My Babysitter's a Vampire The Series makes no sense... (ft. Cameron Kennedy aka Rory)

čas přidán 22. 10. 2019
My Babysitter's a Vampire The Series Animation
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  • hey everyone hope you enjoyed the video! Its not every day I get to work with someone who was in the show I'm talking about haha. If you're a fan of MBV, watch until the end for a little (tiny) interview with Cameron. Oh yeah and subscribe and follow us on twitter and all that

  • To be honest, I personally only knew about the show. I wasn’t even AWARE that there was a movie until now.

  • Theres a spoiler so dont click read more less you seen the whole show. Why the hell they end the show on that dam cliff hanger. Like, did they all die or something?!

  • _bro idc the fuck you say, this shit was good_

  • There goes our future Queen Toni Topaz 😂

  • Did anyone else have a crush on all the main characters 👀

  • The theme song is still a bop 🥴

  • ok boomer

  • please u HAVE to ask him how the show ended!! They never made the last episode.. PLS ASK HIMM!!!!!!

  • Ethan looks like a cross between MatPat and Paul McCartney. In fact, I'm like 80% sure Ethan IS MatPat.

  • I watched the hell out of this serie

  • I genuinely thought the show was good for what it was. Movie was pretty generic though.

  • the people that know this show are obvioulsy like me and if you talk to someone two years younger than you about it they wont know what it is

  • They should have never cancelled it🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

  • 5:15 "Satan's Typewriter" is way cooler, man.

  • lol they use magic and make demons sounds bad what a hypocrite

  • Guys, guys, guys. I found a scene from this show in which the protagonists dressed up as cheerleaders and the blonde cheerleader was Betty and the brunette cheerleader was Veronica. BOOOMM!!

  • When you made the first my babysitters a vampire I thought you were talking about the tv show because i did not know there was a movie

  • Why does Benny low-key look like Greta Thunberg 5:03

  • I absolutely loved this show.

  • Poor girl

  • Rory has Jim Halpert's haircut

  • Okay listen shit on rory all u like but he was my ninja okay.. my favorite ninja. the hottest vampire ninja... with the santa jokes. okay shhh hes the best character his jokes were way better than benny's 100%

    • and now i feel great about this comment because i didnt hear the interview yet... and now i wish i lived in canada lol more people love u in not canada

  • *Suddenly feeling VERY bad for Cameron*

  • The episode reminded me a liiiiittle of the "Summer Camp" episode of Fairly OddParents... Just me? Ok.

    • Also Pet Semetary but ya know, whatever. Recycled plot devices are kinda common.

  • I really liked this series


  • Rory solo film in progress

  • But there was no season 2

  • fun fact kate todd (erica) was born in my hometown 😌💅

  • my babysitters a vampire is and will always be my favourite tv show for all time

  • I’m so pissed they just flat out ended the show like that, I need to know if my boy Ethan got that cake ✊🏻😪

  • I love how I started to rewatch “My Babysitter is a Vampire” today and this suddenly pops up on my recommended

  • Bruh this litterally was my childhood

  • You want a movie do zombies!!! Or cloud 9😁😁

  • I love that it is an accepted concept that everyone thinks flutes are played vertically


  • Why are the people who you do is butt naked

  • Is Rory actually with you :0 ahhh 💜

  • I am in love with my babysitters a vampire series. Oof


  • Do Mr. Young

  • Can you make a stranger things video

  • i've been rewatching this whole series and now of course this is in my recommended i think youtube stalked my netflix

  • You've gone too far lol! This is my childhood!!!!!! 😂


  • It's on Netflix if anyone wants to go watch this

  • I was so mad when I didn’t get an ending 😑

  • I watched this series... I don't think it was that good.

  • That was on tv recently lol.

  • did anyone else have a crush on Atticus

  • I start rewatching the show a second time and then this pops up on my recommended

  • Watch Psych

  • you should've watched the end of the series if you thought THIS was fucked up for a kids show

  • Do greenhouse academy!

  • #RorySoloMovie

  • Holy crap hearing his voice again sucker punched my childhood in the face

  • Rory is and always has been my friggin spirit animal man.

  • Lol this show was my whole childhood

  • We need a season 3 ASAP. I was actually rewatching this on netflix the last week, so much nostalgia!!!! also still really upset they never ended it, once again we need an ending!😭