MY NEW HOUSE!! **Full Home Tour**

čas přidán 28. 06. 2020

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  • does anyone know if faze rug parents are moving too

  • lets gooo brawad squad

  • rug said i love you brother ill see you soon they gon live together im callin it

  • Love the style of this house

  • did he make sure it`s not haunted. ⏬

  • Where’s the court at?

  • Laundry rooms 😂

  • I hope one day I can live like that , congratulations

  • Don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry

  • Me when I see the wine cellar. “ That should be anothys house”

  • Omg this is actually an insane house I love it Brandon it’s actually insane hope the best for u

  • Faze rug ma

  • You should add a pool by the fountain it would look super nice and in my opinion will make more sense

  • Congratulations

  • I like how the previous owner has stickers on most of the walls 😭😂

  • Really nice house

  • Did anybody else notice like a hickey on his neck... 10:27

  • Bye bye Brandon’s bank account

  • aaron hernandez vibez

  • goes in the wine cellar "its like a castle, look mini fridges" who tf would buy their parents dream house and not buy a penthouse condo. dumb move

  • Come on Brandon that house is old the backyard is small

  • 9:16 it’s like a hotel 🏨

  • Can you fit a basketball court at The backyard

  • Brandon do you like this or your basketball more?

  • Anthony has to live cuz of alcohol

  • That house is crazy

  • They have all of this all because teenage rug liked trickshoting on call of duty and joined faze.Butterfly effect

  • Mane if only Dennis was still here fam

  • This is what hard work gets you im very happy for you that you got this house congracts 😏

  • Y’all should do a hide and seek video in this house

  • Imagine going on a 4 mile walk just to get a bottle of water from the fridge

  • you should build a basketball court in back yard

  • I love your Room and ALL of things that Are going with your bedroom

  • I think Faze Rug is your roomate 😂✨

  • I DON’T Like this house soo much but im proud of you and if you Like it,that is important its your dream house ♥️

  • Anthony

  • This is a beautiful house ❤️

  • Rug made you bro 😂

  • Create a basketball court

  • this house is like a smaller version of your parents house thoo !!

  • are u renting or buying?

  • Who’s Brandon’s camera man?

  • congratulations my guy, going forward in life

  • This is dope it actually makes me happy that you are happy

  • Now hope full he does it Break the tv again 🙏🙏

  • You have to get a pool and basketball ball court it’s such a nice house 💦

  • Are we not going to act like the door was open the whole time

  • It’s a w

  • I love the house but it dose not seem like the house Brandon would live in

  • Bruh that’s the richest kid in the worlds house I think?

  • Brandon wear That jacket, looks like Adam Saleh. Means u hv to 1v1 basketball game with him bro 😉

  • In rugs video Brandon said rugs house is bigger, THIS PLACE IS HUGE?? WHAT IS RUG HOUSE IS GONNA BE (btw it’s gonna be Jacky and Anthony ur room mates)

  • I’m pretty sure this is someone else’s house just because there’s no way he moved all of his furniture in one day and he only pack some clothes didn’t even take his monitor or anything like that

  • Wow noo

  • Sherman the vermin!

  • hide n seek vid

  • is he renting it or has he bought it on a mortgage? Edit: he has bought or bought it on a mortgage.

  • Who else is surprised his house doesn’t have a basketball court? 👇🏻

  • I really love this house One day I’ll get myself my dream home in sha Allah ameen 😩😭❤️ #asheerzehen

  • sherman,junior

  • Anyone else wanna see them do a hide n seek?

  • Faze Jarvis and Faze Kay

  • and faze rug said that his house was bigger now i’m SCARED

  • 4:30 that’s where he’s going to keeps his kids

  • Should build an indoor or outdoor basketball court

  • The wall at 14:12 like 👁👄👁

  • He has he’s own house just in he’s room

  • any idea on how long the front doors were open for

  • Why Brian looked like Eddie Guerrero at 0:30 😂

  • His closet is bigger than my room

  • Ye like that house is 5 mill dollars

    • Sherman the vermin is most definatly a roomate

  • This is like MTV cribs house tour

  • Why can’t rug and Brandon all chip in with his mum and dad and move in to another house together and sell the house where the mum and dad are living now

  • Your house is dope asf bro, keep grinding

  • His master bedroom is literally a house inside of a mansion 😂

  • bro congrats on the house its really a castle

  • wheres the bball court??

  • For sure Anthony is a roommate


  • he’s already moved out tho he’s barely been at that house