My 2018 Rewind + iPad Giveaway! | Gold Play Button Reveal | Doctor Mike

čas přidán 30. 12. 2018
Make sure you stick around for the whole video to catch the montage!
You guys have given me so much this year and have transformed this channel into something special, I thought of no better way to celebrate than to give away a useful gift.
All you have to do to enter is like, subscribe, and comment anything with the #peewoop!
Let me know what you think of my 2018 year rewind video and if it’s better than the weak sauce YT one.
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  • Happy that I decided to subscribe to you this year! Congrats on the plaque! ❤️ lots of love from missouri #peewoop


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  • i would love to get that ipad pro #peewoop

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  • wonder if anyone won AN Ipad no peewoop for you dr mike☺

  • #Peewoop!! Love this channel!!

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  • ........ #peewoop Edit: I just noticed that this video was two months ago hahaha congrats on 3 mil. subs!! Love from Philippines ❤️

  • Oh, then gold play button looks different

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  • Can I get a iPad.never got an iPad.🥺

  • Wow look at the like to dislike ratio

  • Isn't it weird that I have been a subscriber for so long but haven't commented here? Haha Awesome! 😂 #peewoop

  • I love this #peewoop

  • It’s March 2019 and you have 3.4 mil😫💕

  • Though I'm late, I'm so happy that I got to learn so much, including what I should ask my doctor. You busted myths. It was very helpful. Keep up the great work. You make the world a better place. And loads of love to your dad, bear, Roxy. And a bigger thanks to your mom for being an inspiration to me and several others. 💗 And what a lovely video! #peewoop

  • Roses are red Violets are blue This makes no sense So I want to win. #PEEWOOP

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  • Congratulations! Doing a little math, I've calculated that between uploading this video at the end of Dec 2018, and now (early March 2019), you've been gaining subscribers at around 10K PER DAY!!! - and I'm one of them!

  • I can't help but smile whenever I watch his videos. he is so positive ❣️ ALLL the love💓💝💞💓

  • I don't watch medical dramas, but i loved watching your reactions and your info you provide lolol i watch medical kdramas but i dont watch for the medical aspect lol #peewoop

  • i hope I'll be an positive doctor like you #peewoop

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  • So who the got the iPad Pro? Just curious~

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  • Not sure if the giveaway is still going on but going to #peewoop anyway....Thank you Doctor Mike, for talking about very serious health topics that people probably wouldn't listen to if you didn't breakdown the medical side of things in the way that you do and the importance of healthy life style and making it fun and easy for everyone to understand, and for being very relatable and it also helps that you're a very easy on the eyes😉 you have over 3M subscribers 👏🏼

  • Yaaaaaayyyyyyyy I’m so happy love you dr Mike, you made my day! ❤️ #peewoop

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  • How come you never drawn the winner?


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  • Subscribed too late after hearing a lot about you and realized i was missing out on some great genuine healthy content. Glad to be here! LOVED THE VIDEOS! Congrats on reaching your subscribers mark! 3M! Wohoo!😍 #peewoop #lateforthehashtagtoo 🤪 I hope you get your 30 under 30 target achieved too... All the best, keep uploading and keep staying sexy and healthy 😉

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  • Keep spreading your wow smile everyelwhere....its release tensions of the world...#peewoop

  • seeing you as a happy and fulfilled person who influence a lot of people gives me hope along my way of becoming a doctor.thanks Dr mike #peewoop. if its not too late😀