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▶️ It's Clash of Clans on Beaker's Lab! THINGS AREN'T GOOD GANG. HELPPPPPP!!! ◀️
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  • Ugh! I can't stand a CoC YT lose so many trophies! Though sad and tough, you just earned a NEW subscriber! Edit: PUT YOUR TOWN HALL IN THE CENTER TO ENSURE MAXIMUM SECURITY!

  • Click bait alert 🚨 🤮🤮👎❌❌❌❌❌❌

  • hey beaker don't put your town hall at outside

  • I just got on clash of clans and my village got ATTACKED 🤬🤬🤬 who has been attacked 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

  • LULU

  • lol everyday I go to clash of clans someone attacked me 😡😡😡😡😡

  • .

  • My day is so worst beacouse my sister fix my phone and i think thats death base

  • I got so many gems by just using: @t It Always works for me

  • Lulu is so cute when she was asleep😍😍

  • I got clickbaited

  • When I was a th8 when I finally reached crystal league I got attacked by a th10 for 40 trophies thanks supercell

  • anyone 2019?

    • I would like ur comment but u still play fortnite... or u just haven't changed ur profile pic

  • Beaker do a vid on brawl stars

  • Join clan named klaani kisut

  • Join my clan it's name is king of beasts

  • Anyone need a clan join baconraderz no rushed players

  • Did you know i got a like So press this right here yup this blu- oh wait i liked myself

  • Ben Dover

  • Just buy a shield then it's done no one can attack you

  • If you love beaker leave a like

  • It’s my fear to I’m trying to get to crystal and if someone attacks me I need to get those trophies back and it’s annoying

  • That bunny looks high asf

  • Why is there a bunny

  • I have gotten -34 in Gold League 2

  • Lulu is so cute

  • Maybe because you put the town hall where they can destroy it which means you will lose trophies because the town hall gives you1 star which is a victory

  • How do u get soo good I’m only have 392 trophies

  • Hi

  • I’m only a town hall 4 and builder hall 3 but I know you should never have your town hall on the outside

    • Simeon Alling no it’s so they can get baited to get a 1 star and not a 3

  • whos joey coolbro

  • H

  • You idiot idiot

  • Nice

  • I need gold pass

  • Bybyh

  • A yoo

  • And last time I lost 33 trophies

  • Don’t build all your elixir and gold holder so they don’t get much loot

  • ive been playing this game fot a long time but i need tips on armys

  • Do revenge attacks I believe you get a lot of trophies.😜

  • I was also trophy pushing and yesterday I got three stared by a th9. I'm only th8 and I lost 30 trophies.

  • It's just a fucking game grow up

  • I had 80 trophys tookin away I got pisst off

  • :)

  • Lulu is shaking for like 20 secs 1:18

  • 12:31 why does it feel like the rabbit is gonna kill me here with that look?

  • Make browl stars videos too

  • Cute bunny

  • You know Caleb mcinroe

  • Venom gold kinda like beakers lab

  • You know what to do in order to not be in the clouds? Do revenge attacks on your defenses

  • Like I u want beakers base

  • Why do you put yout town hall ther jour going to lose every battle

  • if you get attacked from a revenge attack you lose a bunch more trophies

  • Beaker i like it when yu use quin walk but his cool very cool

  • You always defeat because your town hall is out in to the wall like when iam correct

  • King of click baiter. Dumbass

  • I tried to press the return home button I am so dumb

  • Beaker can I join your clan please