My Son PEER PRESSURED Me Into Gifting Him The New VENOM Bundle...

čas přidán 23. 09. 2021
That Jackie, he's a trickster.

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  • What did he get on his spelling test

  • fun fact: he profited from gifting him the skin :)

  • ONLY 800

  • love u guys man omg ugot so many gifts and does ur son still play on pc? and specs

  • Nice to see he still plays stw

  • I got the OG venom set before this, so I got the new pack with both venoms for only 800 v-bucks. The bundle is kind of a rip off, but I did have enough left over for the glider and contrail anyway. Definately gonna be mainly using the symbiote gang, including carnage when I get him.

  • Can you gift it

  • Bruh Jack kept saying it was only 800 when he was pressuring tabor so that means he could have just probably bought it himself unless he didn’t have enough vbucks

  • I got it for free


  • I love the gravity falls outro

  • "your lucky I love you" 😂

  • Spelling test are cool

  • I wish my parents still wouldve let me buy vbucks but now they wont and i wont be able to buy the new venom skin 😭😢😭😢😭

  • Hey tabor hill I was wondering if you could gift me the new venom skin venom is my favorite anti-hero and I don't have vbucks 🥲

  • In the built in emote for new venom venom EATS EDDIES HEAD

  • Gift it

  • Wait to go JACKIE!

  • Ur son peer pressure you to buy something 😭😭😐

  • No

  • Spelling tests are easy

  • You should’ve done it the next day after the test to see if he does good

  • Let’s hope he does good

  • the title just reminds me of dhar mann

  • This is where peer pressure gets you kids, a nice venom bundle for free For real kids dont peer pressure for bad stuff

  • Honestly i like the og design but he is to bulky to play with The new looks horrilbly bad.. He looks like a black body with a venom head If i buy it I will only play with the eddie brock style But he is less bulky so u can play properly

  • Can you frend me Beyblader12 And can you get me venom bundle

  • Dont mock little jackie >:(

  • Could anyone gift me the new venom skin I would be really happy if u could my username is ultimategamer99h

  • plz lemme now if we got that a on the test lol

  • Clever boy

  • Why is it og

  • Are you going to do good on your spelling test tomorrow, Yes, Jacky!?

  • hi tabor


  • I got the battle pass :)

  • Tabor is such a good dad

  • 2:21 Other youtubers attempting an Aussie accent while Tabor nearly masters it first try on the chocolate! 😂🤣

  • jacks should get it :) thats my vote lol

  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad boy

  • They should to that with the terminator

  • I bought the new skin, glider and contrail using code Tabortime!

  • Wait till the x2twins make Eddie brock vs venom

  • Jackie how dare you He is your father And I’m not not your parent so I have no say in this

  • dam i really want this bundle

  • When you do the review (Assuming you do) could you check if you can swap the new and old Pickaxes between each other? (Like check if you can use the old pickaxe with the new venom)

  • He never said please haha watch him use it for a few days and never use it again, calling it lame in a yeah 😂 oh kids

  • The glider and contrail not being included irritates me to no end. Might skip it just because of that. Hopefully they put out a skin based on the Scream Symbiote at one point, her design is crazy.

  • I got a spelling test for third grade today

  • Tabor your such a parent saying your lucky I love you

  • I'm default 😪😪😪

  • Hey there Tabor Hill today is actually my birthday

  • You aren’t peers omg

  • this skin is just shit

  • Dude one day fortnite is just gotta take everyone around the world and put them inside the game lol

  • How long will this skin be out? Cause I need it but I can't buy it momentarily due to exams but I can only buy it two weeks from now

  • me : reads title also me : Yeah, you sound like you got a fun kid there


  • 0:26

  • Please let us know how Jack did on the test tomorrow.

  • Hey Robert hill can you add me please I want to play with you if that's alright if you want my user is spedy510apple thanks

  • Yeah let's goooo Jack got the bundle im rooting for your spelling test

  • Pls

  • Ughhh i wish i had a job man i want the venom bundle toooo AHHHHHHHH!!! can someone gift me pls 😭

  • Haha I cant believe that Jack acctually believed you about "ungift it" 😂

  • Hey tabor Please answer i the new venom is in the old bundle does that mean you get him for free if you already own the old venom ?

  • Does the king reply

  • I glad jacky got the venom skin , so i could know i can get it for 800 😂

  • Nice !!!

  • Yo Tabor you and I are on the same missions in Save the World if you ever feel like joining forces then that would be cool

  • Now with Venom, Carnage in the game! And with Spider-Man No Way Home coming out this December, could we finally get a Spider-Man skin?!

    • Depends if sony wants to. sony is really greedy with spider man being on other companies.

  • Why is it the old gift animation with the old colours

  • Someone should gift me it too. My user is Sensaiwoo2

  • When i'm back from euro week im gonna for SHURE COP this!

  • Short version: new good old bad

  • I think the dance should have been the ww are venom scene

  • So you see....... dhar man cringe

  • I tell my son the same thing that I know how to un-gift 😂

  • Are we getting a new free skin tomorrow Tabor? People are saying that we’re getting brilliant bomber for free… please let me know if we are!!!

  • It doesn’t rlly look like venom tbh it looks more like riot

  • I don't like it but that new pickaxe tho

  • I wish it the old venom bundle would be refundable because it was weak bundle and with the new one

  • It's not such a sweaty season tabor I've won twice again in solo and duo today and it's only 7am uk ...........OH NOOOOOOO I THINK IVE BECOME A SWEAT!!!!!!!!!!

  • He looks too skinny but apart from that? Badass


  • I'm a huge fan

  • Tabor pls gift me

  • Can we appreciate the fact Tabor gifted his son the bundle out of the love he has for him, now this is why we all love Tabor he connects with his family in the best way it’s really sweet watching them, keep it up Tabor

  • Tabor is so nice I wish I had him as my dad

  • I love your vidios tabor hill one day i hope i play with you

  • When I was busy with esports at school, I got a notification of Hypex I think tweeting it out and I was hyped... I only had 2k tho so I was nervous I'd have to waste them all. But then I saw the bundle for 800. That's insane!

  • Plz gift me venom

  • Hey tabor I play combat pro just like you and i never switched maybe one day we can play and i can show you how to 90 on combat haha. would make my day if you liked my comment!

  • I bought it with your code! Its a really good skin, though the glider and contrail wasnt included in the bundle...

  • @Tabor Hill can i help u on save the woarld If yea add: TRYSaBy Barbules

  • Yes

  • Someone should gift me the bundle or skin plz

  • i will sub if you add me it is oska and lucas

    • and gift me pls i will sub and it is 800 because i have old vemon

  • Of course you're son going to say the comic book version is lame only the Marvel movie fans would say something like that well at least some of them just saying.

  • Hope he does good in the exam