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me and my future wife girlfriend plays lego star wars
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  • I want more of this


  • guys, we need 500k likes!! come on, this is gold!!

  • they didn't even do the actual levels smh my head

  • Why does Brad do this to himself...

  • They literally never actually played it, they were just in the lobby the whole time... wtf

  • Brad sorry I mean Marzia was getting triggered at your little knowledge of Star Wars 😂


  • You know Felix is in pain while filming with Brad when the video doesn't reach the 10 minutes mark ...

  • Everyone else’s is getting likes and I’m here looking up videos on how to get likes

  • Holy shit Pewds is marrying Jesus!!

  • His....oh fuck ah....Her voice is so good

  • Not even a minute into the vidand I can't stop laughing hysterically at 0:20,21 tht editing tho 💀💀

  • Does this mean Marzia is PJ's son ?

  • Sargio Ramos is that you ?

  • I love Marzia. She be lookin cute in the video

  • Captions: "You are strong and white and I'm very proud of you." Lmao

  • You look good toGAY

  • he sounds just like her

  • This was at the same time the most cringyest and good thing of the planet

  • Brad is amazing

  • Brad is a proud member of the #LGBTQQICAPF2K+ community now. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • first scare since amnesia.

  • It's just marzia without make-up. 😅🙂

  • At last the real Marzia is back! Who’s that other fake one? 😂

  • Oh no.... We didn't reach the 500k likes so he does a second episode...:(... Lol hopefully he also lets us pass with 430k likes:0

  • Lego Starwars is so scary! It's *hORrOr* !!111!!1!1!!! How could you muster the courage? Absolute mad lad!

  • Who would have see it comming

  • my favorite movie FRANCHISE

  • Tell me brad isn’t transgender...ur wrong

  • We want minecraftttt

  • WE NEED MORE LIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lets see him get copy striked for that 2 second star wars theme at the end there of the credits

  • C'mon guys were so close the 500k likes. Who doesn't want part two?

  • Wait is that Brad? LMAO

  • come on people, we need those 500k likes

  • 500k guys c'mon


  • I love star wars, and I love Pewdiepie. What a great video!

  • 428 lik cmon guys!

  • What the s**t is this what are they doing

  • I love the wig, looks like it’s good quality

  • WHEN IS EPISODE 2 COMING??????????????????????????

  • Marzia is looking beautiful in this video, that makeup and clothing just MMM! XD

  • Девушка просто чудо, мне бы такую😍😍

  • nip slip in 6:28

  • Prequel memes: the movie

  • I missed Bradzia !

  • *Marzia* *has* *joined* *the* *chat*

  • How does this not get 500k likes in order to continue

  • Eeeewww

  • 2:55 Waow

  • Ok but i wanted LEGO DESPACTIO

  • What is Jesus doing in Marzia's body

  • Marzia got a lot hotter

  • Marzia looks so beautiful in this video

  • I have that game

  • under ten minutes

  • Whos is that guy?

  • I don't know if I want a part two

  • Are you homosexual??? You probably are... 😡

  • Now I want your gf ever more

  • almost at 500k likes

  • Lol it's so close to 500k cmon people

  • Brad your a sexy trap 😅

  • i seriously hope they are joking about not knowing how to progress/play lego starwars

  • why does pewds built like a preacher lmao

  • Im.... I..... What did I just watch?

  • come on so close get dat 70k i wanna see a part 2.

  • 500K likessssssss please.

  • 2:55 "hello there"

  • ... Jesus?

  • The thumbnail looks like pewdiepie was forced to do this..... Blink twice if your in help pewds(I know I commented late SHUT up)😂

  • Marzia nooooo!!!!! They need to have Marzia reacts to this.

  • Lego Star Wars was my childhood game.

  • Just a bit more of likes yeh

  • Did brad commit to this?

  • the quotes and then the actual scenes were fucking hilarious oml

  • He needs to play Lego Star wars on the wii

  • 0:22 baba Ramdev foreign version

  • duuuuuuuuddddeeeee, i hope i get a GF like that

  • Brad needs to stop breaking character. He is Martzia now and shall always be Martzia.

  • you look so good to gay

  • Felix is a better actor then the actual anikan.

  • I swear Marzia is looking hot asf in this vid.

  • Is this why your real “Marzia” left you?

  • Marzia literally looks like Fiverr Jesus.

  • brad marzia > marzia

  • Lmao that voice gets me everytime!

  • No star wars please 🚫

  • I've never seen a beautiful girl in my life..but now, i know.."MARZIA IS BEAUTIFUL"..👏👏(i mean..really beautiful)

  • When brad forgets to photoshop Marzia

  • your girlfriend is so beauty😍😍😍😍

  • I’m a little disappointed that he isn’t playing the DS version but this will do

  • Girlfriend? I think u mean FIANCEE

  • cool

  • You look so good to gay 😂😂

  • u look so good "togay" xdd

  • 0:19 jesus christ it's actually terrifying