My 10 Favourite Piston Doors in Minecraft

čas přidán 18. 08. 2019
I've re-designed all of my favourite piston doors to be as small, as fast and as over engineered as possible (for my small brain anyway!). Very happy with this.
DOOR FROM THUMBNAIL: I love this thing so much, but didn't quite make my list as it is impractically big!
world download:

Filming channel:


  • So this was uploaded 5 months ago? That means it works in the Better Together update, right? Can we get tutorials for any of these if you haven’t done any yet? I want to make another vault door that actually works

  • 1:19 A BAT!

  • He needs to collab with roleplay minecraft people with redstone based roleplay

  • Could you make a spiral Mumbo Special door? That would look epic!

  • I feel like he sounds like Wheatley from portal

  • anywhere i can find tutorial for the spiral door?? i only find the old one

  • Just started building my Minecraft mansion in pocket edition this video is very useful atm Edit: after watching this I wanna kill myself

  • I'm american so when he spelled favorite favourite I was confused

  • I am more of a grian than a mumbo because I can't do red stone but I can build most things in Minecraft so ya like if mumbo squad and coment if grian team Edit 1 I am trying so hard to do red stone Edit 2 I'm just going to stick with building WITHOUT red stone

  • I love redstone

  • This is the crafting recipe for an Observer C: Cobblestone RD: Redstone Dust NQ: Nether Quartz C C C RD RD NQ C C C

  • 1:20 why is there a bat above the lever? 😂😂

  • 1:20 That bat be vibing

  • Okay it's look fancy. . . But how about if we applied it to our base or our house?. It took lot of space 😓

  • Mumbo: would you shake your head and be confused? Me: *Shakes head* no i am not confused

  • Nobody gonna question the bat at 1:26?

  • Would be nice if you linked tutorials to all of the doors. I maybe able to build it on my own but not that compact.

  • 2:15 This Design is funny beause its stupid. There is a Door and a Button you press the Button and the Door stays close but you get pulled through the door under the Door xD

  • Can you show how to give us kinda reference for a new idea

  • Mumbo: i like mumbo door. Me, an intellectual: Damn, it's the cube for Cant let go from GD

  • 10:21 i guessed the name exactly "The Mumbo Door" before he said it.

  • where are your poster of your channel??

  • people who understand Mumbo Jumbo (Big Brain)

  • Mumbo Jumbo= THE BEST CS-tvR

  • “There should be no reason not to have the spiral door.” Doesn’t show how to build it

  • 1:50 I need a tutorial of that door please

  • Space Walkers 0.6 seamless 5x5 door : exists Mumbo: it's actually quite simple

  • I want the link to the 4x4 vault door

  • Can we get guides for building the things in these videos?

  • Jurassic park reference, earned you a subscription. YES

  • Nice outro

  • *favorite*

  • Did anyone see the back of the spiral/understand/know how to do it

  • Makes a circle ITs qUitE SimPlE ReAly

  • 0:44 can uknow how to build this

  • 1:16 did you know I was going to say there’s a bat it it?

  • I made a 5 by 5 door which is warped and having too much hard work

  • 3:18 *the hipster door community* Wat?!

  • Why you allways use wool in redstone?

  • Well i FoRgOt MuMbOs ProFiLe pIc

  • Couldn’t people just break the iron blocks?

  • Cool ,please can you tell how make

  • You are the highest youtuber I ever seen without a cool profile picture

    • @Badog98 sorry for taking too long to respond , but thanks alot

    • ibrahim haytham he has one, CS-tv just decided to remove it for no reason around a week ago

  • Can we PLEASE get a tutorial on the 3x3 spiral door or atleast see the back not all of us can download the world

  • 2:00 *they had us in the first part, not gonna lie*

  • Hey troll grian by building mumbo piston door in hermitcraft

  • Can we not make only piston doors not stiki piston

  • U nEEd t0 make m0re really really fun and easy Red stone contraptions for starters bc I lazy to do really hard red stone

  • Where did your profile picture go?

    • Steves Crafts into the depth of bad CS-tv management

  • Anyone noticed that bat on 1:44 ?

  • There's a hat on the spiral door 😂

  • Good job! (:

  • I’ve seen people make much smaller hipster doors Edit: it is still hard to make

  • can you show us a step by step tutorial to make the last door?

  • 6:53 8:45

  • The second door is the only thing I can do with redstone

  • Pleas erinvent the Doors after the 10 december update 2019

  • hipster doors were so bad back then

  • And here I am in bedrock where one of the only things I know how to make with redstone is a 2x3 piston door that I've made with 12 redstone dust, 2 torches, 4 pressure plates, 6 sticky pistons, and a handful of blocks.

  • Fence door tutorial