čas přidán 25. 07. 2021
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HII! I am so excited to finally share my colorado house tour with you all! Thank you for being patient with me during my entire moving process getting these vlogs up. This video means so much to me and I can't wait for the summer of renovation vlogs. I hope you are having an amazing day and love you so much.




If you want to watch my entire bedroom renovation series I've made a playlist here:) ...



  • HI FRIENDS 🤍 I’m so excited to show you the start of my farm barn renovation journey I hope you are having the best weekend ever. LOVE YOU 🤠 Also an edit: by historical I mean the history and stories of the generations of families that were raised there who built it from the ground up when there was nothing in this area not that it’s an ancient artifact lolol

    • I’m so happy and excited for you!

    • I just want to say how proud of ur accomplishes ur new beautiful. Home 🏠 is as beautiful as with out any updates u show the good the bad an the ulgy an I love it personality towards the hater keep going girl ......

    • Morgan. Could you imagin the temp in there if the sun did come through all your windows hot and heavy?

    • I ❤ your new home! Sweet...3 acres! 💕 you so much Morgan

    • Congratulations. Love your content funny, irreverent and most of all real. Keep up the good work Morgan x

  • The house is really, really cute Morgan. Congratulations, you worked hard for it and you deserve it. Looking forward to what you do to it.

  • Morgan, the fan cracked me up. I had the same one in my old house and had to replace it. hahahahaah

  • “Your dad’s here!!” Shane was so excited 😂🤣🤣

  • Keep the laundry Shute !!!

    • Nobody has one anymore bc no one is aloud to build one into their house unless it was already built in so I suggest you keep it bc that’s so cool !

  • Morgan, hear me out. Don't get rid of the laundry chute. Just get a bottom hinge chute door and cookie will be safe. I'd die for a laundry chute in my house. Also, I hope you get a claw footed soaker tub for your tall ass. Love you!

  • 8/22 is my daughter’s birthday AND if that said 8/22/07 that’s THE day she was born!

  • So happy for her! Can't wait to see her journey!

  • No one: Morgan: they don’t make bath tubs for people who are 5’10” Me a fucking tower at 6’4” : I know girl it sucks

  • ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!! good to know you are doing good!!! thank you for sharing!!!!!!!!!!

  • 13 55. What is that?? Scary looking person lol

  • You seem so much happier and its amazing! You and your brother are look wildly happy!

  • I feel like this house is what you see in conjuring or some haunted house shit in movies. Sorry Morgan

  • Your dad is a gem! “I’m trying to make this place safe.” “Where are your safety glasses?” The dad struggle is real. 😂

  • 1980? LOL My house was built in 1875! Most houses in Mass are old though. It's just funny that you're like that for a 40 year old house lol

  • Can’t wait to see you renovate it…it is going to be gorg!

  • Girl heads up with the skylights, they make your house hot as hell in the summer. I have them at my California house and they literally melted my furniture once because it was so hot. 😭 Try to get automatic blinds on them if you can!

  • "Next to the closet with the whack a bitch stick" me when I'm giving directions 🤣🤣🤣☠

  • Damn. Do we gotta bring spare change for the parking meter? 😂

  • As soon as she said "historical" and "1980's" in the same sentence I was done. Had she said "1880's... yeah... but she didn't. You're cute. Enjoy.

  • Have you found a tractor!?! Lol

  • OMG Uncle Greg's eyes GLOWING was too much for me! Sage that chute, cover it up and never look back 🤣 But for real, this is a definite 70's/80's vibe home, I'm excited to see what renovations you make. But even if you only filled in the "drop to you death hole" in the bedroom and nothing else, you should be very proud of your purchase!

  • That house is something else lol

  • 1980 “historical” 😂 Congratulations on your new home!

  • No but like colored river stones could be a cool extra Morgan touch to the front of the house fr

  • You got this💖💖

  • “Where are your safety glasses” 💀💀🤣🤣 in true dad fashion

  • Dude i was born in 1980 ..apparently im historical lol

  • “I don’t know how we’re gonna live without the blue carpet... but we might have to get rid of it” - Morgan 2021

  • So proud of you !

  • Girl get an exterminator to get rid o those moths. But the house is so pretty! Can’t wait to see what you do with it.

  • Omg put a fish tank in the whole

  • So happy for you Morgan!! 👏🏼

  • This house give me haunted vibes

  • I can’t wait to see what you do to it!!

  • You made me cry when you were talking about your hometown, the sky, the energy and all. I feel so connected with what you're describing because I recently got a wonderful house in my hometown and it definitely wasn't at all where I saw my life going, but now everything is just seeming to fall into place. I have to say I just love you as a person so much and though you probably will never see this you've been helping me through this crazy time in my life way more than you could ever know. Thank you.

  • I just wanna give her a hug when she does things like punching a wall 😂 love her so much!!

  • I think that low white clay pot in your front yard is a Grubb Pottery pot!! That was my family’s business. Those pots are the BEST and not being made anymore. Congrats on your new home!! 🍾🥂

  • So happy for you so exciting ☺️

  • I think the room right off the the front door is the living room and the dinging room and the room off of the kitchen is the family room.

  • I so agree to her bathtub comment

  • Heeey why don’t you get an animal that eats the grass for you 🤔mows for you 🥰

  • 18:26 her dad is now our dad. hes so adorable lmao

  • *AS AN ASIAN* the staircase aligned with the door is the mosg triggering part of this vid. Say hi ASIANS

  • I’m so glad you are removing the laundry shoot. We had one in our ranch style home and it was also very 80s my mom bought it in like 1998? Anyways it had a laundry shoot and one day we lost our cat but we could hear him meowing, and we couldn’t find him any wear… it took all day and we figured out he was stuck in the laundry shoot between clothes bc sometimes the clothes would get stuck in the shoot.. like all the time it would..

