My Dogs Eat Pupsicles

čas přidán 22. 08. 2019
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  • the way an cermet ate his pupsicles is the way i eat nutella

  • Cuteeeeeeee

  • What a delicate and delightful horse you have

  • Is it bad that I have five dogs and two cats and I’m not pet sitting 😂🐕🐶🐕🐶🐕🐈🐈

    • I have 7 pets too. I have 4 dogs, 1 cat, and 2 chinchillas. I LOVE animals.

  • Kermit is the child who would try to take the food that a person would leave and peach would be the kid to take the food off of a persons plate that’s still eating it

  • Is nobody else gonna talk about how the thumbnail looks like 2 drunk rats eating a chunk of meat on a green toothbrush 😂

  • hounds: *pure chaos* marble: 👁👅👁 Jolene: (✿◠‿◠)

  • I love how when the steal a greenie you guys act like they just robbed a bank

  • I live for hearing dogs owners say there dogs nickname! Like foof=bunny. Bean= my dog Freya. Like, it’s just random names that somehow get associated with your dogs

  • If this isn't the chaotic shit I signed up for I don't know what is

  • Why does jolene look like a gargoyle.

  • is jolene a boston terrier?

  • Kermit and Peach are snakes

  • 9:58 Kermit is the very definition of confusion

  • Jolene: this is so nice and beautiful Marble: 👁👄👁 Kermit: *eat it or wear it challenge* Peach: food ninja

  • Jenna: I don't need kids I have dawgs

  • WOAh I've never seen Julien's face weird

  • "Do you wash your Cermet? What to do when your Cermet gets the sticky?" 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆

  • What kind of dog is jolene??

  • Jenn I love you but PLEASE fix ya posture 😂 shit makes me cringe ❤

  • 13:21 I was so worried that marble was going to hit himself in the eye with his own tongue

  • peach is the embodiment of the golira meme

  • 12:16 lord of NaStY

  • Why is jolene a whole vibe doh

  • What in the world is a greenie on a stick? Please explain.

  • Jolene be having such a face 😍

  • i dont like watermelon

  • Jenna tied a taut line like a gd boy scout

  • i know you probably dont check comments from old videos but this really helped me calm down today after a stressful exam so thank you so so so much x

  • No worries Jenna. This is exactly the content I came here for.

  • This video keeps appearing in the search when I look up Dolly Parton's Jolene.

  • From the moment the iggys were going for the treats I was cry laughing

  • You are the best dog parents in the whole world.

  • you cameraman have the tattoo artist of ed sheeran

  • you exploit you dog for views! unfair!

  • At first I read it as, "My Dogs Eat Puppies", and I was like "Well, I wouldn't put it past Kermit."

  • Jolene is so cute omfgggg

  • Jenna : should we put a warning on this video The Video: WARNING NASTIES ARE IN THIS VIDEO

  • 5:27 a pupsicle flew around my room 😅🤣🤣😂

  • Jenna your sitting restraint with bunny is a little loose but on point!

  • This is premium content right here🥺😭😂

  • When I grow up, I wanna be Jenna Marbles.

  • Nasty

  • It dosnt matter what kind of content Jenna makes I will still watch and like it because I just love her for her so whatever makes her happy is fun to watch

  • I love the video I really do and I know Jenna's a good owner but is it me or do the iggys look a little skinnier than they normally do.

  • Why did I read this as... my dogs eat puppies

  • I had a dream when my dog marshal is talking somehow and apple now only sells dog phones and we got one and a giant box of creamsicles for dogs and at night marshal plays pubg and I complain to my dad that he is playing Pubg cause he is not old enough to play it and he hides the phone when my dad comes

  • Joelen is favourite

  • Omg your job is awesome you get to just hangout with your pups at home or out and absolutely spoil them! Love your videos!!!

  • 10:22=chaos actually whole video=chaos

  • Who tf is foof

  • The look of shock on Peach’s face at 11:41 is priceless.

  • The way Kermit was eating that pupsicle with his drool everywhere is literally me at 3am getting string cheese

  • I love how she lives in a f*** mansion but can be SO relatable at the same time!! ❤️

  • Floof or bunny

  • Floof or bunny

  • Jolene is every time I had a friend over growing up and they said please or thank you and my parents would respond with something along the lines of “why aren’t you this good” as if I were a barbaric caveman who just rolled into civilized society for the first time and was as bamboozled by manners as marbles by pupsicles or just any remote facet of existence in general

  • I can just imagine what kirmit would do if he stubbed his toe... “AWAWAWAWWAWAW” *wines* “awawaAawAwaW”

  • not to be dramatic, but i would Die for jolene

  • 4:03 Yeah... yellow jackets did that to my house