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**Update** As you can probably tell I answer these questions completely relying on my knowledge and we don’t do extra takes. In the Vaping question I mistakenly said it’s Propylene Glycol that causes popcorn lung, when it is actually diacetyl (found in some flavorings). I will constantly try to improve my knowledge and give you the most honest, evidence based medicine info. Thanks for watching, love you all!

We are back at it responding to your comments and questions via this monthly video series. I love reading and responding to your comments and as you can tell I'll jump into the comments section with a reply or a heart quite often.
A couple favorite questions/comments from this video are
1) Why do men have nipples?
2) Why do doctors smoke?
3) What are the health effects of vaping aka what are my thoughts on vaping ?
4) What medical procedure makes me nauseous?
5) Is pimping easy?
6) Do I have doctor's handwriting?
7) Can doctors prescribe themselves medications?
8) My thought on makeup
9) Will I ever make an ASMR video?
Doctors are traditionally unreachable and I want to change that. So hop into this video’s and any other of my video’s comment section and ask dr mike! I want to see your username pop up on my next responding to comments video.
If you have an idea of something you want me to cover in depth, please let me know because I take your requests seriously. We will be back with more Medical Drama Review Series in a couple of weeks so please submit more names of shows/episodes you'd like for me to watch. Love you all!
- Doctor Mike Varshavski
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  • For those of you jumping into the comments section to tell me how successful vaping is at helping smokers quit please read this. Just published this week. The Wall Street Journal (7/9) reports U.S. adult smokers who did not use electronic vaping devices to aid in smoking cessation were more than twice as likely to quit smoking as those who did, a new study published in PLOS One concludes. The study also found that 90 percent of smokers who vaped at the start of the study were still smoking a year later. The researchers said they did not find evidence that vaping devices helped adult smokers quit at higher rates than those who did not use the products. The Washington Times (7/9) reports “e-cigarettes are an ineffective tool for smoking cessation,” the survey of 858 smokers suggests. The article says “more and more research has found that e-cigarette use isn’t a reliable path to quitting cigarettes.”

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    • Basically, males and females are all built from the same genetic blueprint," Tattersall told Live Science. "Then, [they] develop in slightly different directions [in utero and] particularly after we hit puberty.

    • My parents both quit after 40 years of smoking with vaping. They'd used the patches, pills, etc and nothing worked until vaping. Their doctor is pleased as punch with them.

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    • Doctor Mike 👍

  • Update on Vaping and vitamin E after recent deaths.

  • So what made u try "a spoon full of sugar" for hiccups?? That was interesting. For me I drink some water or take a few really deeeep breaths. I tend to get lightheaded after but the hiccups usually go away.

  • With the ear wax thing, my dad puts alcohol(rubbing I think) into the ear, lets it sit, then has us tilt our head so warm wax comes dribbling out, is that bad? For hiccups, drinking from a school water fountain while holding my breath seems to do the trick.

  • I think we have already established your cognitive dissonance has limited your desire for understanding the oppositions talking points when it comes down to vaccines... History may be a subject you may of overlooked in your studies. And its understandable your lack of wisdom combined with your programming will take you time to come into the understanding. Here is the deal.... your brainwashed at a very high level so your going to need to realize that's the reality your currently in... before your ready for the next step..

  • Hii...I want to Know that does oily food cause pimple?... Please respond

  • Dr Mike, since you're not a fan of supplements, what do you think of omega 3 supp? thanks!

  • I have a question. If there were a medical emergency in the streets and you were trying to help the person and they survived, could they sue you if you don’t have any medical training?

  • I'm not a good animator but I'm pretty good with draw my life type of things.

  • The way I cure hiccups is disturbing my breathing pattern maybe breath faster or slow my breath down and then return to my normal breathing when they go away.

  • I got hiccups whenever i drink water.the reason why i dont drink muck water whenever im out.

  • I love you Like but you butchered those kpop names they're pronounced Back-Yunn, See-ule-gee and Jung-cook

  • Don’t know if you’ll even see this but there’s a really talented CS-tvr who does animation if you’re wanting a draw my life. Check him out, his name is Andrei Terbea!

  • For those wondering you don’t NEED a designated squatty potty. You can use anything if it makes it easier to poop, ya know? Pain cans, garbage cans, all that good stuff 😇👌🏻

  • Dr Mike plz answer How many years did u go to college and how old were you when u graduated?

  • men have nipples because we were originally ladies :)

  • Iv'e not tried sugar, but at my house we try pickles. That works for some reason. Mike? Help?

