Mustang Mach-E World Debut

čas přidán 17. 11. 2019
New breed. New Era. Introducing the all-electric #MustangMachE.*
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Mustang Mach-E World Debut


  • Catch the show right at the start here: 09:07

    • It should have been called the Galaxy 500E or Falcon-E, maybe since it caters to single Moms who take their children to Soccer or Hockey practice call it the Cougar.

    • Mustang should only have 2 doors. Millennials at Ford don't have respect for Mustang's Iconic Historical Automotive Heritage Value. A4 door variant Mustang model dethroned all past, present, and future Mustang's from the Muscle Car segment shared with the Challenger and Camaro. Had been asked from mopar owners "what about the Hellcats Charger " my response is they're nice comfortable family oriented sleepers.

    • @Carlos Cantù agreed Mustang should only have 2 doors. Millennials at Ford don't have respect for Mustang's Iconic Historical Automotive Heritage Value. A4 door variant Mustang model dethroned all past, present, and future Mustang's from the Muscle Car segment shared with the Challenger and Camaro. Had been asked from mopar owners "what about the Hellcats Charger " my response is they're nice comfortable family oriented sleepers.

    • You are stabbing in the back all your loyal Mustang customers, just to compete in a complete different market already owned by Tesla, among others. It is a very reckless, stupid move.

    • Don't waste your time. It's a horrendous mistake.

  • 42:55 “agile Handling thanks to lower center of gravity compare to MOST suv” That’s like saying “I was the smartest kid in my special ed class”

  • Are you on drugs? This is everything a Mustang is NOT.

  • The Mustang II was more of a Mustang than this.

  • Sorry billy Johnson is a way better driver than Ken block. He needs to drive then the stig

  • Not a Mustang. Just call it the Mach-E.

  • Who loves the mustang?

  • i am going to git me one of these 2021

  • Like si vienes del canal de VICESAT / Saludos desde Lima, Perú

  • Ford...just stop...the Mustang was totally didn't need to pull a Tesla...and go all electric...this isn't what we wanted...

  • Yeah. Thats what we wanted. Who wouldn't spend a lot of money in a uglier and more fat model?

  • A Mustang???.....hahahahahahahahaa

  • 47:21 you are so wrong

  • this is an insult to the mustang legacy.


  • Not a Mustang

  • I have had several Mustangs. Own one as my daily now. This,however,is SICK.SMFH

  • We Shall See!

  • What a disgraceful way to trash 55 years of heritage

  • People that hate Mustangs will hate it because it's called a "Mustang". People that love Mustangs will hate it because it's called a "Mustang".

  • Ford please stop don’t do this

  • One question, why would someone buy this when they can buy an actual Mustang for half it's price?

  • easy to see it is a PAID crowd. every where in the world even people who arent into cars can spot a mustang, ford has just decided to sully and devalue the name mustang, there has been and never will be a four door mustang. , HOPE IT TANKS!!!!!!!!!!!! old saying, if it looks like crap sounds like crap, it's crap!!! , if it doesnt look and sound like a mustang it's not a mustang!!!!!

  • Don't people realize that the electric power needed to power an electric car come from the grid which comes from coal/natural gas fired power plants. How can you consider that " Green" Just saying....

  • I love my Fords and this is a great idea but you guys are bringing back the bronco and that would have made a lot more sense to electrify.

  • sorry might as well be a hyundai.....that is definately not a mustang

  • Haters can hate. Just wait till Camaro SS is on a electric SUV. One makes the first move and the rest follow suit.. as a Ford guy, I see Ford pulling this off..

    • Have you seen everyone else's comments?

  • It sucks

  • I don't like this. This is not the Mustang I remember.

  • If they didn’t call it a mustang they could have at least called it the Equus, like if you get what I mean.

  • Put a restraining order on whoever decided to call this a mustang, and ban them from ever buying from the greatest manufacturer in the world.

  • Ford betrayed the Mustang's legacy. That's unforgivable.

  • I bet Ford paid for all those fake likes

    • Or it was a thousand karens

  • Its not a mustang it has nothing in common with the mustang it's a big fat insult to the mustang legacy

  • The Mustang 2 is more of a Mustang than this and it pains me to say that

  • I try to forget

  • Ford Mustang Mach E: >:( Ford Mach E: :)

  • Ford had so many Ford model names choices to use other than Mustang. Torino, Maverick, Capri, Falcon, RS, Lobo, Puma, Scorpion or even the Cougar from Mercury or Ford of Europe. Even more futuristic names from other Ford cars like Laser, Meteor, Probe, Starliner, Orion to name a few. Common Ford!

