Murder Mystery | Minecraft Story Mode

čas přidán 9. 06. 2016
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I decided to share my play through of this episode of Minecraft Storymode with you because I'm in it! Woo! I hope you enjoy it :)
If you haven't already checked out the Minecraft Story Mode episodes then I really recommend playing theme :D
I only played the Murder Mystery part because you've probably already seen a million other CS-tvrs play the rest of the episodes so I just wanted to show you this little bit :)
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  • I had this but on my tv its a story game one mine in Netflix I always play but never end it lol

  • You never says you play with zackscottganes.

  • i never saw that much zombies in my life omg theres like 100 there and when he died the weird guy it was the oumkin head person thing that did that and there like why are we all here and its bc the pumkin head person wants to play murder mystery with them untill there all dead yeah thats creepey but like thats what he wants to do and i have no idea why he wants to kill all of them and theres booby traps all over the mansion no matter they go or if they think there safe its not but now theres no way to get out like no the door should be locked and the windows so yeah and the paintings are the way the pumkin white head is gonna kill and thats right i guess and its sure one of them are lieing and is the white pumkin and the painting of the white pumkin in the libary he was in there go to the picture and now the white pumkin is going for Ivor but he doseant belive that so hes gonna get killed at anytime and it was sure it was cassie she had been suspishus the whole time

  • I know who the killer is

  • i think its all of the people that have buttons and they are working togeter and try putting the guilt on eachother to get her confused

  • not me being home alone while watching this and hearing noises........


  • Dan: Cassie how could you we Shared Cookies together Cookies 1:15:39

  • Why Dan said Cookies

  • Jesse: Easy Easy Everyone We're Looking into it and We're going to Find out 17:04

  • Lizzie: That's me 16:18

  • Lizzie: that's me the minecraft 15:31

  • Jesse: Recognize us How 14:38

  • Lizzie: I Recognize you 14:31

  • Lizzie: Hang on minute it's you I Recognize you 14:27

  • Lizzie: Dang Lizzie Die and Lizzie is me That when I Die 51:03

  • Lizzie: it's me 14:15

  • Lizzie: Hello it Everything Okay here 14:13

  • Jesse: Oh no 50:24

  • Lizzie: Oh my gosh 50:22

  • Lizzie: No 50:20

  • I love how you’re in the game Ldshaowlady

  • Nice!!

  • its cassy the one who is killing all most all of them !

  • This popped up on my recommended... I FORGOT ABT THIS HAIR STYLE.. :,)

  • Know that there was more of that shop take another video with the next chapter I

  • at 42 ; 32 there was a dispenser that i saw

  • I caught Cassie killed someone 26:39


  • wait you like it not me

  • dans hair is white and the white pumpkin is what there serchin for

  • Girl in the game:then let’s go kill His but! Me:whattttttt😳

  • lizzle saw lizzie

  • •• -

  • ●● 0

  • []♡♡♡♡♡♡●●●□●□■■♤>>

  • RIP lizzie

  • I've watched this billions of times and I love it.

  • This vid kept me on the edge of my seat!

  • i seen it

  • There was more that wasn't over

  • 2021

  • yppah etal lirpa sloof yad

  • Lizzie if you didn't what have died you would have had to think Stampy was the white pumpkin and Dan would die instead but even if you helped you would have still died

  • The murderer is casy

  • Literally every one: “the white pumpkin will kill us all!” Dan: “Oh no! LIZZIE! She’s...dead.” Jesse a few minutes later (while chasing THE WHITE PUMKIN!) : “tHiS gUy’S fIt!!”

  • I fell from my seat when the zombie jump scare happened

  • Draw paper of all of us Stacy plays and Stampy cat and not you yet sorry Lizzie

  • When they were interrogating Lizze, she said that she taught Cassie Rose and StacyPlays how to make the green tipped arrows, WHY?!?!?! WHY!?!? WHY TEACH CASSIE ROSE?!?!?!

  • cassie was the worst

  • And stacie

  • Dantdm Lizzie captain sparkles

  • Made up youtchuber:Cassie rose real youtchubers

  • they are all sus

  • i love your hair couler

  • 😋

  • Execute maneuver 66 Cody: It will be done, my lord.

  • lol its cassie rose haha i've already watched it

  • You my favrot youtuber

  • Thats not the end jeese , petre ,ivor , lukas go to the portal nd they got trapped nd turnes out cassie,s alive

  • Its cassie rose she,s murderer She,s the white pumpkin

  • Its wierd that in dantdm,s video torque dawg said jeese was a girls name in lizzie,s was a boy

  • Stampy stole flint n steel from dan

  • Lizzie got killed in the most violent way

  • Its cassie rose i watch dantdm,s video Cassie rose is the murderer She,s the white pumpkin

  • This is wierd in dantdm,s video Torque dawg said jeese was a girls name In lizzie,s was a boy

  • cool kids entrance: 28;30

  • L am

  • This is the first time I’ve seen your face somehow not what expected and exactly what I expected🧐

  • Rest in rip

  • Stampy is probably blaming

  • Rip lizzie😭

  • Ti is literally one life

  • i love how YOUR picture in the game you have TNT in it.

  • Lmao Lukas somehow reminds me of naruto

  • “Is this a graveyard?” 1-2 mins later “WhY iS tHeRe So MuCh ZoMbIeS.?”

  • Please make mor

  • What is your favorite 🤩 mod in the wold because I am looking for a mod. What is your favorite mob in Minecraft. I like the wolf

  • Omg so 🥰

  • Jessy? Where did I hear that last? OH, THE MINECRAFT MOVIE.

  • The Mansion recognize that would be because it's yours truly the WoodLand Mansion.

  • I have watch that on Netflix

  • The dead rule putatively ruin because head reassembly guarantee with a sweet destruction. tearful, seemly middle

  • My sisters name is jessie

  • Ha good one white hair as the white pumpkin.

  • I have a quick question: how did you get in there like did you mod yourself in there?

  • I played it is was fun and I met you and the other youtubers!

  • cool

  • Who’s watching this in 2021 exactly four years ago

  • I’m sad they took it off the App Store so we all wasted our money.

  • There’s a murderer AMONG US, hmm reminds me of something...

  • Oh- Uhh... Lizzy- you kinda forgot about the second half of the story...

  • anyone get the starwars referance?

  • u die in dantdm vid

  • WhErE eP oNe WhErE

  • You still miss the last part of it

  • I ALWAYS play that lvl. its my favorite one.


  • Go ggyciyvu dhddydydhduh