Naya Rivera Used Last Of Her Strength To Save Her Son, Authorities Say | TODAY

čas přidán 14. 07. 2020
Police in California are confirming that they found the body of “Glee” star Naya Rivera after days of searching California’s Lake Piru. Authorities say she used the last of her strength to save her young son. TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones reports.
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Naya Rivera Used Last Of Her Strength To Save Her Son, Authorities Say | TODAY


  • You can tell that there were going to be problems by the way she misparked her vehicle all crookedly. Then, the terrible weight of her overly-plumped lips must've pulled her under the water. Was she a fan of OctoMom's looks?

  • Wow she ended up dead. Thats very sad.

  • That's so tragic

  • You would think that with all that plastic in her face she would have floated not sink.

  • Is no one going to mention they am found her body seven years TO THE DAY that Finn died??

  • Very irresponsible to take 2 kids on a boat by yourself. I would never do this. I would want an adult per child and if they are really small, an additional adult to drive the boat. Very odd to do this imho. I have never heard of her before but this is so sad and I feel for these kids.

  • No life vest or safety equipment. No surprise and no wonder.

  • We will never know the truth behind her death. Maybe it was suicide and she wanted to be with her son at their favorite place one last time. Maybe it was just an accident. I hope she really is at peace but we don't know that either. I just know that boy is going to miss his mom. And I pray he and her family can get through this time of pain.

  • Rip

  • Weird I say

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  • Life jacket.

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  • 😭😭💔she was my faborite

  • lol

  • Investigate the kid.

  • Alhamdoulilah he is still alive. I feel so sad for him and his mother losing this way. May her soul rest in peace and i hope one day they meet in heaven. I really cried seeing this i hope he will be okay

  • it was mere chance the son survived.

  • The people who disliked this couldn’t tell which one was the like or dislike button because of their tears.

  • Life jackets.

  • 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • 7 years to the day.. the cast of glee are cursed

  • He probably fell out the boat then she dived in the water to save him. I don’t think she wanted to swim in murky waters.

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  • So first the kid said she went swimming and never came back and now it’s she got me onto the boat so what is the real story

  • i feel like there was foul play, i may be wrong and im sorry to bring it up but this just doesn’t add up.

    • Nah man this was either murder or suicide

  • True story of me, watch now

  • I hope I’m not the only that thinks there’s something fishy about this story

  • Awww she was a hero and good mom.

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  • Well I think she committed suicide and planned the entire thing. They are just trying to cover it up.

  • I feel nostalgic when I see Santana, Quinn and Brittany dancing. I've been your fan for 11 years. Naya Rivera can make everyone happy. It's a pity that she died, but she will still be on the internet and you can see the song and her footage. There's also a way to watch it on CS-tv, but it's a good idea to look back from glee season 1. Thank you so much for your happiness and smile, Naya!

  • It seems dangerous to rent a huge boat with a 4 year old and jump off on it without a life vest. It just seems strange, I can't fathom doing that alone with my son when he was a toddler. Anyway, terrible she died and that poor child. His mother was the center of his world, so tragic for him.

  • How do they know that? They couldn't find her for awhile. Fake news

  • This is why you don't go out on the water with one adult

    • No this was a suicide or a murder

    • or just wear a lifejacket

  • What????

  • Good thing she had enough plastic that it made her float up and was found.

  • Rest in peace lovely naya :) X


  • How was her son found wrapped in a tòwel if she didn't make it out of the water?

  • Horrible mother. Who would take a child to an unsafe place to swim? I am appalled by her insanity. May she roast in the after life.

  • Wow

  • Nobody special

  • Nobody: Today: *Making me sad*

  • Rest in peace, Naya! You will be missed!♥️

  • Her life jacket was found on the boat, and those rips and undercurrents in the lake have killed 8 people including her. If the boat drifted and she got stuck in a rip it is very easy to be overcome and loose energy. There is also a lot of debris that she could of got stuck on. Her son was found in a life jacket and he would have needed her help into the boat, explaining why he was fine. She may have stayed in a bit longer and eventually drowned.

  • Why cant all yall just stfu for once and jus say Rest in Peace.

    • Yeah we should but This dont add up.

  • Why is the media trying to make it sound like she was some kind of hero?

  • Rest in peace

  • Aborted her baby ten years ago. Kid would have been nine years old now, and probably could have saved her. Whoops.

  • This legit made me cry

  • A lot of you are clearly not parents or don’t know how maternal instinct works. They went swimming and got into trouble - most likely due to the notoriously strong undercurrent which had killed 8 others. She helped her 4 year old onto the boat - a 4 year old wouldn’t have been able to get up without help. He was wearing a life jacket and she wasn’t - hers was found on the boat and when he was found he was wearing a life jacket. She then didn’t have the strength to flight the undercurrent and get on the boat so she drowned. They are not sensationalising her death, they are accurately painting a realistic picture and doing their best to word it in a way that her family and friends could hear without it being too graphic. Grow up people.

  • Lake blood

  • She was just doing what a good mommy would. RIP

  • I

  • D

  • C

  • It s a little weird


  • I will cry if my mom left I feel so bad for him 😢💔😭😢😢😥💔 so sad and she had a lot of fam to and she have a son tooooooooo I know his sad about what happened I don't know she passed away 😢😢

  • I’m starting to think glee is cursed. RIP Naya

  • Lake Piru is known for strong currents and columns of extremely cold water. 160 ft with almost no visibility past your hand. Maybe it was a factor, maybe not. Tragic and so sad! Please: Life vests save lives.

  • Rest in peace beautiful strong mama

  • The Geico ad before the video was kids playing Marco Polo in a swimming pool 🥺🤦‍♂️


  • Wish she would’ve had her life jacket on!!!!!!

  • I don’t know about this story just something is fishy about this.

  • Guys I have a theory! My theory is: This is true. You people commenting Your theory's are NOT detective's. She OR the boat or BOTH of them were probably caught on a current.

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  • She was 33. My masonic hoax meter is off the charts.

  • Guys STOP with all the “awe he’s gonna feel guilty about this later” like he might see these in the future. Stop putting it out there when he already will have enough on his plate. ITS NOT HELPING

  • Why she ain’t just swim..

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  • SHAME ON YOU! How incredibly desperate, disrespectful and OBNOXIOUS do you have to be, to exploit this young mothers tragic death, with the sensationalized news caption that 'she used her last breath, to save her son' as if you were there and witnessed the event. Disgusting 'journalism' and truly, a blatent attempt at a show ratings grab and more advertising profits for your greedy network executives and shareholders.

  • Who just wants to go boating alone like dat?

  • A mother will do anything to protect her child. She died a hero. RIP.

  • Something about this feels really sus for some reason.

  • Age thirty three. Seven years to date after her co star. Third Glee star dead. Mysterious and prophetic scenario. She was sacrificed for Hollywood elite rituals you guys. 😔

  • Why is everyone going on about sensationalizing the narrative. The title of video is exactly what the authorities in the video report. Everybody seems so want have an opinion, when they are mostly sheep in most aspects of their lives. Chill, she may have mustered enough energy to save her son as reported, and that is not out of the realm of possibility, just because it is something you may not think or want to do.