  • jesus christ and I thought the ford echo looked bad

  • As a Mustang owner, I was actually thinking of buying one of these as a family car, but I never will buy this with the Mustang badge on it. Never.

  • *Just call it a Mach E!!!* What a slap in the face to Mustang owners. Chevy didn't call any of their SUV's a Camaro, because *they are different models!* Mach E is a cool name as is. Now it has two names? This is about as dumb as shooting yourself in the foot.

  • Little Brother Mach E I like it

  • Mach 1 is the speed of sound. speed of sound in dry air at 20 °C = 343 m / s 天

  • Mahkwun. - Eugene Kwok

  • another bad ford idea,, it's not a MUSTANG

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  • Ford actually got me to say it, I'd rather have a Tesla than a Mustang. Would have loved to have an EV Ford, the exterior looks great, interior is nice, but slapping a pony on it is just tasteless.

  • Rest in peace Mustang history R.I.P💀🌐

  • A.J.Davis thank you LOVE IT

  • Sorry unless its $20,000 not gonna buy this..... thats no mustang

  • Whose miserable idea was it to call this SUV a Mustang? Makes my heart cry. Ford has now officially destroyed the iconic badge. It looks like a Tesla - it is NOT "instantly identifiable as a Mustang" at all - but the TRUE Mustang is now forever tainted! Please re-badge this to simply "Ford Mach E" leave Mustang out.

  • Tesla: We are best Ford: I'm gonna end this whole car's career

  • Galax-E.

  • Looks ✔️ Performance ✔️ Features ✔️ Name ❌

  • they should have called it a pinto

  • i'd rather be seen in a Chevy and i hate them.

  • you collectors better buy one you wont see these on the streets.

  • Fake mastag


  • BOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Not really a Mustang, no matter how you try to convince me.

  • Huh I never new there would be a electric ford ever I was mad cause the new 2021 Tesla Cybertruck was going against the world's BEST selling truck

  • Sorry, not a Mustang.

  • This entire thing was so awkward to watch. The cringe is real.

  • Ford challenged its people to capture the essence of the Mustang in an all electric SUV. Had Ford attempted to make an electric Mustang or a Mustang SUV they might have pulled it off. But they bit off more than they could chew. This is not a Mustang. It's an Appaloosa, an electric Appaloosa.

  • That's not a mustang

  • I like it alot. Ford needs to lead the pack in EV technology. The body shape really is not the advance so much as the prominence of the EV design and conversion of its core business away from gas boxes that break down when their transmissions slip, head gaskets are blown, and fuel pumps and fuel injectors fail and leak. Never have a leaky radiator or whining serpentine belt again! We'll pass state inspections without going broke because there are over 8,000 less moving parts subject to burning heat, worn leaky gaskets, rusted out exhaust systems and zero expensive timing belts! I know because I own a EV telsa-made Toyota Rav4 EV with no regrets. My vehicle debuted at $48,000 with only 110 mi. maxium range with the Mach-E being over $13k cheaper with triple the EV range. To get a similar EV suv you'll need $89k for the Tesla model X.Go Ford!

  • The Detroit Choir sold me on the Mach E!

  • I've owned 5 Mustangs, this is no Mustang, the name is a Mustake. Make the Mustang badging removable and I'll buy one. Otherwise, this thing will be DOA. It is astounding that your consumers have more love and respect for the Mustang brand than Ford does itself. "Another horse for the stable" can go by another name, like Bronco before it. Mustang owners around the world drive their cars with pride because of 56 years of passion for the name... and you've undone that with a marketing blunder like the car world has never seen before. Save the Mustang, before it is too late. Ford fans deserve better, and so does the Mustang brand. This car may indeed be amazing, but it will forever be overshadowed by the marketing blunder that named it.

  • Oh man ....why....oh man......why ford...why....why an suv...

  • Worst idea ever. I have nothing against EV's, but calling an EV SUV(!!!) a Mustang is pure disrespect.

  • The only thing missing in this video is Obiwankenobi waving his hand at us in a Jedi mind trick "The MachE is immediately recognizable as a Mustang!"

  • Please do not call this thing a Mustang. It would actually look better if the horse was replaced with the blue oval.

  • They should have just called it the Mach-E and not a Mustang

  • No slef driving, no battery info, no factory info. They are behind Musk before Musk even created the name Tesla. I mean way behinde 2013 Musk.

  • Mach-E is the 2020 version of the Mustang II. Yuck.

  • Mustang F.U.B.A.R edition. I thought I had the corona virus for a second but it was just my stomach turning from seeing that car being called a mustang.