My Dogs Eat Pupsicles

čas přidán 22. 08. 2019
By the way if you're ever looking for Jolene, she belongs to our friend J. Cyrus you can find him at
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  • This video made my day! 😂😂😂😂

  • Kermit: steals marbles ice cream Marbles: *makes stitch noises*

  • Anybody else here after watching the latest Try Guys video?

  • my sister doesnt like watermelon

  • Wait when did they start calling Bunny Foof

  • Am I the only one who hates watermelon with a passion?

  • I love Jenna’s tye die top

  • Kermit panicing when they scream Drop the greeny

  • 4:29 what did u make me mom

  • Julian: *yells at Kermit for taking a treat* Also Julian: *sees Peach did the same thing but doesnt get yelled at or suffer reprocustions * 🤔🤔🤔

  • Anyone here from try guys

  • Am I the only one here from Try Guys?

  • If you pause it at 4:28 you can see peach checking out the treats like “hi I’m ready for snacks”

  • 4:29 you’re welcome

  • You should make a room decorated with like greyhoud/ italian greyhound stuff. I saw a italian greyhound lampshade on etsy and it gave me this idea, and then here I am at midnight suggusting it

  • Jenna! Almost at 20 mil!!

  • Why are your dogs so skinny???? Do you even take good care of them? Or barely feed them?

  • what the freak kind of a do name is jolene?? (i just find it rlly funny)

  • KermiT be stEalin everBodies pupsiCleS😂

  • Can you make the Iggies bee keeping suits like the dog on Facebook? X


  • Wait, why are they so skinny??

  • I’m still waiting for you to canoe in your pool

  • Oh my god I’m crying 😂😂 this is amazing

  • 9:57 HeY hE Is KeRmITiNG a CrIMe

  • Adorable pups😍😍😍

  • did anyone else notice the kangaroo at 4:27 ?

  • Jenna, returning: Oh my god the dogs are doing something! Julien, who was watching and recording them: *acts surprised*

  • EVERY time I watch this I go to the quiet chaos and crack up at Kermit's orange drool. I've seen this video at least 8 times.

  • best video ever

  • That went downhill so fast lmao.

  • is jenna... wearing ... jeans .....

  • I usually do coconut oil, peanut butter, chicken broth, cheese, and I'll throw in some times carrots or blueberries. My boi loves them

  • i’ve never wanted a greyhound, 2 italian greyhounds and a chihuahua more in my life

  • srry but kerm looks extra skinny here :(

  • Peach: has great time Jolene: has good time Bunny and Marbles: has ok time Kermit: has N A S T Y cermet

  • I just got a chihuahua/Italian greyhound mix named Peanut! She is Peach colored with a full-on iggy body and a Marble head. The second I adopted her I though of you and all your amazing doggos. She's so wonderful and the light of my life ❤️ I have learned so much about how to care for these specific breeds from your videos/podcasts, so thank you guys! Now I'll be able to give little Peanut everything she deserves and more!

  • Kermit is EXTRA nasty in this

  • Aww poor dog 🐕

  • Why my nana's dog loli look like a tiny bunny?😂😂😂😂

  • Jolene is the only dog that looks well fed and healthy and happy

  • 9:48 marble missing popsicle 9:52 bunny on the loose 9:56 Kermit has a random green Me crying from laughing

  • This is the best thing ever! I adore the way you and Julian love your animals-literally your children and living the best life possible. Made my day thank you 🥰😭

  • My mom has a chug but if you run she will chase you down and bark like crazy

  • this whole ass video screams chaotic good vibes

  • I want the Nasty Boy to join me in my nasty world

  • Ah Kermit revealing his true goo monster form

  • This is exactly what it is like doing an activity with children. At least one is going to get messy af, the one you put down for nap is going to reappear, one is going to be a hungry monster eating it all up, maybe one will do it the way it was supposed to, and nothing will go according to plan.

  • I hope to yet a small lurcher that is brindle and called jen!!😄😄😄

  • Kermit's drool made me cry-laugh

  • It just hit me how adorable Bunny’s nickname is (little bunny foo foo) and whether that was intentional or not I love it

  • *My 4 Cryptids and 1 Dog Eat Pupsicles

  • I like your big.... •_• House •

  • is nobody gonna talk about peach at 4:27

  • this is the pure wholesome content im here for

  • They look like they are starving


  • Just an idea tell me if you think it’d work: put greenies in a food processor or blender, blend them, put it in the ice cube tray with coconut milk or oil, freeze it, and give the dogs that

  • Marble goin to TOWN on it lmfao

  • I like the an cermet