Muki ft. Sparkaman | Chaha Hai Tujhko - Got to be love | Official Video

čas přidán 2. 05. 2015
Title: Chaha Hai Tujkho - Got to be love
Artist: Muki featuring Sparkaman
Music: MoodLab Productions
Visuals: Zak Rahman
Video Editing: Zak Rahman & Haleem Iqbal
Recorded at the MoodLab Studio
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Instagram: Mukiofficial SPARKAMAN
Muki Asiann Artist:


  • Beautiful tune

  • 😍

  • My husband sing this song to me wen I meet him and he is Asia and he looks like u a lots 😊

  • Supp song mix

  • itnay achay song ka beragark kr diya

  • toba toba Mat mar di Is Jahil insan ne Legend tha yhe gana

  • Bosdiwalo gaane ke naam pr tatti Hai ye

  • 😂


  • Wtf who done the music for the mc

  • maan chod di gane ki

  • ❤❤❤❤❤

  • I jus love these 2 sparkamans Raps r jus ❤ n mukis voice jus ❤ so stop judgin em ya idiots 😂😂🙈

  • 👍👍👍thora sa or ache se gate to bhot aagy jate but not bad

  • 🔥🔥👀

  • WOW! he is awesome I'm from the U.S. this is a powerful song! I was mesmerized. I happen to see him in a song with Kamil.

  • Love this guy ❤️

  • I see u looking wondering wats going to happend when it's me and u alone in this room I feel ur heart beating wid my mine ready make our feeling shine me and u on this lovers line I'm here to take my time b4 our time fades out soon as I stay in this night making ur feeling flow deeper take way all ur payne

  • the rapper went lost away from da beat take time on this beat like u entertain a lady hahaha take time

  • nyc song 👍

  • so nice song. wow. but you are not the best one.

  • Muki you have a great voice and will get far in life.. sparkaman rapped too fast for the tempo of the song otherwise it's a great remix 👍

  • Keep up the good work, love ya music you both work great together 😀

  • Deep tune keep dem coming bro !!!

  • Singer has good potential!!keep it up!!

  • Singer was ok the rap was pointless

    • +ali ali ITS ABOUT THERE GF'S thou soo its not pointless its a good tune and sparka tbh is just the best in brum eazzy but biggun all the work they put in

  • You r great here !!!

  • Hi

  • nice x

  • nice song cuz carry on with the good work

  • 👍

  • tunee doe mad styll

  • TUNE !!!

    • ARSENAL FOREVER Wenger out tho

  • Thanks

  • Good tune keep up the hard work bro