  • Liking the vid cuz Ryland said morganics

  • I love the holes

  • when you live in europe and hear "its original, its from 1980 :-D"

  • First Morgan baby there was air conditioning in the 80's like what r u even talking about I did a report on a/c back in the days and I'm very sure it started in early 1900's like when it was invented...I don't feel like googling cause I know I'm right, next u need central HVAC ASAP, I repeat ASAP.... Those floor heaters are not enough for the cold winters of Colorado, get the HVAC system u will thank me later n I mean right now cause u only have 3 months and that should be more than enough time that they can finish it...

  • Something about houses that aren’t updated is comforting and feels homey.

  • “Speaking of fish, I’m in the market for a tractor” 🤣🤣

  • She’s so gorgeous omg

  • She’s so gorgeous omg

  • Are you planning to update the house by getting central air and a new furnace?

  • Im an architect and so i can explain why the windows are oriented as such.....So the windows face north and south to receive indirect sunlight as direct sunlight from the east and west is harmful, hence short span of the building should face E-W while longer span faces N-S.

  • Congratulations 🎈🎉 you deserve everything ♥️♥️

  • I'm sorry WHAT your mom is 4'11"?!

  • instead of mowing your field you could probably have someone come out and turn it into hay and then they take it, you could also keep it and sell the hay

  • So good to see our Morgan is growing up. Much Happiness to you in your new home!

  • honestly just knock most of the house down and rebuild it into something actually liveable

    • It needs to be gutted and totally updated....It feels like a money pit

  • Girl i hope you get ac installed

  • the lady of the land I love it!!!!

  • Morgan calling a house that's 41 years old "historic" is the injection of youth I needed today

  • I’m SO happy happy for Morgan. Xxx

  • aww shanes laugh in the background

  • Buy a skidsteer with a brush hog lol

  • I kinda hate that she’s still friends with Shane. Like I get there related but it’s kinda fucked up I mean she knows what he did.

  • Morgan!!! I am soooo very happy and proud of you! CANNOT WAIT to see you make this into your dream home!!!

  • i guess my house is historical then lmao

  • ok girl by yourself a zero turn. I live on 6 acres 1/2 is a pasture I can mow it in 2.5 hours its so fun and rewarding

  • I’m so happy you moved back home Morgan, seeing you this happy makes me feel some kinda way 🥺❤️ sending you happiness and positivity in your moving journey ❤️

  • Congratulations on your first home Morgan, you children are so lucky to have a father and family as well as friends who will help you to renovate and make this home exactly what you envision. So excited to watch this renovation and see how far this place comes. I'm so happy for you and ryland and shane. 💯❤ best wishes, lots of safeness, and hoping for less surprises and a great renovation for your home sweet home. ❤

  • I’m so happy for you 🥺❤️

  • Damn bro she fine asf

  • 16:30 That’s my birthday 🥺

  • Okay hi! If you ever want to get horses at your farm, I work for a horse rescue out here! Colorado Horse Rescue in Longmont, you should come check us out!!

  • Broooo she’s so pretty

  • Morgan's stairs remind me of the movie 'orphan' O.o

  • ❤️

  • The moths breed in the vacuum bag

  • im late but yay! are the dead moths gonna be like. a forever thing. you're always going to have dead moths???and are you doing the mowing yourself?

  • Hopefully, you are the only owner, so you could kick out unwanted roommates in the future.

  • “i still kinda think elon musk is controlling our sss-simulation, but then i look at the windows and then i’m like ya jesus is real” -morgan adams 2021 💀💀

  • dunno kinda loving the wild lawn! obv some mowed area would be good, but I don't think you NEED to mow all 3 acres.

  • This is exciting!!!

  • We bought a house made in 1990, and we have wires sticking out of the wall like that because the home used to have an intercom system.

  • Morgan! You make me laugh! I love your videos. I can't text or message you or Shane or your sister Ryland hehe. Tell Shane to Please do a commentary on "Baba Vanga". Shane Needs to come back! Seriously... Everybody misses Shane! I miss Shane, and maybe he doesn't know Baba Vanga but try to persuade him. Just do me a solid and get Shane back on CS-tv!

  • God bless I’m so happy for her 🥺

  • OMG I'm watching this on 8/22 :O

  • "Where are your safety glasses? 👁️👄👁️"

  • THANK YOUUUU ALTITUDIES IS TOTALLY A THING! Been saying it for years but you get more gassy when you go up in altitude

  • She is very pretty

  • Omg Shane! I haven’t heard his voice in years

  • Morgan you look great!!!

  • I live across the country (Scranton Pa) but I do a rural paper route in the mornings out in the country side, and there’s this farm that has 4 gorgeous John Deere tractors on the corner for sale. I just want a reason to buy one lol. You could probably buy it and have it shipped lol they’re really big beautiful and green with yellow seats and trim. I’ve never thought a tractor looked so esthetically pleasing lol but they are.

  • To hell with Jacklyn Hill's house tour! This is it! But please stop calling elk reindeer.... lol congrats to your new house!

  • Omg it’s amazing! The things you could do with that house!!!!!!! Yay for you Morgan!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • yay! can’t wait! i hope you put a door over the laundry shoot so cookie can’t get in 😭🥰

  • Dude your dad is the best!!

  • @morgan girl let you tell you about my bath tub. It’s 6ft long and 3ft wide and it was not even that expensive! Got it from Home Depot and it’s amazing for a tall person!