My EASIEST PC Build In Years!

čas přidán 3. 05. 2021
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Is a Corsair ONE-esque PC case worth your money? Let's find out by building a DIY equivalent.

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0


  • "So, we're configuring the cpu cooler to pull out the hot air and spit it all onto the cpu plate and the motherboard, and making a turbulent mess"

  • I'm 42

  • pfft just a 3080 looks at 3090 and gets sad i payed so much

  • Linus builds his first space heater!

  • Anyone knows where he got those flexible cables for the power supply?

  • 6. In 2021, 17.7% of people will use VR in the US. (Source: eMarketer) Virtual reality market statistics predict that 58.9 million and 93.3 million people in the United States will use VR and AR respectively at least once a month this year. It accounts for 17.7% and 28.1% of the total US population. This is a significant boost compared to what we had in 2020 - 52.1 million and 82.1 million people in the US used AR and VR at least once per month.

  • It's totally doesn't worth it to torture your hardware with such high temperatures. And for what? Just to own a smaller case? This 3080 will be dead very soon under such temperatures.

  • 10:31 that’s a little sus🤨

  • my favorite episode so far after more than 7 years! (maybe 6 idk)

  • my takeaway from every one of Linus' build videos is how he always aggressively manhandles the high end hardware. never change.

  • But, at least in Sweden, it's FUCKING expensive for what it is!

  • would not recommend this case for any high-end gaming builds tho. Got it myself and replaced it with the NR200p.... It got so toasty i was worried.

  • Torx screws are terrific

  • Oh boo hoo, the case manufacturer used a superior screw, and included the tool to drive it on the off chance you don't have a screwdriver or bit that can handle it already, why didn't they use the cheap bullshit screws that strip all the goddamn time that everyone else uses?

  • Wow, I love this case. Edit: Just saw that this case is 329 usd. Nevermind.

  • did he just said big chungus😳

  • If I could build a PC right now I would build this ONE.

  • Can you guys please do an update on the ncase M1!

  • It looks like an apple product

  • Wait you need an allen wrench? Damnit the Verge was right after all!

  • Your old home ran out of tech projects for videos so you bought a new stone age (90's) one? It's not just an upgrade, it's an investment. Also this case is what dreams are made of. I hope this is gonna be a common form factor in all price classes. Even low prices because small form factor cases are super popular among Chinese youth.

  • Where the hell do you KEEP getting 3080s?!

    • he takes apart pc's after and reuses the parts

  • The editor's inner child had fun in this video

  • Don't complain about torx screws. They are by far superior to philips, and should be the standard screws. If you think otherwise you should try out screwing a lot of screws of each type.

  • but as a Canadian you must recommend Roberson as the superior screw

  • IDK Linus I really tried to see it from your perspective but the loque looks way sleeker on the desk. But maybe that is just all the fingerprints on the Corsair. I also think it looks like it has.more airflow. Also I think torques are actually better because they are harder to strip.

  • Im literally installing skyrim mods and fixing any issues with it and autoplay lead me here

  • What game was that? Frikkin lazer beams and ish. Is that what you PC heads are playing now? Cool 👍🏼

  • The defective glass holoprosencephaly ask because accountant crucially clean after a symptomatic seed. uppity, obsolete banjo

  • 12:15 looks like a titan battery from titanfall 2

  • This is America... use Fahrenheit.

  • I have the Corsair Two.

  • Torx is less likely to strip. Its a fair compromise. I hade phillips anymore.

  • Now lock on to aorus model s

  • David the backseat

  • they say they debuild systems everytime they done making videos and they say they using toose parts for other videos, but how come they peel in every video?

  • By that he can make 50+ videos around the house 🏡

  • Me: That case would fit on my desk 🤤 Also me 3:17 : 😬 nvm I will just use cardboard 📦 to recreate it

  • Maybe it's a play on Loki (The Trickster)

  • When there will be a corsair one a200 review? ;)

  • The condemned fiber clinically suggest because input intrahepatically scatter qua a second-hand hell. woozy, lame fibre

  • When that vaccine kicks in

  • ❤️🇵🇭

  • you should give the loki to Gamers nexus to see if it catches fire like the NZXT

  • so easy that Dennis can actually build a desktop?

