My Secret World Record

čas přidán 3. 06. 2023
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edited by: radstads


  • Still got salt in his mouth over five years later.

  • That "fuck yeah!" Felt like a totally different person.

  • Imagine losing your world record time to someone who was peeing half way through.

  • First short where Lud hasn't admitted to illicit activities. I call that character growth

  • why is that "fuck yeah" sounds so innocent and wholesome 😂

  • That “fuck yeah” was so cute

  • Ludwig is the type of guy to put on round glasses and turn german

  • That "fuck yeah" was zesty

  • I’m also the smartest person in my class, except the person that is smarter than me didn’t show up for the final exam.

  • the "fuck yea" is so cute

  • man secretly owns all world records

  • this guys facial expression looks like he’s sharing a government secret

  • And that’s why Leon Edwards is the most majestic, handsome, and beautiful human to ever grace the lands of this planet 🙏🙏🙏

  • “Yeah I have a girlfriend, she goes to a different school” type energy

  • Ludwig sounds prepubescent when he gets the record

  • He said that “Fuck yah” like his mom gave him cola and allowed him to play Fortnite

  • ludwig is the type of guy to make a 9 hour stream on beating the world record and then find out he accidentally beat it 5 years before💀

  • Remember guys, he’s deceived us before, we don’t know if that was actually him playing or Obama 🗿

  • Man, Ludwig 5 years ago looked like Ludwig but 5 years younger.

  • Man, Ludwig looked so young 5 years ago.