My 10 Favourite Piston Doors in Minecraft

čas přidán 18. 08. 2019
I've re-designed all of my favourite piston doors to be as small, as fast and as over engineered as possible (for my small brain anyway!). Very happy with this.
DOOR FROM THUMBNAIL: I love this thing so much, but didn't quite make my list as it is impractically big!
world download:

Filming channel:


  • Plz make a vid on how to make these plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • is it possible to make a video less than 10 minutes?

  • Sadly, in bedrock, you can't do the lava door bcause the sticky pistons don't work like java

  • Mumbo please make a 4 by 20 hipster door video

  • How do you make the door at 0:58

  • Anyone else see the bat under the spiral door?

  • you wanna know what's the biggest lie?? . . . . Mumbo Jumbo: It's very simple really

  • I wish i could do this on bedrock

  • Why does he use rappi logo?

  • Grain made the 4x4 door in hermancraft

  • When the God of redstone is geeking over redstone ; )

  • You should start doing some more tutorials mumbo!

  • To complicated for me

  • 5:05 so ur Ian Malcom from Jurassic park now mumbo

  • ... I'd rather to stay with noteblocks And 1st level of redstone

  • Calculus was hard they said It was bonkers they said BUT REDSTONE ENGINEERS COME IN LIKE BRO


  • Did anyone see the bat

  • The bat...

  • I made jonestown in minecraft you should check it out

  • 4:28 how do you build this one??

  • Ребята он пятёрку завалил

  • 11:40 whattt...

  • Grian: It’s soo simple Me: About to die how hard the red stone is

  • I built your 6x6 vault door on ps4 and am running into several issues... I've tried everything and am desperate at this point. Could you create a tutorial for a 6x6 door based off the ps4 version that works correctly?

  • I would like a tutorial for the lasers cause like mumbo said, easy....

  • Is simple

  • I really like 3 by 3 piston doors who else?

  • Can you show how to build pls

  • Would love a tutorial for the fence @6:53... I’m quite new to redstone and fairly awful at it lol

  • I can't make 2x2 redstone door

  • I have no use for the idea, but what about making a Redstone Rubik's Cube?

  • Naice

  • I don’t understand why the switches are always so far from the door though, like it’s impractical?

  • If you put a sticky piston on top of another on will they both activate or just the first one?

  • Einstein: i am the smartest man on earth Me : I can understand mumbo jumbo redstone creaton Einstein : 🤐🤐🤐🤒🤒🤒

  • Do a tutorial on the Lava door

  • "simple" design

  • Can you do a new tutorial on the under over door?

  • The mumbo door, one of those things you didn't know you needed until you saw it

  • ur basically a professional engineer to know how to do this shit.

  • And I don't know even how to use a repeater.

  • I know that Redstone is simple especially the compact spiral 3*3 door

  • Look there’s a bat at 1:23

  • (^)~(^)

  • Mumbo the Redstone thinks Me .... mumbo is in another world..

  • Can you make a tutorial of the 3x3 dor?

  • 1:50 door design Level Martis Kandiz

  • I'm in England woo hoo

  • try making a spiral mumbo door

  • Who noticed the little bat sitting above some redstone in the second door?

  • I love red stone

  • I watch your videos over 3 years and I still don't know how to make flush piston doors.

  • i want to let you to make a working command block a working command block a working command block inside a working command block

  • 0:58 thanks man i copy that one 👏👏👏👌 for now is what i can do on P.E

  • Anyone know if the 4x4 door works on Xbox?

  • Redstone headaches? Sounds more like you've been sniffing something 'special'

  • How can you use the vault in survival mode if the lever is all the way at the top and is supposed to be covered?....

  • Did anyone notice the bat

  • The over-under door: WOW The 4x4 vault door: daaamn, SO FAST The Mumbo door: you would. Top notch. I’m floored, you’re fantastic.