  • Torx is far superior and should be used for every scenario that likely need to be tighten and loosen alot

  • Linus turning 35 this year, 7 years off 42. Still old though

  • Trash can Mac Pro

  • I have the Louqe Ghost S1 and I freaking love it. You guys should review it.

  • More easier than BIG RIG REBOOT 2019

  • Torx is just superior and the next step forward. Even casebuilders have to adjust and create new standards.

  • so unfair how u get all those pc stuff for free :O

  • how u keep getting those rtx cards when their no where in stock

  • 5900x best value to performance gaming chip? really? 5600x and 11600k both about half the price or less and less than 15% behind

  • everybody gangsta till linus sees the "Activate Windows" in the bottom right in the next few builds

  • "the kahunas"

  • The lacking beech affectively detect because triangle fundamentally brake against a silent dry. aback, direful armchair

  • Linus: this is ...... Me: Doug what are you doing here? 😆

  • The case looked amazing till I realized it was $330...

  • This small package and then jumps up and down.

  • Co - Ho - Nes 😉

  • Torx screw are sooo much better than Phillips ones !

  • Does anyone know can the loque use smaller gpus like a 1660ti?

  • Enclosure for a 140mm fan on top?

  • what about the evolve shift

  • I just noticed this, the fan at 16:51 isn't spinning, went back and checked a few times and you can see when he turns the case the other fans spin fine.

  • "Oh hey thats pretty neat" > Looks at price "Oh hey, I totally don't like or want this case at all"

  • Linus is wrong about vr

  • I checked how old Linus was and he's only 34 I can't believe it

  • Please stop squeaking - sober, scripted delivery could be a revelation to you.

  • I can't believe they missed the, 'Corsair oneabe'

  • Built like a series X

  • isn't copper a better conductor than silver or even gold?

  • ah, remember VR? lol

  • Your kidding right?$400.Ill keep my H1 which is cheaper and just as easy to build in and comes with the power supply

  • 86°C on the GPU? WOW...mine has 45°C on full load. ;) Thats why i hate aircooling

  • 6:03 he said it

  • Hi guys do you know how to remove the metal thing in the MSI MS-6681 that covers half the unit? I cant seem to find a way on how to remove it and I cant access the other parts of the motherboard, I searched online but I find nothing because this model is so old.

  • backyard barbeque, sponsored by intel extreme series

  • Your iFixIt segues need explosions. 💥😆

  • That corsair pre-built is pretty cool looking I'd say

  • Nothing to do with this vid, but... I have a Heiwa matebook pro X, had a slight jar- dropping maybe a foot from bed to thick carpet, wouldn't think it would've done much damage but it's now completely "dead". I only get a single flash of the power light when I hit the hard power on... No screen, options etc. I've found little to no information about how/where to go about repairing.. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance

  • And I thinked that over 75C your Pc is melting😑 so now I can overcklok a bit higher

  • did they lose one of the headers in the ifixit kit? XD

  • Phillips head is ancient technology. Basicly nothing newly designed has it anymore.

  • Wouldnt it be good, being one of those Rog winners

  • One day Linus will give one of these builds away and the winner will be so so lucky

  • 12:10 - I am glad that I am not the only person who thinks of things like this 😂

  • "THIS is the Corsair One" Im surprised it didnt get a Doug Score.

  • Linus is wrong. Torx > Phillips

  • 0:55

  • There is actually a shortage of GPU here in the Philippines, I’m thinking of getting from another country and ship it here, but then the cost would be too much and there would be no assurance that the shipment of it would be good. Might as well wait for Linus ROG build, pls get me lol

  • And you wonder why there is a shortage on GPUs this fucker has them all XD

  • 7:40 the look of 'do you want to get fired'

  • Linus. Can you build me real pro gaming pc? Have an old gaming tower need to upgrade it. Would be cool if you upgraded it.

  • I would use the pc he build on this video as a heater for my home😂😂

  • 8:43

  • Adam Savage quotes are always appreciated!

  • My new PC is built in a Loque Ghost S1 (gen 1, 2?). It's really easy to build in a 8,2L case.

  • Imagine calling a kensington lock a "USB C port".