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  • I had to reupload because youtube stinks sorry about that

  • I mean I find players but they are already bought out I haven't got a single player yet

  • If I buy mt can u get me it idk how to do it

    • Dm me on twitter I can help you out

  • Erick gerdon who is that is he a rookie lol

  • Sniped a 98 pd Klay for 5k💪🏽

  • How would buying a bronze for 500 even help

    • you can sell it for 700

  • Why put a max bid number that's larger than the max buyout? As soon as you bid the buyout price you buy the card

  • Dude they way u pronounce Giannis name 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  • Look at akunkpo man

  • Giannis akunkpo🤣

  • My mans said Giannis Akunkunpo 😂

  • I got Marshmelo for 100K with opal contract, is that a Dub or L?

    • Kam Mike Opal Contract?

  • akungpo LMFAO

  • I didn't want to share this but I got sick of 2k. So want to earn quick MT don't snipe takes to much time do the fallowing when a new packs get released, check the price for diamond cards. Exemple new Diamond Aldridge card, this morning was selling for 25k Mt, so what you need to do is Go auction house search for him. Bid 19.5k ( nearly no one bids that much) bid for how many you can, I did for 20 of them, then go play one triple threat match or whanewer you do for next 5-10 minutes. Then check how many you got. I think I won 15 from 20 Then send them all to auction house and set buy now 24k ( that is the lowest than enyone else) and you will see you will sell those cards in next 5 min. So then do the maths You bought them 19.5 (some of them were less even 16k) Sold them for 24k 10% tax= 2.4k 24-2.4=21.6-19.5=2.1k profit minimum for each of them 2.1*15=31.5 k profit in a 10-15 min You're welcome!

  • Waste of time trying to snipe PD and Galaxy

  • I used a filter from a old snipe filter video and i got galaxy opal vince for 500 mt

    • Got Talent I would go on CS-tv and search for new snipe filters and how to snipe

    • GB Rxsky can u explain to me how to snipe? Pls

    • I got galaxy opal Michael Jordan for 2000 mt

    • GB Rxsky brah lucky

  • First person that gets that 10% discount code is getting my business 🤣😂

    • Lol for sure them prices doubled since these packs dropped

  • Great filters Simba

  • I love Giannis Akunkpo and Shaqualle Onalle

    • I just lost 100 brain cells reading this

    • Giannis “Antetokounmpo”. Shaquille O’Neal.

    • Giannis “Antetokounmpo”. Shaquille O’Neal.

    • Love me some Eric Gerwwdon

  • Ayy just sniped PD James Harden for 3k using this method 🔥🔥

    • Was it the new shit one?

    • iceey 😳

  • Great informative video simba

  • bro do you even watch basketball...? or just play this game..cus that giannis last name pronunciation is so off....

    • Marlon Tuazon have you ever heard of flight reacts? He’s the one that seriously thinks it’s akunkuo. He just saying that for a joke

    • Marlon Tuazon no he watches lion king ,King of the jungle awimba awimba

    • Don't make fun of the man it's a hard name to pronounce

    • @Marlon Tuazon who gives a fuck, Shaq & Troydan does the same thing besides what does pronouncing a name have to do with watching basketball

    • Marlon Tuazon you love me? Gay

  • Akunkpo?

  • I sniped a Vince earlier today

  • Greetings from Greece brother. Keep it real ✊


  • Best my team series on CS-tv

  • Notification gang

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