My New BULLET ANT Colony

čas přidán 7. 12. 2019
I've got Asian Bullet Ants... again! The "Black Panthers", my former colony of Asian Bullet Ants, known scientifically as Diacamma rugosum had sadly died out earlier this year of natural causes. So when I decided to get some bullet ants again, I decided to use an AC Ant Tower, a Hybrid Nest 2.0, and AC Outworlds to start a neat, new biological experiment and project that would hopefully ensure the colony wouldn't die out, and that the line of gamergates (i.e. the mated, egg-laying worker of the colony) could continue on forever, indefinitely. Ant love forever! This video was shot in 4K Ultra HD resolution.
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Directed/Written by AntsCanada
Co-writer Heinrich Domingo
Video Editors/DOP Heinrich Domingo, JM Grande
Executive Producer RJ Garcia

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  • They're back, guys! Yay! We have Asian Bullet Ants again! So do you think we should we rename them or not? Please remember to hit LIKE, SHARE this video, and SUBSCRIBE to join the AC Family! Love you, guys! Ant love forever!

    • Why... Why...

    • The Ying And Yang Dynasties?

    • A random person on the internet weirdest comment ever. 1.) so you don’t want to be subbed. 2.) delete the comment if you want it to be ignored

    • Must be nerve racking to clean out and maintain their cage.

    • Blacker panthers

  • E

  • Some name suggestions! Umbran(s) - basically just shadows Kuro Kin - black family Snipers - cuz bullets Kingdom Nightshade - self explanatory :P

  • Wont they be the same genetics after 1 or 2 mating sessions

  • Yin and yang would be amazing because in history one would overpower itself and fail but once introduced to Yin and yang they thrived

  • Thinking about it as people we only learn through our flores we are the definition of trile and error We have to fail to succeed

  • It is similar with the bees.. In some case, when the queen dies, there are few other bees that lie eggs, but they turn to be only male ones, until when the new queen get fertilised

  • Yin yang ☯️

  • Yin yang

  • OMG in was thinking of Yin and yang at the start of the vid

  • A lot of adult/parent content in there

  • how could this possibly go wrong

  • I think Yin and Yang would be awesome for names.

  • Itd really suck if I snuck into your house and freed your bullet ants

  • I’ll never do this but this is so dope

  • For the two colony's how about the sharpshooter's and the revolver's.

  • Have you been stung by one? I'd be scared to keep bullet ants. Lol

  • What is your favorite kind of ant my favorite is the red ant

  • 2 choices: The Capulets and the Montagues or the Hatfields and McCoys

  • 这不就是聚纹吗😂

  • Ying and Yang!

  • Ying and yang

  • Colony A name: Stepbrother Colony B name: Stepsister

  • If they escape captivity it’s gonna be hell...

  • New to ant keeping videos here, but after a generation or 2, wouldnt the "cross-breading" between just the 2 colonies generate the same issue, since they genetic overlap would simply just slowly re-establish itself?

  • Black panther and killer monger For the two colonies of course

  • we should name them yig and yang.

  • Then how are queens made


  • Maybe rename them separately. 1 named "Shadow Clan. The other "Clan Midnight".

  • I heard those pack a whollup with there bite

  • "We can't forget, the colonies are technically enemies, even if they need each other to perpetuate" Just like medieval Europe, but with less inbreeding.

  • For the fact, that one colony seems to have males and one does not, you may want to call them the Black Widows and the Black Brides :-)

  • I think yin yang is too cliche I was thinking maybe name them after two Asian empires that became allies with an arranged marriage it would make sense

  • Bullet A and bob

  • Just a thought but “Night Shot colony” and the “Dark Riders colony”

  • Their territory should be called Bosque La Bala Or maybe Wakanda

  • Can we get an update on the Asian Bullet ants?

  • They live on a gamergate system

  • ITS A MIRACLE × infinity and Beyond!

  • But then, the new broods will be related to both colonies, and when the next egglayer dies, the new one will not accept a male from the opposite colony because she will be partially related to him, right?

  • the ant in the opining was missing a leg

  • anyone else hears lumber tycoon 2 music?

  • Like I am watching discovery channel or animal planet.

  • WHAT ant bullets?

  • So genius! I can’t wait to see the progress!

  • You should name the colonies after guns because they’re *BULLET ANTS*

  • Wouldnt they eventually be inbreeding? When all the un affiliated females from the original first colony die out and the new ones breed from the males of the other which carry the DNA eventually it would be the same colony thats been separated and only the males can visit... Example: colony A breeds with colony B (A + B= C) Colony B breeds with colony A (B + A=C) and then inbreeding at (C + C) in numbers would look like 1+2 & 2+1 both equal 3 in the end... Great concept though maybe with 3 colony's it might work. Have 3 colony's already laying eggs etc and cycle through them entroducing new males to separate colonies... Example: colony A breed with B and keep C out of this cycle, then next cycle colony A with C then colony B with C and theoretically by the time its time to come back to colony A with B the ants should all be cycled and no inbreeding in numbers would look like this First cycle: numbers being new colony not actual math A(1) + B(1) = A(2),B(2) A(2)+C(1) = A(3),C(2) B(2)+C(2)= B(3),C(3) second cycle: A(3)+B(3) =A(4),B(4) A(4)+C(3) =A(5),C(4) B(4)+C(4) = B(5),C(5) each cycle produces a new colony Even numbers will always turn out even, with a when trying to make a cycle ya need more then 2 the more new colony's you introduce the longer it will take to reach inbreeding and eventually inbreeding is so far down the line its not even considered inbreeding Judging by what you said in theroy if you split the colony's up again you could get 4 colony's and have new egg layers emerge in 2 new colonies, add in a new colony to make it an odd number and boom your set and you can increase the numbers multiple times until you get bored building more and more habitats you could end up with the largest self sustained bullet ant farm would be real cool to see new colony's spring up the way they probably do in the wild.

  • AntsCananda: And I have a plan to make them stay with us FOREVER Me: get out of their little dudes he's possessive

  • Hope they don’t start a war!

  • After the first males breed won't that relate both colonies and as the descendants of become more and more related won't it make it impossible to mate?

  • Where would i find somewhere to get ant queens? I want my own colony at some point but i have no idea where to find a queen

  • Ants are cool to watch but even my fearless ass would not handle that species of ant.

  • Black Panthers? That's racist! This guy is raising a colony of racist ants. This is a danger to our society. Flag this channel immediately


  • What's wrong with an all male colony!? And could you create one ? Would they share similar traits as the female? Why? Why not?

  • You should name them the dark shadows and the black panthers

  • The dark nights and the Luna warriors

  • Wouldn't they be all related after 3-4 generations ?🤔

  • We should rename them to the Wakandans