  • Dr. Mike, I did not know about your channel until today when Mama Dr. Jones mentioned you. I am disappointed in your uninformed statements about vaping. Certainly, breathing nothing but the purest, cleanest mountain air is best for everyone. However, it has been proven in study after study that vaping is at least 95% less harmful than smoking combustible tobacco products. Millions of smokers who were unsuccessful at quitting using the myriad of smoking cessation devices, gums, and medications available over numerous attempts, have been able to successfully quit with vaping. When I quit my 35 year smoking habit on my 3rd day of vaping, I also joined several FB vape groups. Over the years I have read thousands of stories similar to my own. These support groups help those who are struggling and continue to smoke while vaping. The solution is for the person to find the right combination of vape device, flavor of e-liquid, and nicotine strength that is satisfying for them. I was fortunate and had a wonderful lady at local vape shop who spent over an hour helping me try all sorts of combinations until I really liked it. I liked the desert flavors at first, like cinnamon bun, coconut macaroon, and then moved on to blueberry lemonade and grapefruit and maraschino cherry. The media is being used to drive a false narrative about vaping that benefits the interests of the states who depend on tobacco sales tax revenues that are dwindling, big tobacco companies and the huge pharmaceutical industry. Here's the deal, Dr. Mike. Many smokers are more addicted to the habit of smoking than they are to the 4000+ chemicals BIG Tobacco companies add to cigarettes to keep us smoking. We are orally fixated creatures who need that hand to mouth when we are at the computer, sipping coffee, watching TV or driving. That's the habit that is so hard to break. Vaping satisfies that. Many of us never really liked the taste of cigarettes, the smell on our hair or clothes or in our homes. Vaping tastes nice, it smells nice, it doesn't stink up the house or the car, it doesn't make your hands or teeth yellowed. Nicotine, while addictive, is addictive in much the same way as caffeine is. Nicotine has numerous health benefits as well as some contraindications for certain individuals. Please read studies that have been produced in the UK. They do not have a medical community that thrives on the diseases caused by smoking. They do not have Big Pharma depending on those diseases. The NIH wants people to be healthier because it's cheaper. The NIH recommends vaping as an alternative to smoking. As for the kid angle, responsible e-liquid manufacturers do not create labels to target children. That said, the flavors are the important part of success in quitting smoking. The labels are going to graphically represent the flavor to some degree. Kids have been finding a way to obtain cigarettes and smoke them since they were available. If vaping had been available in the 80's-90's when I was raising my kids, I most certainly would have preferred them to vape than smoke if they felt the need to do one or the other. Bottom line.... Please do not buy into and use your celebrity status to spread false information.

  • I just found out I have low vitamin D, my doctor told me to take vitamin D supplements. What does it mean to have low vitamin D?

  • People always say my handwriting is bad and I should be a doctor but it’s the same as yours. It’s ugly but you can read it

  • Men have nipples so our girlfriends can yell at us for having useless nipples. -_-

  • That's all I'm going to say is PG is all e-juice it's not flavors. It was Diacetyl that they claimed caused popcorn lung which used to b in flavoring however isn't and hasn't been for years. Also I watched your other vaping video. The ingredients for e-juice hasn't changed in 10 yrs. Adults like flavors. The reason there are so many is that 1 might wrk for some1 while another person needs a different 1. Remember everyones taste buds r different. E-juice started out being made in ppls kitchen not in a factory. So it wasn't made with oh let's get kids addicted. Vaping nicotine came out years before Juul just remember that. Yes they are a vape company but only a piece to the puzzle. Oh also e-juice is water soluble. So no vitamin e there.. Wouldn't mix.

  • Im anorexic and and bulimic but I am trying to recover. What are the biggest side effects of starving and purging and what advice for recovery would you give me? Xx

  • Men have nipples because all fetuses start out with only estrogen and it isn't until about 6-8 weeks that the testosterone kicks in for the male baby to take over. By then the nipples have already formed because the nipple is the foundation of human life

  • Or take 7 sips of water..that helps me with hiccups 🤔

  • I 💙 watching ur CS-tv videos..ur awesome 😊😍

  • Mike you don’t know that drugs enter your system through your mouth and leave through your a**

  • Here's a question; how do you treat someone who is hypochondriac? (What do you do if they insist they have an illness they clearly do not have and should you tell them they may have an anxiety disorder concerning over their own health? )

  • I like that you use only your current knowledge when answering the questions; it can be tempting to appear as all knowing by simply looking up the answer after the question. I saw the description, thanks for the correction and for all the honesty! :)

  • The reason for why men have nipples is that every human fetus starts as a female and therefore men have nipples

  • Do a draw my life!!!

  • Men have nipples because as they are developing in the womb and they haven’t formed their sexual organs yet they are there in case they became a girl and need to breastfeed.

  • Bro I know this video was from 2018 but please just wear clothes and not scrubs. It looks less contrived. Super digging the videos though.

  • NOT A NG TUBE! Those are the worst . When I was in the hospital I needed them.

