is one hell of a drug..

  • "so I'm not in hell yet" the story of my life

  • bilmiyorum

  • ♫ Mount St. Helens is about to blow up ♫

  • I have a Mount St. Helens t shirt

  • 2:44 Eh, sorry. I dont speak italian

  • Rip Dow Jones

  • Blimp

  • Anime logic be like:

  • After listening to this a few dozen times, I can't tell if it's starting to make sense because there really is a secret meaning, or I've devolved into someone crazy enough to THINK it makes sense and I'm projecting my own meaning. Hmm.

  • Oh shit I live there

  • Ahh Bill, im a serious guy but every time I hear your music it makes me soo happy I can't explain...

  • lullaby

  • i have never been more engaged and confused at the same time

  • “You could make a re-No don’t”

  • I'm too high for this

  • Randomly had a flashback to when I went to mount st Hellen

  • Oh its a very strong blimp...

  • Good acid music

  • "We'll never slow down' One of the newer songs is "Slow down"

  • Are you high?

  • "you could make a religio- *no don't* "

  • A lovely song about a volcano that dreams of puppies

  • I think Bill lives in the future but the only way he can tell us the future is by making confusing yet catchy songs in YoUTube.

  • Ok enough I'm subbing

  • I feel like this video is specifically made for people high on acid.

  • We ded

  • Bill i found your gift shop,-122.8995541,3a,75y,125.49h,86.79t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sDe1jziJ6YAf4dyF6-d1bUA!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

  • What the hell is this?

  • This is my Jam

  • 0:31 I'm 99.99% sure I know where that lake is!!

  • i live near here and i can say that is accurate

  • The riding pony bridge is so satisfying I love it

  • I also make da comedy i was bull ied

  • What drug is this? I want it.

  • I am not in hell yet

  • Didn’t Percy Jackson blow up Mount St. Helens?

  • Im about die to a fall and its gonna be a fine swell day

  • OPTIMISM!!!!!!!! 👍

  • Still my favorite. Will always be my favorite.

  • 🔥🔥🔥💥🔥🔥🔥

  • this my fav one

  • sounds so happy, but then the dow jones fell down to zero. WOOOOOO

  • 1:07 really?

  • 1:49 necrozma is that you?

  • I want this as my ringtone, Alarm, and when i get a notification.

  • 1:51 "we'll never slow down" *makes a song called 'slow down' 2 months later*

  • 01:51 "we'll never slow down" *makes a song called 'slow down' 2 months later*

  • "we'll never slow down" *makes a song called 'slow down' 2 months later*

  • This is literally heaven

  • I really like this video

  • generation z anthem

  • So I'm not in hell yet god dammit now love me peasants

  • Trust me it gets better when your watching this while high

  • I can’t be sad watching these videos

  • 😂

  • beep-beh-boop-be-dep-boo-boop-boo-ba-deep-böp. flgeuhrbhuaifahraug

  • (blimp)

  • my dude high everytime he writes those songs

  • yea well im glad i live down here in georiga not washington yeah so

  • P

  • Ok this is going to cure my depression

  • This video is the whole acid trip... in 3 minutes

  • It’s going to be a fine swell day!!!!

  • Or just fold your suits so you don't have to throw them away

  • it's gonna be a fine swell day

  • sick volcano solo!