MrBEAST BURGER Full Menu Challenge **DESTROYED**

čas přidán 17. 01. 2021
Good Video? You know what to do :)
A bit back Mr. Beast releases his very own restaurant, Mr. Beast Burgers!! Unfortunately I was out of town for the launch and couldn't get my hands on them sooner, but I had to try them out!
Full Order =
1 Beast-Style Burger (triple + extra patty)
1 Chris-Style Burger (extra patty)
1 Chandler-Style Burger (extra patty)
1 Chicken Tender Sandwich
1 Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich
1 Karl's Grilled Cheese
1 Seasoned Fries
1 Beast-Style Fries
6 Cookies
1 Water Bottle
1 Can of Coke (diet)
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  • Long time no see! Had to start the year off w/ a BIG Challenge 🍔 Happy 2021 everyone!

  • why cant he gain a pound wth

  • Whoever’s watching this is hungry like me

  • how are you not fat

  • Well that was gross o_O

  • Dude know im hungry looks so good

  • Does he just eat like once a day or a week who knows

  • How is this man still skinny

  • Did anyone notice he ate the cookies with water

  • 07:37 when you drop your food

  • Gimmie some 😭

  • Pov: you are looking for mr beast comment

  • Its 3 am why am i watching this

  • Why did he say he destroyed the time on the title of the vid, but he only beat it by 16 secs

  • How tf is he skinny

  • I cant cap, i seen this coming lol

  • Iam surprised that through out the years you are not fat no offense but that was a cool challenge

  • Ohhh man your somuch is not painful you eat a lot in just 10mins you make me insane your such an amazing human being

  • Stop doing this to your self please

  • Chris would say: That's as fast I can eat.

  • imagine the logs this guy is dropping in a daily basis


  • I am watching this video at 12 night

  • I love your content matt i hope you do more content this year

  • 3:30 this is the moment.

  • What a machine

  • random people : how has he not blown Me : guess he is just strong takes on the pain

  • Cool

  • Black hole gets shy AND HIDES!

  • I am sure he vomits after every challenge

  • Imagine if he got a million dollars lmao

  • 😌🤚🏻 t h e b a t h r o o m n e e d s h e l p

  • not gonna lie mrbeast burger isnt good at all

  • How tf does he finish a burqer in 1 MINUTE

  • How does my man manage to eat all of that and not put on a bit of weight 🤯🤯

  • 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Don't you womit after this?😂


  • That looks easy..... Also me: Am i pregnant or dying?

  • How is this guy not fat from all this

  • Bro, what are your shits like?

  • He has the metabolism only so many can wish for.

  • Thanks, you made me hate food

  • chandler will be angry for this

  • Diet pepsi 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • ahaha love morgan at the end

  • 100$ZaakaaOK

  • 🤔🤔NOGO

  • they give u aquafina? says everything i need to know about a dude named "MR BEAST" selling food lmao

  • mrbeast

  • did anyone else throw up in there mouth or feel like throwing up watching this video or am i just weird :/

  • I’m more impressed he can afford it

  • How him no shit him shelf

  • TOAD (Mega) where is this Mr Beast , San Jose ?

  • challenge you to eat the biggest hamburger from the heart attack grill

  • Stop talking get eating ! 😔 🛑 ✋☠️🥱

  • hi

  • Who is mrbeast? I kinda like Mrbeast Burgers

  • Is this guy a human🤐

  • I weigh 240lbs, if I ate 30% of this, i wouldn't be able to sleep , it amazes me how much he can eat

  • Math girl

  • When your mom is almost home so you have to eat fast

  • That’s 100,000$🍗🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔

  • This guy's challenges are rlly hard to a normal person how does he do it?? Doesn't he get some health issues??

  • Bruh I know those sandwiches literally came out of him the same way they went in. He didn’t chew that shit at all I feel so bad for him on the toilet 😭😭😭😭

  • Give some ouw 😭😂

  • I'm gonna ask my mom if I can get Uber Eats from the MrBeast Restraunt for sure

  • Matt Stonie isn't the legend he's toilet is the legend.

  • I eat a 12inch dominoes and wanna die this man made me feel useless

  • Me watching in Australia Sad that there’s no beast burger here


  • Where's MrBeast's comment?

  • Veldig bra

  • ı need thıs ım so hungry turkey/istanbul

  • Dangg

  • حلالت بابا

  • When you do another type of this video can you pls say"chicken leg piece" everytime you finish a food

  • POV: You are searching for MrBeast comment.

  • 2:02 look like someone sat on it

  • very impressive, can you eat 5 buckets of chicken, but the twist is you need to dip it on the nuclear sauce

  • Any video with name mr beast get so many views

  • Fun fact: no one is watching in full screen

  • What about me? 😂😂

  • Estoy en dieta keto y ver como gente se come todo eso me ayuda a calmar mi ansiedad por comida xD

  • It's been a long time since he learned how to ENJOY the food

  • I am suprised that mr beast hasent commented here yet

  • how is this guy alive

  • POV ur look for mr beast

  • I would be afraid if my girlfriend was watching me eat like that

  • My family loves mr beast so much that we’re going to be traveling like two hours to go to me beast burger lol

  • At the beggining: 🤤🤤🤤🤤 Everything else: 🤢

  • Give it up for the cows that gave up their life for Matt’s successful CS-tv channel

  • My mouth is watering

  • Mr. beast Socks because his restaurant is that Mr. B’s restaurant the I don’t want to try that that is the disgusting place

  • Imagine him eating a whole burger, and then realizing it was the hottest one in the world


    • It's called exercise.

  • that was pretty impresive but not really DESTROYED like on the title still really good tho 👌

  • OMG I just saw here in bakersfield,with your brother morgan I thought I was tripping when I saw you,plus your brother morgan laughed at me because I was all excited 🤣🤣😆😆😆😆

  • Bill Gates has already mandated that western countries must ban the sale and consumption of beef, pork, chicken and eggs by 2025. We will transition to synthetic 3D printed synthetic meat and bug proteins. I look forward to your bug burger reviews.

  • Wallah ce boug il grossit pas wsh