  • Doctor Mike, what are your thoughts on using medicinal marijuana vape pens? No nicotine, and all purchased from a legal source.

  • I feel like if a vape liquid tastes good, it gives the person more of a reason to do it. Wouldn't that result in the person consuming more tobacco? And even if someone vapes a liquid that doesn't have nicotine in it, doesn't it flood your lungs in the long run?

  • as far as the gagging, i'm the same way with those things they put in your mouth with dental x-rays

  • Could you do another one of these videos where to respond to comments please? Love your videos Doctor Mike binge 2019 💜

  • Dr. Mike, what about a video on diabetes as it is now considered a growing epidemic that affects all demographics and some simple ways to combat it through a healthy diet and exercise regimen? In my field, I unfortunately see too many patients with reoccurring wounds, that won't heal and even amputations.

  • Your so lucky that blood doesn't freak you out, I always get light headed when I see blood.

  • the way he said Jungkook, my lungs lmao

  • That ASMR though... even just that little bit released the tension in my shoulders.

  • Hi Dr.Mike. when are you going to make a draw my life video?

  • Omg I get the most anxiety too when they do the mold!!!!! I hate it so much 🤢

  • My grandpa smoked a packet a day and died before I met him. My dad said waking up and hearing him coughing in the morning put him off smoking. My mum and grandma smoked as well. My mum quit before I was born with the help of nicotine gum, my nana got hypnotised

  • I just did the sugar cure for the hiccups... IT FREAKIN WORKED. Last night/early morning I was finally laying down for the night at 4AM and didn’t get any sleep. I got out of the shower and the hiccups returned! Had to look up your video and bam it worked!! (I discovered you from Glam n Gore, so glad I did!)

  • Theodd1sout!!!

  • I just want to say my experience with vaping. I smoked cigarettes for over 22 years, i've been vaping now for almost 10 years (Only reputable e-liquids from reputable vape shops). I feel fantastic and life feels amazing to me now. When I smoked cigarettes, I never felt as good as I do now. I feel very healthy and just fine. My breathing and lungs feel very flowing and clear. To my understanding, the vapor from reputable e-liquids is water soluble and to me it feels like my lungs have no issue at all with normal natural vacating of excess vape residue in my lungs (if there even is any vape residue). Tar from cigarettes does not vacate from the lungs as fast and easy. My advice is if you vape, make sure you know for sure what you're vaping, you can't just vape anything, it's the same as you can't just eat anything. And definitely don't vape oils (because oils are not water soluble and will most likely coat inside your lungs). Only vape e-liquids purchased from reputable vape shops, never vape black market e-liquids. Vaping has been a God send for me and is a brilliant life saving technology.

    • I have EXACTLY the same story. Smoked 22 years and nobody tried to take that away from me.... but now that Im healthy and can breathe clearly, havent smoked for a couple years, because vaping is a success....for me, you , and 13 MILLION other former smokers in America....

  • Ask jazza or amazing CS-tvr Kelsie or drawing with waffles :))) they are the best most positive and talented ppl,

  • A spoonful of sugar helps me get rid of hiccups as well. I've heard that the reason this works is because the sugar stimulates the vagus nerve and interrupts the spasm. Drinking water is supposed to accomplish the same thing, but it's never worked for me. Different things probably work differently for everyone.

  • @Jazza

  • Do you have a significant other or plan to get married/start dating soon?

  • when i was little i kept shoving my finger down my throat because i wanted to gag no i never vomited because of it but i do have emetophobia lol

  • I vape to get off smoking 3 packs a day

  • Omg I just heard yanny lmao

  • the general concept of the yanny/laurel recording has to do with age because younger people are usually able to hear higher pitched sounds (yanny) and your sense of hearing deteriorates over time as you get older, limiting you to only lower pitched sounds (laurel) which is why its discouraged to listen to your music too loud or use headphones too often, which can speed up the process (how do u not know this lol your a doctor)

  • is there a position as a doctor that would not trigger a squeamish person for instance dealing with blood, vomit, needles etc.

  • Hey, I knew that boys have nipples since 6th grade. So boys have nipples because when a mother is pregnant, the first 4 months, the baby is a female since the mother is a female and the nipples would be for a women until the gender is fully accurate. So the baby for 4 month is a girl intell the genitals are growing into place to tell the actual gender. That is why males have nipples. Also, a male can lactate just like a female when pregnant because there can be a tumor in their hormonal area in the brain....that's is all I know. Hope it's accurate and hope it helped 👁️👄👁️

  • With all the illnesses and deaths being linked to vaping now, I came to see what Dr. Mike was saying about vaping a year ago, and not surprisingly, spot on! Thank you for bringing unbiased, evidence- based info and presenting it in a fun way!

  • Doctor mikeeeeeee what causes itches?? Both naturally and with bug bites and stuff